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  • Why the mask?
  • The best mask for brittle and split ends

Many women with long hair familiar with the problem of brittle hair and split ends. The main reasons for this state of hair are drying too hot jet dryer, consistent use of curling irons or hair iron staining (especially lighting), improper care and treatment of hair (too intensive cleansing shampoo together with rough combing result in cross-section and brittle hair ).

It should be noted immediately that cure split ends is absolutely impossible. Section and brittle hair can only be prevented. So the first thing you should do - is to go to the hairdresser, who cut off split ends and advise the competent care of your hair. Only a comprehensive hair care can prevent the appearance of split ends and hair will turn out dull and brittle to soft and shiny.

Why the mask?

Special shampoo for brittle hair and split by gentle formula helps maintain the integrity of the structure of hair and all sorts of balms sealed ends of her hair and help them cope with the aggressive influence of the environment, at least until the next washing.

Masks - means capable of a relatively short time to restore the structure of the hair and make it soft and manageable. The main active components of the masks brittle and split ends are proteins (also known as keratin), lipids and silicones.

The structure of the hair proteins include proteins that are located under the scales of the hair. Under the influence of aggressive factors (blow-drying, combing and other rough) scales begin to puff up, and proteins are released from the cortex (the keratin layer of the hair). Hair begins to split.

Proteins belonging to the intensely reducing masks, fill and seal structure of the cortex of the hair. Today, in the cosmetics industry, the following proteins: rice, wheat, silk, almond.

However, the protein therapy has a significant drawback. The fact that proteins tend to accumulate in the hair keratin layer, thus again leading to hair breakage. Excess protein is trying to leave the structure of the hair, and the ends are starting pushitsya. To avoid this, you must use a mask courses to improve the condition of hair. The long-acting mask impossible. Therefore, if you notice that the hair is whipped again, it is worth to take a break to use a mask for brittle hair.

Lipids, which are also part of the structure of the hair, restore moisture balance and prevent breakage, making hair shiny and silky.

Silicon thin film coats the hair. The hair looks smooth and silky. However, silicones consisting balms and masks, have a significant drawback. They accumulate on the surface of the hair and aggravate it. Again, the hair becomes brittle.

At present, the masks and other means for fragile and split hair consists of three groups of silicones.

  • Dimethicone copolyol / HWP, Dimethicone Copolyo, rideceth-12, Hydroxypropyl, Lauryl methicone copolyol, Polysiloxane. This group of silicones with the hair is washed off with water and does not accumulate on the surface of the hair.
  • Stearoxy Dimethicone, Behenoxy Dimethicone, Amodimethicone - these silicones are washed out with difficulty using a shampoo.
  • Finally, the third group of silicones (Cetyl Dimethicone, Trimethylsilylamodimethicone, Dimethiconol, etearyl methicone, Cyclomethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone, Stearyl Dimethicone) is not washed out of the hair.

Therefore, if and to choose between two (or rather three) evils - the less, give preference to the first group of silicones. However, some cosmetic concerns began to offer reducing agents - including masks - without silicone in the composition. On them you should pay attention.

 Mask brittle and split ends

The best mask for brittle and split ends

  • Mask for hair split and brittle "The cornerstone» Lush

This mask is made from natural ingredients and without silicones provide the gentle care for brittle hair. Olive oil nourishes and gives strength to the hair, mint stimulates blood circulation of the scalp, and the absolute Nettle makes your hair shine. In addition, this hydrating mask contains essential oils of grapefruit, sweet orange and neroli. Hair Care transformed into spa treatments and aroma therapy simultaneously.

  • The mask for brittle and damaged hair Hair Vital

This mask has a pleasant cream structure. Intensively restores the structure of damaged hair. The extracts of honey and black walnut nourish and moisturize dry hair. In addition, the mask prevents the cross section of the hair and makes the hair elastic and shiny.

  • Nourishing mask for split ends Kapous Professional

This restoring mask for brittle hair and visited - the perfect remedy for brittle and damaged hair after dyeing. The extract of wheat, which is part of the mask intensely nourishes and restores the hair structure. Wheat germ oil regenerates damaged hair from root to tip. Bamboo extract makes hair light and bulky. The hair is not tangled and not electrified.

  • Mask Intensive nutrition for thick brittle and split hair Masquintense Kerastase

The mask is designed specifically for dry and brittle hair thick. For thick hair also needs a thorough and gentle care. The mask is enriched with polymers and active ingredients that smooth Fan the scales and fight split ends. After a few applications of visible results - the hair soft and shiny!

  • The mask for brittle and damaged hair Alfaparf Nutri Seduction

The mask comprises a hydrolyzed wheat protein, and glubokouvlazhnyayuschie components. Proteins compacted hair structure and fill the void keratin layer, the active ingredients intensively moisturise and soften, making hair strong, elastic and shiny.

About every 6-8 weeks split ends need to shear off in the cabin. The most optimal salon treatment for brittle and damaged hair - Grooming hot scissors. With this procedure hair ends are sealed and downward sekutsja hereinafter.

To restore the hair, little use cosmetics. Give up, at least temporarily, from hair dryers, irons and tongs and styling products (alcohol in their composition dries hair), coloring and aggressive salon procedures. Use a comb made of natural materials from the teeth, do not injure hair. And do not forget about the correct diet and at least 2 liters of pure water a day. It is able to support the forces of the body and hair in particular.

 What should be the mask for hair split and brittle?

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 how to choose a hair dye

In our time, it is difficult to meet the fair sex, which would be one hundred percent natural color suited her hair and she never would have thought about painting. However, not every girl is ready to go to such drastic changes as horror stories about friends girlfriends girlfriends that after the procedure began with colored or have lost a significant portion of the once luxurious head of hair, can confuse even the most daring and risky beauties. In this case, there are two options: either to give up the idea and remain a gray mouse, or choose a quality paint with a suitable shade and become even better.

Five basic rules for selecting paint

Manufacturer's brand name

Pick the production of medium and high price category known and proven brand-name companies that have already positively proved itself in this field. Trying to save may be lamentable, as too cheap paint is usually added to the most simple, cheap and corrosive ingredients. At best, you have to take a course of procedures for the rehabilitation of hair, they become dry and lifeless, at worst - you'll need to buy a wig. If you wish, you can even find paint without ammonia, but is such a new order of magnitude more expensive. According to its properties, it does not differ from the usual, only more gently and delicately refers to the hair.

Safety first!

Initially, it should review the composition of the products and the opinions of other customers. Of course, not all women will be equally happy with a particular paint, but having too many negative reviews and complaints should alert you. Even worse, if a given trademark has not been heard. Gather all the information you can on any female forums or sites of manufacturers.

 choose the color of hair dye

The search for a suitable option

In any large retail establishments that sell paint manufacturers leave the directories in which there are tips for potential customers - small painted "tails" or a picture showing the final result on the basis of your present tone. When choosing a color, keep in mind that results may differ slightly from the source. This may affect both the recent painting, for example, henna, Brahma, and the natural qualities of your hair. Therefore, the first procedure is best done in specialized stores and beauty salons.

Determine color

Before you pick up the hair dye, you must make sure score for a particular hue. For instance, owners of light eyes and golden skin can be colored in red, honey or golden blonde. Too dark ages much these girls, white - makes it inconspicuous. If you have dark skin, then you need to choose the brighter, more saturated variations: brown, auburn, chocolate color. In no case should not be clarified, otherwise your face will look brown spots on the background of blond hair.

The biggest difficulty may occur in people whose hair began to lose their natural pigmentation, such as the hair sometimes even the most persistent and expensive products can not acquire the desired color. How to choose a hair dye to those who have only recently encountered this problem? First, do not start abruptly clarified, so you simply can turn yellow or carrot-ginger. Second, consult with a specialist and ask you to choose the appropriate option. Third, before the procedure, apply to a small area and check the consistency of the paint shine. If you get the color you want, feel free to proceed to the coloration.

Number of packages

Manufacturers always specify how many packs you need for a particular length of hair (one standard packing on twenty centimeters). However, it is recommended to take a bit more, so that later, if the reserve is not enough, you do not have to run to the shops and look the same color, which, as usual, snap up sharply.

 How to choose a hair color and do not harm the hair?

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