Onion mask for hair

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  • Onion mask for hair

Why spend a fortune on expensive treatments for hair loss, dandruff and other scalp diseases, if there are simple techniques proven home. And for some products masks and balms are so common that there are in every refrigerator without exception. One of the most effective products that help restore the health of thinning head of hair - this Onion mask for hair. There are so many recipes for masks from the bow, which quickly and carefully restore your hair. But before applying any of the following compounds, do not forget to use Apply a small amount of onion mixture on the wrist, to make sure you are not allergic to the drug.

Preparing onion

Before you start treatment the scalp onion, you must first prepare the product. Place a medium onion into a blender, chop. The mixture should be watery to highlight useful for hair cellulose. You can even prepare the ground for pre-masks, cut a couple of bulbs and put them in the refrigerator for safekeeping. Just do not forget to cover the onion mixture lid. And not to delay treatment. The fresher the product, the better the results will be achieved.

Proper application of the mask on the hair

Onion mask for hair growth works wonders. But no ingredient will not benefit if the mask has been applied incorrectly. Therefore, (to your treatment was as effective as possible), we will talk about the secrets of the proper use of such funds for the hair.

  1. Wash your head.
  2. Carefully comb the hair before applying the mask.
  3. Do not use the air conditioner before applying the mask.
  4. In the manufacture of pet hair masks, use a blender.
  5. If you have just washed his head, carefully wipe the hair before applying the mask.
  6. Generously massage your scalp with your fingertips in order to enhance the flow of blood.
  7. Apply onion mask over the entire length of hair.
  8. After applying the mask brush comb the hair with wide a few teeth.
  9. If your hair is too dry, apply two coats of a mask.
  10. After using the mask, rinse your hair with water and a little vinegar. This will help transform fatty hair shiny and voluminous.
  11. Wrap the hair after applying the mask with plastic wrap or a warm towel. This will improve the conditioning and reinforce the effect of the onion mixture. You can even use for the best result in the heating of a hairdryer in the low speed for 10 minutes.
  12. Always let the hair dry in the open air. In no case do not rub the head with a towel and do not brush wet strands.
  13. Refrain from packings within 24 hours after application of the mask.

 Onion mask for hair growth

Hair Treatment

Many women ask how long you need to hold bulbous treatment and keep the mask on your hair. All strictly individually. If you strengthen your hair to prevent, then ten minutes bulbous captivity will suffice. If the problem of baldness you pursue on his heels, will have to be treated for longer and more intense.

Cosmetologists say that onion hair masks should be left on the scalp from 35 minutes to an hour. This will bow the most penetrate the cuticle of the hair and begin to "repair" the damaged and thinning areas. According to the "Journal of Dermatology", patients who used onion juice as a treatment, noted the growth of new hair in two weeks after the start of the onion procedures. So stop sighing at the mirror with a hairbrush in his hand and run to rub onions.

How to deal with an unpleasant odor

Onion mask for hair in addition to the long-awaited restoration of the structure of the cuticle and hair bring even bad breath. This fact stops many women from using onion as the main ingredient for the masks. But there are a few secrets, using which you can get rid of the annoying, and smell, and to restore your hair at the same time.

  1. Among the first Allied onion masks are essential oils of rosemary, lavender and eucalyptus. They can help make a regular onion juice more effective and fragrant. You only need to add a few drops of essential oil of your choice into the prepared onion mask to help restore the health of the hair. Just do not overdo it. Remember that you do scalp treatment, not spa treatments.
  2. If the condition of the hair is so bad, that the mask of onion have to keep to a few hours, we suggest adding to its structure a little beer. Alcoholic beverage neutralizes the unpleasant smell of onions and give your hair silky.
  3. Another ingredient which may be used together with onion juice hair is honey. It is a powerful natural moisturizer. It not only helps to regain your hair, but also smells nice. Your curls will be soft and smooth thanks to the honey, and thinning areas will grow with new hair due to the effects of onion juice.
  4. Try onion recipes at night, on weekends or during those times when you will have the opportunity to be alone for a long period. Then the treatment of hair loss will not affect your relationship with family and friends. Well, you yourself will have to endure the unpleasant smell of a new hair mask. However, you will agree that this is a small price for the restoration of the structure and density of hair.

 Onion mask for hair

Onion mask for hair

From onion and oil

  1. Squeeze the juice of 1 onion and mix it with olive or coconut oil in equal parts.
  2. Slowly and carefully rub the mixture into the scalp.
  3. Cover your head with a shower cap.
  4. Leave the mask to act onion for 2 hours (by the way, before applying the mask your scalp should be dry).
  5. Rinse shampoo. If necessary, apply shampoo twice to get rid of the stickiness of medical masks.

Use this mask twice a month for best results.

Archery and alum

  1. You will need 3 onions juice and alum.
  2. Mix powdered alum and onion juice.
  3. With a cotton swab, rub onion mixture into the scalp.
  4. Comb your hair and wrap head with a towel.
  5. Leave the mixture overnight.
  6. In the morning rinse with onion mixture from the hair shampoo.

Archery and alcohol

  1. Mix 1 teaspoon of sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of any alcohol and 3 teaspoons of onion juice.
  2. Add the mask bit of yeast and a few drops of water.
  3. Mix all ingredients and apply the mixture on the hair.
  4. Leave the onion mask on the scalp for 45 minutes and then wash it with shampoo.

From onion and honey

  1. Mix 3 tablespoons grated onion with 1 tablespoon of honey.
  2. Apply the mask on clean and damp scalp.
  3. Leave on for 40 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Shampoo in this case it is recommended to use later.

Archery, cognac and burdock root

  1. You will need 1 tablespoon of brandy, 4 tablespoons of onion juice and 6 tablespoons chopped burdock root.
  2. Mix all of these ingredients.
  3. Put onion mask on the scalp.
  4. Leave for 2 hours, and then wash with shampoo.

This mask can be used 2-3 times a week.

There is another way to strengthen your hair with a bow. Chop medium onion and add to the shampoo, which usually use to wash it. Let the mixture sit for 15 days (better to put it in the refrigerator for safekeeping). Then you can use homemade onion shampoo.

So our "onion" theme is coming to an end. We hope that given enough advice on the use of the bow as a reducing agent for the hair. However, what recipe you would mask is used, it should be done regularly. It is not necessary to hope that after a single use bulbous mask your hair will be the envy of her friends. It's just a bow instead of a goldfish or a magic wand. The only person that can perform miracles - it is you. Prefer to close their problem? Undeterred long rubbing an onion on a grater and odor? So, the hair will thank you, becoming healthy and silky. Has thrown a good thing halfway? Then do not wait for the morning wake up long-haired beauty. You will exactly be what deserved. And one iota better. So do not be lazy, and all you get!

 Onion mask for hair: beauty through the tears

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 Clay hair

  • Clay hair history
  • Natural clay for oily hair
  • Types of Clay
  • Hair masks
  • How to properly use and store the clay?
  • Afterword

You feel the way you look .  If your hair is dull and lifeless and limp strands hanging down along the face, it is unlikely at this very face will reign smile .  And I would like, right? Then stop torturing hair numerous experiments directly related to the production of chemical industry .  Stop replenish cash departments of household chemistry .  Shampoo - this is certainly good .  But if you change it three times a week and supplement with numerous masks and balms from an unknown manufacturer, the sense will be zero point, zero-tenths .  Do not believe? So why are you reading this? I'm sure your hair is completely stopped and began to listen to you live your life .  And this is the life you do not like, because the results you do not paint .  Right? Did you know that the usual clay hair help restore not only the health and shine of your hair, but also lost the smile? How exactly? Who will teach .

Clay hair history

First, a little information to all readers were able to not only understand what the clay for hair better, but also to find out what kind of panacea for this. So, beauticians believe that the clay is one of the most precious gifts of nature. Therefore it is not surprising that mankind uses it for thousands of years for a variety of purposes. Natural clay is absolutely unsurpassed physician when it comes to health and beauty of the person. Where such a relationship? Everything is very simple. A healthy person is always beautiful. Therefore, the clay returns to the patient's health, making it better and more beautiful. It has been successfully used to treat many diseases, ranging from ulcers and ending with kidney problems and hypertension. It is absolutely natural and universal tool that can help people to restore health and to regain the lost beauty.

As for cosmetic use, the clay has been used for centuries as a mask for the face, which helps eliminate acne and makes the skin soft and radiant. Few have gone beyond the traditional use of ancient Egyptian ladies. They began to spread on the clay body, believing that if the clay makes the best facial skin, then the other parts of the body to cope brilliantly well. By the way, at one time it was one of the most guarded secrets of beauty. A little later some of the ancient fashionistas noted the positive impact of natural clay to the hair. During the research it was noted that after clay masks hair become more healthy and shiny, it is better to comb, and less pleasing to drop his mistress readiness for installation.

 what clay is best for Hair

Natural clay for oily hair

Probably the most problematic are the very oily hair. Just as the lack of them noticed that the owner of oily head of hair leads to despair. My hair like that, not mine - still some time sebum will do the trick and locks have lost volume, turning into greasy icicles. Meanwhile, the situation may save the natural clay. What exactly is it the strength? Much:

  • Clay absorbs toxins and makes the scalp healthier
  • It is an excellent source of minerals that nourish the skin and hair
  • Clay has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Clay masks are able in the short term to absorb sebum and regulate its further production
  • Clay treats dermatitis and psoriasis of the scalp
  • Clay helps rejuvenate the scalp and thereby promotes healthy production of sebum

  Types of Clay

Everyone knows that there are so many varieties of clay, depending on their place of origin and chemical components. How do you determine which one is best suited for your specific hair type? To get started is to understand all the assortment offered by Mother Nature.

  • White clay. Also known as kaolin or "china clay". This type of clay is formed mainly of silicates and used to treat patients with anemia. White clay perfectly enriches the body with missing minerals and is well suited to deal with fatigue. As a hair mask such clay is applied to those women whose strands are weak and lifeless.
  • Green clay. Rich in iron oxide. According to cosmetologists, is the best kind of clay for oily hair. Green clay - a good absorbent. She successfully fights with oily skin, dandruff and loss.
  • Red clay. It is containing copper and iron oxide, which, in fact, give it a distinctive red color. Usually, it is not used as face masks. However, the red clay will be indispensable for those whose hair falls out due to lack of iron in the body.
  • Blue clay. He gets a nice color from chromium and copper. It has been used successfully for oily hair, making them stronger and better.
  • Pink clay. It is a mixture of red and white clay. It has a very fine structure, so that this kind of clay is better to use as a mask for sensitive scalp.

For hair prone to loss, recommended masks from green or blue clay. However, all kinds of clay completely different absorption properties and therefore may be used for normalization of scalp and hair structure. Do not rush to buy cosmetic clay immediately once read about it. Do not forget that even the natural raw materials in our time must be certified. Therefore, purchase the product exclusively in pharmacies and specialized stores. But certainly not in the subway. With the same success you could dig up the earth in the front garden of the house. What do you think, will this mask make your hair better? No? That's right. So do not be lazy to look for the nearest pharmacy.

 white clay for hair

Hair masks

Any clay contains a large amount of silicon, which promotes hair growth and restore the health of the scalp. And in order not to bore you with elaborate recipes and arcane ingredients tell you about two universal hair masks, which include natural clay and are better than everyone else renew the structure of human hair.

  • Mix 2-4 tablespoons of any cosmetic clay with a little water. Rub the mixture into the scalp and hair. Leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. Then wash your hair with a herbal shampoo and rinse them with a solution of lemon in the proportion of one lemon into 2 liters of water.
  • 2-4 tablespoons of clay mix well with one egg yolk. Dilute the mixture with a little water. Rub a mask in the scalp and hair. Gently massage your head. Leave the mixture to act for 30 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. A few minutes later the head can be cleaned with any shampoo.

  How to properly use and store the clay?

Natural clay better than any balm restores damaged hair. However, if it is properly stored, you can negate all the benefits of a cosmetic product. Thus, the clay must not come into contact with metal or plastic containers and spoons. To mix the ingredients using a wooden spoon. Storage - wood, ceramic or glass dish. You can also put the clay in a wooden box. But then make sure that the humidity in the room was small.


When using any important natural clay consistency and perseverance. So do not be lazy to use clay for hair 1-2 times a week for at least 3 months, and the result will not be long in coming. By the way, you can apply the clay not only hair, but also the face, and then your beauty will be truly perfect.

 A gift of Mother Nature: Clay Hair

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