Pain during sexual intimacy

Unfortunately, each of the fair sex during sexual intimacy can feel pleasure. Pain during sexual relations for every five women are becoming quite a serious problem. In what lies the main cause of discomfort? What to do?

Unpleasant and painful sensations in the female genital organs during sexual relations are called "dyspareunia".

Dyspareunia: what is it?

Many women avoid sexual intimacy only because they stop the fear of pain, which deprives them of the opportunity to receive engaging blend of intimacy with a man. Lack of orgasm and pain during sex, leading to irritability and reduced sexual desire.

Almost all women and painful discomfort during sexual intimacy is a symptom of the pathology of the sexual sphere, including a variety of diseases of the pelvic organs.

Pain at the entrance of the vagina may be caused by :

  • decrease lubrication
  • thinning of the mucosa
  • inflammatory processes such as the bladder and urethra
  • inflammatory processes in the area of ​​the vagina and vulva

Deep pelvic pain is diagnosed in women who have :

  • cervical disease
  • adhesions in the pelvic organs
  • cysts and tumors of the ovary
  • external genital endometriosis
  • apoplexy (gap) of the ovary
  • uterine fibroids
  • varicose veins of small pelvis
  • chronic salpingo

Who can develop psychogenic dyspareunia?

Often the factors that trigger the painful and unpleasant sensations during sexual intercourse are psychogenic. The most common pathological basis for the emergence of pain are the consequences of any negative experience sexual or problems in sexual relations partners. Sex does not allow women to reveal themselves in the intimate sphere, to receive the physiological discharge and satisfaction, not only can cause negative emotions, decreased libido and apathy, and even lead to serious depression.

All these violations are the causes of the emotional sphere changes in pain sensitivity and the formation of muscle "blocks". Thus, because of the spastic muscle condition the pelvic floor, and there is pain during intimacy. All this in turn leads to disruption of the blood supply to the pelvic organs, resulting in genital developing venous stasis and degenerative processes. All this leads to anatomical changes in reproductive organs: ovarian cysts, colpitis, salpingo and vulva. Because of hormonal imbalances and circulatory disorders against the background of venous congestion may develop hormone-dependent diseases such as endometriosis and uterine fibroids, which in turn also contribute to pain.

Pain and sexual frustration

The occurrence of dyspareunia plays a role, and sexual frustration.

Women as well as men, the excitement is accompanied by blood flow to the genitals. Representatives of the stronger sex is manifested erection. Women with strong sexual arousal swollen labia, clitoris increases. With internal genitals similar changes occur: the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes increases the flow of blood.
Orgasm in both sexes is designed to disperse pritekshuyu blood to the organs.

Men reach this state much easier, but the fair sex with an orgasm is often a problem.
In the absence of orgasm in the pelvic venous system, the following occurs: the blood stagnates, and changes the structure of the pelvic veins. And as a result they expand, lose their elasticity, the pelvis is formed by venous congestion, leading to chronic pain.
So, we got close vicious pathological circle. While all three executives are closely linked single chain is not always possible to establish a cause-effect relationship: What was the first?

Pain during sexual relations: what to do?

Those women, who regularly during sex experience pain in the lower abdomen, should be examined by a gynecologist. Only the timely diagnosis and timely initiation of treatment of gynecological diseases can get rid of pain and discomfort, back the pleasure of sexual intimacy.

Try to pay more attention to their sexual life.

Change your attitude towards the natural sexuality. After all, sexual pleasure, given to us by nature, is one of the most wonderful experiences that are only able to test people. Every woman has the right to enjoy these divine feelings.

Sexual intimacy is needed for every woman for the implementation of the instinct of procreation, and maintain their female (gynecological), health, and the health and tone the whole body.

It is important every time intimacy required to achieve sexual release. Remember, regular sex without orgasm can cause great harm to health.

Lack of regular sexual partner - not a reason to reduce their sexual activity. If you currently do not have with you loved one, support and do not lose their sexuality: self-study your body and open up new possibilities of his body.

Love yourself! Experiment, look for and find new ways to delight. Live and enjoy a full life now! Then, women's health is always in order, and you forget about the pain haunt you.

 Pain during sexual intimacy

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 We select an optimal contraception

There are 3 types of contraception - barrier, hormonal and local .  By barrier include such familiar to all condoms and less convenient alternative for their women - vaginal diaphragm .  Condoms, along with hormonal contraception, are the most effective ways to prevent conception .  In addition, the only barrier contraception is the best prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases .  But unfortunately, not everyone is suitable condom .  In some men, because of him having problems with erection and in women may be allergic to spermicidal lubricant, which is applied to condoms, or even worse - latex .  Aside from allergies, the remaining problems can be resolved using a condom the selection of the right size condoms and lubricant .  Do not forget to buy condoms should be treated as responsible as if you wanted to buy jewelry .  Bought at a stall in condoms can break the most crucial moment ... And the diaphragm is not too common form of contraception because of the inconvenience in the application .

It is a reliable method of contraception is hormonal contraceptives. They give almost 100% guarantee no pregnancy, if you follow the simple rules of taking the pills, as described in the instructions. It is very convenient - you drink 1 tablet a day, and do not run around every month in a state of shock at the pharmacy - for tests. Incidentally, when receiving the OK menstruation start hour until clear. But OK and there are drawbacks - many side effects such as headaches, nausea, decreased libido, sometimes - weight gain.

There is also a safe non-hormonal contraceptives - intrauterine devices. Some of them, in addition to preventing pregnancy, have a healing effect. Such helix made with precious materials such as gold. But they are sold, certainly not in a place like jewelry online store, and pharmacies. Spirals recommended parous women not suffering from gynecological diseases. Spiral set gynecologist for up to 5-7 years. Its removal also makes the doctor.

The last popular type of contraception are various spermicides - vaginal tablets, sponges and candles. Their reliability is low - about 70%. But for irregular sexual life, this method of contraception is considered optimal. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, during ovulation is desirable to further, in addition to spermicides, use other contraception - condoms, for example.

 We select an optimal contraception

 Sexual talk and how to excite a man words

Psychologists say that sex talk has a double benefit. It is an effective tool for communication, which helps to establish a relationship of trust. At the same time sex talk incites sexual desire and, according to many men is a supplement that causes severe agitation.

No matter how a man to initiate the conversation, the main thing they like to know that they are good lovers. Words can be varied, even those from whom pillow can blush. They give brightness and new colors into your sex life.

Many young and inexperienced women do not like to chat about sex until they know how effective it affects men. Sometimes, shyness, modesty and children's attitude to certain words prevent sexual conversation, which does not necessarily have to happen only in the bedroom. It should suit both partners and can take place during the day. Talk to intimate topics need to create a sensual, romantic and emotional atmosphere. It is known that women are openly speaking about their desires are satisfied sex life and freer achieve orgasm.

Of course, not all sex talk and speak as a foreign language it is necessary to study. Even though it may seem ridiculous and stupid, it is worth considering how to bring a man into words. If the husband hints at the answer in a moment of intimacy, it is necessary to start chatting with a few simple phrases. If you listen to the sensations during sex and try the words to describe what you feel and what you want, you may be able to say those words out loud. You can read the phrase from his partner erotic magazine and see what words he is excited. If talking face to face hesitate to try on the phone to talk about their desires and fantasies.

Even if you are convinced that sex talk is not for you, do not be upset. Important in sexual relations - this is natural and enthusiasm. Erotic sounds and movements also great tools for intimacy. Sex talk can be replaced with sexy moans!

 Sexual talk and how to excite a man words

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