• The causes of dandruff
  • Varieties of seborrhea
  • Dandruff Treatment
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Probably everyone at least once faced with a natural disaster called "dandruff." When you spend hours spinning in a mirror, choose a dress, shoes, makeup imposes like going to an appointment with the Queen of England, and small grains of treacherous spoil the whole image. Still would! After all, precisely because of dandruff you stop being perfect. This is who sought to spend at least the next two hours.

On the one hand, you can choose a dress lighter to white flakes were less noticeable. And it is desirable not to shake his head heavily, otherwise you'll resemble a glass bowl with decorative snowflakes inside. On the other hand, very sorry black outfit, which you had been saving the last few months and which you so slim. What to do? What sacrifices decide?

We advise not to clean away your evening dress, and yet easy to understand, from what appears dandruff and how you can get rid of it. But before you begin to understand the intricate medical terms and cash to replenish the nearby pharmacy, let's find out what is dandruff.

Seborrhea - no other than the horny scales, which are periodically exfoliated from the scalp. However, if the usual state of the skin refreshed once a month and flakes are hardly visible, under certain circumstances, this process occurs more frequently and intensively, "rewarding" Human white flakes on the hair.

The causes of dandruff

So, with the wording clear. It remains to find out, so we are forced to wear light clothes instead of dark and 10 times a day to listen to "good" advice on getting rid of seborrhea. The causes of dandruff:

  • Stress;
  • Humid climate;
  • Genetic predisposition;
  • Fever;
  • Lack of vitamin B;
  • Gastrointestinal disease;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Overdrying scalp;
  • Circulatory failure.

 causes dandruff

Varieties of seborrhea

As it turned out, the usual dandruff has three species. It:

  • oily seborrhea;
  • dry seborrhea;
  • Mixed seborrhea.

But that's not all. Each of the species is also divided into subtypes by doctors. Doctors do it for the convenience of diagnosis and treatment, we will investigate the situation in order to better understand the reasons because of which there was dandruff.

Oily seborrhea divided into thick and thin shape. Signs of a thick oily seborrhea are:

  • Seal skin;
  • Brownish-gray skin color;
  • The low elasticity of the skin;
  • Extended mouth of the sebaceous glands;
  • Cysts of the sebaceous glands;
  • Pustular skin diseases;
  • Hair greasy, thick, hard.

Liquid form seborrhea indicated by the following factors:

  • The scalp resembles orange peel;
  • Hair shine as if they greased with sunflower oil;
  • The skin shines;
  • Because enlarged pores secrete sebum;
  • The development of alopecia;
  • Itching of the skin;
  • A more pronounced (than in the case of a thick oily seborrhea), pustular skin diseases;

Now let's talk about the symptoms of the appearance of dry dandruff. It is worth noting such features as:

  • It sebum different viscosity;
  • The surface layers of the epidermis apparently look too over dried;
  • The scalp is easily irritable and very sensitive;
  • Dandruff crumbles easily and completely covers the hair and scalp;
  • Lamination dandruff formation yellowish gray crust color;
  • The hair is thin, dry, brittle with posechennymi tips;
  • Very often, the fungus causes dry dandruff Pityrosporum ovale.

  Dandruff Treatment

Agree that certain species of dandruff that settled in your hair, not as important as the treatment of this scourge. Because the terms are not rid of dandruff. So let's look at how to treat seborrhea.

To get started is to advise people whose hair fell asleep dandruff, seek help from a dermatologist or better trihologu. Do not be put off by the terrible name. These doctors will help you to assess the condition of the skin and to identify the exact causes of dandruff (our guess you do not count them in the medical records did not vpishesh).

And until you sign a doctor perform restorative treatment. A little more walk in the fresh air, give up fatty, sugary and smoked food, sleep longer, go in for sports. Very often the cause of dandruff is just an unhealthy lifestyle. So change your habits. If, after all of the above dandruff still hosted in your hair, it is necessary to hold a topical treatment. No, no, do not torment knowing Google (remember, who tells him to back desks - yesterday Losers, which, I suppose, dandruff, and had never seen), Go to the doctor. We are confident he will be able to understand what is the cause of your dandruff.

Types of Treatment Shampoo

Very often the cause of dandruff may be the shampoo that you use. So do not be trusted and widely advertised by means of seborrhea, which are sold in every supermarket. Remember, the drug should only buy from a pharmacy. You do not look out for wool socks at the grocery store? Meanwhile shampoo shampoo strife. Even if he treats dandruff. And if you think that now we will say that the doctor selects the medicine, you will be absolutely right. All the more so as many species of medicinal shampoos that an ordinary person just right to get lost. And manufacturers are not far behind. Every day there are new on the shelves shampoos that, if you believe the advertising, will help to get rid of everything. But we need something just to cure dandruff. Therefore, pay attention to the four species of medicinal shampoos (you remember that they are only bought in a drugstore?):

  • Antibacterial shampoo (includes piriton zinc oktopriroks);
  • Shampoo containing tar (well remove excess fat from the skin of the head);
  • Antifungal shampoo (Nizoral contains ketoconazole or);
  • Exfoliating Shampoo (it is composed of sulfur and salicylic acid).

 from what appears dandruff

  Traditional methods of treating dandruff

Our grandmothers were treated with dandruff, without resorting to the pharmacy facilities. Recipes folk remedies cherish many of us. We are ready to share with you the best of these recipes.

  1. Juice of onions - 1 tablespoon; Vodka - 2 tablespoons. The ingredients are mixed, rub into hair before washing the head.
  2. Boil a liter of boiling water 50 grams of onion peel. Let stand for half an hour. The resulting infusion to rinse hair after washing.
  3. A tablespoon of marigold inflorescences pour 500 ml of boiling water, let stand for half an hour. Rub the liquid into the scalp after washing hair. After that, put on a rubber cap and walk 30-40 minutes with the infusion color. Repeat this procedure twice a week.
  4. Burdock root; Marigold inflorescence; All the ingredients are mixed in a liter of boiling water, then boil the mixture for 20 minutes. The resulting mixture to rinse your hair after washing and do not wash off for half an hour.
  5. A tablespoon burdock oil (can substitute castor) mixed with 10 tablespoons of alcohol tinctures of calendula. Twice a day, rub into the scalp.
  6. Leaves mother and stepmother - 30 grams; Nettle leaves - 30 grams; Rhizome - 20 grams. These ingredients were mixed in a liter of hot water, boiled for 10 minutes. Cool. Rub into the scalp.

Wishes readers

Ladies, whatever the causes of dandruff (be it stress, indigestion or frequent styling hair dryer), no need to treat the hair, namely that the reason why there seborrhea. That is, even if you will be cooking broths for days and forced all the shelves in the bathroom shampoo seborrhea, but it will continue to be nervous, dandruff simply can not reappear. You will destroy the old stock of dead cells from head and your body will immediately prepare a new batch of dandruff. Therefore, treat the cause. Go to the therapist, will be examined in the general state of his health. Perhaps seborrhea - it's just a signal that is sent to you by nature. And we need a more detailed examination.

 Dandruff: out of the blue

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 long-term hair styling

  • What a beast - carving?
  • "Indications"
  • Subtleties of skill
  • Hair Care after the procedure carving

When I first heard the phrase "long-term styling" many women immediately remember about perm, mercilessly destroy the structure of the hair in the name of elastic curls. However, long-term laying it does not hurt, and treats the hair, besides allowing you to at any time and in any weather to look at all the "one hundred."

What a beast - carving?

The abbreviated name of this type of hair curling - "carving". This is a real boon for girls who do not want to spend every morning for half an hour in front of a mirror with utjuzhkom or forceps in his hand. The discoverer of the hairdresser's miracle was the company "Schwarzkopf", came up with a unique way to save the chic hairstyles made by a master professional in the cabin, for a long time. Originally magic was made to the special styling hair curlers, patented the same firm, with a special fluid for hair. Popularity grew carving, as well as a variety of tools for long-term effects. Today, hair laid on biguglia different shapes and sizes using a fixing sprays, foams or mousses. The procedure for placing the hair is as follows: hair richly moistened lock and within minutes gives hair the desired shape.


There are two types of carving. First allows owners of long and thin hair, lacking volume to achieve the desired fluffy curls. The second type of carving is a simulation of hair, consisting of soft curls or natural curls. African curls expect from this installation is not necessary - the composition does not contain a hard component, as opposed to a liquid for perm.

Therefore, this installation is in some ways the medical - keratin complex and multi-vitamins, which are the main ingredients of the restore and nourish damaged hair structure. Thus, long-term laying is not a chemical analogue, it looks like more like a panacea for its consequences. Even if you do not need a wave of hair, make carving - and your hair will stop pushitsya will acquire a natural shine. As used when laying a gentle composition, the result will have to update very often - once a half or two months.

Groupies perm known unpleasant feature of this procedure is "conflict" is used lock. It helps to wash out colors and color fading of dyed hair. You can not say about the carving - it is quiet "neighborhood" as a professional paint, and with shading balms. Another nice bonus - you do not have to get rid of "sponges" damaged by the chemistry of hair clippers. A month after carving your tresses just will begin to "unwind" that will look completely natural.

 long-term to medium hair styling

Subtleties of skill

Long-term to medium hair styling begins with the master selects the product to be used as a fixing agent. Specific choice depends on the goal you want to achieve, sitting in the barber's chair. For dry hair moisturizer ideal composition for colored - means with panthenol.

This is followed by a test for allergic individual components - a clamp is applied to the inner fold of the elbow and the expected reaction for 30 minutes. After that the hair treated with this composition and wind the hair on curlers. If you do not like "petty demon", but want to curl like a Hollywood movie star, have screwed you on the "Boomerang" or "rollers". An hour later, you need to wash your hair, using at the same time nourishing mask. Thereafter the hair is dried and placed with a hair dryer.

Long-styling long hair is different in that the master operates using two compounds. Origin for distribution along the length of the hair, the latter is a more rich composition and for the tips. It 'solders' end of the hair, saving you the section of hair for a few months.

 long-term to long hair styling

Hair Care after the procedure carving

If you do not want to keep our best barber in the "no", do not use for installation at home rectifying means. The rest take care of the hair after a visit to the salon is very simple. After shampooing, always use air conditioning. Use to fix the hairstyle spray alcohol-based highly undesirable - they issushat soft core of the hair. To achieve tight curls, just use styling gel with the effect of "wet" hair.

 Long-term hair styling - it's easy!

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