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  • Strengthens hair
  • For hair shine
  • For hair loss
  • A few tips on care

Women's attractiveness is dependent on many factors, but one of the first - is the hair that should always be well-maintained, strong and shiny. Unfortunately, not all nature has endowed healthy hair, and many simply lost that gift - many painted, perms, fixing means did the trick. And the influence of the environment is also a major positive impact on the appearance.

To restore the hair and restore their health, it is necessary to take care of them, feed nutrients. And this will help hair mask. I must say that a lot of them, they were still tested by our ancestors. You probably noticed some thick and healthy hair from our grandmothers? So definitely worth a try, especially since the cook such remedies are very simple, and the price is not high, compared with professional balms and masks.

Strengthens hair

If your hair has become brittle, and the tips are cut, then it's time to help them and to strengthen a bit. Here come to the aid of an ordinary hen's egg, preferably rustic, with bright orange yolk. No wizardry is not here - hair mask at home and so attractive that do not require the presence of special skills, or the acquisition of expensive ingredients. Simply put egg on your hair and wait for 5-15 minutes. All - desired effect was!

Apply the egg is necessary to dry hair (and, no difference in the dirty or clean) with wet because it just will slip. Pre-need a little whisk the egg - not only to the foam, just fork stir the yolk protein. Rinse the egg must be lukewarm water because hot it can "boil", and you will gather with whitish hair rags.

By the way, the egg can be mixed with other components, thus you simply enhance the action of such a hair mask. For example, add the egg milk or honey - hair is not just stronger, but also shine. Olive oil also gives its effect - egg mask will not only strengthen but also nutritious. For thin hair, weak and brittle, very useful is a mixture of eggs and bananas.

 hair mask

For hair shine

It so happens that hair is thick, and do not break, and the tips are not flogged, but do not have the sparkle and shine that is characteristic of healthy hair. In order to achieve the desired effect, you do not need to pay for balms and shampoos shine. Open your refrigerator, surely there is a package of yogurt. That's it, and we will treat the hair - is cheap, and the effect is simply stunning.

Kefir should be a little warm - leave him in a room for a couple of hours or warm up in a water bath, and now just put on hair. This yogurt should be rubbed into the hair roots, as if a little massaging, distributed over the entire length. Try that no strand has not gone dry. Now, cover your head with polyethylene and tie up the towel - a mask should be warm, warming.

An hour or two (may be more) you can forget about your hair - be engaged in business or just relax on the couch with your favorite book. Then everything should be washed off with warm water and shampoo, after use hair masks and balms special rinses do not need. To conduct this procedure should be once a week for two months. You will see what will be the hair: shiny, thick and heavy.

For hair loss

Many women experience hair loss during combing and shampooing. Save the provisions of special hair mask designed to strengthen. Causes of hair loss may be different. This stressful situation, and the lack of the necessary vitamins and minerals, and poor nutrition, and hormonal disruptions. In any case, it is necessary to help the hair to find former beauty and strength, and then the appearance will be more attractive, and the hair will be smooth, shiny and obedient.

Try chocolate wrapping. Yes, do not be surprised substances present in cocoa and nutrition help to strengthen hair. The usual drink, the one that is used for baking, do not fit - it has very few nutrients. Hair mask involves the use of the chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 70%.

Melt it in a water bath and pour a little milk - one chocolate bar, weighing 100 grams is necessary to take a total of 50 grams of milk. Mix everything until smooth, then put on his head. Now we have to create the effect of a compress - wrap head with a towel and sit for two hours. Then wash your hair with warm water and shampoo. Keep in mind, this hair mask pretty greasy, difficult to wash off, but what effect! Even after the first time you notice that the hair became stronger, they shine and less fall when combing. Repeat the procedure can be once a week, for at least a month.

 hair mask at home

A few tips on care

Hair masks at home it is necessary to conduct courses, regularity - the key to success. You can not make them from time to time. Every 5-7 days to any mask would be sufficient. But the course should last no less than two months, and more preferably about six months. You can, of course, alternate hair mask and use different recipes, but it's still safer to try first one and after the course - different.

In winter and autumn, it is necessary to hide the hair under a hat - from extreme temperatures, they become brittle and dry, which can lead to hair loss. Of course, at any time of the year flowing hair look more beautiful, but it is better to suffer a couple of months of cold weather than a lifetime then restore hair. After all, the problem of hypothermia may be so deep that no hair masks at home will help.

When wash your hair, be sure to thoroughly rinse shampoo - if the particles remain on the skin or in the hair, it can cause dandruff and dryness. By the way, any hair mask, too, should be thoroughly washed off, if necessary, you can use shampoo. But that should never be combined with mask - balms and rinses it with vitamin complexes.

Hair masks at home can help solve many of the problems and return the hair shine and glow. But if you feel that even after prolonged use, nothing happens and not seen improvement, it is necessary to refer to trihologu - a doctor who treats hair. It will help to determine the cause of the problem and suggest how best to provide treatment, hair mask what is right in your case.

After carrying out the procedures to strengthen the hair or to make them shine, try to rinse the head with infusions of herbs - chamomile, succession, wormwood, burdock root, sage. Houses such infusions can prepare yourself - buy in a drugstore grass and brew it according to instructions. Need a hair mask, firming? Then use the rinse burdock root - it has a strengthening effect. And if you have dandruff, you use chamomile infusion.

As you can see, funds for the care of hair a lot, they are so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to make the right choice. If you are not low on money, you can ask for help in a beauty salon, where craftsmen will offer you a professional mask to treat and strengthen hair. But first, try out the homemade mask, harm they certainly will not do, and to spend money on expensive means you always have time.

 Hair masks at home. Cheap and effective

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 Mask from the bow for hair growth


  • Why does hair grow slowly
  • Indications onion masks
  • Onion mask: how to deal with the consequences

Dreaming of a healthy and long braid to her waist, but do not have the patience to grow hair? Six months after the haircut and the hair does not grown a millimeter? Use traditional methods and tools, recipes are inherited from grandmothers and mothers. In their times certainly was not accepted to wear hairpieces, wigs, and the more it was not possible to increase the curls. They collected herbs, vegetables and fruits that grow in the fields and orchards, and made of them healing masks, conditioners, etc. Onions, nettle, dandelion makes the hair soft, silky, shiny and incredibly beautiful.

Why does hair grow slowly

Because of stress, lack of vitamins, health problems, etc. causes of hair begins to grow more slowly than before. And not necessarily to buy expensive drugs to revive "dormant" follicles. It is enough to constantly make medical masks, massages, eat fruits, vegetables, live a healthy lifestyle. However, to date the girls prefer to buy cosmetics, which contain harmful surfactants, additives, dyes, and national methods prefer less frequently.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows that, for example, the mask of the onion - is a reliable and proven way to speed up hair growth, improvement of the scalp, getting rid of dandruff. It is recommended to do in the summer, when, due to exposure to direct sunlight ceases hair dry and lifeless, and in winter, when the shortage of vitamins and minerals in the body affects even hair. Phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, copper, vitamins C, B2, B6, PP1 - is only a small list of what is contained in this vegetable.

 Mask for hair growth archery

Indications onion masks

No matter how well you do not treat hair, whatever expensive cosmetics are not used, no matter how many vitamins do not use, it still makes sense to make a mask based on the bow. Depending on the other ingredients, it nourishes, revitalizes, moisturizes, removes dandruff, makes hair soft, like little children. To prepare the mixture of healing yourself, you need the strength of five to seven minutes, no more, and add to it all you can, that you have in the fridge, since eggs, finishing honey.

Of course, I expect that after one or two treatments you bring your tresses in order, it is not necessary. We'll have to exercise maximum patience until the result will be noticeable. Typically, a mask with a bow for hair growth is done once or twice a week for three to four months. Also, do not be too enthusiastic, trying every possible means to afford. In that case, if a particular recipe you came, just stop it. And do not forget to make short breaks (one to two months), your hair time to rest.

Magic natural beauty recipes

  • Mustard and onions

This mask will not only affect the growth of hair, but also save the fair sex from one of the biggest challenges - of oily hair. So, you need a regular mustard powder, which you can easily find in any store, oil (olive, sunflower), egg. Two tablespoons of mustard diluted in two tablespoons of boiling water, add the butter and egg yolk well beaten. Get the masks completely enough for ten to fifteen centimeters of hair average splendor.

Please note that on the very ends to apply this tool is not enough to rub it into the roots and skin, after which the head is put on a plastic bag or a special film on top - a warm towel, the best - Terry. Do not worry if it starts a little oven, pinching or scratching, as this indicates that the mask from the bow for hair growth beginning to act. Tolerate have about fifteen or twenty minutes.

  • Grated onion

Plain onion mask for growth shag - a great option for those who do not want to bother with cooking complicated recipes. One large onion rubbed on a fine grater or milled in the blender, the resulting slurry is applied to the hair roots (half an hour - to dry for an hour - for fat). If your hair is very dry, or you recently were clarified, it is recommended to add a little vegetable oil, which soften the impact of the mask. After the procedure, wash thoroughly with warm water and a little spit. We recommend using this tool from the bow, not only for growth but also by loss of vegetation.

  • Yeast with onions

Yeasts have miraculous healing properties, so a mask of the two magic ingredients make your hair extremely beautiful. Twist in a meat grinder or rub on a small grater for two or three onions, then strain it through cheesecloth. The resulting liquid, add a teaspoon of yeast (but dry), oil (olive is possible), and two tablespoons of hot water. Once the mixture has cooled, apply it on the roots in half an hour, depending on the type of your hair.

  • Honey joy

This mask is used not only for growth but also for clarification of hair or to get rid of yellow shade after an unsuccessful painting. Grated onion mixed with honey, melted on a steam bath or in the microwave. If you do not have a lush head of hair, it is enough just one teaspoon. The mixture is applied to the head for an hour, then wash off with shampoo. To stimulate growth, perform this procedure only once for clarification - two times a week.

  • Egg salvation

Mask of eggs, butter and onion causes a rush of blood, which in turn stimulates hair follicles. Good beat with a mixer or whisk egg yolk mix with the other ingredients (the rate of one to one), then immediately put on the hair. An hour later, rinse it means using water with vinegar and lemon juice. Two days after the procedure is not recommended to use balms, conditioners, hair rinses.

  • Garlic recipe

For this mask you will need a few heads of garlic to squeeze one tablespoon of juice, one large onion, from which come two tablespoons of liquid, the whipped egg yolk, two tablespoons of burdock oil, brandy and essential oil, so that after the procedure the hair is not too strong smell . Once you mix all the ingredients, spray on the roots of ten to fifteen minutes, which is enough to improve circulation. If you overdo the mask can be burned, so you should strictly adhere to the instructions. To wash away all that is enough to wash the head several times with shampoo for dry hair.

  • Folk remedy in a new way

For hair growth using a mask with a bow (two tablespoons juice), brandy, yogurt, salt, honey and oil (burdock is desirable, but it is possible and castor). This tool is difficult to wash off, so it is recommended to use it on the weekends, when nowhere to go the next day is not necessary. Apply it on the entire length of hair, including ends of her hair, one and a half hours. To make it easier to distribute it, use the comb brush or comb,. Repeat the procedure can be a week later.

 Mask for hair growth with onions

Onion mask: how to deal with the consequences

Despite the fact that the mask from the bow quite useful and effective, the fair sex are not willing to do it because of the bad smell that remains even after the tenth washing hair. Of course, you can use a lot of shampoos and conditioners, but in this case the effectiveness of the procedure is minimized. Therefore, to the next day or two as not to frighten passers marvelous aroma, should follow a set of rules that will help you in the shortest time to get rid of the smell bulbous.

Firstly, it is recommended to use the juice itself, rather than chopped or milled plant. So you do not have to comb out the remains entangled in the hair, which, when heated, are beginning to smell unpleasant. Second, wash the head barely warm water, pre-rinsed hair decoction of herbs. Calendula, nettle, mint - all these will not only eliminate the main problem, and give shine. If you even after these procedures still smell, use citrus. Lemon or lime juice, diluted in a liter of water - the best way in this case.

Another tool that is used by women to get rid of the consequences - the mask of a colorless henna. The bag of this mixture pour in a porcelain pot, add a teaspoon of mustard, and then it all pour hot water (but not boiling water), which was cooked freshly ground coffee and leave for ten minutes in a cool place. Once the mixture has cooled to an acceptable for application to the skin temperature, adds the essential oil (rose, lavender), not just to kill, namely to eliminate the smell. It is therefore important to choose the right fragrance, to smell them because you at least a week.

After you wash away the mask from the bow water and wash your hair with shampoo, apply as soon as the tool for fifteen minutes. After the procedure, wash your hair with plenty of water with lemon juice. Usually, if the hair is not too thick and not very pungent onions, once is enough. Too often, it is not recommended to use henna, and smell better to eliminate the remnants of herbal tea. If you do not make any masks, aroma not erode during the two to three months.

The second problem that can arise when using a bow - dry skin. This can be avoided with the help of yogurt, which is also applied to the hair immediately after the procedure. Note that this embodiment is not suitable for oily hair type. With regard to the duration of walking with this fermented milk product, the longer the better. Just do not forget to put on the package and wrap the hair with a towel to avoid smeared.

 Mask from the bow for hair growth or grow a scythe?

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