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  • The reasons for the lack of orgasm in women
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Sexual life - this is one of the most important aspects of human life. And there it is not just for people to have the opportunity to continue to race. Sexual games allow us to be liberated, liberating the consciousness of accumulated fears and relieve him from the living cargo. Sex helps to get pleasure, comforts, calms and leads beyond time. But only if a woman is experiencing a true orgasm during sex. Otherwise intimate life becomes lopsided and even, at times, unpleasant.

Unfortunately, women such situations occur quite often. Many of them have problems with orgasm and can not take full advantage of this gift of nature, like sex. And often it is not only prevents establish full relations with a man, but also cripples the mind, overloaded by different experiences. This problem usually occurs at the first sexual intercourse, but can suddenly appear later. Why not orgasm during sex, some women and whether they experience it someday?

 I can not have an orgasm

The reasons for the lack of orgasm in women

Why not a woman has an orgasm? If we consider the female orgasm is a physiological phenomenon, it is as follows: as the apogee of sex, there is muscle spasm front part of the vagina, and these spasms and contribute to enjoyment, from the waves which eventually begins to tremble the whole body. And the reason why is attained orgasm is usually the absence of either the spasms or waves of pleasure. In such cases, even the most virtuous man caresses a woman does not help to reach climax during sex. But why did this happen?

The reason for such a situation can be a pathology of the female organs, poor blood supply to the organs located in the pelvic area, the low sensitivity in that area of ​​the nervous system or tense psychological condition of the woman. Of the same weight and a rather intractable problem appears, in this case, it was a tense psychological state. After all, when a woman can not fully relax during intimacy, about the bright orgasm can hardly talk. It turns out: I can not relax during sex - and I can not have an orgasm!

For example, a girl can ask yourself this question: "Why do not I feel an orgasm, why is sex for me has such a bright completion? "For it may be more than one answer - because she is afraid of condemnation or others, or had a negative first experience, or brought up in the Puritan spirit. Maybe she feels during sex feeling of hostility to their partner, or oppress thoughts of some domestic troubles. But she is still very young and it may eventually free yourself from the shackles of psychological, choosing the right pair.

But if in a more mature age answer to the question why a woman does not experience orgasm, too, lies somewhere in this area, it will have to seek professional help. Because the fear women have allowed pretty deep roots. And even if a woman all the forces will try to get rid of them, some little thing will revive them during sex again. Such fines can be smells, sounds, bright lights, or, conversely, darkness, - anything. Partners for the intimacy of women in any case, should be chosen from those to whom they feel sympathy.

Then, when the lack of orgasm during sex in women is not a psychogenic kind and is not associated with any pathology of the genital organs, can solve this problem by using several methods.

 Why not experience orgasm

Recovery Methods of orgasm in women

It seems to be an open attempt to solve the problem of female orgasm occurred recently thanks to modern trends. Indeed, in ancient times, the manners were quite severe, require women primarily ultimate humility and submission to men. Where here to talk about orgasm - that and look, I find it immoral for and write down the ranks of the harlots, and yet I - a modest girl! How could I risk my reputation?

However, it is, strangely enough, not at all. A number of systems that helps women get the bright orgasm was developed eastern sages in ancient times. Why were they so concerned about this matter, God knows, because the birth rate is not affected. Maybe they were bored revelation sets women plaintively asks, "Why do not I have orgasms? Why I did not get to experience the pleasure during sex, to which I aspire to? "And maybe the wisest troubled state of men who suffered from an inferiority complex because of the lack of orgasm in their friends, considering themselves poor lovers. One way or another, but the techniques invented by them, are quite effective and have been used successfully so far.

The simplest created Taoist sages system to help restore women's sexual function is very simple. It represents a compression and unclamping with alternating speed and strength of the muscles of the vagina. Doing these exercises can be anytime, anywhere: sitting at your desk, standing in line, doing some household chores, and when driving in traffic.

The system normalizes the blood flow to the pelvic organs and revives located in this area the nerve endings. If produce up to five hundred of such squeeze-unclamping a day, with orgasm problems can be solved quickly. And it is not difficult, because the Taoist practice does not require any special conditions, and can make them any girl or woman, anywhere, anytime.

It is surprising, but the lack of orgasm in women successfully eliminated a sham. Yes, it is thus a pretense - imitation of orgasm, which we sometimes accuse experienced men in sexual matters. This is easily explained. Any mask person has the ability to influence his inner spirit. And if it is used for a long time, this inner attitude begins to mask more and more to obey.

In other words, when we long to play a role, it somehow becomes a part of our essence. Permanent imitation orgasm - is no exception. When portraying his talent - shuddering body blissful moaning and stuff - mind would believe his physical shell and program the fact of pleasure. And begin to translate it into reality. It turns out that the more often a woman will do it - to simulate an orgasm during sex, - the higher the probability that she will soon be able to get a real pleasure.

This is - a kind of psychological stimulation, which can be attributed, and erotic fantasies during intercourse. Feelings of guilt before a partner in this should not be. The lack of orgasm in women - a task that must be solved by all means. In addition, an orgasm is not only delivers true pleasure for the woman herself, but also to double its man - seeing that managed to deliver the loved pleasure, he achieves a more powerful and brilliant climax. If the guilt that arises during a fantasy, it is difficult to get rid of a party of the erotic dreams can be your partner.

Before sexual intercourse is not necessary to bother with all sorts of "I can not - I can not" or "turns - does not work"; to get the maximum pleasure during sex, it is desirable to be excited as much as possible. Way to do this can be foreplay, and Taoist exercise system. During intimacy exclude extraneous thoughts, replacing the obsession, "Why I am not getting an orgasm? "For sure:" I get an orgasm! ". Maximum relaxing, studying only their own feelings. At the same time we breathe deeply to completely remove tension.

During the movement of the pelvis up and down compresses and decompresses the vaginal muscles. As soon as we feel the approach of orgasm - are starting to moan and squirm. This contributes to the complete emancipation of the body, which is then free to pass through itself enjoying a flurry. At the same time during intimacy is to focus on the orgasm is not necessary - if you do so, it will create tension, making it difficult to move away culmination and get all the "complex" pleasures of intimacy.

A very powerful method - stimulation of the clitoris during sexual intercourse. If a partner because of inexperience or for some other reason does not begin to do it himself - a hint to him about the desired action, or the clitoris Let us alone. Feel free to do this can not be - we need an orgasm!

All of these tips are quite simple, and it can follow any woman .  Sometimes not even necessarily to find out why there is no orgasm in one way or another woman; it happens each for different reasons .  Now there are many techniques that are designed to orgasm, even those who have long lost hope on him .  It is only necessary to treat the selected method with due diligence and in front of each of us opens the depth of this magnificent gift of nature - brilliant orgasm .  And not only .  We can even go further and find out what is unique miracle - multiple orgasms in women, allowing the world to know the sex in all its beauty and diversity .  And this knowledge can help only your conviction: I can, I am able to experience pleasure, and I feel it during the next each time that I want! Nurture a belief that you will be affirmations - one more way by which you can learn to have an orgasm .

Affirmations to achieve female orgasm

It is important to learn to relax and love the pleasure that your body is able to give you. In order to discover the joy of sexual gratification, just start pronounce affirmations to achieve orgasm. Affirmations - are positive statements that affect your subconscious and make you believe I can now experience the fun and enjoyment of sex!

Such sessions "therapy" to your subconscious mind are designed to create new ideas and new ways of automatic response in situations of intimate life. Affirmations are best to say, sitting comfortably on a sofa or in a chair, to the sounds of ocean waves and light music to be included in the partial volume.

Use the power of your mind to change the attitude towards one's own body and the sensations that it can give you. Change for the better the way your subconscious mind makes you think about itself. Only you must not forget: it is necessary to recite affirmations every day, for at least half an hour in a row, you can even several times a day, and certainly for quite a long time. The first results you will notice no sooner than twenty days. But, believe me, your efforts will not be wasted, and full and bright orgasms not keep you waiting!

You are free to make for themselves the positive phrase that will help you relax and tune in to receive pleasure. The main rule - all allegations should be held, as is not denied, that is, we can not say "can not", "I am not afraid," "do not think", and the like. And again, talking about themselves only in the present time and in any case not in the future, "I" instead of "I can", "I feel" and not "I'm going to feel," "I did it" instead of "I will" and so on.

For example, here are a few positive statements already compiled the most suitable for you from which you can also include in their affirmations:

  • I have a strong sexual attraction;
  • During sex, I always come orgasms;
  • Orgasms I always have strong and vibrant;
  • For me there is only my partner and I during sex;
  • I am very quick to respond to my partner's sexual energy;
  • I get great pleasure from sex;
  • I am very sexy woman;
  • I love sex;
  • I look forward to sex;
  • Sex is for me a source of great pleasure;
  • I always have an orgasm comes easily;
  • I'm always there for several orgasms during sex;
  • I have very easily occurs sexual arousal;
  • I have a lot of erogenous point, and I really like it when their partner caresses;
  • I feel very sexy and attractive;
  • I feel at ease and comfortable when having sex, I'm very easy to excite;
  • My mind is free from problems during sex;
  • I only care about my body and my feelings during sex
  • I am very sexy woman, I have a strong libido;
  • I'm attracted to men because I am full of sexual energy;
  • I am confident in their sexuality;
  • The desire to stand there I easily at any time that I want or my partner;
  • I have a beautiful body that is able to give me great pleasure.

Full sexual life - a pledge of physical and mental health of each of us. Sexuality is not flawed, it is natural. Men do not like dispassionate icicles. Therefore, you should try to awaken their passion by any means. If we apply this to the maximum power, the question of why a woman does not get an orgasm sooner or later cease to exist.

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