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Romantic curls - the object of envy of most girls with straight hair. Unfortunately, the owner themselves curls rarely appreciate their existing treasure. They tend to straighten curls using irons and hair dryer, complaining about excessive pomp and indomitable hairstyles curly locks ... And in vain - because "tame" the curls difficult, but possible.

The curly hair is different from direct?

Beauty with curly hair can be considered a genetic phenomenon. Mother Nature found that the person should be pryamovolosym. Such hair cut has a perfect structure: single set of scales and right circular cross section. Curls under a microscope look flat or oval and different pore structure.

They bristle, often confused and difficult to control during installation. That is why care for curly hair should be regular and intense. Cosmetics have keratin scales smooth, moisturize the hair shaft, facilitate untangling the strands, as well as to model the curls.

Cleansing curly hair

Without proper care of your locks are brittle and lifeless. The strands fall on the shoulders of tight curls because of the special strain of hair follicles. Naturally, damaged hair needs special attention. Shampoo for washing the hair should not contain a part of weighting components - for example, silicones, mineral oil or parabens.

Although they give hair illusory "density" and "weight" due to the fact that only partially washed away, but because they "overlap" a free access of oxygen to the hair shaft. With regular use of such means the hair become dry due to prolonged lack of moisture in the follicles. Shampoo to give volume is also better not to use. They act by "opening" the keratin scales, and curly hair, and so suffer from porosity and friability.

Daily hair washing - a bad habit. Constant contact with the detergent ingredients promotes desiccation hair. If you suffer from dandruff, and increased fat, wash your curls at least once in two or three days. In no case do not comb the wet strands - wet hair is easier to break down and poorly maintained bulb. Whatever the quality was not a comb, curl and deform starts to fall intact "bundles".

The quality cleaner curls includes moisturizing and nourishing extracts and extracts from plants. Choose a shampoo with aloe, cocoa butter, milk proteins, amino acids and vitamin complexes. Rinse care wavy hair should have "the sealing" effect. Funds on the basis of jojoba oil, silk proteins and calendula extract smooth scales. When they are "closed," wet "sealed" in the hair and remain there until the next wash. Rinse distributed over the entire length of the hair, avoiding the roots - otherwise your hair quickly become greasy.

 how to care for curly hair

Home remedies

No less successfully take care of curly hair can be with the help of home remedies. The basis for natural shampoos is usually a soap chips, egg white and yogurt. For the frequent washing of hair can be used mustard soap shampoo. 3 tbsp chips of any soap mix with 1 tablespoon dry mustard powder and 1 cup of boiling water. Shelf life of the resulting shampoo - 5-6 weeks. It strengthens the roots, stimulates hair growth and makes them shine.

Not inferior in their effectiveness salon procedures gelatin homemade shampoo. 2 tbsp Soak gelatin in 150 g. Cold water. Add 1 white and 1 tsp liquid honey. The resulting composition of the massage your scalp while washing for 2-3 minutes. Gelatin "fill" the void in the porous curly hair, so they become soft and obedient.

Cope with the "snow-white" on curly hair shampoo helps bread. Soak a few stale crusts of bread in water overnight. The next morning Press the crumbs and add the 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice and 1 tablespoon olive oil. This shampoo with regular use destroys the fungus is the main cause of dandruff.

Excess sebum can be removed with a shampoo of 100 grams. curdled, 20 drops of essential tea tree oil and 1 tablespoon brewer's yeast. For this purpose you can use peas and beans, milled in a coffee grinder or blender and mixed at a ratio of 1: 1. Before washing, you simply need to dissolve the required amount of the resulting powder with warm water until the consistency of sour cream.

Excellent moisturize hair shampoos based on almond oil. Take 2 tablespoons warm oil, add 100 grams. whey and 2 egg whites. Whip the resulting mixture in a shaker to form a light foam. To enhance the effect, you can add 2-3 tsp blue or white clay.

At home, easy to prepare a completely natural conditioner for curly mane. Water from the tap is very hard - if it will wash shampoo, then not be able to comb through the strands. Mitigate it can be using products that are on any kitchen and herbal concoctions. For example, add 2 liters of water a few tablespoons of lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and nettle, yarrow.

Grooming greasy wavy hair type, do not forget about dry shampoo. This tool will quickly cause hair in order, even if the hair root is already shining with sebum. Carefully comb the hair and spray on the roots of the purchase or dry shampoo, apply a thin layer of its cheaper counterpart - rice flour or baby powder. Massage the scalp, in order to distribute it on the powder. A few minutes later you will find that excess fat is absorbed into the resulting mixture of talc and "got lost" in small lumps. They are easy to comb with a comb with a few teeth.

Masks for curly hair

Proper care of curly hair involves the use of medical masks. You can use them no more than once or twice a week, but this is enough to solve the problems such as hair loss, brittle or dull. The mask is applied to clean damp hair immediately after cleansing.

For curly head of hair will be useful mayonnaise mask. It is best used for her homemade mayonnaise, because it includes not find preservatives and other muck. But the magazine is quite suitable. Mayonnaise generously applied to wet hair with a plastic comb. Distribute it, put on the head of a bathing cap and leave on for 25 minutes. To wash, use cool water, as heat helps to "curtail" mayonnaise - get rid of it will be very difficult.

The beneficial effect on the locks have a mask on the basis of alcoholic beverages. For oily hair is good, based on the composition of beer. We'll have to put on them a mixture of ½ cup of dark beer, 2 tablespoons olive oil and 1 tablespoon infusion of oak bark. Dry hair is suitable mask 100g. cognac and 1 egg yolk. Yolk, first pounded into a lather with a small amount of sugar, and only then mixed with alcohol.

Mash the pulp of a ripe banana with a fork, add 3 tablespoons pineapple juice, 3 tablespoons melted coconut oil and boil the resulting composition to simmer. After cooling, the mask will be similar to a dense cream that can be stored in the refrigerator for about 3-4 weeks. Shine and elasticity of curls will also add a mask of a ripe tomato, cucumber and pumpkin pulp.

How to dry curly hair?

Drying is best curls naturally. The hot air jet, issued a hairdryer, contributes to the rapid thinning of the hair and the appearance of split ends. After washing the hair strands start to turn to get wet towel. In no case do not rub or wring your hair!

Removing most of the moisture from the hair, gently comb the hair with your fingers and repeat the procedure once or twice. If you have limited time, dry head with a hairdryer feature of ionization, keeping a safe distance of 25-30 cm. The temperature regime should be minimal. To give your hair brightness and vibrant shine, after dry hair, treat them with cold air flow for 30 seconds.

On the shelves you can see the thermal spray and easy combing. It is possible that you bought them, relying on the statement of the natural composition manufacturer - because today is rampant fashion for organics. However, nothing in these organic means no hazardous components such as formaldehyde and dimethicone general "pull" moisture from the follicles and spoil the appearance of hair.

Then, how to care for curly hair during drying, while not causing them harm? Use hand-made tool for unraveling and protection from the effects of a hair dryer and styler. Prepare a decoction of lime or calendula flowers, add a few drops of oil extract of vitamin A or E, pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray formulation may be prepared not only wet but also dry hair (e.g., for correction of hairstyle).

 Care for wavy hair

Secrets of laying beautiful curls

Before you start laying curly hair, sprinkle them antistatic. He will tame pushing strands and protect hair in wet weather. Working with a hairdryer or styler utjuzhkom, reduce contact with a comb to a minimum. Too frequent combing curl and deform "turns" you disheveled poodle. Finally, if necessary, can be disassembled into small strands curls with own fingers.

Curly girls frequently complain about weak and ill-defined curls. Sometimes even the use of styling products do not solve the problem - hair still pushatsya and bristle, despite mousses and foams. Applying to the wet strands, these tools break down curls, depriving you of the possibility to simulate the desired hairstyle.

In this situation, the problem decides mousse or gel for forming tight "springs". If you style your hair dryer, soak their pre-gel, not foam. Divide hair into several sectors with the help of hairdressers clips. Directing a jet dryer on each strand in turn, "squeeze" its hand - so you will achieve the natural look of your hair.

The foam can be used only on dry curls. For example, when you want to wind the hair on curlers. "Boomerang" will make you the owner of tight curls, Velcro will present "Hollywood wave" and "bobbin" will look like African-American. Optional sleep with them all night, suffering from pain and discomfort - the desired effect can be achieved in just half an hour. Screw hair in curlers, moving from the tips to the roots. Fix them, sprinkle with varnish strong fixation. After half an hour, remove and comb the curls with your fingers.

Straightens "petty demon" when moisture makes no sense. Whatever the means to straighten you have not used in a couple of hours of hair again will "twist" in the small curls. Cope with them can only master a professional in a salon. By making chemical or keratin hair straightening, you get rid of the need to start each morning with a stretch strands in front of the mirror for a few months.

At home, wavy hair can be straightened with the help of a hair dryer or ironing. Before drying, apply a smoothing tool and divide hair for convenience into several sectors. At the same time treat the individual strands of jet air and "smooth" flat brush or "skeletal" comb. So-called "utyuzhok" is a device with two ceramic or steel plates, which are heated and are used to pull the hairs.

Of course, he is capable to straighten very tight curls, but regularly repeating this will not recommend any one barber. Minimum temperature of the heating plates - 200-250 degrees. Frequent use of ironing hair does irreparable harm to - damaged by overheating locks cut off easier than cure.

 Caring for curly hair: basic rules and homemade recipes

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