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  • We forget about the monotony and repeat
  • The right man to do blowjob
  • Deep throating: the intricacies of a complex case
  • Ejaculation - the result of oral petting

More recently, in our society, oral sex was considered almost a sexual perversion. Horror, is not it? However, times are changing, customs are becoming more free, and in private life happens everywhere progress, flatly rejecting any conventional taboos. Well, how could it be otherwise? After all, sex - this is the area of ​​our existence, which allows maximum relax and forget about all the problems and fears. And today, the overwhelming number of couples practice oral sex with great pleasure.

We forget about the monotony and repeat

But then, what bad luck: it clear that it is - is normal and natural, we were still able. And what exactly would be nice second half? On this issue, not everyone knows the answer. In reality, however sad it may sound, a few of us know how to make a blowjob so that the partner is not easy to experience the fun and took off to the skies, forgetting about everything.

And how to do deep blowjob - so that's the main part of machinery in general women are unknown. Surprising in such a situation a little. Indeed, despite the fact that oral sex - one of the oldest forms of sexual intimacy, experience in this area we have, unfortunately, a little bit.

Well, think, blowjob (fellatio or how anyone would want) - and that, in this complex? Yes, a woman should only touch the lips of manhood as a partner begins to feel the heavenly bliss! So I think almost all of the fair sex. Oh, how wrong they are! In fact, only a few of us know how to do is not just good, but penetrating to tremble at the knees blow.

No, of course, any kind of oral sex like any men. They like it when women kiss them even just a sex organ. However, to make a blow, it gives him a real pleasure, not as easy as it seems at first glance. Yes, ladies, will not be so arrogant, believing that our tongue is able to always make your favorite experience heavenly bliss! Not at all.

Technique of oral sex is not as primitive as it seems at first glance. So let's find the answer to our question: how to learn to do blowjob so that the partner took off to the skies? And what usually should always end with oral sex.

Of course, a man easy to bring to orgasm even mild rhythmic touch of the lips and tongue to the most sensitive part of the penis - head. By the way, almost all of the fair sex prefer so exciting second half. However, this is not the aerobatics in oral sex. Over time, such a blow bored and cease to haunt.

Imagine that every day your guy does the same 3 seconds biting nipples, two minutes ons orally, and performing repetitive movements of the tongue. Whether we like it? Of course not! Both men and women like variety. So let's experiment! In this case, our elected representatives are always experiencing amazing feelings. And expect every minute of proximity with great impatience.

 What affection like men

The right man to do blowjob

Many of us believe that if hard and deep to capture manhood mouth, and then move up and down, you can deliver the maximum pleasure to the man. Once silent and suffer, so they love such affection. This, of course, a stimulant effect, but do not always give exactly the result we want to achieve.

Firstly, because the sensitivity of a member of all men are different. Second, the structure of the mouth of the fair sex is also different. If a small mouth and sharp teeth, when a similar fashion blowjob there is a risk to offend the most sensitive area of ​​the penis teeth. And if we have at this time of tormented member of the hand, the partner during fellatio will not indulge in heavenly bliss, and the strain with the fear of waiting that is about to lose his manhood. What can there be a passion?

But while to learn how to do blowjob? In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. The main thing - the desire and patience, both yours and your partner. And then you will succeed. So, if you decide to practice and experiment, you can choose from the following options:

  • Circular motion

What would caress your partner did not like (crude or tender), this option is exactly like him. You will at the same time and start to tease the young man, causing a passionate desire to have sex. And despite the fact that standing on my knees, that you are at this moment dominant person.

Getting. Before you take by mouth such a vulnerable spot of the male body, the penis gently explore his soft tongue and lips. Determine the most sensitive point. Then lightly bowing the head and jaws, slowly turning his head, grab the penis deeper. He must perform mouth-free circular motion.

Once a member enters the mouth deep enough, slowly remove it, without ceasing to rotate the head. And then repeat the same steps, but with circular movements in the opposite direction. As you may have initially realized this kind of blowjob is better to do standing in front of a partner on the lap.

  • Magic bliss

Bizarre Blowjob implies affection of all erogenous zones that exist on the body of our loved ones. However, the main sensitive area of ​​the penis is not only his head, but also the area of ​​the scrotum. Guys like it when the ladies caress her tongue. If during a blowjob to pay attention to it, that oral sex will get a special piquancy and finesse.

How better to do this kind of blow? We lift the hard penis, mouth to get the scrotum. Then strong shocks tongue alternately massaging the area under the scrotum and testicles itself. Then gently and tenderly licked her and the entire penis to the head. In this ever-changing movement of the tongue: to do more and eight small, head up and down, etc. Men like these weasels. This method is also convenient to do fellatio on her knees.

  • Butterfly

As you know, this can be done in different ways, depending on the mood and the size of manhood. For example, if the penis is not huge (less than 18 cm), you can make this kind of blowjob. So, take shallow mouth to the penis, head and find the tongue gently licking the area where the head is connected to the skin of the trunk - bridle region.

Slightly bow penis hand and repeat all over again, making head movements in the form of eights (at the moment when the lips reach the bridle). If at this time gently and slowly to stimulate the member of the hand up and down, his alternate shallow mouth with strong jaws and deep dives (if possible to the base), the man will experience an unforgettable experience.

In this case, the fair sex may enhance orgasm orchestra (and in fact this is the basic art of oral sex), pinching a finger channel emission of semen, located at the base of the penis. Thus it is necessary to massage the lips and fingertips trunk and head of the penis, mimicking the characteristic ejaculation spasms. It's a pretty easy way blowjob, but he is able to enhance the pleasure received by a man many times.

  • Scrotum

There are some men who get heavenly pleasure when they pat Only scrotum. No, they certainly enjoy oral sex the penis, but in this case the lion's share of attention should be paid to this part of the body. Initially, it should be gently lick, while gently stimulating the base of the penis fingers. If the partner is completely trusted and relaxed, take the scrotum in her mouth and gently playing with the testicles tongue. At the same time we remember that the scrotum is very sensitive to pain, so you need to caress her very carefully.

  • Bridle

Moisturize lips, bowing of the head of the penis to the line bridle. Carefully Werth jaws in one direction or the other. Note: Bridle - a member of the most sensitive area, so this technique of oral sex can cause a man's fast and powerful orgasms. To avoid this, from time to time we go to the usual methods blowjob, for example, with a gentle lick the head.

  • Easy blowjob

How best to do blowjob to your jaw to the end of this session is not numb? Take the head in her mouth, gently suck it, while hitting on it with the tip of the tongue. Alternating these activities with the movements of the lips along the trunk of the penis, thus compressing it and the tongue and lips. Slowly, then quickly swallow the penis as far as possible and release it. Slowly descend lips down the shaft, up and re-grab the crown.

  • Gentle blowjob

Relax the tongue, making it as soft and covers his penis so that he licked as much of the surface of the member. Then, rising to the head, gently touched her tongue over. This technique is convenient oral sex in any position. It is recommended to use it when you need to quickly make a partner and prepare for sex.

  • Hard blowjob

We stretch the foreskin member up, closing his head, tuck the tip of the tongue in a cup formed over the head and make them light circular movements. If the external part of the penis is not very sensitive to pain, it can be at this time a little bite. However, such methods do not like blowjob to all men. Some do not like it when the ladies generally use teeth during these caresses. So, before you start biting, it is necessary to find a partner, whether he likes such action.

  • Difficult blowjob

How to make a good blowjob, who remembered you liked the young man for a long time? We pull the foreskin and gently licked her edge, occasionally bowing head lips and lightly sucking it like candy. Letting go of the head, are carefully licking her prozhilochki. We beat a member of tongue, sometimes quite firmly clasping head jaws. Periodically carry out the trunk of the penis surface clenched teeth.

  • Lollipop

Licks tongue member from the base to the head. We are moving to one side, then the other, at the same time sliding her tongue up and down. Gently hold the tongue on the bridle of the penis. Then we get down to the base of the penis and again climb to the bridle. Gently massaging at this time the entire surface of the penis. This process can cause quick blowjob orgasm, so do it carefully, occasionally switching to a more sparing techniques of fellatio.

  • Deep throating

We swallow dick as deep as possible. Without moving his tongue on the ball, trying to embrace them as much as possible the surface of the penis. Few presses the tab member to the sky, then let go. Compress the sponge, then, how would hardly miss a penis in her mouth. Tab drop into a cup formed between the foreskin and the head. Scrotum all the time caress the hand.

Now you know what men like oral sex. But this is only a small list of what can be done of the fair sex with your partner. List all the ways to meet the right man, as you know, is impossible.

The main thing in this issue - fantasy and desire to give his handpicked incomparable to anything fun. Someone puts on for this ice tongue, mouth filled with champagne, someone licking penis with a piece of chocolate or strawberry. Fudge is no limit.

 What affection like men

Deep throating: the intricacies of a complex case

Many of us believe that it is the most virtuosic deep blowjob. However, to implement it is not so easy, with this, perhaps, agree to all the women. Not all of the women here can sustain such "torture" in the throat when a foreign object is inserted. How, then, to learn to do deep blowjob, which does not want to flee to the ladies' room?

It is a mistake to think that the need to maximize the effect of swallowing the penis as deep as possible. In fact, a deep absorption is not accompanied by some unusual or too sensual sensations. In fact, men are just convince myself that, after watching an exotic movie.

True bliss majority of the representatives of the stronger sex feels when a woman does blowjob with diversity, enthusiasm and desire. A degree of grasping the penis in the mouth that does not really matter. If a man is important to feel his cock deep dives, and his partner can not do this, there are a few tricks. For example, it can complement the blow trunk member obhvatyvaniem hands. But of course it would be better to learn to take a deep grip. Proper oral sex of this kind have some features.

For the deepest absorption best option would be a situation in which the partners are at the position 69 (their heads are at each other's genitals). If a woman is in contact with the penis into the throat involuntarily experience a gag reflex, then, to an attack took place, it is necessary to make easy shots with your fingers in the throat. Term in this case stimulated tongue, lips and throat simultaneously.
In order to reduce the occurrence of the gag reflex to a minimum, we should as much as possible to relax the throat and not strain her during deep penetration.

Ejaculation - the result of oral petting

Another nuance blowjob, who do not always like the ladies - the moment of ejaculation. Typically, such a second man begins to make specific movements for sexual intercourse in which the penis is immersed deeper and deeper into her mouth. To this must be finished: try to relax as much as possible and not suspended from the partner.

The Art of oral sex involves our ability to take the sperm in her mouth. Otherwise, the feeling of orgasm will be spoiled. Most men feel very impartially, if the seed is poured out after blowjob (or spat). For the same, to ejaculation was not dangerous to the respiratory tract, directly in front of the woman's head should be slightly inclined to the side, at the same time capturing the penis mouth as deeply as possible.

Question swallowing sperm - this is probably the biggest and very sensitive issue blowjob. If we spit the seed or furiously wipe his face, the man the feeling that, in the most intimate moment of oral intimacy he was rejected. Men's seed, from the perspective of physicians - a very useful life-giving elixir has a reducing effect. In addition, the sperm - a wonderful remedy for skin care. Of course, the taste of it is not always pleasant, but it is easy to fix, if, for example, regularly drink elect pineapple juice or fruit to feed.

I do not think that during a blowjob orgasm only able to get the man. To the highest point of bliss can come and a woman, if she would give the process in all its fullness. It helps it or masturbation, or both are committed by men kunnilingulis.

Many women claim that opinion, directed during a blowjob right in the eyes of men, and his incredible winds and partner. Especially pleasant delivers a glance at the moment of orgasm. And with a deep blowjob to practice tantric breath, combined with compression and unclamping muscles of the perineum. This contributes to the extraordinary bright and long female orgasm.

Poses for oral sex may be different. Each pair chooses the position that is able to deliver maximum enjoyment for both. The main thing - to desire such caresses and to seek him always, and men and women.

Finally, remember a few rules of good blowjob:

  • Wanting to do blowjob;
  • Implement it in various ways;
  • Try to get the very maximum pleasure during oral sex;
  • Continuously move;
  • Loving the penis of her husband;
  • Pay more attention to the head of the penis and scrotum;
  • Caress during a blowjob erogenous zones of men;
  • Try not to spit out the sperm.

Experiment! After all, in private life is acceptable all that both partners agree! A blow - it is the most intimate part of it, which is able to combine the two for a lifetime. Plus, after that relationship begins to dominate a woman.

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