Secrets of Sex

Of course, most of us will sooner or later become boring traditional sexual acts, and I want to try sex in different positions. No? Well, then, most likely, we are still amateurs intimate life, even if we had a large expense sex acts behind. And we believe that intimacy - just a nice addition to being capable to somehow brighten up the monotonous routine. Therefore no exotic species sex inspire us and inspire.

And in vain. For sex, as we have said - this virtuosity, mastery of which can not only relieve the tension of existence, but also completely turn a person's life, make him happy. The secret of sex is not the number. So, if we are not afraid to experiment, let us strive to do our will love life, and to introduce various innovations into it!

A variety of sex in any case does not mean constant change of partners. On the contrary, it implies intimacy with familiar partner with whom to learn new poses safely possible that you misunderstood. And then enjoy sex in different positions will be the maximum.

Of course, not every one of us will be decided on such experiments that reveal all the secrets of sex - it needs to have enough free and creative nature. But if it is the case, sooner or later, it will require something exquisite and unusual. And then we will be sorely missed just exotic sex. After all, it allows you to completely relax and forget about everything, losing all sense of reality, and soar to the heavens with a great feeling of free flight.

Well, we are ready to fly? Then go ahead! For a start, not to shock is not yet entirely familiar to a skilled sexual pleasures psyche mastered fairly benign, but quite exotic secrets of perfect sex. The first one is called "The prisoner of love." This method relies on the intimacy that a man in it plays the role of a conqueror, the same woman - submissive slave. This ancient, seemingly forgotten today, the position of men against women, is still very strong in our subconscious. And like so many couples.

 sex in different poses

For an unusual posture called "Caught in Love" we need a wide belt, scarf, belt or a belt. No, no, nothing sadomasochistic! All these items are needed mainly to surroundings. Oh, and more, in order to tie their hands or feet could feel the woman in the men's arms as possible defenseless and weak. But this is so impressed with her and to the man!

This non-standard position for sex is that partner, symbolically capturing the Lady captured, she joins her hands in front of the tape, a belt or a scarf. This can be done even when the woman is standing, and when she lies on her back on the bed - in any case, such an act will look very sexy. He then ties the hands of the "captive" to the back of the bed, spreads her legs wide, enters into it slowly with relish, and then just as slowly begins to move her hips, trying to get a woman as deeply as possible.

One of the secrets of perfect sex - a clever actor's game. In this position, it is also present. The woman - a slave at first it is not necessary to answer his master too rapidly, because it captive, and hence it is given internally! But it is very gentle caress will drive anyone crazy, and now the little captive prisoner begins to answer them, first bending your knees, and then succumbing to meet the movements of his oppressor stronger and stronger. And - here it is, the long-awaited final! Bright, powerful orgasm ...

If you have imagination, you can find other original idea for the stand in such a position - a woman sees, winds, seemingly reluctantly given to a man trying her tame and so on ... experiment, we invent, create your own sex masterpieces - for this and there is sex ! We attach a maximum effort to uncover the secrets of a perfect sex! Let it will initially be a sham - it rapidly turns into a kind of reality.

Men usually love sex in different positions, in such a position of the original feel, as a rule, on top of the world. Still would! After all, they - the strong and skilful conquerors, who managed not only to win his woman, but also to give her an indescribable sexual pleasure! As for the "slave", this method of sex to her promises an unforgettable orgasm. Well, who among us does not dream about it ?!

 the secrets of the perfect sex

Hands partner in a pose "Caught in Love" are free, and it can be any number of them to caress his chest, abdomen and other parts of the body of the Lady, trying to keep this body, as if pacifying resisting woman. The woman is also an opportunity to strengthen the degree of self-excitation and excitation partner by changing the position of the feet - they can bend, lift, lower, and so on. Experimenting, revealing more and more secrets of the perfect sex!

The greatest pleasure Pose "Caught in Love" delivers when during intercourse changes the rhythm of movement. If the partners alternated slow and shallow penetration with fast and deep, they will experience an incredible feeling.

There is quite an original idea to stand in this position when a woman tied to a bedpost. Its essence lies in the fact that a man eight alternates slow and deep penetration and six shallow penetration. When these movements in both of its partners quickly comes incredibly strong and bright orgasm.

Such exotic types of sex are particularly good in cases when a woman has a wide vagina or a man has a rather large penis. With a wide vagina the Lady can enhance stimulation of the genital organs, if it will pull the legs to the abdomen. And with a large penis in men and relatively small vagina of a woman she can stretch your legs, and penetration will not be as deep.
Pose "Caught in Love" - ​​only one key option for those who want variety in sex. And if you liked it, you can try some other -That even more exotic sex. What? This will be discussed further ...

 Sex in different positions

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 missionary position


  • Technique sex in the classic pose
  • Positive aspects of the classical sex
  • Disadvantages missionary position
  • How to diversify the classic missionary position?

Missionary position - this is one of the most popular ways of intimacy, is the first step to learning all the nuances of sex. In people, this position is often ironically referred to as workers' and peasants. Legend has it that the name of the missionary, she received through the Pacific natives. Christians who attend them are actively preaching in sex position "face to face", which for the locals was a great discovery. So they called these things are strange, in their view, the position for making love missionary.

According to some other sources, the position gained its name centuries ago, at a time when the influence of the church on people's lives was strong and unshakable. And distribute it to all spheres, including sex, to which priests were treated very negatively. Just cancel the intimacy they certainly could not - the Church needed a flock. And therefore the prescription of priests in order to protect the congregation from corruption and not lose their positions, was this: "The husband and wife should make love only in the classic missionary position. Otherwise - anathema to all emanating from it consequences. "

Inexperienced in these matters, God-fearing congregation unquestioningly follow them obediently fetus and breeding. However, some, of course, hooligans, and spitting on anathema, indulge in debauchery, testing in practice a variety of sexual positions. It is often the classic pose of a woman made it impossible to have an orgasm. But on other variants of sex will be discussed in another article. In the meantime, it is worth to pay attention to intimacy in the missionary position, or as it is called, the workers and peasants.

As you know, the classic sexual intercourse - is one in which a man and woman lie that kind sandwiches face to face. Such a situation is able to fully meet, perhaps, only those who are just beginning to take up the art of sex. Well, maybe more, and those who engage in them by virtue of the duties. By the way, the last conversation about non-traditional locations for lovemaking generally uninteresting. Although ... Who knows, maybe we proposed a variety of options intimacy awaken in these people a real cold volcano of passion ... Well, we will not be distracted.

 sex in the missionary position

Technique sex in the classic pose

As for the art of the sex, it is quite simple. A woman in a classic pose lies on her back and pushed straight or bent knees apart. The man, shifting his weight on his hands, falls on top of his partner and introduces his penis into the vagina. It can guide your hands - it will give intimacy more spicy, especially if the member would be in the hands of women. Penis better promote slow - the vagina becomes moist and better adjust to his size.

Once a member has penetrated inside, the partners begin to make reciprocating or circular motion hips to one side, then the other. The circular movements in the missionary position from time to time can be changed to a rhythmic back and forth, wiggle your hips, strong tremors. If a woman, legs bent, feet firmly into the mattress you are rested and lift the hips as high as possible, the penis will penetrate to the maximum depth of the vagina, which takes pleasure to her partner. If the figure allows the ladies, legs during sexual intercourse can be put on the shoulders of men. It will also help the member to penetrate as deeply as possible, to stimulate strong and powerful orgasms.

By the way, should not be underestimated and the obvious rationality of the missionary position. And let Modern loving both sexes sniffed about proximity in a familiar bed, and looking for a more extreme place for love in a variety of poses, but the so-called "home" sex, especially during the cold season, still topical. And that's the missionary position allows you to enjoy it under a warm blanket.

Described by the classical situation for men is a unique way to show their excellent physical shape woman he loves, and if necessary, then replace the power exercises in the gym, as it allows to train the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Up on one elbow or arm's length, you can surprise your partner beautiful relief of the muscles on the chest, shoulders and forearms. But the woman missionary position allows you to relax and just have fun, surrendering favorite.

Positive aspects of the classical sex

So, what is good missionary position? First, in the "face to face" to easily share kisses and foreplay, little knowing all the new aspects of sex and sensual pleasures. Secondly, a man, which is located on top, it gives an opportunity to feel a kind of lord of weak submissive woman. And that, as a rule, like both partners.

Third, it is not necessary to discard a certain patina and romance, it is inherent in this provision. You can watch the face and eyes of the elect, getting pleasure from how their expression changes as muscles brings in a paroxysm of passion, when it is an orgasm. And from an aesthetic point of view, the position itself looks quite attractive, it is no wonder the majority of feature films the characters have sex that way.

The missionary position is good by the fact that it does not require any flexibility and extensive experience in the field of sex. Therefore partners for the first time to know each other through sex, do not feel in a position of special inconveniences. Besides, many women only in the classic position can experience vaginal orgasm. And the men who have problems with potency, in this way is much easier to meet favorite and feel "on high".

Another advantage of this situation is that it allows partners are closely huddled together and get other than sexual, emotional satisfaction, and more. The clitoris is a woman in such a position close contact with the pubis men, and this contributes to the high probability receive bright, sometimes multiple orgasms. And most importantly, it happens regardless of the penis size and depth of his immersion into the vagina.

Therefore, many of the fair sex favorite position in sex - the missionary, because it is the first time it helps to discover a depth of their own sexuality (unless, of course, the man will deal with the Lady gently and tenderly). Moreover, such an option sex allows both great lovers to explore the structure of the body of each other, and if the two are going to continue their relationship further, they are able to better adapt and understand what gives the chosen maximum pleasure.

 missionary position

Disadvantages missionary position

That's really where it is impossible to make love in the classic pose, it's in space. Indeed, in conditions of weightlessness is much easier to float, not to lie. By the way, there is the sex itself - it is a fantasy or reality? Surely ekstremaly future will invent some way to get the cosmic orgasm. And while such an opportunity was not presented to us, we will talk about more prosaic reasons for dislike of the missionary position.

This position does not favor feminists. They regard it as a way of manifestation of male dominance and contempt for the weaker sex. A glossy magazines for women never tire of repeating that men who have sex in this classic pose, may be a notorious jealous, a miser, a brawler, a smoker with experience, latent alcoholic and so on. In short, we strongly impose the image worthless person, incapable of deeds and, besides, a bad lover.

How all this is true? After all, if you believe the magazines, half of our men is attributed to such unattractive behavioral type. So whether or not to accept the truth of other people's fantasies, viewing through the lens of someone's desire to partner foolish fantasies to get an orgasm, using the classic method for making love?

Undoubtedly, considered objective posture has its drawbacks. Women anoint that have to withstand considerable weight on himself a partner, there is no room for maneuver, so you need to adjust to the rhythm and amplitude of the lover. In addition, not all representatives of the stronger sex to understand the need for stimulation of the clitoris by simply ignoring it. And it can not like women, because the majority is attained orgasm or to reach it requires a very long time. As for men, the tension muscles hand sometimes causes premature ejaculation. And in general, specialists in sexual matters do not recommend sex in classic pose those who are inclined to "finish quickly".

Dislike for the missionary position, many people associated with the fact that, in their opinion, it can not be varied. And sex turns into a routine, an orgasm is not reminiscent of fireworks, and the marriage bed becomes simply a means to sleep well. This common myth is debunked with success in the next section. The most interesting thing is that most people are making love in the missionary position is not even aware of it. The fact is that we are under the power of the stereotype that classical pose for intimacy looks and called such if all women both feet touch the bed plane. But this is not so. Just there are variations, has been successfully applied by many. But they are based on the infamous missionary position.

How to diversify the classic missionary position?

Oddly enough, but this seemingly simple sex positions, there are as many as forty varieties. For example, a woman can lie on your back, as much as possible apart knees bent legs, arranged on top of the man leaning on knees and elbows. Once a member enters the vagina, the Lady pulls one leg between the legs of the partner. Sexual organs, in this case at an angle that makes it possible to enhance the friction between them while driving. This will allow a woman to get an orgasm faster.

Another version of the classic sex positions requires tight closure partner feet after it enters into a member of the man lying on top. It can push the knees bent legs and hug them his girlfriend. In this position, the penis penetrates very deeply into the vagina. Not bad, and this way, when a woman lies on her back, bent knees pressed to his chest, and the man falls from the top, not leaning on it. If you put a pillow under your buttocks ladies and rolled in a blanket roll, the pressure will increase the penis to the famous point G. But many of the fairer sex just did dream about it!

To diversify the classic way of sex, and so can: partner raises the crossed legs, partner, standing on his knees wide apart, it introduces a member. This pose strengthens the contraction of the penis, contributing to its additional friction of the female feet and brings an orgasm. A great pleasure for the missionary position when lying on the back of a woman lifts one leg presses it to his chest, and settled down a little side a man enters into it from above. Classic sex usually provides such an option: the woman widely spreads his knees, and, after it enters into the penis, throws one foot on the man's shoulder, and another pull on the bed.

Another view of the missionary position is that the Lady, lying on his back, crosses his ankles, a man sits down at her. Another type described pose - woman on top of a spread-or, conversely, shifted his feet. In short, if desired, and the most banal position for intimacy can be turned into a kind of masterpiece.

If sex in a classic pose already studied you and order bored, and from two or three other popular options lovemaking too, joy is not much time to explore its exotic ways. After all, people should be happy and emotional harmony without a true sensual pleasure, which is the orgasm, is unthinkable. So experiment and have fun with sex!

 Missionary position: classic sex and its modern interpretations

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