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  • Nutritious mask for all hair types
  • How to keep the bright color as long as possible
  • Effective mask for blondes
  • Useful mask for brunettes
  • Rescue tincture for red
  • How to restore gray hair dyed
  • Masks prevent tip section
  • How to speed up hair growth and cause the scalp in order
  • Precautions or what not to do with the hair

Any woman who has at least once in his life did weave, dyed separate strands in bright colors or experiment with color, knows how much after the procedure spoil the hair, even if it used the best, dear and gentle products. To after painting restore its former luster, elasticity and shock of hair to give life, you should regularly make special regenerating mask. Of course, you can purchase at your local store or supermarket suitable for your cosmetic products, which include quite a number of different chemical components, but nothing is better and more effective than what you cook at home, you will not find.

Nutritious mask for all hair types

Once a week, you can do the usual egg mask that strengthens weak and exhausted hair painting. For starters get off the yolks, then the whites whipped with a small amount of filtered water, applied to wet hair and washed off after a couple of minutes. If you want to add a little luster hair, add to the resulting mixture a tablespoon of fresh dry yeast. After this massage into the roots rubbed yolk, head wrapped with a special film and thick terry towel to retain heat. Fifteen minutes later it all rinsed with copious amounts of warm water to which you want to add a little mustard or lemon to mitigate the Ph. Do this procedure is better at the weekend where you will not have to go, because the next day the hair can be a bit greasy and sticky, if you will wash them bad.

Another quite popular recipe mask for colored hair, which was used by our mothers - the egg mixture (2 pieces), honey (a teaspoon) and vegetable or olive oil (a tablespoon). All ingredients are thoroughly mixed until a uniform, viscous mass, which is evenly applied over the entire length of the hair. These products also can be beat with a mixer or blender, but be careful to not formed as a result of too much foam. Mask washed off after twenty to thirty minutes.

 mask for colored hair at home

How to keep the bright color as long as possible

To add to the home has received saturation of color, it is recommended to make a mask for the dyed hair of cognac (about 100 grams) and egg yolk. The resulting mixture every five days is applied to twenty minutes, no more, otherwise you risk to burn the already inflamed skin. Please note that this procedure is not recommended during the first week after painting, otherwise you may have irritation or itching appears. Choose only high-quality cognac, as counterfeiting can cause irreparable damage to your hair.

At home, you can prepare a special mask through which the paint is not washed off, not only after the second, but after the twentieth washing. To do this, you need to daisy (it is sold in any drugstore) and two eggs. Herbs pour boiling water and infuse for four hours, the broth is filtered through a sieve to you then you do not have to suffer with particles of plants in my head, and it added to the beaten egg whites. Apply the resulting mixture is only necessary to clean, dry and well-combed hair. Once the consistency of slightly dries, it is washed off.

To hair was bright, shiny and silky, use a mask for the dyed hair of exotic fruits. Make it at home is fairly easy: you need one ripe (but not perespevshy) banana, half a soft and juicy avocado. All this is necessary to grind in a meat grinder, to leave no lumps. In the resulting puree is added tablespoon olive oil (without additives and flavorings), warmed to room temperature honey and three quail eggs yolk. Half hour will be enough to useful components to take effect. After you wash away the mask, be sure to wash your hair with shampoo.

Effective mask for blondes

If you are from the burning brunette repainted in bright blond highlights or do you need to do a whole range of complex procedures to spice-dried hair. To do this, you do not have to go to beauty salons and give drugs and services for hairdressers quite a lot of money, as the therapeutic and restorative mask for damaged hair can be done at home. Mix burdock and castor oil and lemon juice and apply on the roots of two hours. Note that this recipe can be used only for light hair.

Every time after you wash your head, rinse hair decoction of nettle, chamomile, oregano and plantain. Thus, you get rid of unwanted yellowing, which can occur if you were clarified at home. If desired, you can add the resulting broth, two hundred grams of black bread, which must first be wrapped in a small piece of gauze. The resulting consistency should be used not more than three times a week.

 mask for colored hair

Useful mask for brunettes

Shine and saturation will help ordinary mask made from coffee beans that you do at home in a few minutes. Finely ground coffee (about two tablespoons) brewed 0, 5 liters of boiling water and infuse for two to three minutes. As soon as the living drink for your head of hair is completely cool, apply it on the hair roots with light massaging movements. If you do not want to comb the remaining grains, strain the broth through a gauze or cloth, folded in several layers. Walk with a mask you have about an hour, after having put the package on the hair so as not smeared.

The next ingredient is the most simple mask for colored hair, which is in the refrigerator in almost every housewife - mayonnaise. They can be treated at home dry, damaged, overheated hair, enough to squeeze in a small clove of garlic. Importantly do not overdo it with the latter, otherwise you may seriously burn the skin, followed by a few days will feel a slight discomfort when brushing or touching. Apply a mask for ten minutes, then be sure to wash your hair with shampoo.

Rescue tincture for red

Also rinse the newly colored hair decoction of chamomile are also recommended to use a mask of parsley. Cut fifty grams of greenery, fill it with boiling water and wait until the broth has cooled slightly, to avoid burns during the procedure, and then immediately put it on his head. It not only helps you to keep a bright red color, but also will give a shock of hair sun shades. Also, many red-haired girl use henna, which is diluted yogurt, egg and olive oil. This allows you to use less paint, because even if your hair began to fade badly and, in the end, become less bright, this mask will return them to the saturation and brilliance. The only caveat is that you're unlikely to be able to wash it off at once.

How to restore gray hair dyed

Sedin for many of the fair sex - a sign of impending old age and fading former beauty, so they try to hide the changes with their hair using paint. However, if normal hair easily amenable to any changes, we will lose the pigment requires more aggressive and prolonged exposure, resulting in serious consequences - baldness. In order to not wear wigs sixty, forty should start to make a mask of colorless henna, cocoa, tobacco soaked in water, you can take out of cigarettes, a few sprigs of cloves, eggs and olive oil.

All the above ingredients are mixed in a spoonful of sour milk diluted in a small amount of warm water. The resulting mixture is brought to a boil in a stainless vessel, while it should be stir with a wooden spoon so that it is not burnt and spoiled. Once this paste has cooled slightly, you can immediately use it as a normal mask. After the procedure, you will need to wash your hair with shampoo, dry hair with a towel and comb with a soft brush.

 mask for colored hair

Masks prevent tip section

The next day after you dye your hair, be sure to make a mask that will not give tips to exfoliate. Today, many of the fair sex use the normal one percent yogurt, which can be found on the shelves of supermarkets. Apply it no more than once a week, otherwise the roots will quickly zhirnet and polluting. If you fail to wash off the mask with plain water with lemon, use a small amount of shampoo.

How to speed up hair growth and cause the scalp in order

Very often, after coloring the hair starts to grow much more slowly than before, but this situation can be corrected by means of the usual mask of the nettle, sage, plantain, and celandine. The crushed leaves should pour boiling water and infuse for several hours until the water cools down. The resulting broth is added rye bread that nourishes the roots of vitamins and minerals. After the procedure, you will need to use a comb with thick teeth to remove remaining crumbs.

If you manifest allergic to paint, there will be itching or dandruff, it is recommended to make a remedy from the juice of onion, garlic and lemon (in the ratio of one to one). Bear the following fifteen minutes and wash off with copious amounts of fluid. Such damaged hair dye mask is recommended to do in the evening, as some ingredients can remain an unpleasant odor. However, if you need to urgently get rid of the resulting odor, rinse the head with warm water with lemon or mustard, but in any case, do not use shampoo, as the impact of greatly reduced.

Precautions or what not to do with the hair

Making masks at home, remember that in everything you should know the measure. Firstly, if you are repainted in bright colors, do not use too much oil, otherwise after only two or three procedures will wash off the paint. Before you apply the resulting mass to the hair, check whether you have allergies to certain ingredients. It is sufficient to lubricate the small patch of skin on his elbow, as this is where it is most sensitive. If after fifteen minutes, no side effects appears (itching, redness, irritation, eruption, etc.), you can safely use a mask for its intended purpose.

 Masks for colored hair at home: Fast restoration techniques

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