how to make a bulk beam


  • Volume beam using fleece
  • Volume beam using sock
  • Volume beam - bow

Each of us is the mood when you want to look sophisticated and sexy at the same time. Well suited for such cases is simple hair bun, which you can build yourself for fifteen to twenty minutes. In the sixties of the last century, any self-respecting woman could create a similar hairstyle, eyes closed. Now, most of us do not know how to do the bulk beam home, without resorting to hairdresser.

First of all, we note that the need for such hairstyles hair is below the shoulders, and the thicker they are, the more volume will beam itself. Those girls who were fortunate to have a thick head of hair, can not worry about the volume. Their hairstyles will look great priori. But what about those who by nature are rare, thin hair, who can boast a luxurious mane of hair like a model in advertising shampoo? For them, there are special methods by which they can "trick" the nature, volume and create a stunning hairdo.

Volume beam using fleece

Like it or not, and the fleece was and remains the most faithful friend of all women with thin sparse hair. Any girl, skillfully owning a fine comb to fleece, it looks as if nature is not greedy and gave her a luxurious, chic hair. Of course, bouffant hair spoils, but then he did every day, and to a particular case. Yes, and no one will prevent the girls tease the hair, take care of the strands further, using special creams and masks.

To make voluminous, beautiful beam, use the following guidelines:

  1. Bouffant turn lush and will last long if you are perfectly clean hair. Dirty greasy locks harder to comb, and splits this hairstyle in a matter of hours.
  2. After washing and drying the hair, bend forward and blow into strands from the back of the head. Rise, straighten her hair with his hands and lean back. Repeat this procedure at least ten to fifteen times - hair will be very lush.
  3. Gather hair into a ponytail at the location where you want to beam. Spray paint your hair combed to maintain their splendor.
  4. Part of the tail of a few strands. Each of them need to comb, starting from the roots to the tips. For this you need a special comb - frequent, with rounded teeth (sharp can damage the structure of the hair). Comb each strand and secure it with hairspray.
  5. Take in your hand all backcombed locks, spin them "snake" and do the wiring in the form of a beam. Fix the pins and fix hairspray.

So, your hair is created, and you are ready to shine with luxury beam on any party or business lunch. But what to do after the holiday is over and you need to comb your hair completely confused? Disassemble hands to tear a comb? Not at all. There is a very gentle method of hair after combing fleece.

The first thing that needs to be done by removing the pins from hair, - wash your hair. But first, it is to put on hair balm, moisturizing mask or nourishing cream for hair. If you do not have anything suitable - use sour cream, fermented baked milk or vegetable oil. The main thing - to put on a fat-containing substance of the hair and leave for twenty to thirty minutes. You can then proceed to a normal washing head - with your favorite shampoo, conditioner balm, mask, etc.

Incidentally, if you are used to care for their hair, the bouffant not cause you serious harm. After the smooth, well-groomed hair (even thin and rare) to easily take the original shape and not deform after any fleece - even the most aggressive. So watch out for the condition of their hair, make chic hairstyles, and you are not afraid of any consequences fleece.

 surround beam

Volume beam using sock

If you are the owner of hair below the shoulders and a fierce opponent of fleece, then present to you a completely different way to make surround beam. For this you need .... Sock! Yes, a simple knit socks, of which in any home are always in sufficient quantities. In order to make the result of the textile industry in hair ornament, we have to cut off his "fingers" and roll several times, making a kind of elastic bands for hair.

And now we start to magic:

  1. With a conventional gum collect hair in a ponytail at the point where we want to make a bundle.
  2. Threaded tail into the sock, as in the usual scrunchy.
  3. Tilt your head so that the hair sticking out of the tail, lay evenly over the whole diameter of the sock.
  4. Without raising his head, carefully put on a rubber band in the color of your hair to toe, covered on all sides of the hair tail.
  5. We had a bulk beam, but the whole picture spoil tips of hair, do not fall under the gum. Carefully remove excess strands under the beam by means of pins or invisible.

The more volume you want to give to the beam, the larger must be the sock. On the other hand, much depends on the thickness of your hair: they are less likely than the more difficult to cover up their great big toe. If you wish, you can wrap the scarf sock light - so your hair will become even bigger in size.

 beautiful surround beam

Volume beam - bow

This is a very beautiful and elegant hairstyle. At first glance it may seem that make it yourself either very difficult or too long. In fact, the time on the beam-bow will take no more than ten to fifteen minutes. And it's a given that you took him for the first time. To create this hairstyle, you will need: a thin scrunchy, a little crab and a few invisible. Proceed as follows:

  1. Separating thumbs major strand from her forehead, slightly turned up and fasten it around the crown with a small crab. This we do in order not to lose later volume hair.
  2. Gather hair in a ponytail. This is best done on the top, but you can on the side - as you wish.
  3. Pulling the tail rubber band, on the last turn of affairs loop (ie, stretch out your hair not to the end). Do not loop too much, if you do not want to create a huge bow on his head.
  4. We share a loop into two equal parts. Midway between them twirl strands of the remaining tail. The two parts - a self bow and stranded hair - bow knot. Fix the "node" bow invisible.
  5. Attach "lugs" bow the desired shape, if necessary, fix their bases invisible.
  6. Remove the crab from the strands from his forehead (para. 1).
  7. We fix her hair with hairspray.

As you can see, there are many ways to make a beautiful, voluminous hair with his own hands - and a bunch of no exception. All you need to do - a little bit of desire and fantasy. You may well decorate the resulting image cute decorations: barrettes with rhinestones and beads to help tune your hairstyles a whole new way. Be beautiful and unique!

 How to surround the beam: The concept is simple

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 hair extensions for short hair


  • Hair: the "pros" and "cons"
  • Mikronaraschivanie
  • Six rules of proper hair extensions

Good to live in the 21st century! Shops littered with modern clothes, cosmetics, shoes and accessories. It is possible for some two o'clock to change the image so that her husband came home, did not know. And if you enroll in a beauty salon and dramatically repaint the hair, it can be confusing even native mother. What can I say! Modern technologies of hairdressing help within hours of making long-haired rebel cropped beauty. And Naroscheny hair will look most natural, and she hairstyle - simply stunning.

More recently, hair extensions for short strand was impossible. Precondition procedure was that the length of his own hair is not less than 20 centimeters. Today, you can extend even bothered bangs. Yes there bang! The reasons to enroll in capacity can be weight:

  • you have thin hair and sorely lacking volume;
  • you are tired of short haircut or a new boyfriend likes long-haired beauties and your sports hedgehog on the head does not meet this request;
  • burned the hairdresser your hair during the last staining;
  • the same (or a different) Barber made an unsuccessful haircut, and you want to save the situation with the help of extended strands;
  • you just have a good mood and you crave change in its appearance. And what could be more drastic and dramatic than hair extensions?

Now that sounded reasons, let's talk about the technology of hair extensions on the short cut.

 build on a very short hair

Hair: the "pros" and "cons"

To begin with a look at their hair. If their length is catastrophically low, and the hair itself - very fine and rare, you will most likely have to postpone the procedure of building. Either choose the average length of hair (usually women rush to extremes, on the daring first haircut like a boy, and after begging barber increase braids, like Rapunzel). Of course, modern techniques have come a long way in their quest to make a woman beautiful, but regret his own hair. Imagine what cargo will have to wear your hair every day, and that they eventually will happen after three or four months of forced "heavy lifting." If your wishes are reasonable, and do the hair are in good condition, you can safely choose a hairdresser and type of hair extensions. In short hairstyle is usually used mikronaraschivanie.


This method of hair extensions appeared relatively recently and over a short period has already won a whole army of fans. During the procedure, a hairdresser highlights thin strand of hair, it passes through the protective ring, which in turn is securely fixed. After that, his hair trimmed a little shorter, and the cut is attached artificial strand. The microcapsule, which connects its Naroscheny and hair, can be formed as the hands and a special apparatus. In any case, he and the other junction will be completely invisible to others.

Another advantage mikronaraschivaniya can be considered extraordinary comfort in wearing artificial strands. They can be safely combing, washing, dyeing, curling. In other words - do whatever you did before with her hair. In addition, such hair can be adjusted more than once in three months, as is the case with the standard methods of building, and once every six months. The secret lies in the almost imperceptible capsules, a large number of extensions strands and modern technology, which makes capacity unnoticed. The disadvantage of the procedure referred to its high labor intensity. After all, in order to make short-haired girl in a lady with luxury hair, you need at least three hours. So please be patient if you want to have a luxurious Naroscheny hair.

 hair extensions on short hair

Six rules of proper hair extensions

This code works perfectly on all types of building. Whether you have short hair or medium length; going to the hairdresser, three times re-read the conditions for successful capacity.

  • Healthy hair

We already wrote about this above, but once again, since failure to do so threatens the loss of his own hair. Before you upgrade your hair should be completely healthy.

  • The right choice

If you come to the barber shop, and you are advised to aggressively hair extensions only a single procedure, we advise guard. This most likely means that the master is not enough experience, he learned only one way to increase the client's hair. An experienced hairdresser necessarily offer several options, and describe in detail about the features of each of the buildup.

  • One type of hair

The main success of the procedure lies in the capacity of its maximum stealth. If everything they know about Naroscheny hair, the beauty of transformation hairstyles lost. To artificial strands mingled with natural, necessary to their structure follows the structure of the hair of the client. Therefore, before the build-up is required to feel around the strands, which the barber had chosen for the procedure. Similar to your own? Then build up.

  • Avoid excess shine

We continue to investigate Hair Extensions. Typically, the barber offers several sample strands. And, as a rule, women are choosing the most brilliant Naroscheny hair. And for good reason. Experience shows that such samples previously fine tuning and coated with silicone to impart shine commodity. However, after the second such shampooing hair starts to fall. Silicone washed off, the capsule become weaker, and she hairstyle is not as luxurious as a week ago. Therefore, before starting to build, do not succumb to artificial luster, and choose only the dull strands. Usually, after coating them with balm or mask such hair just beginning to sparkle in the sun. And most importantly - they will look completely natural.

  • Correction primarily

In time making corrections. This will make capacity less noticeable and more comfortable. Because walking with regrown strands and try to hide the capsule in her hair - it is a troublesome task.

  • The correct master

Perhaps it is this rule and can be summarized in the article. After all, a good barber - this beautiful hair, and good stuff to build, and no risk of losing natural hair after three months of wearing artificial. An experienced hairdresser will tell you how to properly care for hair extensions, and what better to choose a hairstyle. Therefore, before deciding on the procedure for hair extensions, get a good master. And most importantly: very good think. Do you need it? Are Naroscheny hair - exactly what is missing for happiness? Or the reason for a bad mood lies in the fact that the favorite does not call the third day? Then what's the hair? We think it is much easier to call itself than to record many hours of hair extension procedure.

 Hair extensions for short hair

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