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"Everything is changing in this age of change ...". This quote from a song by the popular group may well be applied to the sphere of intimate relations. Today, no one is shocked by the extravagant ads on thematic boards Internet resources, or in conventional print. It puts a message of this type, "the young man looking for a married couple for regular meetings", "suggest a threesome" or "M + M looking for M + F". Why do people tend to find a company for the bedroom? What causes them to deviate from the age-old traditions? Search diversity or general decline in morals? Try to understand such sensitive issues.

L'amour de trois: What is a threesome

Threesome popularly called differently. The ancient Chinese poetically called a meeting of love trio "Day three gods." In the tradition of those times was the norm, when the representatives of the ruling elite indulged in pleasures with his wife and concubine. Moreover, the notion of any threesome had an ideological basis. According to him, the energy of two of the fair sex gave the man an incomparable experience. That is why the triumvirate, which was attended by two individuals of the female sex, regarded as the pinnacle of universal harmony.

Sexual pluralism, deviant behavior. What euphemisms not only awarded lovers indulge in amorous pleasures so unusual. At all times, the problem involved, and sexology. Scientists have been set a curious fact: male and female representation on three different love as much as a candle from the spotlight.

For example, it was found that if a woman wants sex, she usually imagines group sex with two men. In the imagination of boys born the picture opposite. When the husband wants to indulge in amorous pleasures, women should be at least two. No other guys should not be there.

Men's psychology is set up so that the presence of another male in the bedroom originally perceived. Man subconsciously thinks that his physiological data may be subject to comparison. The women belong to the second partner with a certain share of jealousy. On this basis, we can conclude that the family threesome will be a serious test for spouses, hard-hitting on the psyche.

If, however, the decision to conduct such an experiment is accepted, then we can start practical implementation of the event. Make it easier than it might seem at first glance. Technique threesome does not require any virtuoso skills. The main thing - have at least a rough scenario of what would happen in the bedroom when the three of them gather there.

 threesome sex

Radu himself having sex with another partner

In implementing this option is almost always a woman to win. After all, if two lovers she feels the subject of adoration. As a rule, both parties focus on the actions of a single lady all my attention, and it can not flatter the vanity.

But there are some specific points. For example, if one of the men - a husband or close friend of the lady, it will be difficult to prevent the like. For almost all men are by nature jealous. A more realistic version of a threesome - with friends who are heterosexual. In this case, the lady guaranteed an unforgettable experience. In the complete absence of motives of jealousy and figuring out whose dignity is more representative of the fairer sex can relax.

We sell men's imagination when in bed another girl

It is believed that to be in bed with two women at the same time - the dream of every representative of the stronger sex. This is due to the fact that man is by nature more inclined to a polygamous relationship than she. In such an alliance, he has to, first of all, to adequately assess their capabilities, so as not to appear in front of any one of the partners in a bad light.

The best scenario for this situation is the one that will create a small team erotic relaxed atmosphere fervent fun. To create such an atmosphere often resort to alcohol, but it is necessary to have a sense of proportion, so that the next experiments in bed is not marred by drunken excesses of one of the partners. A man should not forget about the technical side of things. After all, he will have to render account to two representatives of the fair sex. He must try to make each one of them was satisfied with what is happening.

In contrast to the classic male sex, with the group several vectors of interest can be shifted. For, with an increase of emotional stress in the process of communication possible unexpected variations. For example, you have to be prepared for the fact that women, giving men a fraction of the attention, they want to get to know each other.

It is important that in this scenario the man does not feel alone and abandoned, and drew a conflict has arisen for the benefit of the entire company. This is where ingenious knight come cunnilingus, which is guaranteed to be able to turn our attention to the lady partner. In addition, if the participants are engaged with each other, you can enjoy the pleasure itself. As a rule, are interested unusual spectacle partner rather quickly move into the category of the audience participants.

May interfere with planting, and vain. It is not necessary to imagine unrealistic picture, trying to get pleasure from what is really going on. By controlling the process of foreplay, men, it is important to catch the moment when one of the partners will be fully prepared for more decisive action, that is to say the immediate vicinity.

It should be remembered that the onset of sex - is a turning point in game three. After all, as soon as the man merged in the ecstasy of love with one of the ladies, the other for some time remain without attention. Therefore, you should consider all the way to the two partner were involved in the process. The proven way as to make such - during sexual intercourse with a woman kiss and fondle each. This allows you to get on the scale of the brightest experiences orgasm.

But the climax of pleasure rush not worth it, since the whole process has to bring satisfaction to each group member. And if it happened that a man reached "the point of no return", he must make every effort to ensure that the partner and experienced bliss. The meaning of love is just the three of us is that everyone gets his share of fun and no one will leave the arena unsatisfied.

 threesome tips

Threesome: whether to go on experiments

In a kaleidoscope of new impressions do not forget about basic measures of hygiene and safety. It is unlikely that you will require a certificate from the guest to ensure that his health. And if sex between couples is usually the most secure in the presence of a third of the bed increases the risk of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. The best defense against such unfortunate surprises - the use of quality condoms. And they do not accidentally mentioned here in the plural. If you change partners as required and change the condom. Exchange for sex spouses also require such precautions.

After a wave of bliss retreated to love fatigue, we should not forget that the three-way sex and love - it's not the same thing. So, if one of the women is a friend or a permanent partner, it does not mean that the other can apply for the same role.

Attempting to continue and develop the love triangle is almost always doomed to failure, if not more. And after a bold experiment was successful, and the third woman to be clearly understood that it was only a step on the way of new knowledge. And nothing more. Otherwise, long-term consequences can be quite unpredictable. Moreover, if the second half will understand that threesome - it's just an experiment, even very brave, then the couple probably will be able to repeat it in the future.

If the companion of life characterized by a jealous temper, then repeat the like, of course, not worth it. In these cases, the practice shows that the thirsty man novelty one option is to look for adventure on the side. There is an opinion that it is better - secret treason, albeit random than a long mental anxiety of someone near and dear.

And in conclusion. Psychologists believe, not without reason, that threesome - nothing more than an attempt to escape from their fears of big feelings, relationships. We all come from childhood, and so perhaps the origins of deviant behavior in sex is worth looking at a young age.

Of course, family threesome can make a variety of intimate life of spouses. However, to practice it constantly is not necessary. It is quite dangerous for the partners. Still love - the feeling is very fragile. And risk it for the sake of carnal pleasures - stupid and reckless. Therefore, it is desirable for couples to visit a psychologist before they decide to try a threesome. Tips that will give a specialist in their particular case, help save the marriage. Plus, so you can avoid serious trauma.

 Threesome: how to bring novelty into the relationship?

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