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Years go by, changing styles of clothing and footwear, technology applying makeup, but what remains unchanged is the fashion for long hair. Every woman, with rare exception, dream of a luxurious mane of beautiful and well-groomed hair, and modern technologies allow to achieve the desired in just a few hours. You've probably already realized that we are talking about hair extensions. Hair helps women achieve only those appeal and confidence, but also to correct the mismanagement creation unfortunate barber. After all, in the way each of us necessarily come across such a master, is not it?

Features procedures

What is the hair extensions? Basically, this procedure is performed in beauty salons, a man who studied specifically, knowing all the details of its implementation. The main component of the procedure is to increase attachment to the natural curls additional strands by which the amount and length of hair is increased significantly. The advantage of such a head of hair volume with confidence can be called that any, even the most sophisticated hairstyles, will now be available to you.

Salon services are worth a lot of money to pay that not everyone can afford, so more and more girls are given purpose - to learn to do build-up in the home. However, to decide on such an important step, not every woman is capable of. We are all well aware that a hairdresser, in addition to his skills, can give us other advantages. Namely, to talk about types of hair extensions, highlight the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and choose the optimal and individual solutions.

 Capsular hair extensions at home

What is hair extensions?

Methods different procedures. There are cold extensions - Italian, there are hot - Japanese. They are carried out in a completely different technologies. When the hot method, the strands are attached to the hair with a special resin and metal beads and cold buildup involves the use of clips and capsules with keratin. Recently appeared in the barbershop region not so long ago, but already have a huge success, because they allow very firmly connect the hair and build up the strands between them is quite unknown abroad.

Self build

I do not have a desire to go to the beauty salon? The issue of capacity in the home as attractive? Then read the following points carefully and try to do the right thing, or hike to the barber still not be avoided. We will look at the Italian method of increasing cold, because it is less secure and practically not hurt your hair in case of failure.

So, to increase hair at home, you will need:

  • Special pliers for fixing the hair strands to;
  • Separator strands;
  • Tool called vibrobritva, used at the end of the procedure for smoothing hair;
  • Artificial strands with capsules.

All of these tools can be purchased at specialty stores in your town or order via the Internet.

Before you start to build, it is necessary to prepare the hair. Suppose you are planning to paint them a different color, then do it before the procedure. When purchasing locks for the building, be sure to consider its future color. The second step is the preparation of shampoo. Use a mild shampoo and hair conditioner necessarily because they will not get confused during the procedure.

Now, divide the hair parted on the circumference of the head with a comb, and a separator to select a small section of hair - no more than 10 millimeters in diameter. Stepping back from the roots of about a centimeter, scalable attach a lock to your hair and seal with forceps. Keratin and melted by reacting with oxygen hardens permanently joining the abutment. The rest of the hair is processed in the same way. After the procedure vibrobritvu use to align the hair over the entire length.

It is the hair extension is the most secure and simple. Your new hair will not be afraid of change of temperature and humidity. If the procedure is successful, the life of the hair extensions will be about six months. No special care in this case, it is not necessary, just think of the hair carefully, given a few simple guidelines:

  • Comb need to comb with soft teeth;
  • Start combing from the ends of the hair is necessary, collecting the remaining locks in a ponytail;
  • Attachment points should not be confused, for it is good to comb the roots.

Based on the foregoing, we can say that increase hair at home is quite feasible task. The main approach to the procedure with all the care and responsibility. If you suddenly feel that not cope on their own, invite a friend to help. And tomorrow you will surprise all familiar with their new hair, so beautifully and gracefully spilled over her shoulders!

 Hair at home. Is it possible?

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 Hair color for blondes


  • Types of paints for professional clarification
  • How does bleaching
  • Shade selection: how to find yourself?
  • Basic rules clarification
  • Without what can not do during the painting
  • How to become a blonde using traditional methods

It's not a secret that most men think blondes, sensual, sexy and irresistible. Unfortunately, the nature of awards this color only a few, the rest the fair sex to achieve the desired result helps ordinary paint. After looking carefully around, we can see that become a perfect blonde beauty just manages. Yellow, pale and perepalennye hair, the ends of which are much darker or lighter than the roots - all the result of failed experiments that seem to say the least, unattractive.

Types of paints for professional clarification

Of course, you can buy a standard low-cost brand, which is used by almost all peregidrolennye blonde, but it is unlikely you will want to be like them. Good quality products used in high-end bars, masters usually divided into four main types: short paint, the result of which is held a few weeks, short-lived (an average of bright and saturated colors will please you to the nearest tenth bathing hair), resistant and durable. The first two do not contain ammonia, so they are less invasive, but changes color only a couple of tones.

Resistant hair dye - the best option for future blondes as to achieve the desired color can be just once. In addition, results will last much longer - from four to six weeks, depending on the structure of hair. The first three types are available as in conventional retail establishments and professional shops, hairdressers. Regarding the latter, everything is difficult. Despite its high efficiency, this paint is extremely dangerous for the hair, it must be able to use it, so it is better to entrust this work to specialists who definitely will not spoil your scythe. To resort to this embodiment, the next girl with dark hair, because in any case they will have to be clarified in stages. The desired shade is attached by means of tonics, shampoos etc. means.

 the best hair color for blondes

How does bleaching

The process of transition from the brown-haired brunette or blond beast in a rather complicated. Just imagine, every hair evenly around the rod is a special substance - melanin, which is responsible for the color of your hair. To become a blonde, you will need to "burn" it. To do this, the paint used for a long time with hydrogen peroxide, which is so bad that after his head were only dry, lifeless hair, not amenable to treatment. After such manipulations terribly spoiled skin irritation appear, dandruff, itching and even manifested more serious consequences.

Now, thanks to the development of scientists, which apparently also love blondes, there is a fairly large number of powders, pastes, emulsions for hair with a gentle oxidizing agent. They operate on the same principle as the peroxide, so on average must be at least half an hour before you lighten several shades. However, even after these you have to very careful with the hair, making medical masks, balms applied after each wash, etc. At some time you will need to abandon curlers, irons, chemical zavivok.

Shade selection: how to find yourself?

Select the appropriate tone for blondes - it is not a simple one. Caramel, platinum, gold, wheat - it is only a small list of what color hair you can be after painting. In this case, you can either consult a professional or act independently. If you dare to carry out the procedure at home, remember that you can safely lighten hair for one or two tones, no more.


If you belong to the category of "spring" or "autumn", will suit you caramel hair color. It is a cross between a golden and red, and is ideal for blondes with dark skin, brown eyes and fine features. His preference for how young girls and ladies aged. The only disadvantage of this color is that the paint is washed off pretty quickly if you do not use adjuvants - shampoos, conditioners, etc.


Beauty, repainted in platinum blondes, always look sexy and constantly catch myself interested in the views of men. However, unfortunately, this color will only girls like "Winter" with pale skin (like porcelain dolls). Otherwise, you'll look like an ordinary dark spot in the hair. It is also recommended to select a similar version of the fair sex with short haircuts. So, in this case to be a blonde, you must first completely discolored hair, then use a special dye to the desired shade or tinted balm.

Wheat or beige

If your hair color - light blond or light brown, then you can do without clarification. The great advantage is that even if you forget next time to repeat the procedure, regrowth will be less visible than in lighter colors. To rich color it lasted as long as possible, it is recommended to buy coloring shampoos for blondes. The use of conventional cosmetics can not only lead to a rapid loss of brightness, but also to the deterioration of the hair: dry, weakness, split ends, etc.


You have luxury long hair and pinkish skin? Then pay attention to the color, which has not yet gained such wide popularity among Russians. But in Europe, many global models opt on this color, as it is most like a natural. Slightly reddish blond Venetian give your image a gentle and enchanting notes.


Despite the fact that most blonde prefers in this color names are not accurately known. So California blond - a kind of painting that discolors the foundation, but the roots are not clarified, which gives ordinary negligence. However, this option is suitable only young girls who know how to take care of the hair. Keep in mind that the extra five or six millimeters of dark hair on the crown can ruin even the most spectacular beauty.

 Good hair color for blondes

Basic rules clarification

Whatever was your natural hair color, you end up with should be precisely blonde (honey, light blond, ash, etc.), but not yellow or spotted. The darker your hair, the more procedures you have to go. Remember that an abrupt transition from brown, black, dark-haired is very harmful. After painting the hair should be alive and shiny and not sound like a straw. To do this, use professional cosmetics, which consists of special sparing components.

Painting is always taken with a small margin, so you then do not have to run on all nearby shops in search of another package. If the length of your hair a little more than twenty centimeters, you'll need two or three packs, no less. Before you open the paint, be sure to read the instructions, look at the shelf life of the product. Prior to lighten hair at home, always check the resulting solution to make sure it is safe. Apply a small drop in the elbow bend, wait five minutes and rinse. If redness, itching, swelling, or will not, then you can safely use it. In the event of one of these symptoms is better to abandon the procedure.

Note that if the structure of the hair ruined, paint or does not take, or wash off after a few after shampooing. So before you begin to radically change the image, be sure to receive medical treatment hair. Best of all, if you start one week before the procedure to make special firming mask. But do not be too zealous - once every two days will be enough. To paint a better lay, there was stains and yellowing, on the eve of dyeing and bleaching should carefully wash your hair.

Without what can not do during the painting

For bleaching and dyeing at home, you will need a special plastic cap that can be replaced by a plastic bag, tassel, and a large thick towel, blanket, the paint did not get on your clothes, gloves. If you do not then scour the skin with spots, forehead, neck and ears should be spread with the usual cream. In some cases, it is recommended to dry locks of hair dryer to achieve a better effect. However, if this is not specified in the instructions, yet it is not necessary to experiment and take risks.

How to become a blonde using traditional methods

If you are afraid that the paint can greatly damage your hair but want to become lighter at least a two-tone, you can use well-known and popular folk methods, which have already experienced our great-grandmothers. One of the most reliable and proven method - wash your hair decoction of nettle and chamomile. It should take one tablespoon of each herb, cover them with boiling water and infuse for an hour. With these plants, you will not only achieve the desired result, but also to strengthen their hair.

In the ancient east wise women who want to attract the attention of men with white or blond curls, clarified hair with citrus. Juice of two large and fresh lemons squeezed in one liter of purified water from various impurities, which are then rinsed hair. This tool can also take advantage of the fair sex who are already lighten up, to get rid of yellow that give the paint. However, everyone should know when to stop, so as not to spoil the hair. Also, after each treatment, always apply a special balm for dry hair types.

 Hair color for blondes: how to become a vibrant and compelling without consequences

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