how to choose a hairstyle

Surely many women had to face the fact that a stylish haircut, perfectly looking at one of the fair half of humanity, does not approach the other. Many blame the master barbers, because they do not know how to choose the haircut. But in fact, guilty of the stylist may not be. Just when choosing their future haircut you notice a bad option, but the master is not opposed to your decision.

Of course, he had warned, but to ensure its responsible approach in this matter no one can. So before you go to the beauty salon, by the need to learn how to choose a hairstyle according to the rules:

  • type entity;
  • as hair;
  • type shape.

  Selecting the type of facial hairstyles

Most often, women who wish to deal with the question of how to pick a hairstyle to face with the recommendations draw attention to the shape of your face. It has been awarded the long face in any case impossible to carry visually lengthens the hair, and the girl with a triangular face will look simply ridiculous, if would make itself a short cut with a high crown.

So before you ignite the desire to do this or that hairstyle, pay attention to the model's face - owner of the hair.

Choosing a hairstyle of hair type

Rarely what woman has by nature obedient to thick hair of medium thickness, which are easy to style and perfect look at any hairstyle. Therefore, responsible approach to the choice of hairstyle should pay special attention to your hair type.

Today, women are the most common soft and thin hair. This is associated with heredity, and with alarming environmental situation in many cities. In addition, the hair can be thinned because of frequent aggressive staining agents, and the use of chemical hairdressing procedures. However, now it is not about how to restore strength to the hair and how to choose a hairstyle for fine hair.

The ideal option for owners of fine hair which are badly kept the volume is short hair and medium length hairstyle. From the most popular hairstyles will look good classic bob. You can also experiment with its modern interpretation - bean. While in the salon you recommend to make a multi-layer cut, in any case, do not give up. It is thanks to this method, your hair will be given the necessary volume, and form a thin hair hairstyle lasts longer.

If you are the owner of curly hair, the answer to the question of how to choose a hairstyle for your hair, it is natural. In view of the individual characteristics of your hair - not to give any styling, it makes no sense to try to outwit nature. Therefore, a haircut should be chosen taking into account the direction of the growth of your hair, but with a bang is already possible to "play".

Of course, if you are the owner of small hard curls, bangs it is best to give up, as it will be sure to stand out from the general form. You should not you do hair parted as visually it looks very unaesthetic. If your hair is slightly curled, the perfect hairstyle is the embodiment of the classic "ladder."

Those women who can classify their hair as "naughty" when choosing a hairstyle will have to seek the help of a specialist. Only a master can take into account the direction of the growth of your hair and choose the correct option. As a rule, there are asymmetrical haircuts, as well as modern "creative unrest". However, from the classics and there are many good choices, and therefore trust the professionals.

Straight hair is suitable for absolutely any hairstyle. Short, medium length or even extended - everything will look equally good. Therefore, owners of straight hair in search of the answer as to pick up a haircut, you should pay attention to the type of face shape and type of the figure.

 how to pick a haircut

Choosing a hairstyle for the type of figure

Before you finally decide to do this haircut does not hurt also to take stock of the figure. After all, as they say professionals, it also plays a key role in the issue of whether or not to look hairstyle. One need only look in the mirror to understand what type include the figure and choose a hairstyle.

If you are tall, slender girl, but can not boast of roundness of the hips, bust and graceful curve of her waist, then you will approach haircuts medium length with a soft flowing waves of hair. This will help to visually smooth straight lines of your figure. Also suitable layered haircut with tapering geometry. In no case do not make very short cut, as it will give your image of masculinity. Perm and unnatural splendor will look disproportionate. Long straight hair is visually add you extra inches of growth, and because you have the chance to look like a girl who is anorexic.

If you tend to be overweight, then a haircut can be a medium length and very short. However, it is worth remembering that too slick haircut add to your appearance just extra weight. Also happens if you choose a haircut, or round shape with a trendy styling fluffy fleece. But asymmetrical hairstyle made fibers or containing angular tapering and sharp straight lines, will look very stylish and modern. Therefore, when looking for the right answer to the question of how to choose a hairstyle, leaning rather to asymmetry.

Women with miniature figures, to avoid extremely short haircuts and long hair who want to braid pigtails or gather in a ponytail. It is ridiculous and unnatural at the owner of such a figure would look comb the bangs, which will make the girl like a doll. But otherwise there are no restrictions. A variety of stages and ladders, asymmetry and quads - all the same hairstyle will look good.

Additional criteria for the selection of haircuts

Furthermore, how to choose the type of cut on the face, and hair pieces must also be given to her wardrobe and the overall image. For trendy hairstyle that looks incredibly good on your head may require a change of wardrobe. Therefore, if you are not ready for radical changes in their way, keep this in mind when choosing a hairstyle.

If you doubt that you have found the right answer to the question of how to choose a hairstyle, use a computer of any computer program for the selection of hairstyles. However, even if you really like the chosen option, be sure to consult with the master. Only a true professional, taking into account your individual characteristics, will be able to find the hairstyle that will emphasize all your dignity and hide flaws.

 How to choose a hairstyle according to the rules

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 split ends of hair treatment

One is not beautiful day, combing their hair, suddenly you discover with horror that their tips become ugly split in two. Unfortunately, the split ends - is not uncommon. And, of course, first of all it concerns women with long hair. Especially insulting! Grow long hair is not easy - who tried it, he knows. Taking care of them and so takes a lot of time and effort, and here and split ends. How to get rid of this scourge? If you split the hair - they just need treatment. It is not only a cosmetic defect. This is a real disease that is dissonant name "trihoptiloz." Of course, you can recover. But this process will not be not quick, not easy. You will need patience.

  • Step one

The first thing to do is to eliminate split ends - to balance their diet. Make sure that the diet had a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat more fish - it has a lot of saturated fatty acids which are very beneficial for the hair. You may want to start taking special vitamin complexes. And, of course, drink plenty of water - that it helps to rid the body of all toxins, but also prevents split ends.

Surely, you do not just notice that the hair is sensitive to your condition. For example, when you feel unwell or have not slept, they begin to "capricious" and flatly refused to lie down as you want. Try to create them - well and himself at the same time - a comfortable environment. Move more, observe mode, sleep at least 8 hours a day and, most importantly, give yourself plenty of time to rest.

  • Step Two

Cut the lishnee- split ends hair. Unfortunately, it is compulsory. But do not worry - it will be enough to shorten the hair for a couple of centimeters. This, of course, unpleasant, but necessary. The fact that the "fix" began to split hairs impossible. But the harm from them anymore. After all, if you do not "stop the process", the hair will be split in two, and then - along the entire length. So what tips would have to sacrifice. Moreover, it is better to make a hairstyle for the method of "hot scissors". This allows you to "weld" the cut hair and it will not bifurcate further. If the split ends of hair left - the problem will only get worse.

  • Step Three

And, of course, the treatment of split ends implies the use of special shampoos, creams and balms. Better to buy professional cosmetics. Fortunately, the choice of therapeutic agents is very large. Going to the store, carefully study the labels and buy only those bottles, which is labeled "for split ends." After shampooing, always use special creams and balms from the same series. Such means reduced hair structure inside and at the same time, cover it with a protective film. What has to split ends, apply a little more money.

  • Step Four

Do not neglect and "folk" methods. Despite the apparent simplicity, traditional recipes are unique - their effect is no worse than the expensive imported drugs. You can choose a few recipes and alternate them. For example, very well help compresses of burdock oil, as well as a variety of masks. But remember that the traditional remedies in some cases can lead to the development of an allergic reaction. And all because the folk remedies are made from plants. Despite the fact that most popular means are applied to the split ends of the hair, to avoid contact with the skin is virtually impossible.

 split hair treatment

Compression and hair masks

Compress of burdock oil against excision hair irreplaceable. Slightly heat the oil and gently apply it to the hair. Put on a shower cap. If such a cap you do not - fit and an ordinary plastic bag. Wrap head with a towel. Hold compress need at least an hour. Then thoroughly wash your hair with shampoo and rinse with water with the addition of chamomile or lemon juice.

Honey Mask

It means to split ends is ideal for those people who have thin hair. By the way, than the thinner hair, the more it is cut. But remember - honey mask often causes allergies. So if you decide to treat cross-section of hair so make sure you are not allergic. For its preparation you will need:

  • honey;
  • egg yolk;
  • brandy;
  • Henna;
  • olive oil.

Put the yolks in a bowl, add to the same one teaspoon of honey, brandy and dry henna. Stir. Apply the mixture to the hair over the entire length. Pay special attention to the roots. Thoroughly massage your scalp. Leave the mask on for 30-40 minutes and then wash your hair and rinse hair with nettle.

The mask of sour milk

Treatment of split ends using sour milk - the method, time-tested. He even came up with our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. And it really works. Slightly warm the milk and apply it on your hair. Then everything is as usual - a plastic bag and a towel. Time limits this mask does not have - the longer you keep, the better. It is recommended to leave a few hours, and then rinse thoroughly. By the way, instead of milk can take quite sour.

Peach Mask

For its preparation will need:

  • the essential oil of oregano;
  • milk;
  • two peaches.

Take the peaches and gently peel them, remove the pit. Mash the pulp with a fork. You should get a paste. Pour into it three large spoons of milk and add five drops of oil. Stir. The mask should be left on the hair for 30-35 minutes. Then wash the head with shampoo.

Lemon Egg Mask

This remedy section of highly nutritious, but remember - if the hair is whipped, the tip should be avoided. Just do not apply to them means. You will need:

  • lemon juice;
  • egg yolk;
  • vegetable (preferably olive) oil;
  • water

Take one tablespoon of olive oil and lemon juice. Add one egg yolk. Pour half a cup of warm water. Mix and apply the mixture on the hair. Hold for 20-25 minutes and then wash your head as usual.

Nettle spray

It is an excellent moisturizer that can be used throughout the day. Prepared very simple. Take a large spoonful of dried nettle. Fill it with a glass of boiling water and leave for a few hours. While nettle insist swipe "digs" and find an empty spray bottle. It is advisable not very big - so to fit in your handbag. Fill to the infusion. Now, wherever you are, you will be able to periodically sprinkle hair, not letting them dry out. It is especially important to do this regularly in the heat in rooms with air conditioning.

Any hair requires gentle handling. And Split Ends - even more so. There are a few simple rules for people who are cut hair - hair ends every month denied unpleasant. By following them, you will help your mane quickly bounce back. First, try to forget about Thermo curlers and curling different - they are the main enemy of your hair. If possible, do not use a hair dryer. Just gently blot hair with a towel and let them dry on their own. If this is not possible, at least not to include it in the flow of hot air. Dry hair is cool.

Never brush wet hair - wait until they dry out. Purchase a comb with a few teeth. Better wood - metal and plastic is very spoiled hair. Try not to use fixing mousses and varnishes - they usually contain alcohol. He is known to be strongly dries. If you do not varnish is not possible, make sure you wash your head on the same day. It is believed that styling, remaining on hair longer than 12 hours, break their power and block the flow of oxygen.

Here, perhaps, and all the ways to deal with the "main enemy." In fact, nothing complicated, right? The main thing is to understand that if you are cut hair - treatment should be complex. Otherwise, this problem simply can not cope. By following simple rules, you will return the beauty and strength of your hair. And they will thank you for it. And you do not have to worry about how to cure hair from the section.

 Split ends of hair: the treatment of brittle tips

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