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Woman with long healthy hair always looks beautiful, elegant, chic. In addition, because with long hair, you can improvise, invent hairstyles, laid in various ways, and create multiple images. Unfortunately, not every woman has the necessary qualities of the hair to grow them yourself to the desired length. Modern cosmetology offers a variety of methods for hair extensions: hot, capsule, ribbon, artificial and natural locks, and you can use the cold process. The most demanded and popular - is an Italian or hot hair.

Features hot building

Hairdressers to apply hot capacity keratin - a hot-melt adhesive, by means of which the strands are held. It creates a special capsule, not palpable and absolutely invisible even on fine hair. When the capacity of the Italian hairdresser should have some experience, because such work is painstaking, "jewelry." Master separates equal parts of hair and applying to your hair extra locks, a special device captures them using keratin capsule. Barber should properly distribute stackable strands to the overall appearance looked natural. There is also mikronaraschivanie - it is taken very thin strands donor, but then require higher skills.

 methods of hair extensions

Pros and cons of hair extensions

For the Italian building use only natural hair - an artificial material can deteriorate when heated, and the creation of keratin capsule. And if before the locks were imported from Italy, it is now processing technology is used in Russia, which reduced the cost of the procedure. But, as with all procedures, from hot building has its "pros" and "cons". For example, in the care of such hair can not use curling irons or tongs - you may damage the capsule, and keratin strands simply disappear. If you act with extreme caution, have a certain skill you can and use heaters. Must be treated carefully and to use balms and masks for hair - they can not be applied to the roots, and chemical perms, you can forget all - too fraught defection of Accreted hair.

On the other hand - that hair extensions hot, easy to remove. Keratin is left on the hair just washed off with warm water, it looks perfect, almost invisible, even to the touch. When hot, you can build up the strands with round and voluminous hair, but you can flatter strands. On this will depend on your hair - straight flowing locks and luxuriant hair. Italian technology involves correction of hair every 4 months, but hair extensions Cold will have to tinker much more. And the adjustment will not be too long - only about half an hour (and the very capacity lasts 2 to 4 hours), and the hair will always look neat and spotless.

Hot hair extensions and has a healing effect - a capsule contains keratin and gradually freed from the capsule, it feeds the hair roots, thereby saturating them with vitamins. Hold donor locks are very secure, you can do absolutely any hairstyle - tails, braids, curls. In any case withstand all strands, they will not be visible. Only here on the coloring of hair it is better to abstain. Exposure to chemicals that make up the hair colors can be devastating. Best to paint the hair, and then choose the color donor strands - and save the health of the hair and the donor strand will look natural. A re-staining can be performed during the correction - the master would do everything perfectly.

Hair - a decoration of any woman, it is her pride and care. Many of the men "were caught" is the beauty of healthy hair, like a fish on a hook. If you want to always look stunning, but do not have the desired hair length? Use hair extensions - practical, comfortable and safe for health. Methods much what to choose up to you - just to find out all the subtleties and nuances of such procedures. Be beautiful and happy!

 Hot Hair Extensions - beautiful hair without any problems

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 Hair on capsules

  • Types of hair extensions on capsules
  • Stages of hair extensions on capsules
  • Caring for hair extensions

Most recently hair extensions was something out of the ordinary. But now the girl with hair extensions are ubiquitous. And while you would never guess that that's the beauty with black hair below the belt, that paraded by, not by Mother Nature got this wonderful gift.

Hair on capsules imperceptible to the naked eye, such locks can do a variety of hairstyles, without fear that the capsule will visible. Modern technology to build natural strands embodied women dream of long and beautiful hair come true. Moreover, today, to increase the hair is not too expensive, and in any city you can find a good master to build.

The first hair extensions in the history of African women was carried out. They braided tight braids and fastened them to the foreign hair strands. These technologies are used in Africa so far. But in Europe are progressing more benign types of capacity and modern technology. Consider the basic.

 Naroscheny hair on capsules

Types of hair extensions on capsules

Hair is divided into types depending on the technology of execution procedures. The two main types of capacity in the capsule - a hot and cold hair extensions.

Hot Hair Extensions

This technology involves the use of a special apparatus, and fixing hair strands to your hair will take place thermally. In other words, it takes a thin strand of hair, which is attached to the root of your strands of small droplets of a special substance quantity in a grain of rice. Special pliers warmed tip priplavlyayut extensible lock to your hair, receding about 1 cm from the root, and not damaging either the scalp or hair. This is ensured by the temperature, which is 50-60 degrees lower than the temperature to equalize curling or curling hair. A material used for gluing the hair, - a keratin or special resin.

For hot hair are some subspecies of the procedure, which are conditionally divided the countries-founders of the technology.

  • English technology. The first and most common worldwide. Strands of hair is attached to the back of the head or the temporal, the lower row of hair, receding from the root of about 1 cm. This is done through a natural organic resins (like candle wax) and a special glue gun. Nose gun heated by the resin is applied to the extensible lock and is attached to the hair. As the regrowth of your hair, you should make the correction. The strands are detached and rearranged higher. This is usually done every 3-6 months, depending on the rate of hair growth.
  • Italian technology. Apply locks of hair of the highest quality with the already deposited per droplet artificial keratin resin. Keratin is softened by means of special tongs heated to the desired temperature, a strand of which presses against your hair. After curing the resin forms a transparent capsule, which is firmly and securely attaches the hair, and absolutely invisible.

Strands, Naroscheny Italian technology, is much more strongly held than strands Naroscheny English method. They practically do not combed out in everyday care. But them harder to shoot for the correction. So that each of these varieties has its advantages.

Cold hair extensions

This method of hair extension eliminates the thermal treatment of the hair. Here, a special adhesive that solidifies naturally at room temperature. After drying, the adhesive becomes a light whitish color, so this kind of building is more appropriate owners of blond hair. Also, the hair can be expanded by using beads that are completely rule out the use of any adhesives.

Cold capacity also has its regional variations and features.

  • Spanish technology. Special adhesive that does not require heat treatment, attaches a strand of hair. After drying, a small flat or round capsule that has a whitish color. Therefore, as mentioned above, this method is recommended for hair bright colors.
  • French technology. It is similar to the Spanish, but one has the know-how. The desired dye is added to the glue or adhesive already has color variations. This allows you to build up your hair any color, even the coal-black. Furthermore, this technique allows adjustment of the number of hairs in each strand.
  • Building on the beads. Apply a bead of miniature ceramic metal or a special plastic. Special hook a strand of hair is inserted through the bead and is secured on your hair, clamp it with the tweezers. Hair combed with the daily care, but in this case, your hair is not in contact with adhesives or resins are not heat treated.

 Naroscheny beautiful hair on capsules

  Stages of hair extensions on capsules

Hair can be carried out in several stages, depending on the type of building and from the master. However, there are key stages of building, which are the same in all technologies and varieties. There are four basic steps.

  1. Individual counseling. This is the first stage in which the master listens to all your wishes concerning the length, volume and color of the hair, and then makes its recommendations, depending on the structure of the hair. At the master you pick up the strands of desired length, thickness and color, as well as the necessary structure similar to your hair.
  2. Prepare your hair. Hair Extensions are separated into strands still in the factory, but it may be done in advance, and the master itself. Hair customer may be prepared to build up as follows: paint (if applicable), washing, drying.
  3. The procedure for extension. The main stage, which is completely dependent on the experience of the master. The technology can be of any capacity, but they are all similar. Hair strands are increasing very thin, so be prepared to have to spend in the barber's chair a few hours.
  4. Levelling haircut. After building all the necessary strands master performs adaptive cut, making a seamless transition, and the difference between your hair and accrued. In this way, it achieved an all-natural treatments and invisibility. After the haircut should be done styling.

  Caring for hair extensions

It is clear that caring for hair extensions has to be special. They do not receive any power through the scalp as opposed to your own hair. Therefore Naroscheny hair needs nourishing and moisturizing further. For this there are special shampoos and conditioners, nourishing masks and tools that will help you pick a master capacity.

For combing hair must use special tools and carry out combing and untangling hair very carefully, so as not to damage the capsule. There are special hairbrush with natural bristles, or with balls and loops at the ends of teeth, so that you can comb your hair from the roots without fear of harm capsules. To avoid excessive entanglement of long hair at night, is to braid them is not very tight plait.

Wash your hair should be Naroscheny special shampoo, matched to the type of stackable hair. If you use regular shampoo, it should be diluted with warm water before use to avoid excessive foaming. Wash your hair should be standing upright. Tilts her head forward is impossible to avoid damaging the capsules. Best of all, if you wash your hair Naroscheny you are on a special hairdresser sink. After washing the hair should be dried immediately is not very hot air dryer.

In the bath or sauna need to hide her hair under a special hat to avoid overheating and melting own hair capsules. If your hair is backfilled by the "cold" technology, the sauna or bath generally contraindicated. Also should be cautious when bathing and swimming in the sea water. Do not fear the high temperature only the hair extensions on the beads.

Style your hair should also be very careful. Avoid touching termoschiptsov irons or curling hair alignment, as the temperature can melt their capsule. Best of all, if the installation wizard will do, which is building up your hair, or the barber, who at least knows how to work with hair extensions. Styling should also choose the neutral, non-aggressive.

All of the above types of hair extensions have their advantages. What kind of technology to choose - depends on you. It is worth mentioning that, with very short hair, you can not build up too long strands as your hair simply will not withstand the increased weight. So ladies, be careful of your desires, do not overdo it, and - be beautiful!

 Hair on capsules: types, stages, care

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