shampoo for dandruff


  • Qualifications shampoos
  • Shampoo for dry hair
  • Shampoo for oily hair
  • Treatment Shampoo
  • What to do?
  • Folk remedies for dandruff
  • Individual approach to treatment

Dandruff - the trouble that arises from time to time at all, and, regardless of age and gender. And the problem is gaining so much trouble! Do not wear dark things, doing hair, you must make sure that the hair does not remain traces of dandruff, it is inconvenient to remove the cap - and it seems that will fall "snowball" to the head. In general, the shortcomings of many advantages - zero, so it is necessary to solve this problem and get rid of it as quickly as possible. First assistant in the relentless struggle will be special shampoos.

Qualifications shampoos

Dandruff shampoos are divided into two categories: preventive and curative. And they both contain certain components:

  • Vegetable: sage, chamomile, mint and others;
  • Piriton zinc oktopiros - these components have an antibacterial effect;
  • Ketoconazole - has antifungal activity;
  • Sulfur, salicylic acid - exfoliates dead skin particles and peel of the epidermis;
  • The components that reduce itching and soothe irritation.

In order to choose the right remedy for dandruff, you need to pay attention to the shampoo of any one category. Advice on the correct choice you can give only an expert - there are doctors who are treating hair - trichologists. The doctor will check not only the condition of the hair, but also, if necessary, appoint an additional examination by other specialists. After all, first of all, you need to find the cause of dandruff, and then deal with her treatment.

Often, people who use prophylactic shampoos, for example, known to all head & shoulders, long wait for a positive result, but without seeing, criticized substandard goods manufacturers. But sometimes it is necessary to choose the shampoo to make it individually and was in a drugstore, not at the nearest market. Then the problem can be solved in a relatively short period of time.

It also happens that dandruff is caused by overwork or a metabolic disorder. In this case, you can try to change the mode of the day, follow their diet, and everything will work itself. If you cope with the situation and did not work, the only option will be to choose the right shampoo. By the choice of means treat with special care, and do not forget to take into account the type of your hair.

 dandruff shampoo

Shampoo for dry hair

Incidentally, dandruff can occur at the most unknown reasons - such as the body and everything is fine, and the metabolic process proceeds on schedule, and all the dandruff and strewed strewed. For example, if you have dry hair, then this is what can cause dandruff. In such cases, use special shampoos - those that not only treat the problem, but nourish hair, and reduced wet the structure. You can take a course of massage, but this should only be done by a physician-trihologa.

Shampoo for oily hair

It would seem that where will dandruff on greasy hair - they do not dry! But nonetheless, and such hair may receive this nuisance. Here the struggle is not only aimed at addressing the problem itself, but also the fact that the cure hair. Yes, it is cured - for increased greasiness of hair - a violation of the sebaceous glands. For such prophylactics of hair from dandruff: shampoos, masks and balms, not exactly help, they only aggravate the situation, but treatment by pharmacologists, past research and experience - this is what you need.

Treatment Shampoo

Shampoos that can actually treat the hair and scalp, called healing. All cosmetic brands position their shampoos for dandruff as a treatment, but it is not so. Yes, there is also carried out studies and research, and even to experiment, but it is only the doctor-triholog in collaboration with biologist and pharmacist can create a truly a remedy. The specific combination of different components (both plant and chemical) allows applying the shampoo to get rid of the fungal infection, relieve the itching and irritation on the scalp, strengthen hair and give them a shine and silkiness.

What to do?

Remember, all cosmetic shampoos, even the most well-known brands are not curative, they are - preventive. Of course, they exert their effect, and can prevent the onset of the appearance of the problem. But if you have dandruff for a long time, it means that it has acquired the scale of the disaster. Be sure to go to the pharmacy - only there you can buy it a remedy.

By the way, the very appearance of dandruff can be caused by the use of a shampoo. In such cases, people say, "does not fit", but in reality, it is a manifestation of allergic reactions on the scalp of a component part of the shampoo. So maybe a simple change of the brand of shampoo will solve all your problems. Only here we must be careful - endlessly changing shampoos and wait for that dandruff itself evaporate, it is impossible. It is better to consult a doctor and he will tell you how to properly care for your hair exactly.

 shampoos for dandruff

Folk remedies for dandruff

In addition to a variety of anti-dandruff shampoos there are many folk remedies - mask with sage, chamomile and burdock root. Of course, the priceless experience of ancestors, but we should not forget that for decades have changed not only herbs, but also the human body. Therefore, these methods can only be used as a prophylactic - the fact that no one denies. To be treated solely folk remedies is not necessary - only aggravate the situation and then fight dandruff will be even harder.

Individual approach to treatment

Whatever method of treatment you choose, remember that in many cases the use of shampoo can not do. Only an appeal to trihologu give a positive result, because as mentioned above, in order to treat a disease, it is necessary to know the cause of its occurrence. And dandruff is just a disease and treat it should only be a specialist, or as not wise woman or grandmother, neighbor.

The body of each of us is different, and to say what the best dandruff shampoo impossible. The approach to the treatment of dandruff must be isolated - someone fits a normal shampoo to the presence of menthol in the composition, and someone treats several months under the supervision of a physician. Careless attitude to the dandruff will not bring big problems in terms of health, and will not harm the internal organs, but a good mood, smiles and joy to you, too, are not present. Agree, this is important!

 How to get rid of dandruff - shampoo or a visit to a specialist?

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 how to style your hair


  • Choosing a hair dryer
  • How to use a hairdryer
  • Rules laying
  • If you have short hair
  • Styling for hair volume (medium and long)

Hairstyle - the main ornament of women. After all, the first thing pay attention to the surrounding - it looks. What immediately catches your eye when you look at her? Of course, the hair. And in order to make them look well groomed and healthy, you must use a variety of means: masks, balms, foams and gels. In addition, the need to have an arsenal of tools: tongs, irons, curling irons, brushes and combs. But the chief assistant women in this difficult, even jewelry - hair dryer. Hair styling hair dryer - this is the main stage of care that every girl should know.

Choosing a hair dryer

First you need to choose a hair dryer - and then not important brand or country of origin. The most important thing - is its functionality. Firstly, it should "try on" hair to his hand - it should lie comfortably, make sure that the cord is not twisted when cornering. Secondly, in the set should go to the hair dryer and attachment. And, thirdly, the dryer should be some variation in the air supply and the temperature.

How to use a hairdryer

Of course, to properly and carefully put a hair dryer if the house is not enough, there need certain skills.

  • Before laying certainly well wash your hair - a procedure will take place more effectively;
  • If you have fine hair, you have to use only the cold air - hot detrimental effect on their condition;
  • Distance from the hair dryer should be at least 10 cm - it is usually hot air;
  • Immediately after washing is undesirable use a hair dryer - first give a little dry hair, blot them with a towel;
  • In order to put the hair without electrification, it is necessary to use special lotions;
  • Technology styling should be done in a barbershop - on individual strands, then the hair is neat;
  • Laying spend every day should not be - the hair will become brittle and dry, ideal - in a day.

 hair styling hair dryer

Rules laying

Sometimes lay professional hair it seems to be just unreal without the help of a specialist, but under simple rules it is possible. If you have curly hair, it is best to use a hair dryer with a special nozzle (diffuser), it creates a whiff of light jets, which does not allow much tousle the hair, and they will look as if they just messed up a breeze. This fact applies to the short and long hair.

Whatever you do not have hair - short or long, curly or smooth, remember: it is always a stream of air should come from the roots to the tips, the only way to be right. If you use a different styling Fixing (foam or mousse), they should be applied to wet hair.

If you have short hair

There are a few rules that apply only to short cuts:

  • Strands should be lifted from the roots and it is in the very roots of the hair should be short to blow a stream of air. But do not forget that the hot air can not be used, better use warm and keep themselves away from the hair dryer hair;
  • Apply before the installation of the locking means, in this case the hair must be wet - just as with short hair can achieve a perfect installation;
  • First, you need to dry your hair the way you see them at the end of the procedure. Then, under a stream of air to ruffle them, bring to mind "creative chaos" - then the hair will bulk.
  • For brushing, use a comb with a few teeth in the end put a little polish or gel for fixing pryadok.

Do not forget that for short hair styling is required - the only way you'll look beautiful and well maintained. Otherwise, instead of attractive hairstyles on your head will haystack or worse - matted locks, hanging icicles.

 how to style your hair

Styling for hair volume (medium and long)

You look at the work of a master stylist and ask questions - how to style your hair dryer so that they were beautiful, well-groomed and attractive to hairstyle took the volume that you want? But all is not so difficult:

  • The purpose of laying - volume, so at first a little dry hair, only then you can apply for a means of volume;
  • Do you want to lift the hair roots? Then separate strand strongly pull it up and apply a little mousse at the roots. Then this hot air to dry land. The same procedure and proceed with the following strands. This option is suitable for long hair;
  • If you have medium length hair, the technology will be as follows: tilt the head down and in a position to dry hair. Then go up and comb your hair brush - the amount guaranteed.

Hairdressers are used in laying not only hair, but also curling irons and ironing - these devices use a much more complicated, but it is possible to learn. Using utyuzhok can straighten your hair strands and send in the right direction - by the way, they are sold in grocery stores and you can buy not only a professional, but also household appliance. Knowing how to style your hair dryer, it is not difficult to master and other devices. Caring for hair every woman should be able to - because the beauty depends on us.

Remember - only the hair will look beautiful and tidy when they are absolutely healthy. Do not neglect the daily care of them - nourishes the scalp and hair balms and masks, vitamins and drink, visit the beauty salon. Only a specialist can suggest how to conduct therapeutic and preventive measures for hair restoration.

Nature does not give anyone sick, thin, brittle, dry or oily hair. All these troubles occur under the influence of the environment or malnutrition. There is even a medical specialty - triholog it and find out the causes and types of problems, appoint a competent treatment. Love yourself, take care of yourself and enjoy its beauty - you deserve it!

 How to style your hair? Secrets of beautiful hairstyle

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