Lesbian Sex

Lesbian love ... The phenomenon that emerged in this world even in ancient times. Lesbian Sex has always attracted the attention of both sexes . Someone he evoked curiosity aroused someone, someone denounced him, and someone just wondered how women manage to bring each other pleasure. And why it is often superior to the buzz that a woman receives from intimacy with a man.

In short, the existence of lesbian love many puzzled .  The reasons for its occurrence fought sexologists, sex therapists, psychoanalysts, psychologists, geneticists and other experts on human physiology and psychology of all kinds .  In vain .  The reason for the appearance of lesbianism they first believed in the predominance of the female body male genes .  But numerous studies have not confirmed .  Then footage of psychiatry decided that a woman devotee of lesbian love, has some deviation in the psyche .  However, analysis of the behavior and habits of lesbians no particular abnormalities were found .  Then the venerable experts have begun to argue that lesbianism is inherent in women genetically .  Evidence of genetic predisposition, too, was not found .  But science does not like to give in .  Just think, there is no evidence! Not there looking for! Any phenomenon to be explained logically .  And if it defies logic, then and there!

A lesbian love is. There's no getting around it. That created a special on the three person, more or less paranormal theories appearance lesbian tendencies in women. Let's see what they are.

Why do women become lesbians?

As we have said, why do women become lesbians, is not known. Was there a similar sexual orientation laid them on the nature or whether it appeared in a lifetime? From the perspective of evolutionary theory, is to blame for all the distant past of mankind. At the dawn of the era of his men to play the role of soldiers and miners. While they tried to find out who is steeper, and chased mammoths, the fairer sex would love to somehow satisfy their sexual desires. And that had to do poor things, if not one of the normal, in the sense of the potency of the men in the tribe was not? Of course, to love one another. And then returning men and women give birth to their children by passing girls tendency to lesbianism.

The second theory, biological, explains the attraction of women to the woman that lesbian sex is much more opportunity for a bright orgasm than when intercourse with a man. Most of the fairer sex is necessary for excitation rather long prelude of caresses. Men in sex usually are impatient and do not focus on the process and the result. Therefore, they are generally not able to fully prepare his partner to obtain orgasm. As for the women devotees of lesbian love, they are all well aware of what is required for the weaker sex quality sex. Preludes and the ability to deliver the maximum of pleasure not only his partner but also yourself. We can say that lesbian sex is no preliminaries. It includes all of them. And that is battling for its quality just prone to lesbian love persons.

Well, and, finally, the third theory of the origin of lesbianism, sociological. Her supporters explain why a woman is a lesbian, the fact that the fairer sex has long been an object of desire and concern. And forgive them much, including having sex with another woman. Society is much sympathetic to lesbians than gay men. Lesbian love is considered aesthetic and cleaner than sodomy, anal sex because there is practically no. In addition, in large harems and polygamous marriages, which was observed earlier set free lesbian sex is very difficult to do. He even encouraged the men, unable to meet several wives at once.

By the way, about men. They are something today perceived lesbian play?

 lesbian love

Both men are lesbians?

Both men are lesbians? Not bad. If lesbians, of course, do not look repulsive. Because according to sexologists, lesbian love scenes are the most common sexual fantasy among men. Delicate women's bodies, entwined in a passionate ecstasy extremely inflame man's imagination and excite, causing his head to lose desire. So many members of males believe that prone to lesbian love women are particularly attractive.

I must say that not all men are solved on similar experiments in bed. Most of them prefer to excite the sexual appetite, read stories about lesbian love or watch erotic movies showing how lesbians have sex. Perhaps part of the stronger sex and want to translate their dreams into reality. But they do not risk suggest it to their friends, not knowing what the reaction would be in response to such a proposal. Some prefers to only fantasize about lesbian love, not wanting to actually take part in the sexual act of this kind.

So if you have a permanent partner of the woman from time to time there are ideas about sex with a representative of your sex, do not rush to their implementation. Since men are lesbians may well, but his girlfriend to see in this situation not everyone is like. Well, if we partner plant itself such talk, why not try? It is likely that, after it was revealed that lesbian love is not for us, and you can safely let go of the thought of sex with a woman. And if on the contrary ... Well, every woman decides itself how it further to be. It should be remembered that sex with a woman is significantly different from sex with a man. To understand this, are not enough stories about lesbian love. We must be aware of the nuances of lesbianism and clearly imagine that such experiments in bed may well lead to a complete loss of interest in men.

As lesbians have sex?

What is so lovely ladies are in a lesbian love for her when they sometimes refuse any contact with representatives of the stronger sex? There are several reasons.

  1. Lesbian sexual intercourse, mainly consists of oral sex, which leads to orgasm twice as likely than the introduction of the penis into the vagina. Yes, many men also have nothing against that, to satisfy his partner by means of language. However, sexologists claim that women with the experience slightly different sensations, sometimes leading to psychological dissatisfaction;
  2. Logical conclusion in love games no women as lesbians can have sex as much as necessary. After all, they are not coming recession erection after getting an orgasm. Men, reaching a peak of pleasure, because of their physiological characteristics, are not capable of continued sexual intercourse;
  3. Women tend to caress each other's fingertips, while men prefer to shake his hand and stroking the body partner. Harvesting and knead it, of course, you can, but these actions do not cause such a reaction, as the gentle touch fingertips. From them, the skin is covered with small ants women just enjoy;
  4. The woman knows the importance in meeting the Lady has her clitoris. And give in their caresses this little town as much attention. A lot of men have no idea where he is, and that it should be done. And if they are, then caress often rude and clumsy;
  5. Lesbian sex without scruple use a variety of sexual devices - vibrators, vacuum schekotalki, belts and other faloimmitator. Men usually do not allow themselves to such diversity, considering that it contributes to the appearance of a partner's doubts about the solvency of their sex;
  6. Lesbian Sex does not threaten pregnancy and virtually no danger in terms of sexually transmitted diseases. He does not need the use of contraceptives and the observance of any other precautions. On the men should always be on the alert: have on hand condoms, hormonal pills to swallow, use candles and so on;
  7. Lesbians are well aware of each other and knows what he wants the woman's body. Therefore, they are unabashedly ask each other any questions, find out what the Lady like. This allows both to get maximum pleasure from sex. Men are often embarrassed to talk with a woman on so frank themes and content with their own ideas about the female orgasm. And these representations are not always correct.

Well, that's about all the main differences between lesbian sex from sex than usual. Lesbian sex may well inspire a woman prone to it and make it a true admirer of his. Well, then, as prescribed by the nature ...

In general, according to sexologists, all the people in one way or another, bisexual. A Chinese medicine in general believes that bisexuality - absolutely normal phenomenon, establishing a balance between the masculine and feminine energy of man. As for the lesbian love, it attracted many of the fairer sex. According to numerous polls, almost half of the ladies between the ages of twenty-five to thirty-five years, would like to try (if you have not tried) to have sex with a woman.

In general, those of the fairer sex, who, in one way or another, practicing lesbian love can be divided into three groups.

  1. The girls - teenagers from fourteen to nineteen. It is sensitive and expressive young lady, came under the influence of the media. They are usually limited to a rather timid kisses and caresses, intended in the first place, in order to trigger the interest of the guys. Demonstration lesbian tendencies in these girls is similar to the performance on stage. And most of them from the lesbian caresses do not get much pleasure and subsequently hardened lesbians are not;
  2. Young women between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years. This lady has got a lot of experience with men, sex and ready for a variety of experiments in the intima. Bright orgasm for them is very important, and making love to a representative of their sex, these women get a truly unearthly pleasure;
  3. Divorced women older than thirty-five years. This category of lesbians, for the most part, disappointed in men, and did not receive satisfaction from sex with the men. They need emotional discharge, which occurs in lesbian games.

All women belonging to these three categories, are not full-fledged lesbian. Some of them, having tried lesbian sex, returns to the men, someone chooses bisexual relationships. One way or another, but the private life of any human being - it is only his private life. And if a woman is happy about the proximity with another woman, the fact that this can only be welcomed.

 Lesbian love. What is it?

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