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  • How to excite the eyes and words of Man
  • How to bring a guy at a distance
  • How to bring a guy before sex

How to bring a guy so that he lost his head, and then he could not think of anyone else? Big deal, you say, is a big problem! After all, men are able to be excited by a glance at the beautiful and sexy lady! It is enough to look spectacular, underlining its wave shape, and the question of how much to excite a Man, will be solved. However, things are not so simple. Not so primitive they are, our representatives of the stronger sex to respond instantly to outright sexy ladies unconditional "want" and forgetting everything to rush to the bedside. And it is very important to understand any woman.

What most excites men? Scientists have proved that the open-fitting apparel and emancipation of women in a relationship - are not always. Why is that? Because most of our male sexual organ - the brain. It is the brain, and not something that is usually calculated inexperienced in matters of seduction Woman. And if he does not find in the young lady's nothing interesting for yourself, no Kama Sutra, no - even the unthinkable - affection, fail. Since the institute Man, intellect is quite able to suppress the animal instincts?

How to excite the male gaze and words?

In order to excite the boys able to think, first of all need to find the key to his inner world. Well, imagine that, having no idea of ​​what a person lives, we throw it to seduce the most common methods. And at this time he reflects on a broken car or about troubles at work. How can you bring a guy in this case, if we do not know anything about his internal state? Yes way. At best, he will not even notice our attempts at seduction, and at worst - angry or outright insults.

So before you think about what to do to bring a guy, you have to try to interest him, captured the imagination of the young man. The most effective way to achieve this goal, - communication, which are constantly present phrases, exciting guys who are concerned not only sex. This method of communication is very powerful, as you can bring a guy words faster and stronger than even some virtuoso techniques of seduction.

Here, for example, we are with your loved one somewhere in a secluded corner or car, and really want to show him their affection and to do something well, very nice! What to do to bring a guy in this case? You can, of course, to touch his lips to the neck of a young man, or take some other, more outspoken and persistent action. However, much more the result we get, if we just shepnёm ear to his companion something very gentle, romantic and intimate. And words must be sincere and appropriate. Otherwise, the guy can catch and false guard or do not hear what we whisper to him.

In order to know how to bring Man words, we need a good understanding of what words will act on it. Choose them only when a person is more or less familiar. To solve this issue helps imagination and knowledge, at least a general, preferences and inclinations of the young man. Do not think that all men are delighted with straight phrases. No, someone they certainly enjoy. But these men are not so much. For the most part in the phrases that excite the guys, there must be some innuendo and mystery. That seems to be yes, but actually not. Such expressions are of interest a young person and an almost irresistible desire to move closer to the lady as soon as possible and stronger. After all, no man deliberately not miss her!

In order to understand what words can initiate Man, we must remember that our men really like being praised. Well, this really is the people - praise flatters their self-esteem and self-worth increases. And if we will compliment even the most macho cool, sooner or later he will not stand before us. Only it should be done very naturally, in any case not overplaying and not inventing non-existent in a human quality. For example, in any case can not be a little puny, and the boy said that he is tall and strong, but shy - it is very pleasant to talk to. This is not the compliments are obtained, and sarcastic remarks! And obviously after them in bed you get anything. After all, the guy is not excited and offended.

Situations in which the behavior of the guy should be commended, great variety. Just listen carefully to what he says, noting its unusual and interesting things. Find the strengths of men - and you will understand how to bring Man words - compliments. Then even the most seemingly ordinary conversation could be the beginning of a serious relationship.

 as the guy to excite

How to bring a guy at a distance?

One of the first places in deciding how to excite the guy on the arm's length, covers look. To seduce the young man looked at him in a certain way, it is possible in the bar, a disco on the street. It's enough to keep a girl to a guy his eyes for a while, and when he finally noticed it immediately look away. This game look much lights the men, and they usually respond rapidly to the young lady, trying to get to know her. Congratulations, you have succeeded.

Sometimes, however, the distance to the object of desire is much more than outstretched arm. In order to excite the guy does not have to be in the area is quite close contact with him. Today, there are many other ways to seduce a young man who, if they skillfully use, are no worse than the touch. Let's see what it's capable of.

Due to today's creature comforts, we can try to excite the guys in the real and virtual communication, enticing young people through the Internet or phone. How to bring a guy at a distance, talking to him in ICQ, Skype, by means of correspondence via e-mail. Driving actions in this case is similar to that which we discussed above. The main thing - to choose the appropriate phrase. Only in virtual communication, they need to be more frank. After all, young people will read them, and not to listen to, and therefore not subjected to the influence of the enchanting tones of the girl. But in this case it can be brought very quickly!

But it can get under this influence during a telephone conversation with her. How to do it over the phone? Talking to him, it is necessary from time to time to insert compliments and frivolous phrase, trying to give voice seductiveness and sexuality. Most unfettered ladies who know how to excite the guys on the phone, can even afford an imitation of sexual contact by inserting a piquant dialogue and postanyvaniya gasp. Oh, that's that, and phone sex nowadays is very popular and gives a lot of pleasure to both interlocutors. Exciting phrases can quickly create real miracles!

 how to excite a guy for 5 minutes

How to bring a guy to have sex with?

Well - how exciting guys in the distance, we have talked, now - a few words that need to be taken before sex. It would seem that discuss this issue does not make sense. Man ready for sexual intercourse, and so have to be excited, any longer! Not always, dear girl, do not always ... It is not always moral "want" the same as the physical "I can."

It happens that a young man with all my heart wants intimacy with a young lady, but the body is somehow not subject to the soul. The reasons for this situation are quite a few: physical fatigue, nervous stress, stress, some unconscious prohibitions unusual situation, tightness, finally! Girls in these cases have to be very tactful, considerate and have an idea of ​​how exciting guy before sex if it is to him, but has not in full combat readiness. And then in bed you'll be fine.

First of all, the lady must take into account that the true essence of intimacy - not banal intercourse, as partners in a complex touch each other. Few people can get the full pleasure of sex in its purest form, sex without preparation and accompanying caresses. As you can easily excite the guys before the body of the partners connected? It's great when a girl makes a young man in bed relaxing sensual massage. Particularly effective, in this case, the tantric massage with stroking the most delicate parts of the body man.

During the massage, it is desirable to gently knead the neck of a young man, and lightly stroked his hair and tugging the skin on the chest. Just not much need to pull! Not that there is a risk of losing forever the possibility of sex with a guy. Well, and, finally, making the massage guy, you can not forget his most erogenous zone - a place in the area of ​​the lower abdomen, or, in other words, the penis. To pull it certainly is not worth it, but gently stroke or caress the tongue - very worth it, at least a few minutes. Neglect caresses - a sure way to fail.

What most excites the guy usually? That's right, blow. We hesitate or do not know how? Let us imagine that a member of the beloved young man, it is, for example, ice cream or banana, and everything will be fine. Nothing special about it, because the penis - the same part of the body of a man's hand or neck. We are free to kiss them? So why should a member be deprived of such affection? And learn to like caresses it would be necessary, as the stronger guy will not be able to initiate anything else. For starters, you can try your hands caress - guided by their feelings, and you do it right. And remember - in bed is acceptable all that is pleasant for both partners.

Trying to bring a guy to have sex, the girl, it is desirable to communicate with them, figuring out how it relates to a particular type of caresses. After all people are different, and something from which a man comes to the indescribable delight, another may absolutely do not like. And then all of our efforts turn to ashes. Therefore, even with caresses must be suitable to the man very carefully. Spend just a few minutes a day - and you quickly learn your loved one.


So what we have now learned? And we found out that the guy loved to bring a variety of ways, the most common among them:

  • Excited man touches;
  • Excited male gaze, gestures;
  • Excited man on the phone;
  • Excited man through correspondence on the Internet.

These guys excitation techniques are more than enough to easily achieve the desired and be with a man in bed. The main thing - the girl to like what she's doing, otherwise none of the methods, no matter how hard the young lady is not going to work. No, of course you can not excel, and to indulge in the most primitive ways of seduction - calling nudity, explicit gestures and so on. But in primitive fish and primitive bait bite. And we would like to catch big fish, and especially! And even need more time!

Well - now we have an idea of ​​what to do in order to excite the boys. A few decades ago, women could only dream of such activity with respect to the men and independent choice of boys. The current ladies is given free rein. The main thing to know how to act in a given situation. Today, the girls themselves can manage relationships with the guys and get to know them, if you need to.

Without a doubt, many of them do not need to learn some methods of seducing men - and so they do not lack attention from men. Some people also have to wait for the young people set out to meet you, and waiting for it can last for a long time. So is not it better than losing time in the hope of a familiarity to decide on active measures? And that does not just turn out the way you want! Experiments with the opposite sex has not been canceled. And why is that men can practice them, and we do not?

Of course, flirts issues excitation Woman should not be. The person behind which stretches the endless trail of sexual relations, greatly reduces their chances tightly bind the one who for her would be particularly attractive. However, and quite inexperienced in these matters women have a high risk of losing the possibility of long-term relationship with someone and it fits, and the like.

It is only in fairy tales brave knights hands aggressively seek his lady, despite her coldness. In reality, even the most valiant knight can take a cold indifference of neglect and leave the "beautiful lady" in peace. We arrange such a development? Of course not! Therefore, we try not to miss a knight, admiring them and exciting at every opportunity. You can not lose time! And then we will certainly be able to catch your own happiness and keep their favorite boy in her arms.

 How to bring a guy words, touches and caresses?

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