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We all know how often it happens that even those couples who get along good together, break up because of the predictability and uniformity, sooner or later in life, and in the intimate sphere. Therefore, the leading psychologists advise people who have a few years together, sometimes to diversify their relationships. This can be done in different ways ...

Someone is trying to spend a weekend in a romantic place, some couples prefer to go alone to a strip club, or visit any other place of entertainment to escape from the monotony of everyday life and experience previously unknown sensations. Of course, any opportunity to diversify leisure contributes to the overall harmony in relations between the partners, returning to the first days of their romance.

But the most effective way to refresh the senses, breathing in their originality and passion - to really surprise the guy in bed. When you and your partner together to experience something new and is not yet open for yourself, it will contribute to the rapprochement as anything else. Especially if you - people are adults, because in this case, no restrictions and no hesitation. Therefore, forward, to experiment and amaze!

Classics of the genre

Remember that not only we, the girls, we get a lot of pleasure from the foam bath and relaxing massage. Men are also not averse to experience such a pleasure, especially after a hard day's work or a grueling exam. So do not be lazy to learn the techniques of erotic massage. Beforehand ask your favorite guy his return home, but in any case do not say what interested. Intrigue gets more than you can imagine. Type in a hot bath, add water, fragrant foam and light the perimeter of small candles. Chill the champagne, cook strawberries and whipped cream.

Take care also about their appearance: Lay hair, make bright makeup, put on a glamorous robe or a man's shirt, preferably to the skin, do not forget to undo the top few buttons. But remember that your outfit does not have to open up too much - you need to leave room for an intriguing puzzle. If possible, it will not be superfluous to the use of special spirits which contain stimulating pheromones. Pay attention to itself and the bed. Take the time to lay a new underwear. Obtain a magic night silk that looks particularly alluring and mysterious.

Meet the guy wavelength kiss in the twilight of the hall, help to undress and spend in the bathroom. While it will be pampered in the foamy water, drink a glass of ice with champagne, seizing his strawberries. Then, play the role of this eastern women: they bathe favorite, soap and gently rub with a washcloth. It is possible that he was dragged into the water and you. To resist or not? Choose for yourself: perhaps he had long wanted to do it so you love. If you do decide to bring the game to the end, offer to leave the bathroom and move into the bedroom.

Without further ado, proceed to the next stage - to massage. Before that include romantic music and light scented candles. Make massage with special oils. Start with your feet, slowly move motion back, do not forget about the forearms. Listen to your inner voice and turn fantasy. The greatest effect you'll get if you alternate the massage movements with kisses and accidentally touch the body of her boyfriend breast. Probably, it is difficult to find a man who is able to resist such a way of seduction. It is possible that you are in bed will be pleasantly surprised fervor partner.

 how to surprise the guy in bed


On the question of how to surprise a loved one guy in bed, you will help all of the famous "Kamasutra". Of course, you can directly and say, well, let's try something new. But this approach is not original. It is better to do otherwise, for example, to carry out some training before actually making love, crucified together a good bottle of wine. It's a great way to relax and to be liberated, even if it is not amazing novelty. And before that, download the images from the "Kama Sutra" on the phone (if such a possibility), and just show them to the young man in bed. Such courage on your part zavedet it, because it will serve as proof that you wish to close with the same passion.

And best of all buy a colorful edition of this book and after some foreplay demonstrate her boyfriend. You do not know how to teach properly? For example, like this: "Listen, I've got something for us," or "I have something for you what to cook, choose what you most want, and we will do it together! "If your relationship already have a decent period of time ie last for at least a year, a guy will carefully treat your courage and understanding, perhaps with a certain amount of humor, and then be followed by the process of lovemaking.

Sex, flavored with such an unusual way, both partners will bring good mood and discharge in bed, because that's something you really do the first time. It is possible some actions will be accompanied by a certain awkwardness and will even funny. But the point is precisely to go through a new experience together. But there is nothing that brings, the desire to try something together with your loved one!

Role playing

If you and your young people are fans of Japanese cuisine, why not use it to give novelty to your relationship sexually? There will also need to hold a series of preparatory actions. Firstly, your appearance. The usual makeup and beautiful linens will not do, because of the reliability you need really to be transformed, to become a real Japanese prostitutes - a geisha. Therefore, pre-think over the image, buy everything you need and start to transform.

Secondly, you should think about, it becomes to treat her boyfriend. Food should be light, so Japanese food can be very useful. Sushi and rolls you can quite prepare yourself - it's very simple. But for those women who do not like to engage in the kitchen, there is a possibility to order in a Japanese restaurant. But in this case, pay attention to serving, because serving food in plastic bowl is hardly appropriate. As for the background, it is better to restrict the sounds of nature, such as shimmering water and birdsong. So you create a Japanese garden surroundings. It will be an excellent complement the flavor of cherries from a candle or special sticks.

Start a prelude to lovemaking is already in the process of eating. You can not just have dinner together and feed each other, using both hands, and lips. Once in bed, do not rush immediately to go to sex. Take a brush and dipped it into any sweet syrup, draw on the back of her boyfriend some simple drawing. Then Slizhov language of the resulting image. The same make and offer partner. If you both enjoy the process can thus experiment with all body parts to each other. Up until the moment when the excitement reaches its climax. After receiving the discharge Treat the young man a cup of tea with jasmine - it perfectly refresh and may lead to the continuation of caresses.

In principle, subject to role-playing games can be anything. According to sexologists, the majority of men in their erotic fantasies often see the image of nurses, flight attendants and schoolgirl nymphet. Choose an appropriate outfit is quite simple, both independently and with the help of shopping, where you can buy the so-called products for adults. If you and your young man quite frank and liberated about sex, there can be purchased and any object or accessory that can bring an element of novelty in your intimate relationship: handcuffs, special clothes and other things that did not go beyond acceptable for you.

 surprise the guy in bed

The good old striptease

Yes, do not be surprised it still works perfectly. But you may well add to the option of seduction touch of originality, if not only the sincere will dance the dance, but also ask the partner to do it. He's certainly not a prude and conservative. But a good strip also requires preparation. Remember, as a man seduced his heroine of the film, in which the love affair lasted nine and a half weeks? Be sure to check the passage and use the music for the performance of his own dance.

Do not neglect and entourage bedrooms. Make sure that the lighting situation created sex, but at the same time, the guy has to perfectly see your body during the dance. It is clear that the pole you can not be there. Then use as an auxiliary element of a conventional chair. Well, if before such a night of temptation you some practice in strip plastic, visiting a few lessons, or seeing the corresponding video. Your guy really surprised when they see you in his new role, especially if your dance will be in any way a professional.

The effect of surprise

To surprise her boyfriend in a way, you are not required a lot of effort and special training. Is that sexy lingerie and seductive aroma of your body. However, you can manage and generally without any clothes and find favorite completely naked. The lights went out in the hallway just before your guy comes home. If necessary, remove the bulb, so as not to spoil the surprise, he does not, click the switch. As soon as the young man slam the front door to let him into the apartment, walk up to him and go directly to the weasel.

Perhaps such an onslaught of you confuse him at first, but as soon as man understands the seriousness of your intentions, and especially still feel your naked body, then immediately react as expected. But you're here manifest originality, thus surprising her man, if you refuse to make love in familiar surroundings bedrooms. The apartment is sure there are plenty of other places that are quite capable to replace a boring bed: window sill (if windows of the opposite houses are located at a distance, but for many couples it is not a constraint), the kitchen table or the same hallway, do not necessarily lie on the floor .

Stand back from the usual algorithm, do not be afraid to take the initiative - many men like to sometimes give up before the onslaught of the woman he loved. This is not just an interesting new experience, but also an opportunity to get to know you as best as possible sexually, as some of the fair sex can not be aloud to express their desires. But to demonstrate them by taking the initiative, at least once, but the ability of each of us. Experiment, as a youth - this is an excellent time to experience the diversity of sexual possibilities and needs of each other.

In addition to the methods described above to surprise partner, there are plenty of all sorts of tricks. You can arrange a home cinema show, choosing to show a good erotic film, or through magazines with similar orientation. Try to take turns reading aloud to each other once the sensational "Emmanuel", perhaps excerpts from the book inflame your imagination so that you immediately want to repeat the reading.

Some girls float affection in public places, offer to make love in an elevator car or in the bathroom the night club, practicing different techniques of sex, whisper their wishes to the young man during a meeting with friends, a day send an unequivocal message to the description of what it is waiting for a loved one back home. This, of course, a favorable effect on the intimate relationship of a young couple because they do not get bored and makes them a certain sharpness and piquancy.

Do not be lazy to diversify their intimate life, give new sensations myself and my boyfriend, for him to remain a mystery, intrigue and force again and again rediscover you. Remember that boredom, habit and a lack of experiments harmful to any relationship. Therefore, to have sex with her beloved man should be approached with imagination, if you will always remain for him an interesting and unique.

 As the Man in bed surprise: the game of seduction and the onslaught!

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