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  • Mousse and Foam: twins or cousins?
  • How not to make a mistake in choosing?
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Among the variety of modern styling puzzled even the most sophisticated shopper. Wax-jamming, gel spray, matting paste - most girls do not even know what they are for, how to use them. Styling-cosmetics in your mind should be universal, so it can be used "bundled" with a hairdryer, tongs and curlers? Then mousse - this is exactly what you need!

Mousse and Foam: twins or cousins?

Laying a foam bubble homogeneous mass packaged under pressure in a special aluminum or plastic tube. To use it for hair, you need to shake the bottle, turn it upside down and squeeze out the right amount of money on hand. It called mousse same foam, within which there are no flavorings. In fact, the only difference in the allergenicity of the product - perfumes used in the manufacture of a conventional foam can cause an asthma attack, and angioedema. However, if you do not have these health problems for you, these funds have no fundamental differences.

How not to make a mistake in choosing?

Flavor foam or mousse for stacking necessary based on the type, length and structure of the hair. To cope with the severe shock of long curls can funds from ekstrasilnoj level locking. For a short haircut and thin hair is enough light or medium-fixer. If the skin of your scalp regularly gives you inconvenience because of excessive activity of the sebaceous glands, to opt for funds with low-fat composition. Dry hair is experiencing a real stress for laying a hairdryer or styler - choose mousse with moisturizing ingredients. Save the brightness of colors painted curls long will foam with UV filter and protection against leaching pigment.

 Mousse for hair styling

Styling Appliances

Initially foam hair used exclusively for giving additional volume .  If you want to achieve exactly this effect, you need to round "skeletal" hairbrush and hair dryer with a diffuser .  Wash your hair, make sure using the air conditioner or balm-conditioner .  Blot your hair with a towel and apply a styling foam or mousse (for short enough amount of money the size of a walnut, for long - an orange) .  Go too far - they stick together, and you would have to run to the bathroom .  Gently spread the composition over the entire length of your hands or a wooden comb with a few teeth .  It remains only to put her hair, twisting them to brush and slicing the air jet .  Thick head for their own convenience and time savings can be divided into sectors by using hairdressing clamps .  To bend the ends of the strands, process flow of hot air, combing with a brush to the desired angle .

To wind the hair on curlers, enough to use foam to form curls. To get the small curls, use curlers. "Hollywood waves" can be achieved by screwing curls on "hedgehogs" or boomerangs. On damp hair, apply mousse for styling curls. Divide the hair into large strands and curl each of them individually - moving from the tips to the roots. At the end of this procedure, dry the head hair dryer (if you think that the thermal effect of causing irreparable harm to the hair - curlers leave for the night). Once they are dry, curly mane comb fingers. For fine hair further use as a fixative lacquer.

Straighten curls can using thermofilter smoothing mousse. Prepare them before installation - spread on clean hair the right amount of foam. Dry the hairdryer them, divide the whole into small strands of hair pins or clips. Move from the temporal region to the back of the head, focusing on undulating areas. Comb your hair flat brush and sprinkle a means of protecting against moisture.

 styling fine hair

The best solution: high quality hair styling

Bio-Foam Hair Styling Volume And Shine Styling Mousse Extra Strong Hold has excellent nourishing and moisturizing properties. It means strong hold can even be used for thin and weakened strands. Extract from aloe and green tea penetrates deeply into the hair structure, "providing" his rod all necessary for normal development of vitamins and trace elements. Hops and congee "smooth" keratin scales, thereby Volume And Shine Styling Mousse Extra Strong Hold prepares the hair straightening. A nice bonus from the manufacturer - you style your hair, enjoying the aroma of the securities essential oils used instead podnadoevshih fragrances.

Dry and damaged locks need special care. Such hair is distinguished by a special disobedience during installation - contact with red-hot plates of "ironing" and the hot air stream they start pushitsya and stick together, no matter what you use mousse for fixer. Using funds from the "iron fist" in no way affects such bad results. Before you style your hair, apply to damp strands Energy Mousse from Dikson. At 50%, this mousse is made up of a substance similar in composition to liquid medulla of a human hair. He fills the pores, damaged because regular coloring and improper care. "Smooth" hair easier to comb, easy to install and perfect shine. Panthenol in the composition will be an excellent means of prevention of loss of power.

Mousse-Care for fine hair Instant Bodifier Redken has a light texture, so that is very economical to use. Its main purpose - to care for the hair during styling hair dryer. Soy protein helps to create additional volume and cotton fibers prevent overdrying. With regular use Instant Bodifier revitalizes hair follicles and the dermis.

The best means for forming and stacking curls - Wella Wellaflex «curls and ringlets." In a duet with Styler it allows you to create perfectly tight curl without damaging the hair. Mousse can be supplemented with lacquer and fixing liquid from the same collection.

However, choosing a foam with medical components, do not expect that it will replace the complete hair care. They will always look good and be easy to installation, if you continually use a properly fitted shampoos and conditioners.

 Hair mousse - the perfect hairstyle

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 kefir hair mask


  • How to make yogurt for masks
  • Kefir mask any hair
  • Mask for hair, prone to fat
  • Kefir mask weak and dry hair

Kefir - a unique product that contains useful fungi and bacteria. It is not surprising that he is just amazing for hair care - the mask of kefir makes them shine, strength and improve the structure. Kefir - a product that came from the Caucasus - look at women with those places which luxurious, thick and well-groomed hair they have. It is known that there have long been used milk products - rinsing head serum was applied before washing yoghurt, kefir made hair mask. Of course, this is only a natural product, the procedure is carried out on a regular basis, and then the result is bound to make you happy. By the way, Russian women have always rinse hair kvass or serum - is not kefir mask? Still, it should take into account the experience of our ancestors - my grandmother knew how to always look wonderful, and her hair was the main pride of any lady.

How to make yogurt for masks

Everyone knows that the best homemade yogurt nothing - Shop product is low fat, dilute and generally, it is not clear from what to do. So it is necessary to prepare this product yourself, the more done it is very, very simple. So, you will need:

  • Boiled milk, take for this process homemade milk - rustic;
  • Leaven kefir (That's what you can buy plain yogurt in the store).

Cool the milk to 20 ° C and pour it into a container of 200 ml. In each container add 2 teaspoons of sourdough and put in the heat for two days. Make sure that there are no drafts. Two days later, yogurt can be consumed, by the way, this drink you can just drink - is also quite useful thing, and as a leaven for the next mask you can use a little of the finished yogurt. Just keep in mind that the seven days this product becomes "old" and use it to ferment is impossible, and for the masks he was not work - it is better to bake cakes.

 hair mask from yogurt

Kefir mask any hair

Kefir hair mask improves its structure, affects the roots and nourishes the scalp. Forming a film on the hair, kefir mask helps to cope with the negative impact of the environment. And with its flushing, removes more dust, dirt and residues of cosmetics.

Kefir is necessary to distribute to the entire length of the hair by rubbing it into the skin and hair, light massage for a few minutes. Next, we put on a cap and leave all this beauty for twenty minutes. Meanwhile, prepare the acidic water rinse: squeeze the juice from the lemon and pour it in a bowl with two liters of water. Alternatively, you can use vinegar 2 tablespoons of the same 2 liters of water. Now, rinse your hair with this solution. Makes the procedure recommended 2-3 times a week.

Mask for hair, prone to fat

Kefir is necessary to heat up, set on fire capacity and waiting when he will be curtailed. Draining - it got whey, it we will use for the mask. Prepare a decoction of burdock: a glass of water put 2 tablespoons of burdock (available at pharmacies) and brewing, such as in a thermos. Now you need to mix the serum and a decoction of burdock, using the same proportions. You can use a mask before each wash head, rubbing it into the hair roots. To achieve positive results, continue the course of at least three weeks.

Kefir mask weak and dry hair

In bowl, combine: castor oil - a teaspoon, one egg yolk and 3 tablespoons of yogurt. This mass is applied to the hair. Now you need to wrap your hair, pre-burying them under a shower cap Action mask should last about 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, rinse the head with warm water. Such kefir hair mask nourishes fine roots, weakens the loss, makes your hair thicker and shinier.

Naturally, there are lots of different hair masks, but they generally contain ingredients rather not cheap, and you only need to buy them in specialized beauty salons. But yogurt - it is the most basic way to care for your hair. What is most interesting - it fits perfectly to any type of hair. Even if you just put it on a few minutes, then rinse with warm water, then in a month of such procedures, you will see what became hair - obedient, silky, soft and shiny. But do not forget that it is necessary to consume yogurt and inside - a great way to not only restore the full functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, but to get the perfect figure.

 Kefir Hair Mask - luxurious tresses inexpensively

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