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  • What is the sauce and what it eats
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This chef believes that a dish should be completed: a plate of a certain size, cutlery, salt, pepper, herbs - serving should be ideal. And often forget the simple but very important details, without which the dish will be a meal, not a masterpiece of cooking. Sauces to meat - right now it's about them, because many people simply fed chicken or beef, but the sauce completely forgotten, although it can be a great success rate.

Every meat has its own distinct taste that you want to emphasize and make it more expressive. The correct recipe to help the hard-dried meat, or become milder dish salted insufficiently buy delicious taste, smooth strong bitterness, sweetness and other flaws food.

 different recipes of sauces for meat
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What is the sauce and what it eats

Sauce - is a liquid substance, which is fed to the main dish or side dish, while significantly enhances and emphasizes their flavor.

Often, this additive is prepared from cream, butter or milk therefore has a high calorific value. Sauces can vary in texture, composition of spices on the basic and additional components are red, white, and even colored gravy.

The basis for such additions to the dish can serve beef broth, cream, milk, sour cream, and even raw eggs. It can be served separately in special bowls for guests to choose a vending can be baked in a sauce or stew dish sauce can even stuff - it all depends on the density of the product. Spicy, sweet, spicy and savory - all recipes are good, the main thing - the right to issue and serve them. Most of these supplements complement the fish and meat dishes, salads, side dishes cereals, desserts. But as in Russia in almost all regions of the widespread use of meat, you should talk about sauces to him.

Sauces for meat can be prepared from simple products that are always in the refrigerator. This option is ideal for everyday meals. More complex sauces will leave for the holiday table, to combat all the guests on the spot with his skill.

 chicken in sweet sauce
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Sauce for chicken meat

As chicken consumption among Russians is in the first place. Her fried, baked, stewed, cooked with her pilaf and shish kebabs. Chicken meat is particularly tenderness, but it is easy to retain moisture and do not particularly tasty, a good reputation can correct sauce recipe.

The classic recipe that every woman should know, is a milk-based sauce. His preparation does not need a lot of time, energy and products. To prepare sousnoy foundations need to take 1 liter of milk and 120 grams of flour. You need to brown the flour in the pan, so that it has acquired a golden color and then mixed with 1 tablespoon butter. Milk should be pre-heated and then slowly add it to the oil-flour based. It is imperative that a thorough mixing of all components, to protect yourself from the appearance of lumps that can spoil everything. Then, the mixture should boil in a saucepan over 7 minutes. At the end add crushed garlic, salt and fresh herbs, the best dill.

Cranberry Sauce

For holiday should choose a bright, fresh and non-standard options, such as cranberry sauce. The combination of sweet and sour berries accurately complements the taste of chicken, making it even more delicate and unusual. For the preparation you will need fresh or frozen cranberries in the amount of 500 grams wash up and checked for integrity and freshness. Citrus, orange is best, you need to remove the peel and grate it. Finely chopped red onion and fry it 5 minutes in olive oil. To add cranberry onion, peel and 3 tbsp. spoons of honey. The mixture is cooked on low heat for 20 minutes. Before serving, the sauce is necessary to cool for about an hour in the refrigerator. The recipe for cranberry sauce is perfect for baked chicken, boiled or grilled.

Cranberry sauce for chicken - a real find. It is not only low-calorie sauce, but also full of vitamins and minerals. Cranberry is rich in acids, which is great influence on the metabolic processes of the human body. By number of vitamin C Cranberry is just the record, it is perfectly digestible, helps the body fight infections, improve the castle of the vascular wall, keeps the skin young, fresh and beautiful. By drinking cranberry sauce improves the function of the digestive system, cleans and toxins. Sauces to meat can be prepared not only based on cranberry and cranberries, currants or pomegranate. Everything will depend on taste preferences.

 tomato sauce
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Sauce for Beef

Beef - Meat useful, the taste of which perfectly underlines the special sauce. More often than not the sauce served separately, namely it prepares myasko, then it becomes very tender. Traditional recipes of sauces for beef is prepared on the basis of mustard, sour cream or cream with the addition of garlic, berry and mushroom sauces will also be relevant.

Traditional meat sauce can be prepared on the basis of mustard, it can be severe or mild, it's as you like. Mustard can easily emphasize the taste of beef and make it incredibly soft. To marinate 700 g beef, it is necessary to take on the 3 tbsp. spoons mayonnaise, mustard, olive oil. From vegetables need the onions and carrots. Sugar, salt, pepper also will not be superfluous here. The meat before cooking should be washed and cut into small pieces, which are pre discourage.

Slices smeared with mustard and onion with layers shifted. For the formation of juice is necessary to put pressure on all the meat preparation, marinate for 2 hours. Before roasting the meat is removed from the whole onion, mustard with the remains. Pickled onions fried with grated carrots. Roasted meat, vegetables folded into a shallow pan, pour water or broth, stew to complete cooking. At the end of cooking add the butter to make it a thick consistency.

This dish is best served with a salad of fresh vegetables, marinated red onion in vinegar. Garnish with fresh herbs can be, parsley just for this ideal. As a side dish you can use mashed potatoes or simply boiled potatoes, long grain rice boiled, pumpkin or any other vegetable puree.

Cooking beef berry sauce

The best complement to the meat will serve fresh fragrant berries: cranberries, cherries, cranberries. They add zest to the dish, slightly sour taste and a pleasant sweet notes. For example, the recipe with cherries appreciate all the guests at the festive table. For 1 kg of beef marinating need 600g pitted cherries, 2 onions red grapes, a glass of red wine and 1 tablespoon of honey, 70 g butter, salt, cinnamon and pepper ground.

Cooking begins with cutting the meat into strips, which are fried in oil in a frying pan until golden brown. Baking dish should be oiled, and put on the bottom of the onion rings. The meat is placed on the onions, sprinkle with spices and cover a layer of cherry berries. Wine, honey and remaining oil after frying meat mix, pour a mixture of beef produced on the baking sheet, laid on top of the butter pieces. Everything is baked in the oven at 180 degrees for an hour. Fig perfectly complement this recipe and decoration will be fresh cherries and mint sprigs.

 lemon-mustard sauce
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A wonderful sauce for pork

Pork goes well with almost all the components, whether it is sour sauce, sweet and creamy taste. Recipe classical sauce includes the use of broth, milk, flour, butter. Milk marinade prepared very easily. 800 g of pork will need 300 ml of milk, according to Article 3. tablespoons flour and vegetable oil, 2 onions, salt and pepper. These products are in the fridge at any housewife, so the recipe is always easy to reproduce.

Pork is first necessary to pour the marinade of soy sauce and spices. While myasko Marina, you can prepare the sauce with milk. Milled Passero bow in a vegetable oil, flour is added to it, before all of golden fried state. Milk in the resulting mixture should pour slowly, constantly stirring and controlling the process. Weight is brought to a boil, the sauce is ready. Pork should be well discourage and fry in butter, pour prepared sauce and cook for another 15 minutes. Meat can be placed in a pot and bake it in the oven with sauce, this method is even more preferable, because the meat is tender and fragrant unrealistic.

The sauce with oranges

Very unusual and exotic is the combination of solar orange with a delicate pork meat. This dish will look great on a festive table, the recipe will appreciate all the disappointments will not. For the preparation of 1 kg of pork will need to take 2 garlic cloves, 3 glasses of juice oranges, 4 whole oranges, 2 tsp. Honey and mustard, salt and pepper to standard. Meat pre-washed and cut into small pieces, they thoroughly repulsed, smeared with salt and pepper and fry in a pan. Add the garlic to the pork, fried together another 7 minutes.

The sauce for the meat is prepared from a mixture of freshly squeezed juice, honey and mustard. They are filled with pork and stewed about 30 minutes. The meat will absorb some of the sauce, so it will be delicious smell of oranges and have a delicate citrus flavor. To make it more piquant, after 30 minutes added to the pan oranges, peeled and cut into small pieces. Meat stewed for 10 minutes, and flavorful dish is ready to serve.

During the time until extinguished myasko, you can cook rice or vegetable side dish to feed to the table. As decoration, you can use fresh orange, cut into slices, or slices, fresh herbs and tomato sauce, ketchup.

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Universal sauces

If the holiday table laid with a lavish and varied, it is often attended by several meat dishes. If you do individually to each type of separate meat sauce, then it will be time consuming. For the purpose of this case fit gravy that will combine perfectly with roasted chicken, steak and pork meat in French.

For hot meat dishes perfect blend of mustard and honey. And he prepares very quickly, the hostess will be time not only on the table layout, but also on hair, makeup. In Article 2. tablespoon butter 2 tablespoons roasted. tablespoons flour. 100 ml of white wine to add to the mixture and bring to a boil. All the ingredients you need to beat in order to avoid lumps. 150 ml chicken broth, a spoonful of honey and 2 tbsp. spoon of mustard, salt and pepper and stir in the wine and add the flour mixture. Then all you need to boil, garnish with herbs and serve hot. This spicy sauce is suitable to all kinds of meat without exception. You can use it for cooking different types of mustard, which will control its sharpness.

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The original kiwi sauce

Moderately sharp and sour sauce with kiwi will be the perfect complement to the meat, decorate any, even the most simple dish, give it a fruity aroma and delicious taste. 5 kiwi fruit must be peeled, 3 of them crushed. 2 finely chopped onion fried in olive oil, mix with kiwi, half a teaspoon of honey, juice of 1 lemon, salt and pepper. All components are ground using a blender. The resulting mixture can be poured meat or put it in the ice-cream bowls. The dish is decorated with slices of kiwi and lemon. If you want more hot sauce, then add the peppers possible. For garnish for this dish is better to cook the potatoes in oil. Of course, you get a high-calorie, but sometimes this is certainly worth a yummy themselves afford.

A variety of sauces - it's a great option for giving a memorable and interesting flavor meat dishes.   Every housewife, even not able to prepare, realizing all of these recipes to life, will surprise all guests and relatives with their culinary skills. The secret will be only correctly picked sauce that ennoble any dish and make it complete.

 Most sauces for meat dishes