Does bad hair extensions


  • Types of hair extensions: natural or organic?
  • Hot extensions: Italian or English?
  • Cold build-up on rings: advantages and disadvantages
  • Tape capacity: Pros and Cons
  • This capacity is contraindicated
  • Proper hair care
  • All the subtleties of building locks

At all times in Russia chic long hair is considered the most important dignity and wealth of any girl. Young beauty from childhood grew their braids, followed them, washed in broth and are very sensitive to every centimeter. As of today, the fair sex is not so sentimental. They are not afraid to experiment with hair, because they know that at any time can contact the salon to where they made the correct length. Almost none of them thinks is harmful if hair extension, what the consequences of it will be and how long it will take the course of recovery. However, before you go to a salon to become the next Rapunzel, you need to think carefully weigh all the pros and cons, so you do not regret what he had done.

Types of hair extensions: natural or organic?

So, first you need to decide what is the procedure. Depending on the type and methods to strands of hair attached small (artificial or natural) that is closest in color, texture and appearance to yours. Artificial hair, as if they were not qualitatively made a rough look fake. The well-known and professional beauty salon you can offer European, Asian, Slavic, or even children's hair. The first version has a soft, smooth texture, they are very pleasant to the touch (the use of the Italian or Spanish).

If your native hair different stiffness, then you will approach the Asian strands, as they have the most dense structure. The fact that Ukrainians and Russians are the best hair, they know everything. Indeed, because they can do perms, apply paint, etc., while backfilled hair almost spoiled. Thus, if you want to experiment a bit with the style, to be slightly curly, this type of suit you the most. Owners brittle hair will please children, which are quite thin and light. However, they require special care, otherwise very quickly can come into disrepair.

Hot extensions: Italian or English?

As stated stylists and hairdressers, this method is by far the most gentle. There are two types of hot capacity: Italian and English. In the first case the natural hair strands, which are prepared and processed by a specialist beforehand fixed with forceps and a special substance - keratin (resin). Master capsule heats to the desired temperature, is then applied to the joint and secures the lock. English capacity is performed using a gun and glue. Especially significant difference between these technologies is not observed, therefore, and carried the same category.

In the procedure itself you will have to spend an average of about four hours. Result will be held from three to five months, after which you will need to either make corrections or remove hair. So you can in just one day at the head of hair to increase the length of 35-70 cm to look stunning. However, this is - not cheap, so before you go to a specialist, check out his work. If you go on the master negative feedback, give his services.

Certainly, this method also has its disadvantages. Firstly, when worn directly proportional to the quality of the resin. If you try the barber to save, you have to go back to the salon in two months. Secondly, Naroscheny hair does not "make friends" with stained, discolored or sick, so you have to pre-treat hair.

Another point - is the length of the procedure. On average, you have to spend in the chair master at least three hours. Sami capsules (Italian method) will be very noticeable if you spend hands through his hair. Among the girls there are rumors that this method can be extended even bang, but in this case, the microcapsules will be visible at the slightest movement. With regard to the harm that is applied to your hair, even here to talk about, it is enough to know that keratin melts at 120-200 degrees, tongs heated to 130-200 degrees. Despite the fact that the resin cools to a lock very quickly, but the thermal effects have time to do their job.

 Does bad hair extensions

Cold build-up on rings: advantages and disadvantages

In this case, permissible to use not only natural but also artificial hair, which significantly reduces the cost of the procedure. He came to us the technique of Korea, where it is still prized young bride with luxury braids. Special clips of copper or aluminum are simply screwed to the hair, with no thermal effects do not produce, which reduces the risk of damage to a minimum. However, worth noting and minuses: first, you will be quite difficult to get used to what you have on your head is a large number of small rings. Those who at least once slept in curlers, knows what inconvenience it brings. Another drawback - the hair in such a way Naroscheny need neatly stacked, or attachment points will be visible.

Tape capacity: Pros and Cons

Used for hair extensions attached to the pre-adhesive base, which is applied to the strands of the girl. Heat-applied second ball, then use a special machine, this design is fixed. Fast, inexpensive, easy - that's what entices customers this method. In just forty to fifty minutes, you'll turn into a beautiful woman with long hair. The benefits also include the fact that you will be able to properly wash your hair, dye, cut, blow dry your hair, sleeping, not feeling much discomfort. In fact, to Removal of extension strands, barber need to spend about 15 minutes.

If you remember the cons, it is - the glue that is made from natural ingredients are not. Some of the fair sex, it can cause an allergic reaction, but this is quite rare. In some cases, problems may arise with hairstyles. For example, you can not wear the so-called horse tail, combed back hair, braid pigtails and do many styling, as will be seen the site of attachment. The rest of the serious deficiencies are not available.

This capacity is contraindicated

How would you not want to become the owner of a chic, lush and long hair, would have to abandon the procedure, if your own hair is falling out, too loose because of the paint, chemistry, if you have recently had a serious illness and taking powerful drugs (hormones, antibiotics, etc. .d.). Otherwise you risk to cause irreparable harm to the native hair that will not withstand such a load (especially if they will be thermal effect). Also, the master may refuse, if you have not reached the age of eighteen. Before you call the salon, be sure to consult with experts.

 damage of extension hair

Proper hair care

  • Shampoo and Balm

To start, you need to get rid of the usual shampoo that you used previously. Special cosmetics for professional care can be purchased in beauty salons as well as in specialty stores. Best of all, if you recommend your master. Also, in no case can not use masks, balms, conditioners on a fat basis. Pay attention to the fact that all the necessary funds can be applied only to locks, but not on the site of attachment or origin. If necessary, you can use indelible spray that will prevent hair entanglement.

  • Shampoo

The disadvantages also have to write down what Naroscheny hair can be washed only vertically, otherwise they may fall or acquire a shabby look. Well, if you have a shower, as from this day you have to do all the procedures just standing. In addition, you will not be able to go to bed until you are completely dry strands. It is best to use a soft towel, as it absorbs moisture and does not harm your site interface and artificial hair. Before you go to bed, you need to braid a braid, or in the morning you wake up with matted shreds.

  • Correction

Volume If you promise that you will not have any problems with the hair for half a year, immediately run out of this place. If you chose the capsule method, you have to re-hire the services of master in three months, with a belt - two. Do not miss the procedure, do not try to save, otherwise the result you're like domovenka Kuzyu of the well-known cartoon: your matted locks, the site of attachment will be allocated, and hair (and your, and artificial) - break.

  • Scratching

Such hair can be combed only specially designed brush or comb, which is quite wide and sharp teeth. Think increase hair, you will avoid many of the problems? No matter how true! You will have to carry in a bag comb to brush up even at work, as comb in a calm and dry weather, you need at least three to four times a day.

All the subtleties of building locks

Do not think that once turned to the salon, you will come out with a long braid to her waist. In all procedures, depending on the method, the length and pomp, it will take forty minutes to four to five hours. Initially, the expert must examine your hair, to assess the situation and determine its structure. After the procedure, the master must ensure that all goes well, give a couple of recommendations for care to clarify that again have to return to the salon for a correction. Basically, you will understand this, and so, when the roots grow back two centimeters, which is why your non-native hair will start to stand out too much. If you decide to remove the artificial strands, after the procedure, you have to use masks and balms restore.

There are also many less popular methods, such as afronaraschivanie (sewing individual strands in braided braids on his head), boding (sticking), etc., but they mostly prefer only if women are very limited in finances. Ways of extension hair can ruin even completely healthy hair, in addition there are a number of restrictions in wearing popular hairstyles, care, and a host of similar nuances that cause discomfort in everyday life. In order to make the correction, you need to go to the salon on the third week, or the junction are too clearly visible.

 Harmful if hair extensions: debunking myths

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