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  • Variant sexy pose with a "peppercorn"
  • Erotic role playing - surprise your man!

In this article we will explain what are the sexual games, you always get the most of your proximity to both partners. Particularly relevant will be the topic for those of you who have a long-standing stable relationship or a long happy marriage. We all know that over time, all romantic and passionate feelings tend to stale, dull, and did not deliver the brightest turbulent emotions that were peculiar to them in the beginning of proximity.

Fortunately, if you and your partner are willing to honestly admit to each other in these changes, the openness itself will prompt exit. And it is to add variety to the usual sex in bed. To get started, try new poses, even if previous versions of lovemaking always gives you satisfaction. Perhaps hitherto unknown position open in a new depth of your sensuality and will give an unforgettable experience. To select the most suitable variation close, look in the Kama Sutra. This "bible of sex games" has a truly stunning property that it never loses its relevance and is a visual aid for lovers of all times.

In addition, if you are alien prejudice visit with her husband or partner of a sex shop. It is not necessary to buy things, the purpose of which drives you in the paint and causes confusion. Perhaps unusual sexy lingerie, perfume or a pair of handcuffs with aphrodisiac - this is something that will give direction to your imagination to find new approaches that can diversify sex. And pay attention to the numerous costumes for role-playing games.

Each person has its own erotic fantasies. Be sure to talk about it with your partner, start a conversation when he is in a relaxed state after violent caresses in bed and ready for an intimate conversation. Feel free themselves openly talk about what role would like to make love. As a general rule, if your relationship with your partner trust is present, he wants to open in response to your honesty. But about all in order!

 sexual games in bed

Variant sexy pose with a "peppercorn"

Today we will speak about this exotic sexual position called "Dreams of nymphet." This position is suitable for those who prefer imaginative games in bed, giving them a true selfless passion. But at least it will be an interesting option for those couples who are together for a long time and want to make a novelty in their intimate life, making it more erotic and sensual.

Sex and the attitude of "Dreams of nymphet" is able to surprise the power of orgasm even the most sophisticated in the field of love and passion of people. To have sex in this position you need to bed with a high back. Man after foreplay goes around the back of the face-up, throws on her feet. To position was as comfortable as possible, soften the edge with the help of a wooden folded blankets.

The woman, willing to try any sexual games with your favorite descends on him, and then, leaning back against the headboard abandoned legs partner gently introduces his penis into itself. His legs slightly bent at the knees, it pulls and puts on a loved one, the beginner gently caress the foot tongue. Lady is holding hands on the headboard, begins to make slow movements up and down.

Pose at first glance seems quite complex, but it is misleading. The tension felt by partners in the movements, makes it possible to strengthen the sensation during sex, but it brings an extraordinary pleasure. To brighten a game in bed, hands, men can be tied behind the head strap. In this case, the woman will be able to stretch his legs in the armpits and make frictions, releasing the headboard. Freeing the hands it can caress the belly of his beloved, or their breasts and clitoris.

Described position allows you to make gentle anal sex if the woman give pleasure such intimate games with your favorite. This version of "Dream of the nymphet" is particularly good that the Lady is free to masturbate was fantastic fun! It does not get less pleasure and her partner, watching the actions of his girlfriend.

Sexual games of this type can be anything. For example, if the girl will be placed back to the partner, it will give her the opportunity to build on the motion of his knees. And if a man is a little push the legs, then the woman leaning on them, will be able during the frictions hand caressing his scrotum or lower abdomen. The unusual and attractiveness of the position is that it allows you to change the position, and, hence, receive a variety of notes of sensual pleasure.

In short, those who love to play sexual games, in the pose of "Dreams of nymphet" will be where carousing. However, it should be noted that this position requires some physical effort of women, but they are paying off with a vengeance. In this position very well and stimulated point G, and the vagina. As the clitoris, it is quite possible to freely caress the hand. All this together allows a woman to get a powerful force for an orgasm, which is impossible to forget.

 erotic games in bed

Erotic role playing - surprise your man!

Want to spice up sex become routine and re-fall in love? Looking for additional points of convergence with a partner and want to learn it in a new way? In these and other questions will help you to role-playing games in bed. That they were successful and your intimacy, like a diamond, flashed bright colors, you need to follow a few important rules. So what should you do if you want to get successful results from intimate experiments?

  1. Try to relax as much as possible, be liberated and forget about the embarrassment. Imagine that you're not in bed, not a miniature theater stage for two. Try on the role of a harlot, or, on the contrary, a young virgin, obedient slave of the "Thousand and One Nights" or the strict teacher, and so on. Stiffness will not allow you to get maximum satisfaction and splash out on all their partner's emotions and feelings. Trust your fantasies, let they supervise your actions, words and actions. Do not think about how it looks from the outside, the best score of your game - the admiration in the eyes of the partner.
  2. Do not take what is happening in the bed too seriously, but in any case do not laugh partner. Remember that inappropriate humor, anecdote or uncontrolled laughter instantly dispel the intimate atmosphere of trust and bring to naught all the preparations. And the next time to tune out to play role-playing games can be very difficult. Sexual energy is like a candle flame - fascinates and burns, but extinguishes from any gust of wind or drafts.
  3. Of course, to guide your partner's actions in the right direction is possible and even necessary. But this should be done gently and delicately, without undue pressure. Information and tips about how to behave in it one time or another, appropriate only if you are playing a game called "Rab and Mrs." or "The teacher and the student."
  4. Find themselves in bed with a loved one, apart from the urgent problems and try to make sure that in your mind was just sex and everything associated with it. If you allow yourself to think of the menu on the coming week will begin to sort out in my mind coming tomorrow plans associated with work, school, children, and so on, you risk not only be reduced, but also frustrating partner.

And now it's time to describe some erotic role-playing games, which are very popular among couples who do not deny yourself the pleasure to experiment with images of each other in bed. Most of them did not provide sophisticated equipment and costumes you can easily make your own or buy in the store the goods for adults.

Many men do not mind to surrender into the hands of seductive female health worker who will perform the slightest desire capricious "sick." Therefore, sex games like "The patient and nurse" is a popular imagination more of it. Get a short white robe (the usual suit and shirt), wear high-heeled shoes on, do not forget the seductive stockings and hang on the neck of a toy stethoscope. As a method of "treatment" you can use the erotic caress and massage, "medicine" will serve champagne with strawberries and chocolate, and entertain "patient" try striptease. The Imaginary Invalid recover and kindled a passion for caring nurse, thank her for her efforts in the most unequivocal manner.

It is no secret that some women experience a special thrill at the thought of how to have sex with an inexperienced student, to seduce him, and at the mercy of inept, but such demanding and looking hands. If you are among them, ask your man to play along with you and make this fantasy a reality. No special clothes you do not need. Suffice it to you beautiful peignoir and a shirt with trousers for a partner.

Act out a scene about how the young student went to extra classes to the teacher-beauty, she invited him to drink tea and inadvertently exposed sexy chest. When he saw a genuine enthusiasm and desire in the eyes of the young man, temptress sits on his lap and teaches the art of deep kiss. Let your partner first movement portray timidity and indecision. Then the power of desire is to overwhelm it in its entirety, and both of you will cover an avalanche of unstoppable and very sensual sex. It is not necessary to go into the bedroom - let passion overtake you in the kitchen, so it will be just interesting and realistic.

If the proposed options do not seem attractive to you, think of your script, because the ideas to sexual games diversified intimacy in bed and beyond, are countless. Anyone who has bothered to make love in traditional poses and images, are quite capable themselves to come up with something that will fly up to the sky and dissolve them. Sex - is an area where each of us expresses the depth of his sensibility through bodily pleasures. And the deeper and more varied your desire to enjoy the passion in all its manifestations, the virtuosity of erotic experiments in bed. Here partners - complete owners, and they can reign supreme each other.

Yielding to love, we release ourselves from the body and fly up to the sky, feeling their presence nearby. So what could be better, and above it? Through sensual erotic games in bed two people become closer to each other, not only bodies, but also all of its essence. By the way, if you give your man a chance to enjoy the illusion that he does not have sex with the same partner, but several (using the shift images and roles), the probability of his infidelity dramatically reduced.

 Unusual posture and role-playing games: sex in bed in a new way

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