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  • Face to face, or the man on top
  • Woman on top
  • Pose for sex in the sitting position
  • Pose for sex while standing
  • The man behind
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Sexual posture. ... How many treatises written about them, given how intelligent and stupid advice! Poses the question of selection for a particular pair were engaged famous sexologists, sexual incompatibility problem puzzled a lot of pundits. Most of these men tried to eliminate the problem of sex, on the basis of the anatomical features of partners and methods of education.

And only a few of them came to the conclusion that the reason - psychological component. Why is that? Yes, because there are many cases when it would seem, the most comfortable posture (in terms of anatomy) are not suitable either a man or a woman.

Exploring this sexy phenomenon of the wise scholars concluded that dissatisfaction with some of the partners affected by the psychological component. That is, the sex positions are perceived not from the perspective of physiology, and for reasons of psychological perception. And it is this perception, very, very individually. Let's see what it is.

Face to face, or the man on top

Sexual posture "face to face" approach to those who feel the need to communicate. These are people who in private life, it is important not so much enjoyment, as a feeling of complete fusion with another person and a sense of unity with him.

Pose "man on top" is usually referred to as a missionary, and she also refers to the group poses "face to face". Women prefer this position, looking for protection, whose symbol and acts almost completely closing their male body. Psychology of men in sex at this position has the opposite meaning. For them, the missionary position is oppression and enslavement of women. Therefore, I love it, mostly men who want to feel the power over women, power, based on a position of strength. Physiological discharge and receiving sexual pleasure for such men are in second place.

However, the posture "man on top" is another psychological background. For a woman, it can be an expression of contempt and indifference to his partner. It was in this position sex women with disgust or related to their husbands, or to close them. In those married couples where sex has long turned from pleasure to duty, the missionary position is very popular. After all, when her husband from the top, the wife can not bother - he'll get his in any case.

It turns out that one partner tends to experience a sense of unity, and the other - completely indifferent. True satisfaction of the sex will be. It would not be his, and if a man wants to get a sense of power, and a woman - a sense of security. Then, when their aspirations are complementary, posture "man on top" will bring extraordinary pleasure to both.

 most comfortable sex positions

Woman on top

Most active in this case depends on the woman, and this position is often used when a woman full of strength, and a man is tired. In such a situation it is physiologically appropriate. However, some men, no matter how they are turned out, do not allow sex pose "woman on top" in the intima with his wife or steady girlfriend, believing that it demeans their manhood. And let they can afford it except in sex with the woman bought for the money.

As for the psychology of women in relation to this position, it is twofold. Some women love this position because it allows you to feel the power over man. This is especially true of those of the fairer sex, who in real life are experiencing strong pressure from the men. And the other part of the posture rider does not accept, because it believes that a man in this position acts as an exploiter.

However, any item of the "face to face" may well satisfy both partners if they are the same psychological aspects and physiological features. Then, when the needs of men and women are contrary to each other, there are sexual conflicts. And full satisfaction can not be considered.

Pose for sex in the sitting position

I must admit that these are not the most comfortable posture in terms of physiology, so they do not practice as often as the others. We can say that fans of these poses are mainly those who are already highly skilled in the intima and looking for something new, quite sophisticated. In general, such a position between the partners contribute to the emergence of (they call them in growth) and visual contact.

In short, sitting postures can give complete satisfaction only if both partners strive for equality and unity. When one of the partners in the intima wants to emphasize his superiority - this position is not suitable.

Pose for sex while standing

From a psychological point of view, these sex positions are very specific. They suggest rather large physical activity for both partners. Especially for men, who often have to keep a woman in his arms. But it is like a man and pose for sex more than women. This is especially true of men unrestrained, sharp, sports. For women who like such a posture, it is usually ladies who want to feel in the hands of men fragile and delicate.

Another feature of the standing postures - they do not require a bed and it can be used for quick sex somewhere in a secluded corner. Therefore, such a position is ideal for partners who wish to emphasize the ease of their relationship. Of course, such postures constant partners are used, but they are used mainly for variety. Thus, we can say that the sexy pose "standing" fully meets usually those who do not wish to limit their freedom.

 comfortable sex positions

The man behind

This person pose borrowed from animals that mate this way. Sexologists argue that such people pose originally used rarely, and only with time, with the development of society, its popularity has increased. The psychology of sex in this position can be characterized as instinctive attraction to the natural simplicity and maximum naturalness.

However pose "the man behind" is not conducive to unity with nature. Gluteal muscle man developed more powerful than the gluteal muscles of animals, so the penetration of this situation is difficult and creates some tension during sex. However, such a posture like many couples. Especially desirable it is among men.

Why men love this pose? Firstly, because it has animal symbols, and secondly, because in such a position can not see the person your partner. And this, in some cases, the man brings psychological satisfaction because of the lack of responsibility for the quality of sex. Indeed, in this position can not see facial expressions women and it is not clear that he actually feels.

Because of this, a very unpleasant fact for many women, many of them do not like this attitude. Despite the fact that it delivers an incredible physiological pleasure. Incompatibility physiological sensations with feelings of psychological creates significant problems. On the one hand, to obtain complete satisfaction, this position is ideal. However, the pleasure of sex is often completely blocked by the fact that a woman feels humiliated.

Of course, in some cases, pose "the man behind" can be interpreted as a demonstration of confidence and his female partner. After all, the area of ​​the buttocks is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, giving men full power over it often means an expression of boundless confidence. That is why this position is used for a variety of harmonious couples. And then a woman, completely trust her man will be able to get maximum pleasure. In short, the posture, "the man behind" can satisfy both partners, but only if there is harmony between them and trust.


Often in harmonious pairs of the main criteria for the selection of favorite and convenient item in sex are irrelevant to the physiological compatibility. And do not blame everything on the lack of experience or equipment and to sort out one position after another - the fun of it does not arrive. The reason for dissatisfaction of intimacy lies in the difference of the psychological needs of the partners.

A woman wants security, and receives humiliation and oppression, a man tends to the spiritual unity and the rejection gets .... In such a situation poses no change, no stimulants do not help. Help can only personal awareness of their sexual needs and their implementation. After all, we (men and women) feel sex is not only the body but the soul. It has always been and always will be, and nowhere on it does not go.

 The comfortable sex positions, or how to explain the incompatibility

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