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  • What is the best paint to dye your hair
  • Tint (tint, toning) products for hair
  • Semiproof hair dye
  • Resistant hair dye

Good to be a little girl! Enough of elegant dresses and lush bow to feel beautiful. But the older we get, the more we need to appeal. And it is not that as a child we looked better. Just over the years, increasing demands on himself. And if a woman does not give the god fell in love unrequited - down the drain! It will gnaw myself inside for shortcomings as long as on the horizon appears a mutual love.

You think now she will calm down and finally smiles at her reflection in the mirror? Certainly not! Now it will smarten up with a vengeance. Just her desire to become better will be less destructive character. And stop this perpetual mechanism called "I want to be beautiful" simply can not believe. Simply adjust by its rhythm and have fun if you do not, then some no good. For example, to find out what is more convenient to pluck his eyebrows. Or what paint is best to dye my hair.

By the way, about the painting of hair. This question is so concerned about women's minds that it can safely submit for consideration in parliament. Since the women themselves with the solution of this problem to cope with labor. To see this, just look at the others. How many girls walking on the street with overheated hair? And what about uneven dyed strands? It seems that almost the entire female half of the population of painted student-trainee.

The girls are cute, you do not go to the student! Pity their hairstyles. It is better to find out for themselves what paint is best to dye my hair. And we try to give a couple of tips on how not to remain completely bald and lead, finally, his head in order. First determine with what hair dyes come.

 some paint is better to dye your hair

What is the best paint to dye your hair

So open a terrible secret: hair dyes are distinguished not by the color of the packaging and not by name. Everything is much more complicated, and the determination is rooted in the long-forgotten lessons of chemistry. And do not be dismissive shrug. After all, the chemical industry, we are obliged to magical ability to dye your hair in different colors and in one night transformed from blonde to brunette. And it improved chemical dyes, to effect transformation could take advantage of a woman with any type of hair. Total to date, there are three types of paints. Which one is better - you decide.

  1. Coloring agents
  2. Semiproof dyes
  3. Persistent dyes

Tint (tint, toning) products for hair

These dyes are intended for anyone who cares for your tresses. They do not contain hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, so carefully paint over the strands. More precisely, they are "envelop" the color of each filaments without penetrating deep inside. However, these dyes have a significant disadvantage: they are washed off after the seventh-eighth shampooing. Therefore, women have to repeat the procedure as flushing dye.

Which category of women fit this method of coloring? Colouring agents are simply created for women with dry and brittle hair. And as for those who have not yet decided on the color. You know such unpredictable young ladies who want to be blond today, tomorrow - the red? If so, the present to his friend toning balm. What color to choose? Never mind. Anyway volatile mood, sooner or later it will ask these hairs that appear on the product packaging.

But seriously, the toners are suitable to amplify and align the natural hair color (if the woman appeared gray) or refresh colored curls. But if you want to become a platinum blonde, then tint balms and foams will not help you. We'll have to resort to more radical methods of dyeing.

Semiproof hair dye

Temporary or so-called semiproof dyes color the hair gently enough, though, and contain in their composition a little hydrogen peroxide. Keeps the result of about two months, as the paint penetrates into the hair, not "wraps" them, as in the case of shading means. Among the shortcomings can be noted some limitations semiproof colors. The fact that they change the color of the hair only one tone (lighter or darker), so with the dramatic changes help unlikely.

On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your image, and you just want to refresh the color, but do not want to spoil the hair corrosive paint, then semiproof option - just for you. Hairdressers recommend temporary paint people who have dry, painted or curly hair. In addition, if you are constantly embellish the head of the same paint, the pigment in the hair and eats you need as they regrowth only to shade the roots.

 some paint to paint hair

Resistant hair dye

We turn to the most aggressive and resistant hair dye. These dyes contain 6, 9% to 12% hydrogen peroxide, so careful about the painting, however. Moreover, the larger the percentage of hydrogen peroxide containing paint, the greater the damage to get the hair. At the same time, and it turns a shade lighter. Want to be a platinum blonde? Select the maximum content of hydrogen peroxide in the dye.

It is worth noting that if you have a dry and damaged hair, strike them with hydrogen peroxide is not necessary, even if to become a blonde - a dream of all your life. As a result, platinum strands to welcome you get burned skin and a lot of lost hair. It is necessary to you?

Now many readers to see the last paragraph, indignant: so what paint is still better to dye your hair? About types of paints told, and conclusions are made. Well, would you conclude. Select the best paint for you a professional hairdresser. Do not experiment with hair. Going to the hairdresser will take you much less time than the treatment of injuries due to improper hair coloring. Believe me.

 What is the best paint to dye hair

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 microcapsule hair extensions


  • What microcapsule hair extensions?
  • Is your capacity microcapsule
  • Pros and cons of building microcapsule

Have you ever heard of such a service, as a microcapsule hair extensions? If not, you probably wonder what kind of innovation in the beauty industry, and how it differs from the already familiar tape capacity or capacity with clips. Let's try to understand this issue and determine whether to lay a decent amount of money for this service.

What microcapsule hair extensions?

The very title of capacity has hidden its essence. In order to increase hair in this manner, the master uses special capsules as a "glue" and the strand of natural hair. The main difference from the microcapsule building familiar to many women of fashion capsule keratin - it is the size of the capsules themselves.

In this case they are half and forceps are used for only 3 mm wide, whereas for large capsules needed tool of 6 mm. By the way, the strands themselves to build microcapsule are lighter, and therefore the load on your hair is greatly reduced, and the probability that you mess up your hair is minimized.

Microcapsule capacity refers to the capacity of hot technology. That is, the artificial hairs are attached using a special tool to a small strand of your own hair using heat, which melts the "risinku" capsule. To remove the hair, if they are backfilled manner by using an alcohol-containing solution and tweezers. Of course, it is not necessary to do this on their own. It is better to apply to the master, who was making itself buildup.

 hair extension

Is your capacity microcapsule

This question is given every girl that wants to do hair extensions. Basically, if you have a good thick and strong hair, the meaning of such extension not at all. So it is, if you want to add volume to hair for a celebration, so to speak for one night. For these purposes it is better to select capacity with clips. It will be much cheaper and does not require much time. Microcapsule same capacity will approach girls who have thin, weak and thin hair and hairstyle is not enough volume.

Pros and cons of building microcapsule

As with any other treatments for hair, this building has a number of pluses and minuses. And they should be well weighed, before running to the master of the new thick head of hair. Otherwise you risk getting is not what want and spoil your mood.


  • Such capacity is held for a long time and do not spoil your hair;
  • Due to a rather dense mount capsules can be used without problems conditioners, hair masks;
  • Microcapsule capacity does not harm the hair coloring;
  • Due to the small size of the capsules hair better hold and almost never combed;
  • This build-up looks natural;
  • With microcapsule capacity can be increased hair length of 80 cm.


  • Such capacity is not suitable for the holiday hairstyles;
  • The high price makes this service is not available to everyone;
  • This increase does not allow to increase the amount of hair a few times, but only make hair a little thicker.

Knowing the "pros" and "cons", you can decide whether to have recourse to the microcapsule is hair extensions, or opt for another method. In any case, it must be remembered that the hair requires quality care and should sometimes take a break from such procedures.

 Microcapsule hair extensions: what is it?

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