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Female sexuality .... How much of it is already written, rewritten all sorts of articles and books as established scientific treatises, but sexy beautiful ladies as she was, and remains a mystery. That is until recently favorite downright fantastic blazing passion, committed to doing everything possible just to rekindle the desire in a man. And now it is increasingly evades sex.

That she had a headache, she wildly tired. Maybe, again came the critical days that, like, already last week. And if all the same dear husband could get to have sex, it behaves as if doing a favor to her husband. "And what I have done this, that the wife does not want to have sex? "- Is perplexed faithful, thoughtfully scratching his head -" What is my fault? ".

Common situation? And how! Many women of today, married, start slowly forget what a passion and orgasm. They do not tend to focus on the sexual side of the relationship, they are quite satisfied with the calm, measured life with her husband, without any "bed fun." Why does a woman does not want sex? What is it - complacency, laziness, habit? Perhaps this is because the environment affects us, we lose the ability to get pleasure from sex and have no desire to give him time? And what if the husband whose wife or by crook trying to evade the execution of conjugal duties?

If you look, it's not so much a problem for men as for women. The lack of quality sex negatively affects the physical and mental health of women, depriving them of opportunities to relax. From being something happen, and these give permanent neurosis that is causing the deterioration of relations within the family.

Because men simply do not understand why such a favorite disclaims pleasant experience and what to do in such situations. After all, they is always ready! Well, maybe not always, but a couple of times a week for sure. Blessed is - never! But before was so insatiable that it was at the time to hide ... What happened? I fell out of love? What is the mystery of female sexuality?

No. Not necessarily out of love. Reasons suddenly appeared female coldness may be different. And that his wife does not want sex with her beloved husband, do not always blame their spouses. Refusing sex a woman can because of various circumstances, the main of which we shall now enumerate.

 why his wife does not want sex

Why does a woman does not want sex?

  • The first reason. Fatigue

The most powerful factors that significantly reduce female sexuality - is fatigue and sleep deprivation. Exhausted work with taut nerves, the whole week is not how to get enough sleep the lady is unlikely to be a good sexual partner. What was she thinking when it comes to work? What do you want: conflicts with co-workers about what to cook for dinner, how to quickly go to sleep, finally. Just not about sex, that's for sure. Tired woman is psychologically very difficult to adjust to the sexual wave, she kept thinking about what you need to do first and how to get out of a situation.

Her husband, a burning sexual desire and the ability to forget those moments everything else, and does not know that his wife can not be so. Men's and women's sexuality is different in quality. The spouse may suddenly ignite the desire to completely switch to it, the woman is still needed and mental attitude, without which no pleasure from having sex with her husband, she does not get it. That resists tired and preoccupied with domestic problems spouse willed immediate caresses her husband. Well, it can not adequately respond to these weasels can not! Is that will lie like a log, so if blagovernomu absolutely unbearable.

  • The second reason. Diets

How many times we were told that you need to go on a diet carefully and selectively! Some diets involve hormonal imbalance that fasting is necessary to maintain the associated vitamins. However, we often do not bother to learn in detail how to stick to a particular diet, and rush to destroy their excess (and not always extra) kilograms of the method described in a fashion magazine or used sometime girlfriend. As a result, a fierce struggle with their own weight turns into violence against the body, taut nerves and a decrease in female sexuality to a minimum. A startled husband, puzzled looks at his haggard and half the mad from hunger, can not understand why his wife has ceased to want sex. What really is the sex, if she only imagining fried potatoes and cakes and chocolates, and hormonal storms and continuously throwing from side to side!

  • Reason Three. Gestation

A pregnant woman often neglects the conjugal duties. And the explanation for this very much. First of all future moms seriously fear for the health of the baby, they feel a sense of responsibility for the way the child will develop inside the womb. And in addition to fear for the welfare of the baby, a pregnant woman feels a sense of unease from what has been "that" at the time, as the baby is in the vicinity of the intimate places. Suddenly the baby something to feel?

In fact, there is nothing to fear. Pregnant - does not mean the patient, many of the joys of life are still available and in this happy period of your life. If the pregnancy is normal, there is no threat of miscarriage, then nothing will prevent you to enjoy intimacy with her husband. And your baby will not feel any discomfort, as protected in your tummy very safe, and no "invasion" will not hurt him.

Many ladies are sure that a pregnant woman is not sexy looks that big belly and weight gain only alienate the wife of the most crucial moment. But if your husband loves you, then he is proud of your "interesting" position and with the excitement of watching as your body changes. And believe me, no contempt for your test form, it can not, just because you - the mother of his unborn child. So stop doubting yourself and go to bed with a beloved husband. In the end, your good mood will benefit the baby.

  • Reason Four. Passivity

As strange as it sounds, but the development of female sexuality essentially depends on how active a woman in bed. And this activity is often suppressed due to the fact that the initiative in sex is always on the side of the partner. Surprisingly, this situation often develops when a woman marries the object of his dreams. We all dreamed of this man who would solve the problem for us, would help in everything, I took care of and looked after. It is so? Oh yeah, it's just wonderful - to lay the burden of responsibility for themselves on the shoulders of strong men, and hide behind him, like a stone wall! Great. Here are just a overprotection on the part of men in time does a woman not capable of acting independently. It gets used to live in accordance with the instructions of her husband and absolutely does not do anything without his guidance.

All this, on the one hand, very good. You can relax, would not answer, not solve anything and nothing is done to create a happy family. There is only one "but." This wife gets driven everywhere, including sex. And it can not have a positive impact on the development of female sexuality as a constant passivity and dependence on her husband's desires in the intimate sphere completely kills wife wish. Such women often can not achieve orgasm. No, absolutely passive and dependent spouse of a woman, of course, will not refuse sex with her husband. But, any caress it will take sluggish, without passion, without offering anything in return. And over time, her attitude toward sex become a boring duty, which does not want to perform.

  • The reason for the fifth. Lack of gymnastics

One of the necessary conditions for high-level male and female sexuality - attention to your own body. When we barely move around the house and office, overgrown Zhirkov and cultivating their laziness when hardly climb the stairs to the third floor, gasping and cursing - all signs of female sexuality disappear without a trace. If a woman can not normally throw a leg over the other, about a passionate sex is all about? However, this concerns not only full but lean of the fairer sex, do not bother to give a little time gymnastics.

Do you want to with her husband bright multiple orgasms? Then do not forget about their own health and physical attractiveness of the body. Flabby muscles and crackled when moving vertebrae and joints are not conducive to the emergence of clearly expressed signs of female sexuality. The natural grace that does not need its maintenance, has not every one of us. Lack of physical activity completely destroys the body flexibility and elasticity of the muscles, and we simply cease to feel his own body. Here it avenges itself disregard for lack of pleasurable sensations during sex with her husband.

The husband is trying to bring a wife, caressing her erogenous zones, and she giggles because she tickled, or lying like a block of ice, it is not responding to affection. And her husband does not want to have to learn the surprising secret of female sexuality, for all his efforts are doomed to failure.

  • The reason for sixth. Rare meeting

It may seem strange, but one of the reasons why women no longer want sex - too rare an intimate relationship with her husband. On weekdays they work asunder, and two to three hours of evening meetings are filled with household chores. In his spare time, everyone wants to do what he likes: the husband goes fishing or tinkering with a car, a wife running around the shops, salons or children involved.

It would seem that this is a good situation to get bored, and ignite a raging desire to spend the night in a hot embrace each other. But, alas, alas! Yes, they always think of their halves, yes, they dream to please them something, yes, they always talk about her family co-workers, friends and acquaintances. But this is not enough! Because the couple are linked only mentally, and wean their bodies apart. This kind of physical memory that is needed for normal sexual relations. And to all the spouses 'remembered', you must regularly engage in sex. Otherwise, the woman gets an orgasm in general, and the discharge and transient man goes dim. The result: the wife does not want sex with her husband, because he does not bring them any pleasure.

  • Reason seventh. Men's forgetfulness

Another of the reasons that his wife no longer want sex - careless attitude of men to their requests something to nail, to fix, rearrange, and more. What usually pious answer us if we irritated reiterate its request again and again? It's nothing more they can not think of how to say, they say, sorry, I forgot! A few minutes later forget again. It angers us? Oh, still as angry! In addition, many women, seeing her husband's obvious signs of "sclerosis", decided that he did good for nothing. Today, they say, forgot to nail the shelf, and tomorrow forget about all the family. And though about sex for some reason he does not forget!

And what could be sex if the woman all the broken promises of his Blessed stores and more inclined to think that sleeping with this man is vain and wasting time and energy? The basics of female sexuality is one of the dominant position belongs to the instinct of procreation. But is it possible to continue to race from the lazy and the "sclerotic" representative of the male? No, as a producer, he seemed even nothing. But as a defender, breadwinner and master of the house - there is a problem. However, a demand for a person suffering from permanent memory lapses? No. Hence, sex will not be the same no.

  • Reason eighth. Rudeness

Long ago have sunk into oblivion are the days when a woman could win, just sharahnuv her something on the head and dragged into his cave. The time is sunk, and the memory of them still rules the minds of some louts who only know that women wag their nerves, when Explain to them exclusively on the "novoalbanskom" and using the pious as a punching bag. If the wife of such a frame raised in the traditions of patriarchal despotism and grew up in a dysfunctional family, she can not tolerate rudeness and beatings life. However, neither of which her sexuality with her husband, a despot already out of the question.

Every girl and woman waiting on the intimate relationship of tenderness and romance, just "fuck" a shameless spouse can not each of us. After all, there is nothing that destroys the female libido as psychological and physical violence. Unless it's a deliberate assault by mutual consent of the spouses - lovers silk lashes and handcuffs in the bedroom. Well, these are actually quite a bit.

  • Reason ninth. Untidy appearance

Maybe for some of the men it will be open, but that is what it is: a woman, too, love to look their mates feast for the eyes. Well, it does not look sexy adherent to the couch bloated unshaven man with a beer belly hanging over ragged sweatpants, not sexy! Especially if you have examples before his eyes more sports, well-groomed men. What is it - come home from work, where all colleagues guys dressed to the nines and a pleasant smell of perfume, and on the couch of his house to witness sweaty, unkempt husband?

No, it is clear that the house must be faithful to relax completely. But at least wear pants newer (two years in the cabinet lie!) And a shave, brush your teeth and take a shower before going to bed, it can be ?! Laziness? Well, then, if not then ask why the wife does not want sex.

  • Reason tenth. Infantilism

It is believed that any woman is highly developed maternal instinct, and this helps them to live with their husbands infantile. However, a spouse who is not able to make their own decisions and in all dependent on others, is unlikely to cause his wife's sexual desire. No, well, what a normal wife will burn undying passion for the rag-husband, who can not take a step without her guidance? At best, such a pious will cause her affection, and at worst - neglect.

Needless to say that his wife no longer want to have sex with her husband, the child quickly enough? To a man was sexually attractive to women, even though what he has to dominate over it. And if he will continue to moan and to shift decision-making responsibility on the shoulders of the couple, then take it as a sexual partner is impossible.

  • Reason eleventh. Greed

Greedy men cause women more negative feelings than infantile. Husband, wife of controlling spending, even in small ways, constantly exposes its humiliating interrogations, after which the poor thing to think about sex and do not want to. This is not about men against rationalism money. We talk about pathological avarice of boys trying to save on everything, even on the toilet paper. Of course, such meanie will complain that the wife does not want sex! Insults reproaches spouse perenervnichal woman not to sex. She would survive the insult, but the nerves to put in order!

Well, that, perhaps, all the main causes of the extinction of women's sexuality in marriage. Without a doubt, there are plenty of other reasons, but they are not as common as those of which we have spoken above. So how can we improve the situation in cases where the wife does not want sex and refuses to share the bed with my husband?

 wife does not want to have sex

Tips for men and women

What if the wife has ceased to want sex? If a couple of years ago, you made love almost every day, and now his wife has ceased to respond to a spouse hints about sex, the urgent need to take action. What kind? Let's talk about this separately.


  • Exclude the possibility of fatigue and sleep well;
  • Learning to forget daily problems and to switch on sex;
  • More often pamper yourself with delicious food and other pleasures;
  • Exercise regularly and exercise your body;
  • Try to be as active in bed;
  • How can I spend more time with her husband.


  • Be attentive to his wife;
  • Do not abuse his wife in the home;
  • Helping his wife in the house;
  • Give it to the initiative in all matters;
  • Take responsibility for decisions of many family problems themselves;
  • Do not take a penny in expenses of his wife;
  • Follow him.

 Why is that?