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Oh, this dandruff - all the time it does not appear on time. Try to style your hair all sorts of hairstyles invent new, and you will glance in a perfectly smooth parting - and see where those pesky flakes! Or worse: tryahnesh head in the hope that flowing hair will attract some whose attention, and with them, and strewed white "snowflakes". Is there no such means of dandruff, once and for all forget about this problem?

Funds are, and a lot of them. Here the main thing - is to take in the habit of taking care of your hair and scalp. And that in fact often we limit ourselves to going to the store to buy a super-duper-cool shampoo that was advertised on TV this morning. And it is to forget that not every one of us will approach this shampoo and chemicals contained in it may even harm of the hair. So before agonizing search for new means of dandruff, let's see why it is so often on our minds this is a misunderstanding occurs and how to deal with it by natural means.

What is dandruff and where it comes from

Dandruff - it stuck together skin cells, which are visible to the naked eye on the hair. We know that our skin is constantly updated - instead of the old, new cells. Here are just dead cells will not "evaporate" - they come from the deep layers of the epidermis to the skin surface. Ideally, the process of release takes nearly a month, during which time they are thinner and become invisible. But if the body fails, then the dead skin cells overcome a very high speed, then begin to stick together. That is exactly what appear gray on the head, "snowflakes", which we call dandruff.

Why is it that causes the dead skin cells to increase the rate of its release on the skin? Introduced dandruff - it is nothing, as a result of metabolic disorders in the body. The most common cause of such disorders - hormonal disruptions. That is why dandruff occurs so often in girls at thirteen or fourteen years old at the time of adolescence, in pregnant women and in women during menopause.

In addition, the cause of dandruff can be a part of the nervous tension, stress, strict diet, lack of vitamins A and Group B. In the same risk group includes women who suffer from various chronic diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. And what can we say about those who have to use for the treatment of hormonal agents - in their case to avoid problems such as dandruff, is almost impossible.

Another very common cause of dandruff - a fungus. It is located on the scalp, and is not visible to the eye, as it has a microscopic size. And he can live long enough, absolutely not cause you any harm. As long as the body does not occur some failure, this serving as a catalyst for its action.

But even if you are completely healthy, avoid stress and your hormonal system is in order, you can still become the owner of the head, covered with dandruff. And it can happen due to improper use of hair cosmetics. It is important to not only wash your hair shampoo suitable for your hair type, and thoroughly rinse all foam, not allowing the skin to get irritated. Try to smear the face so like shampoo and a couple of hours, what will happen to your skin? Surely it will turn red and start to peel off. The same thing happens with the head when you are not thoroughly wash off for washing hair.

Excessive use of styling, hot hair dryer, sharp comb - all this irritates the scalp, causing dandruff. So try to refer responsible not only for your hair, but also to the skin underneath. Moreover, dandruff is often contagious. If your surroundings are people who suffer from this trouble, do not use their comb, hair clips or rubber bands for hair, or else run the risk of disease transfer themselves. And then you spend a lot of time and effort to find a suitable means of dandruff.

 Folk remedies for dandruff

What types of dandruff

It would seem - dandruff, it is the dander, all absolutely identical. However, it is not. If you look closely at the girl friend who has a similar problem, you may notice: dandruff is not always white, which is also yellow. The fact that dermatologists are two types of dandruff: dry and greasy.

Dry dandruff is much more common, and it appears as a direct result of all the above reasons. Stress, disease, improper use of shampoos, failure to comply with personal hygiene - and that the scalp is irritated, disturbed metabolism, and dead skin cells "jump" to the surface. And women and men, it is this type of dandruff is the most common.

Oily dandruff, too, is due to violation of the metabolic processes in the body, but that they only occur in a different way. When the sebaceous glands in the skin of your head produce an overabundance of fat if the scales have appeared dark yellow color - it means you have oily type of dandruff.

Before treating this problem, you need to find out exactly what you have dandruff. After all, this depends largely on how to get rid of it. Therefore, stand before a mirror and gently comb out a few flakes on the white sheet of paper to carefully consider them. If you see a grayish-white scales - so you have dry dandruff, if dirty yellow - the fat. Only by knowing your type, you can proceed directly to the treatment.

Treatment of dry dandruff

Many women prefer not to suffer the store and buy a variety of shampoos and other anti-dandruff agents who promise quick relief from the problem. But do not forget that for those who have sensitive, prone to allergic reactions skin, do not use too many chemicals, especially to get rid of dandruff. After all, if you have such vulnerable skin on the face - where did you get that close to the top, she meekly endure everything? Just because a hair is not visible traces of irritation? And itch, dull hair, dandruff, finally? These indicators should be reason enough to appeal to people's means of struggle with dandruff.

So, we bring to your attention the following folk remedies for dandruff, dry type:

Mask from the infusion of mother and stepmother

Herbs - is an effective weapon against dandruff and other scalp diseases. Using a variety of tinctures, you not only get rid of dandruff, but also will attach his curls strength and shine. To get rid of dry dandruff, you will need one tablespoon of mother and stepmother, diluted in a glass of boiling water. We need to infuse the mixture for two to three hours, after which it is necessary to cool and drain. Rub the infusion into the scalp at bedtime, let the hair dry up and go to sleep. It would be better if the next morning, you do not wash your hair.

Mask of onion, vodka and castor oil

Masks with similar ingredients - it is not only effective tools against dandruff, but an excellent method of acceleration of hair growth. You will need one tablespoon of onion, one tablespoon of castor oil (available at any pharmacy) and two tablespoons of vodka. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the scalp, and then put on a hat and wrap cellophane head with a towel to create a thermal effect. An hour later wash your hair with shampoo for your hair type and use the balm-conditioner.

Mask from the infusion of nettle

Stinging from ancient times used to treat the hair and scalp. Even our ancestors noticed that if to rub in the hair roots infusion of this plant, the locks are becoming more smooth, shiny, accelerating their growth. In addition, nettle returns the natural color of the hair, so if your locks looking dull and lifeless, it will quickly make things better.

For this mask, you will need two tablespoons of nettles and a half cups of boiling water. We must insist that the mixture for two hours, then strain and cool. Try to use the infusion of warm - let it be a little higher than the temperature of your body. Gently rub into the scalp mask, you can not wash off.

Mask of vegetable oil with lemon juice

For this mask you can take absolutely any vegetable oil, which you have in stock: sunflower, olive, corn. All are rich in natural vitamins and trace elements, is a good antioxidant and soften fine dry scalp. Take the mask one tablespoon of vegetable oil, a tablespoon of castor oil and squeeze the juice of half a lemon. This mixture rub into the roots of the hair, and then put a cap on the head cellophane and a towel. After half an hour rinse with shampoo and balm-rinse.

 Remedies for Dandruff

Treatment of oily dandruff

For the treatment of dry dandruff can also use the popular recipes. Firstly, they are time-tested, and secondly, they do not contain allergens that can cause skin irritation. And thirdly, it is much more economical, because almost all the ingredients for the mask you are always at hand.

Mask of onion peel and oak bark

This is a very effective remedy for oily dandruff. Enter half a cup of onion peel and oak bark, pour a liter of boiling water and simmer on low heat for half an hour. After you take off from the heat, cool to room temperature and strain. Add the infusion of fifty milliliters of salicylic alcohol - it is perfectly dry the skin and prevents excessive secretion of fat. Put the cap on the head cellophane and a towel wrap it tight. Half an hour later wash your hair with shampoo favorite.

Be careful: this mask stains hair auburn color! So if you are a natural blonde, and do not want to change the color of their hair, take in mind other prescription against oily dandruff.

Mask of garlic

For this mask you need eight cloves of garlic. They need to be cleaned and grate or squeeze through spadefoot. This mixture should be rubbed into the scalp, then wrap your hair in a warm towel and wait for two hours. The skin starts to burn slightly - do not panic.

Due to the fact that garlic has a specific smell, try to do the mask of the day, when you have no scheduled meetings. After a couple of applications of garlic mask you will notice that the amount of dandruff on the head decreased by eight to ten treatments, it will completely disappear. But do not do this mask once a week, because otherwise you run the risk of skin irritation. Unfortunately, anti-dandruff sin similar side effects.

Mask beet

Beetroot helps not only for gastric diseases and lack of hemoglobin, but also perfectly strengthens hair and nails, and provides enough power scalp. For this mask, take a mid-size raw beets, peel and rub on a small grater. Apply beets can be not only on the scalp, but also along the entire length of hair. After that you need to hide your head hat and wrap a towel. Forty minutes later, the mask can be washed off. Again, do not forget that for the owners of this mask blond hair threatens to become a coloring agent.

The mask of the nettle and vinegar

Eight tablespoons nettle brew in boiling water and keep the fire twenty minutes. After that, cool, strain the broth and add a tablespoon of vinegar devyatiprotsentnogo. Gently rub into the scalp mask, avoiding eye contact. Cover the head with a towel tight, hold the mask should be at least three to four hours. After this time the rinse head in water, slightly acidified with vinegar. In a month with regular use of this mask dandruff your hair will become stronger and well-groomed.

Mask of burdock, calendula and hops

Four tablespoons of burdock, three tablespoons of hop cones and two tablespoons of marigold flowers have to brew a liter of boiling water. Give broth brew for half an hour, cool and strain. Rub into the scalp for one or two months, three times a week. In addition to the disappearance of dandruff, your hair will delight you with a well-groomed appearance and radiance.

You can use the most effective anti-dandruff agents, but if you do not pay attention to the scalp and hair, then all your efforts will be in vain. Turn-care in daily ritual, using funds from dandruff, take care of their health and often in a good mood - and then dandruff leave you forever.

 The best remedy for dandruff: folk recipes

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