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There is a misconception that women want to be beautiful for men. Perhaps this myth thought up by men to emphasize their importance. Well, they let themselves go astray. We-you and I know that no appraiser ruthless than the mirror. That it shows all our extra weight, wrinkles and dull skin after a sleepless night. Sometimes one look at a favorite it is enough if not for the blues, then to start the action. Woman is written to the gym, to the beautician, the hairdresser. And in order to please ... no, not a man, and a huge full-length mirrors, and his critical view.

Well, tell me, you can love yourself, if visible in the reflection of the usual plump woman with short legs and a tow on his head, and on the cover of the magazine grins white teeth beauty with a mop of luxurious curls and sparkling eyes? Particularly disappointing is the hair. You wash them, comb, cheat, and they still do not meet international standards. You begin to envy the Rapunzel fairy tale, which has managed to sitting in a tower with no shampoos and conditioners to grow a scythe to the floor.

But if the black envy and suffer, it is better about the fact that my dear Rapunzel many centuries is a young girl. That's who outdid himself Kashchei Immortal! It was he who, in contrast to our heroine has become a bony old man. And with hair Kascheyu clearly not out of luck. Apparently it is for such customers and come up with the modern technology of hair extensions. And while Immortal thinks recorded to the barber or not, we'll look at how it runs the procedure and what species are increasing.

Originally from Hollywood

In order to understand how successful or that the procedure is necessary to determine its origins. So, hair extensions. It began operation these things ... no, not with a bald ladies. And Hollywood. It was there that were first used toupees to give hair volume. Decorated so actresses, whose hair looked lush enough in the frame. Crepe additional strands to the hair with a long tape and glue. Of course comb such hairdo was impossible, and after filming the girls are not counts several dozen hair. But it had begun. It happened only 15 years ago.

 methods of hair extensions

Methods of hair extensions

  • The Chinese build-up

The next to try his luck in the new niche of hairdressing decided to Chinese. They are supplied with locks of hair to build special mikrozazhimami that both externally and on the principle of action reminiscent of conventional pliers. But this method was not destined to take root in the women's hair. And it all is that the hair mercilessly port under the influence of metal fastenings. So if you hear about the Chinese build-up, you know, it is no better than that of disposable clothing, which we are trying to sell on the market.

  • Hot extensions

Here, description will be more optimistic, but that's the name of some confusion. Someone calls this capacity in English, some Italian, but the essence is everywhere. Additional strands are soldered to the main capsule keratin hair. This occurs at high temperatures. Namely - Melt. I must admit that the hair extensions in such a way not only look great, but also quite comfortable to wear. However, there are spots in the sun.

If you are going to the sea, in the bath or sauna, hot method of hair increase will not succeed. That is, of course you will enrich your hair. But the beauty is to stay exactly as long as the keratin capsule starts to operate a high temperature. You do not want to leave the beauty of hair extensions in the depths of the sea? Then either look for other methods, either carry out the procedure after the summer vacation and planned steam.

  • Cold extensions

It is also called the Spanish way. It is the most effective and gentle method of hair extensions today. And the whole secret lies in the fact that the procedure is carried out manually. Hairdresser forms of surgical adhesive capsule, and which binds to natural hair strands to build. In addition, each capsule is adapted to the client's hair density and thickness of the extensible locks. That is to say that each employee of the salon suitable procedure is strictly individual. And the high temperatures this hairstyle is not afraid. Great, right?

What we can say at last? Rapunzel, of course, character and beauty. And long hair - it's beautiful. But do not overdo it in the pursuit of perfection. You can build a gorgeous head of hair before the wedding or important occasions. But the port for a fleeting whim hair is still not worth it.

 What technology is best hair extensions?

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 Wedding hairstyles 2012

Preparations for the wedding - always an exciting time, which takes a lot of mental strength. The bride and groom need to solve a lot of organizational issues, choose the goods in the store wedding dresses and accessories and accessories. Not least in this list is the bride and haircut.

The list of wedding fashion trends of 2012 include the feathered hair, gorgeous hair, high hair styles, retro style, and weaving. These are the main requirements that apply to wedding hairstyle 2012, and if the woman prefers to follow the fashion trends, it will have to adhere to the rules.

But there is every bride should be very careful, as, in addition to fashion trends, it is necessary to make sure that the selected wave perfectly suited to the wedding dress and the whole image as a whole. Deciding to come to the wedding ceremony with her hair, she should first of all take care of their appearance. If your hair is dull, dry and brittle, then by flowing curls should be abandoned. On the contrary, if the fabulous curls, they should be required to show everyone. The simplicity and naturalness - the main requirement. Decorate the hair can be discreet in using pins and other accessories. Long flowing hair will look great in combination with a dress of lace, crystals and an abundance of other decorative elements.

 Wedding hairstyles 2012

No less popular in 2012 will be 'retro. Girls with a round face hairstyles are very suitable, as they are visually it pulled out. Equally fashionable hairstyle would like 40s and 60s. As an accessory you can use the bezel. Bride, having a round face shape, you can create and the high hairstyles. Also thanks to them, you can emphasize the beauty of the shoulders and neck.

However, not only by means of pins can be decorated with curls. The most fashionable bridal accessories 2012 hair become fresh flowers. Roses, orchids, lilies and other flowers bring a unique flavor to the image. In addition, you can weave ribbons in her hair, especially if the same hairstyle consists of braids. In this case, any accessories such as ribbons and bows add charm to the image of the bride.

If you can easily purchase a lush wedding dress in the salon "Wedding City" or any other prestigious and respectable institution, the choice of a good hairdresser will be more complicated. It is best to know in advance the address of salons, where they make good wedding hairstyles, but before you visit them, you should ask the opinion of brides who were already there. This can be done using the forums.

 Wedding hairstyles 2012

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 hair loss in women treatment of folk remedies


  • Several people's ways to fight hair loss
  • Review your habits

Thick, shiny, healthy hair - a real ornament of women. However, metabolic disorders, stress, fatigue, chronic diseases and hereditary factors can cause hair loss. And there is no woman in the world, which would be comfortable with such a problem. Usually, after seeing a comb in the morning a little more hair than before, the fair sex starts to sound the alarm.

What nightmares are not only carried by the sight of a woman! Here it is, completely bald, trying to cover his head with a handkerchief. The husband of her leaving. With work being kicked. And no it is not needed, without hair. The notorious female logic sees the comb is not a couple of extra hairs, and the end of his carefree life.

Joking aside, but the problem of baldness is still there. It is believed that if you lose 30-50 per day of hair, it is quite normal. If more, then it's time to start treatment. Chemical industry came up with to deal with hair loss a lot of new-fangled means. But it is not the only way to stop hair loss in women - Treatment of folk remedies is sometimes more effective than medication. So do not hurry to run to the drugstore and get ready for a better city. Now let's determine which plants will collect.

 Hair loss treatment for women

Several people's ways to fight hair loss

  • Broth nettle

Remember as a child you were afraid nettles? Some were playing catch-up with a bunch of burning grass in their hands, and someone walked around the terrible bush party. But today, go into thickets nettle still have. It turned out that it is very good for hair loss. For treatment will suit young nettles, cut before flowering. You need to prepare a decoction of it, and cool to 40 ° C. Means against hair done. According to the broth hair rinse after each wash, and they will become much stronger.

  • Castor oil

About a beneficial effect on the hair of castor oil have heard many. But not everyone can properly use this tool. To strengthen the hair, heat the castor oil in a water bath and rub into the scalp with the help of a toothbrush. Then carefully cover the head with a towel and leave for 5 hours.

After this procedure is necessary to thoroughly rinse your hair with shampoo containing natural herbal extracts. Repeat 1 time per week for 1-2 months. Try it and your hair will not only cease to fall, and will grow faster, become thicker and stronger.

  • Mixture based on birch sap

It is also useful to treat hair loss with a mixture of birch juice, honey, aloe juice, chicken egg yolk and garlic. Take all the ingredients of a teaspoon and mix thoroughly rub the resulting mass into the scalp. Hold the mixture on the hair for 1-2 hours and wash your head. By the way, rinse your hair best strong infusion of birch leaves.

  • Lime Blossom

Equally effective in the treatment of baldness will and lime color. Dissolve 8 tablespoons lime color to 0, 5 liters of water and boil for 20 minutes. So broth need to wash your hair for a month, and then, according to traditional medicine, baldness does not threaten you.

  • A mixture of castor oil based

This recipe belongs to the famous Bulgarian healer Ivanka. Mix 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon of glycerin and a teaspoon of vinegar.

The resulting mixture, beat and rub into the scalp. You must then, covering his head warm towel, hold the hair on the ferry. Head Wash. As a healer says, after this procedure, your hair will be shinier, thicker, stronger and better start packing.

  • Broth from the outfield grass

But what treatment the hair folk remedies preferred by our grandmothers. Chamomile flowers, plantain leaves and sage, oregano herb nettle and thoroughly mix in equal amounts.

The resulting mixture pour boiling water on the basis of a glass of water to a tablespoon of herbs. Insist the resulting broth for 1 hour, then carefully drain, add the crumb black bread and bring to a mushy state. Rub warm mask of bread and herbs into your scalp and hold under a plastic cap for 2 hours. Such compresses should be washed off with warm water without soap.

  • A decoction of burdock

If hair loss is associated with the formation of dandruff, help the roots of burdock or burdock. Roots add to the pan, cover with water so that only cover the contents of the liquid, and place in oven. Boil over medium heat until softening of the roots. The broth is cool, strain and rub on a daily basis into the hair roots. Those planning to extend the treatment to the winter season, we recommend you make a small harvest and freezout roots. So they are guaranteed not to zagniyut to the new collection.

  • Burdock (or castor) oil

Hair Strengthening traditional methods do not always involves the use of plants and herbs. A good recipe will be for all urban residents (who do not always have the opportunity to go into the woods or in the field), where the main ingredient - a burdock (or castor) oil and alcohol. Mix the ingredients in equal parts and rub this mixture once a week for 1 to 2 months. Carry out the procedure should be half an hour before shampooing. Then thoroughly rinse your hair.

  • Strengthens the roots

If you notice that the hair on the comb are a small seal on the end, so it is necessary to strengthen the hair follicles. After all, loss of hair from the root means that in place of the lost hair will grow no more. How to avoid it? Will all the same castor oil. But this time, it acts as part of a chicken egg and onion. To strengthen the hair need to squeeze the juice from a medium onion, add to it an equal share of castor oil and 1 egg yolk. Stir. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair for 45 minutes before washing. After the application of onion-beaver mask to cover his head with a plastic bag and a towel.

  • In the course is kerosene

In Russia, healers advised girls to strengthen the hair with kerosene. Yes, you heard right. We need to mix equal parts of purified kerosene and burdock oil, and then wash your hair with beer. How exactly smell like after the procedure hair, traditional medicine is silent, but that they become stronger and thicker - it is a fact.

  • Bow dandruff

If your doctors have diagnosed "oily dandruff," not in a hurry to run to the pharmacy. From this plague will the next People's recipe: 2 tablespoons vodka mix with 1 tablespoon of onion juice. Rub the mixture into the scalp for 10-15 minutes before washing. The procedure is necessary to continue 3-4 months to complete the strengthening of the hair.

  • The egg yolk and oil

Another method for city ladies, not only suffering from hair loss, but also the lack of clean vegetation nearby. (By the way, all the plants and herbs for these treatments need to be collected outside the city. There, where not reach the dregs of the chemical industry, does not get many car exhaust gases, and preferably where no man has gone before).

If you get to the clean area is not possible, do not despair. Use the following method: Mix the egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of refined vegetable oil. Stir thoroughly and rub into the scalp. Then you need to every 40 minutes rinse hair with warm water (to wash away their excess fat).

Eliminate any thinning hair in women folk remedies, treatment of which they appoint themselves? On this question every woman will respond on the basis of the result. But one thing is for sure - the harm from such treatment would not, unlike the attempts to solve the problem of medication method. After all, traditional medicine uses only natural ingredients for all of its methods. And it is always helpful.

Review your habits

Finally I want to note that in the treatment of hair loss some herbal enough. Often the problem of baldness is associated with hard work, frequent hair coloring (especially blondes who seek light color using ruthless hydrogen peroxide) or malnutrition.

You see that on the comb is more and more hair? Analyze the problem. Maybe you should relax? Or restrict hair coloring? Or go on a diet, which would ban all starchy foods, sweet and fatty? Do not delay treatment indefinitely. If folk remedies do not help, consult a doctor. It is possible that hair loss is associated with some disease that progresses at a time as you rub the next broth into the scalp.

 Hair Loss in Women: Treatment folk remedies

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