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Beautiful hair, a successful haircut and styling are among the most important components of the entire image, especially for women. Hair has long been considered women's dignity and grace. Previously, only wore long hair braided into a braid that. But with the advent of the progressive 20th-century vogue and short haircuts and styling from medium length hair to a boyish haircut. Today, any woman can choose a hairstyle to the person, depending on their age and their preferences.

Brilliant and volume, healthy and beautifully styled hair is an ornament to any woman, regardless of her age. Any hair - long, short, medium length - should always be washed clean and well laid. It is the success of women. Beautiful styling does not necessarily require going to the salon every time. You can style your hair in the home, it does not need to exert much effort.

In a fashion natural, so simple styling will always be in the price. However, you can try and make the intricate, complicated installation. For young girls suit long flowing hair, which must always be well-groomed appearance. Ladies aged longer to face short haircuts - cascade, square, bob haircut boy. Any hairstyle you can do a barber-stylist, but the styling of their hair styles you may well be able to deal with themselves.

 How to put your hair beautiful

We put long hair

Long hair in themselves are a wonderful decoration, of course, provided that they are healthy and well-groomed. Any one of us dreams of a long and thick mop of shiny hair, but to care for long hair hardest. Beautiful styling hair, especially long, depends on two golden rules:

  • No split ends

Long hair tend to thin along its length, usually have split ends. These tips should be regularly shear, then the hair will always have a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

  • Cleanliness

Long hair, especially loose, must be clean. Otherwise, they will look untidy "icicles" hanging on both sides of the face. If you do not have time or opportunity to wash your hair, it is best to tie her hair in a bun or tail or braid braid.

Options styling for long hair

Options styling long hair can be set. For long hair, as the saying is, where carousing. Simple installation will be performed quickly and easily, but for complex and fanciful will need to try. We offer several options pilings for long hair, which can be performed independently.

  • Perfect smoothness

No matter what the nature of your hair with the help of modern instruments and devices for laying can make them perfectly smooth and straight. This will help us to the hair iron. Well wash your hair and let it dry completely, brushing occasionally. You can dry the hair dryer, the main condition is to dry your hair completely. On the hair should apply a means for thermal protection. Utyuzhok need a good warm up, however, is not recommended to use the maximum temperature. Pull a strand by strand, from the root to the ends of the hair from the nape of the neck, and moving-to-face on both sides. After finishing styling, sprinkle with hair lacquer from a distance of not less than 30 cm.

  • Ponytail

After completing the previous folding, you can use it for laying "ponytail". Utjuzhkom straightened hair gather in a high ponytail on top or on the back of the head, combing comb strands. Select one thin strand from the tail and wrap it elastic hair at the base of the tail, so that it was not visible, attach a lock pin. The tail comb is good, you can once again lend ironing, sprinkle with varnish. The hair gathered in a ponytail should also be fixed for the ideal smoothness - gel or varnish.

  • A bunch of ballerinas

After completing a ponytail, it can easily turn into a real bundle of ballerinas. You do not need to allocate one strand from the tail, and all the hair at the base of the tail wrap, secure the beam pins. Hairstyle necessary drizzle with a varnish to the beam is not rastrepyvalsya and well kept shape. Studs can take the invisible and decorative - decorated with stones or pearls. Himself beam can also decorate with bows, ribbons, flowers, etc. Hair pulling does not necessarily ironing, you can leave them a little disheveled, or even comb for a larger volume of the beam.

  • Romance waves

For this installation you will need a curling iron for curling hair. Well wash your hair, apply to damp hair mousse, well comb it and let it dry completely. You can also apply additional funds for thermal protection. Separate thin strands of curls from the root, twirling on curling. Hold for a few seconds, and then unclench curling. The resulting curl immediately sprinkle with varnish, proceed to the next strand. Perm is necessary to start from the back and move to face first on one side then on the other. The resulting curls should be a good sprinkle with varnish to the waves kept as long as possible.

  • Variations from Kos

Long hair is ideal for various packings with woven braids, especially because it is very fashionable and popular styling en today. One option may be the same ponytail, braided into a braid. Kos can be wrapped around the head, securing pins. Or you can do French braid: select three strands from his forehead, begin to plait braid, simultaneously capturing the loose hair on both sides. A small section of hair gripping fingers and woven into the main strands of braids. So it is woven braid to the end, while it will not have all of the hair. You can do two French braids, or a braid of four strands.

 beautifully put hair

Style your hair of medium length

Medium length hair - this hair length from shoulder to the shoulder blades. The hair below the shoulder blades are generally considered to have long. With hair of medium length work well for beginners, as they provide many options for styling, but a lot easier to laying and maintenance than long hair. For medium length hair suit options pilings for long hair "Perfect smoothness", "ponytail", "A bunch of ballerinas", "Romance of waves."

  • Shaggy bangs

Wash your hair and blow dry in the direction back from the forehead. Separate part of the hair with bangs and well nacheshite lock by lock, zacheshite back pins or invisible fix, fix with varnish. The rest of the hair can be straightened ironing, curl curling curls, or put them in a ponytail or bun. The resulting necessary to fix her hair lacquer.

  • Scythes

Spit on the hair of medium length braid will be difficult, or they need to be well fixed, so that short strands without distracting from the hair. But still use the option with braids can not all hair. Braided, framing the forehead bangs. The rest of the hair can both straighten and curl. The good will with braided hair that frames the scythe head. Hair must be well with lacquer, weaving or use hair gel.

  • Style 50

Very beautiful and easily manageable hairstyles for medium length hair will be "Shell" fleece. To do this, divide hair into a side parting and zacheshite them back, securing pins or rubber band. Strands of hair on the tail or beam should be well comb, each in turn fixing pin to the beam. Thus, you get a beautiful shell with fleece on top. The finished hairstyle must be well fixed with hairspray. You can also comb the bangs back.

 beautifully styled hair

Puts short hair

Short haircuts do not have many options pilings. However, they are the easiest to pack the house on their own, without applying to the installation effort. Hair washing, drying and styling will take you a minimum of time. In addition, owners of short hair does not need to spend money on many tools and styling products.

  • The smoothness and shine

If you have hair or short bob bob, then you are well suited styling "The smoothness and shine." To do this, wash your hair, apply a means for thermal protection. Dry hair needs a hairdryer using a wide comb volume. The jet air dryer should be sent to the hairline, from the root to the tips, while the hair scales are smooth, and hair - the right to go to bed. The tips of the hair can twist inward. Laying necessary to fix the paint. To separate the individual strands, for example, framing the face, you can use gel or wax.

  • Disheveled styling

If your hair length is too short for styling hair dryer, it will be the easiest, fastest and best option. Wash your hair and dry a little dryer or let it dry naturally. Apply a small amount of gel fingers hair spread over the entire surface of the hands and arms vzeroshte hair, giving the desired effect rastrepannosti. Strands front lay carefully, guiding them on both sides of the face, or on one side. Allow hair to dry completely.

  • Style 20s

Short hair can be put in the currently fashionable retro hairstyle 20s - the same smooth wave. This will require double or triple curling. Wash your hair and apply foam over the entire length. Divide hair into a side parting, dry them in this direction. The front sections of hair should be put curling, giving them a strict form of waves, each strand to fix the paint. If your hair is short enough, they should be pulled back in a bun, lock pins. The finished laying sprinkle varnish.

 beautiful styling

Tips for styling hair

Whatever the length of hair you have not been, tips on packing will be useful for any type of hair.

  • Clean hair

Any styling best obtained on clean, freshly washed hair. Wet hair lay hairdryer in the desired direction.

  • Laying stages

Purchase a few hairdressers clips and perform laying in stages, dividing the hair into sections, stacking one after another.

  • Tools

For home placement does not necessarily have all the professional tools and equipment. Suffice it to basic hair dryer with different attachments, several kinds of brushes and combs.

  • Blow-drying

Dry the hair dryer must be correctly: direct the air from the roots to the ends, parallel hair. At the end of installation should use the mode of cold air to give hair extra shine and fixing installation.

  • Protective equipment

When using the hair dryer, the hair iron or curling is necessary to use means for thermal protection, which form a protective film on the hair and may have a slight locking effect.

  • Styling

Do not go overboard in applying styling that can unnecessarily heavier hair and make them look dirty. This is especially true foam, gel and hair wax.

  • Use hairspray

It is best to use hairspray. With it you can perform a strong fleece, fix both smooth hair and curls and braids and any other kinds of packings. Excess lacquer comb can be easily removed.

 How beautifully put hair - many options

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