The proximity of the new lover. Women's fears

You and he liked each other almost from the first moment of the meeting. And deep down, is not opposed to the completion of the evening was the bed. Especially that it even has a place. So why are you waiting, waiting for that from the minute dating was a lot of time or he first made the offer, or believing that originally should introduce him to my parents, or ... Yes, a little of the "or" we invent themselves when really want to relationship with this man become as strong as possible and long.

In other words, we do not wish that all your dreams about this person and applied to their realization of the efforts were unsuccessful. However, the cause of our fear of intimacy with him lies not only in this. In fact, despite the fact that Sex is actively broadcast virtually all media, unfettered twenty-first century could not drive out until the end of us fear a rapid rapprochement with the new man. In fact, after such a rapprochement is possible to lose it. And so we diligently delayed the moment of entering the bedroom.

Perhaps it is somewhat annoying things, and a two-month walk to museums, cinemas and restaurants. It has long been clear that you both want much more! And it is likely that even hesitate over whether to continue the relationship with a woman, playing with him like a cat with a mouse, from the beginning of the relationship. And he is already rather tired and want to go home, because today a football match with your favorite team.

And we continue to nurture the complex of inferiority. After all, everything in one voice told that sex - is perfectly natural, and it is necessary to be ready at any moment. And no headache and other things women can not become an obstacle to intimacy. You should not fall under the influence of modern media, claiming that the desire for sex is always and everywhere is natural for our body. So what is behind - a difficult day, and today we want only one thing - to get under the covers and sleep? Men, according to the fashion magazines and all kinds of gear, do not like the tired and exhausted women. Give them cheerful, smiling girls. So we try to look properly, even if we are dead tired. And should I?

Perhaps he, too, was a very difficult day with many hours sitting in traffic jams, and he, too, wants peace and quiet, and our cheerful smile will be out of place. Moreover, it can arouse suspicion - why are we so shine after a long day? Perhaps the reason for joy - any employee of the office? So we do not follow the stereotypes and sculpt an artificial smile on your face. We are all human and we have the full right to fatigue, headache, peace and quiet.

Another error of modern women - the conviction that they should experience orgasm ever. And it is desirable that every time they had a lot. And we are doing our best to match what we are told there assiduously the World Wide Web, television and acquaintances. And our face during intimacy becomes focused and serious, and he lost, believing that doing something wrong.

We very much want to look attractive and sexy, pulling even in the winter, instead of warm tights, stockings light. After all, they say the stockings will not leave anyone indifferent man. Let him speak! For a man who loves a woman - not just a sexual object. And it happens that he is going to live her life and sees her as the mother of their children. And so very much wants it to be healthy, because with such a wife to have sex and can be longer and more often.

We want to be compelling and original, and make love in the car, the shower, on the kitchen table and on the floor in the living room. We tried many poses and each time racking their brains that would be even invent tonight. He's saying that you're the best, so you should try to surprise him every time. And is it necessary? Perhaps he shares the fear of thinking about this evening, because some of your inventions ended with bruises and splinters. Who is happy? And he wants one thing: to have sex, like ordinary people, under the blanket on the bed and no light. Because you had the best ever.

Or are we, on the contrary, too shy, and did not agree to his offer to play, for example, a flight attendant or a schoolgirl and teacher. Moreover, it angers us unspeakably, because after such a sex marriage does not usually offer. This is what we think so. And he - no. Because I do not see anything wrong with the fact that his beloved only daughter turn into a fluffy bunny. After all, it is about this game he wants, and that's about it said yesterday intoxicated by his good friend. But we are afraid that he posprosit about something that we do not know how. And if he's used to it, then, with someone he was better than you.

He's looking at our bewildered face, tushuetsya, frightened and began feverishly to think what to do next. And, quite possibly, he is clumsy and inept, but you someone was better than him. Fear, fear, fear ... We are trying to hide the flaws of the figure and start to barge in his presence to hide wrinkles on the abdomen and thighs. He speculated on why the beloved woman suddenly became tense and wary.

We very much want to be respected, and tried to look experienced, if he starts hugging us. Because experience in bed, in our view, is the key to respect. But we did not know what to do in this case, and how to unbutton his shirt and trousers, not entangled in the straps and buttons. It's that time surprised all our manipulations, because he could undress. In general, it is independent and experienced in this game mummy in bed he does not like.

Or, on the contrary, we do not want to look too experienced, so he did not think anything bad. After all, we dream about male care, and who will take care of that which is likely to have taken under his wing, and more than once, the other men. So in any case do not dance striptease and blindfolded and hands. In short, we are chaste and unskillful. He also dreams of a woman who would dance and strip him blindfold!

And finally, we are constantly afraid that he wants only sex. Because already in love with him, so intimacy with this man. - Not standard body movements and an orgasm. And we really do not want to lose it. Therefore, we carefully pulls this intimacy, no matter what the media say and acquaintances. And there is nothing terrible is not, after all, he can assume that we are with him - also only for sex. And he dreams of something more.

Let's try to throw away all these fears. After all, the man next to us had the roads. And he chose us out of hundreds of other women is not accidental. And, therefore, you can be yourself. Most likely, this we pleased him most. And - enjoy love with all my heart!

 The proximity of the new lover. Women's fears

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 poses for sex in the car


  • The classic missionary position and its adaptation to the car
  • Rider or woman on top - this is possible even in a car!
  • On an equal footing - both discomfort and pleasure
  • For fans of extreme sports and just daring people

Most of today's young men and women know from personal experience what it is - to have sex in the car. If only a few decades ago, the love in the back seat of the car close domestic production seemed exotic to people, and now the transport is completely different dimensions, and especially young people no longer shy. And why, in fact, complex and shame? Making love - it is always great, but the traditional bed in the bedroom, no matter how romantic nor was the situation in the end, fills nauseam its ordinary and prosaic.

And then begin experiments: on the kitchen table, on the windowsill in the hallway, and so on. But for you and your partner have tried all the space in the apartment suitable for sex. Something you like, where it seemed very uncomfortable, but what's next? After all, when in the veins of the young hot blood boiling, you want to constantly experience new feelings, emotions and adrenaline. And now, your young man with an unequivocal smile on his lips suddenly presses the "stop" in the car and without superfluous words into action. A few minutes before you hear the cries of disgruntled tenants, knock and threats to call the police.

Agree, all this creates is not very nice background to achieve orgasm. Especially for women. Therefore, sex is best left in the elevator for screenplays, and in real life, you can get a new experience and a lot more acceptable and even romantic way. Suggest to the young man take a short car ride out of town. Find a picturesque corner, hidden from human eyes, and straight into the car experience all the delights of love in such unfamiliar surroundings.

And to experiment was a success, it is important to know in advance what kind of sex positions in the car are the most appropriate and successful. By the way, as to what psychological type is your boyfriend? If you really want to give him a lot of new impressions and combat, as they say, outright sensuality and sexuality, it was a good idea to prepare even morally.

What do you need? Nothing, apart from the usual observation. Contrary to popular belief, there are many ways how to make love in the car. But all of them - the variety or variation of our usual three poses. Of course, you know that there are classic positions: missionary, and the man behind the rider. They form the basis for other options, many of which are easy to test in the vehicle. So that like your partner? To understand what kind of posture should be tested, pay attention to the way he usually likes to have sex.

 Sex poses in the car

The classic missionary position and its adaptation to the car

For the stronger sex, favoring the classic version, a crucial role is not visual sensation, because in this case the review will be rather weak. Man-kinestik, guided mainly by touch during sex, will choose this position. Such a person prefers the most intimate contact with the body of his partner, he is delighted with the touch, and not only during lovemaking, but also in everyday life.

Psychology tells us that the "missionary" may be strong and gentle at the same time: for him pose "man on top" symbolizes the protection of the woman - her body as if it protects and conceals it. Although the possible cases in which such a position is said about the desire of power and domination: as if pushing the girl in bed, partner, strives to show its supremacy, superiority and power.

If your partner belongs to the fans missionary position, then in the car for him to find a lot of interesting ways to add some fun to the usual lovemaking without changing your preferences. Consider three options: quick and rapid sex for fans of extreme sports, and for those who always and everywhere appreciate comfort. Simply select the position that best suits your man.

  1. All ingenious - is not only simple but also practical

    Making love in the car can be without any preparation. Take the pressure and courage. Move the passenger seat all the way back, tilt back and ask the partner to move in with you. The more so because of obstacles in the way of sexual pleasure - an unfortunate hand brake! So you were face to face, your partner is completely free in the choice of action, strength and range of motion. But you can bring a little uncomfortable closeness side door, which will certainly be rested leg.

  2. Pose for men with good physical preparation

    If your partner has developed muscles (in particular - the arms and shoulder girdle), offer a different variation of the classic sex. However, this position will require a certain dexterity men and endurance, but it is unusual and original. So take a seat in the middle of the rear seat and lift up invitingly bedra.Partner should stay between the front seats so that they rest against the feet and hands to hold on to the rear backrest. His body is at the same time as it hangs over you. It is not necessary to offer this option a man with a beer belly or just unsportsmanlike young man. After pressing, even if such an unusual sexual way, they are unlikely to succeed.

  3. Position for the lucky owners of a spacious car

    If you or your partner has a decent size SUV or station wagon, which prevents sex in the most comfortable position for both? Just lay back seat and turn it into a very comfortable bed. So draw the head will not rest on the roof of the vehicle, in the side will not push the gearbox, and your legs are not covered with delicate bruises from constant tremors in the side door. But a definite anguish still will not forget that you are not in bed, but inside the car. Therefore, the novelty is not going anywhere, and the comfort of this - not a hindrance. \

  4. Sex in the narrow space

    Sit in the middle of the back seat, leaning his hips slightly forward, feet Cast on front headrests. Men need to kneel on the floor, put his foot in the space between the driver and passenger seats. This position is attractive in that it is virtually impossible to reproduce in a normal bed. But will hinder high growth partner of its weight and small-sized car.

Rider or woman on top - this is possible even in a car!

But such a stance will choose visuals, that is, men who like to see how the partner have sex with them, admiring her every move. Typically, these are people who are exempt from many complexes and prejudices, which allows them to pass the leadership and woman enjoy her power. At the same time the authority and self-confidence of the stronger sex, as a rule, do not suffer.

However, adherents of this position are the sloths or even very tired man. The reasons for this choice are also clear: the first just like to relax and have fun without taking initiative. The second simply tormented stress and work, they gave too much power to show all his sexual activity.

Undoubtedly, the proposal to make love in the car should magically act on sloth and breathe energy into a workaholic. To a man kindled desire, arrange him a little diet in which this dessert, like sex at night, will be absent, for example, five days or even a week. Such abstinence will lead to the fact that the output of your young people will agree to make love at least on the roof of a skyscraper. That was then, and take the initiative by offering to use the car as a love hut.

  1. The classic version - the two driving

    Allow your partner to stay in the driver's seat, and themselves, to successfully overcome the obstacles in the form of a manual brake and gearbox, sit on his lap. You can accommodate both face to face and back. Do not forget to remove shoes, if you do not want to scratch the car dashboard, and be careful not to catch a soft spot on the horn, notifying the vicinity of your location. Of course, if you are not committed to stand in front of curious children and pensioners.

    And try to avoid getting stuck between the legs of the car seat and the door so as not to be injured. Although some precautions, soon you will have the necessary skill and will easily be able to have sex is in this position, if you feel of it will make an impression on you.

  2. And again about comfort!

    Ask your young person to sit comfortably in the middle of the rear seat, and themselves fall on top of him. Again, you can get both face to face and his back. And in fact, and in either case you both will be enough space for movements.

    However, a girl can get her head up to the roof of the car, a severe blow to her. So do not forget about such a low "ceiling" and be careful while enjoying the closeness. According to many couples who have significant experience sex in a car, this is the position allows a woman to get the maximum in strength orgasm.

  3. Equally comfortable for men and will pose rider in its classical form - lying on the back seat

    Although it would seem that it unusual? The fact is that the limited cabin space does not allow you to deviate from the partner, so your tempting breasts will have the most to be his eyes and reach for kisses. The fact that such an option like him, is beyond doubt. And you certainly will be very pleased, despite the overcrowding, or vice versa, just the same because of it.

On an equal footing - both discomfort and pleasure

The position of "the man behind" may be a favorite of the stronger sex, distinguished by different characters: Many feel it is best to trust your partner is in this situation. These young people believe that a woman in the position doggy style loses control over the process, so to speak, at the mercy of the winner. There is a piquant moment: as individuals to each other partners do not see, they can be someone else during sex - is a favorite option visionaries.

However, doggy style and prefers another, and unpleasant type of the male population - those who are engaged in self-assertion at the expense of the weak. Agree, it is not a good situation, because there is love is often coexists with the humiliation and the desire to put your partner on his knees, not only literally but in a figurative sense. We hope that your young person does not belong to such an unworthy psycho.

Variations on the theme of "the man behind" well suited for single-sex without commitment. Such animals are distinguished by the principles of boys with a highly-developed essence of the male and pronounced predominance of basic instinct. If your guy is a somewhat modernized pattern of primitive man (just kidding, of course), will please its possible variations favorite poses, adapting it to the conditions of the vehicle.

  1. Just like always, but little else

    Get on all fours in the backseat, with an emphasis on the elbows and knees. Partner shall place behind you. The most important disadvantage is that it will have to lower his head to avoid hitting the top of the car. And the rest you can adjust and enjoy sex. By the way, if you suddenly become hot, just open the window and freshen up a little bit - because love is in the car will be even more piquant.

  2. Lie on your side, three or four!

    It's about the attitude called "Spoons". It may be possible: someone manages to get across the front passenger seat, and someone more comfortable back. In the first case it will be convenient only for those couples in which both partners have a thin build, because otherwise sirloin men may experience discomfort from too close contact with the protruding elements on dveri.Chtoby get maximum enjoyment, it is better to move to the back seat. But keep in mind that time and that holders of high growth have to constantly bend my head, because it will rest on the front seat, ceiling or glass. And try to keep a balance, otherwise the risk of falling into the gap between the seats right on the dirty floor.

  3. See what there is outside!

    Get on your knees in the back seat of the car and your hands lean on the side window. A partner should stay behind. Note that you have to balance, so when you feel like the male "dignity" has penetrated inside, move the hip slightly denser. This not only will help you not to fall, but also deliver new pleasant feelings to your partner, do not you his penis will be in the ring more closely than usual.

  4. Lean forward!

    Ask a young man completely decompose the front passenger seat. Lie face down on it so that the head restraint has become a kind of a pillow under your abdomen, upper torso should also be in the back seat. Men need to kneel down behind you. By the way, if your partner does not have the large size of the penis, it is in this position, you find that he's a little "grown up."

 Sex poses in the car

For fans of extreme sports and just daring people

If your young person is always looking for ways to diversify your love life with him, offering unexplored until now pose, looking new and unusual places and so on, it is probably inclined to sex in extreme conditions. What is wrong? Better to let this love gives him the necessary adrenaline than the dangerous adventures of racing cars or jumping off a cliff.

If you belong to the category of cheerful open-minded women who do not have excessive shyness, the support of her lover excitement. There is no need to doubt whether he would agree to having sex in a car. Of course yes. Your idea adventurous accept with joy, and although it's best to experiment in the summer, but if the court of winter, then that fact will not stop him. By the way, the guys who have not got private transport, even willing to rent a car with friends or borrow from parents, only to realize your idea.

So, what can be attributed to the extreme sex in the car? No, we are not talking about lovemaking at high speed, although some brave couple happy to share their experience in this matter. In pursuit of adrenaline and new sensations let's still not going to forget about their own safety, so I would like to warn you not engage in sex only when the car engine is muted. Do not ignore this rule and do not be tempted to do everything like in the movies, because the life you have only one.

But try to pose an extreme love you no hurt. In the first case you need to get the girl in the back seat, and as widely as possible to separate the legs, putting one or both feet in the open window (Great for yoga lovers or those who have ballet stretching). What makes a man? Yes, anything, if he figure out how to get in front of partner.

The second position is designed for vehicles with overhead hatch. In this hole as if the girl should go down, and the partner must accept it and make a right on their hips. Yes, without a definite knack to quickly master pose fail. But the practice - a great thing! Try it, and suddenly you enjoy? Just imagine being able to enjoy the pleasures of sex and at the same time observe the beauty of nature. And if you pass by some peasant with a basket or rods, just smile and say hello to him, because he did not even realize what you are actually doing.

By the way, and who said that sex can only use the interior of the vehicle? The trunk and hood is also worthy to become a temporary home for your experiments. Just take care of their purity and use on health. And take off your shoes to ecstatic not to scratch the paint on the car. This is where you and be able to fully portray the image of an erotic film in which a strong man seizes fragile girl, set her right on the hood (boot).