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Sexy female libido, unlike representatives of the strong half of humanity - this is a very controversial concept. On the one hand, it is certainly there. On the other hand, few of us (honestly), I would be able to realize the power and splendor of this wonderful gift of nature and experience the most powerful female orgasm. Sometimes comes to mind is an unhappy comparison: women's sexuality can be likened to a ghost - everyone knows about it, but few have seen it. What is the reason for this and whether it is possible to change things for the better? Let us first know what it is, the nature of female orgasm.

Dispel the myth of their frigidity

But not all so sad as it may seem at first glance. Each of us can fully enjoy the rich shades of a full sexual life. The first step on the way to the heights of bliss will be the realization of what is the secret of the female orgasm. Each woman is individual: this statement can be easily projected on the concept of excitability. One male plant from a light touch, the other maintains a cheerful calm even after an hour of love games. Such a wide range of temperaments explained by a variety of causes, circumstances and personal predispositions.

Features of the female orgasm depend on age. For example, at the beginning of the sexual life of a girl is considered the main erogenous zone clitoris. Thus he coitus it certainly gives a lot of positive emotions, but until orgasm sometimes far away. As you continue to sexuality in the concept of erogenous zones is a certain shift in emphasis, which in itself is the norm. But this clitoris usually remains confident leader responsible for the means of achieving the female orgasm.

Sexual receptivity of other erogenous areas can vary with age and under the influence of individual characteristics of the female body. But even knowing where each of them is not an absolute guarantee of orgasm. These zones and sensitively respond appropriately to external stimuli only if their stimulation is delivered correctly. How exactly? It has its own laws and rules that lead to the desired result, that is, arousal and orgasm.

The first - is the focus, that is to focus precisely on that area, or some of them, stimulation of which displays the peak excitation and orgasm brings. It should take into account the factor that even the most sensitive erogenous zone in women may at some point lose their "magic" properties. Then caresses focus should shift to other excitable zone.

Second - is the intensity or degree, speed and force of the impact on the erogenous zone. Of course, the terms of the mechanics of a university course in the context of articles on the delicate subject may look somewhat wildly, or rather I say just can not be.

Third - rhythm: it is important not only in musical works. Increasing or weakening it in the process of sexual intercourse, can be largely adjusted orgasm.

Fourth - Duration: Here, as nowhere else, just the principle of reasonable sufficiency. Time for a prelude, and on the act of love, as it should be to woman managed to sufficiently excited and get the desired sensory experiences. Here the great role played by types of female orgasm. Thus, the clitoral usually occurs faster than vaginal. And the duration of intercourse in the first case is substantially reduced. As for the vaginal orgasm, it can also occur quite quickly. If you know some of the secrets.

 how to find the point ji woman

G-spot in women

We have considered, so to speak, some universal rules that can contribute to the excitation of a woman and hasten the orgasm itself. But the main secret of female sexuality, a secret key, ascending to the top of the world, is considered to be a small place in our body known a variety of stakeholders, entitled "Point G».

In the now accepted terminology it is called also "point G", "point Graffenberga» or «g-point». This is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of the body. Where a woman has the point G? Located it is a truly magical place on the upper wall of the vagina, at a distance of two to five centimeters from the entrance. Like already mentioned the clitoris, this point - one of the most pronounced erogenous zones. Skillfully working on it, you can bring the girl or a woman even before such a wonderful thing as jet orgasm.

Of course, I said the point can not be considered a recipe for women's happiness at all times. The body of each of us profoundly unique and exciting G-spot also requires a highly individual approach. It is quite possible that the partner is found g-point and sufficient "bothered", but stimulation of the promised land of the flesh did not give the desired result. In this case, the attention of men should not escape and other erogenous zones - a reliable guide on the way to an orgasm. But more often the man who found the G-spot and learned how to stimulate a woman leads to a memorable climax.

 How to find the right woman ji

How to correctly act on the point G?

Poses for its stimulation are different. Some handle this magical land on their own, palpating his fingers or using a vibrator. However, the best way to impact on the G-spot are rhythmic friction during traditional sex. The most likely achieve the result in the case where the partner is in a pose rider face to man. A good option would be and our favorite "doggy style". In these positions the penis has the greatest pressure on the desired point, and after a hot wave excitation, powerful orgasm will not take long.

Another way is that the partner stimulates g-point with one or two fingers. How to find the point G? It is easy to find if the vagina is sufficiently excited to introduce the fingers, at the top of the wall it is possible to feel a small bump. The distance depends on the anatomy of the female body. Usually it is not more than two to five centimeters.
Manual stimulation of the G-spot is quite important, as the penis during intercourse affects you want us to land rather weak. If your partner really wants to give you a bright and unforgettable orgasm without manual stimulation of the point he is unlikely to do. And it is desirable that it have an idea of ​​where the point G.

As practice shows, the most comfortable position to bring his partner to orgasm by stimulating the G-spot is: a man is on his side, and excited woman lying on her back. Partner enters into the vagina middle and ring fingers so that the thumb is on the clitoris. This situation gives hand man at the same time stimulate and point G, and the clitoris, delivering partner double bliss.

Do not forget about the circumstance that poses for the point G are such that most couples do not have a clue. There are provisions that are suitable not only ladies physique fat because they require some acrobatic skills - the legs must be kept almost at a right angle to the body. For owners of magnificent forms such a posture hardly seems convenient.

During intercourse a woman or girl is fully capable to experience clitoral and vaginal orgasms at the same time - under certain course of action. Doing massage the point G, man, for best results, a good pace can produce forward motion with your fingers up and down, alternating these motions with caresses the clitoris and the vaginal opening. If the partner is doing something right, he will notice a vaginal juice, which will be released as a result of plenty of strong excitation. A male orgasm literally feel his fingertips, which excludes all thought that the partner for any reason simply feigns orgasm.

It is safe to say that a man who does not know where to find the G-spot or do not have a clue about this erogenous zone during intercourse dissipates power wasted. The classic "missionary" without proper stimulation magic point will not bring the desired partner to orgasm. But give the beloved pleasure is not so difficult - the only important thing to know about the G-spot and be able to handle it correctly. And the use of the female orgasm is beyond doubt - it not only contributes to its mental and physical health, but also gives a big pleasure to the man.

In accordance with the laws of physiology, if the woman is in a state of excitement, the vaginal muscles tightly cover the penis, which leads to increased feelings partner during frictions. And just before the onset of orgasm, vaginal muscles are located in the front third, cut, tight covering male member that gives the partner bright euphoric sensation.

Finding the G-spot individual features, complexion and the anatomy of the female body should be considered mandatory. There are also representatives of the weaker sex, who have expressed an erogenous zone is the rear wall of the vagina. Do not fall into the category of rare and women experiencing voluptuous sensations when exposed to the muscles of the perineum. Has sensitivity to touch male and the cervix, but in order to make this place has become a source of good feeling, you need a strong clitoral stimulation. In other words, the types of female orgasms are quite diverse.

No one doubts the fact that men do not understand the meaning of erotic fondling partner, bear huge losses in intimate terms. Quality and expertly executed foreplay before intercourse pays hundredfold bright female orgasm and gentle attitude after wave of passion gradually subside.

G-spot exists and works. For many men, devoted to the secrets of the g-point, this hypothesis has long since become an imperative. Wonderful female orgasm enhancer capable of performing miracles, if we use them wisely and lovingly, giving a feeling of supreme confidence and enjoyment favorite.

 Find point G: Tips for women

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