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  • What is this tradition - a piercing?
  • Is it worth doing the piercing baby?
  • What parents need to know
  • How to choose jewelry?
  • Methods for ear piercing
  • Care after the procedure

Today, many people do the piercing of ears, navel and other parts of the body. This has long been no surprise. If there are no medical contraindications, why not? However, one thing that adorn themselves already grown, formed personality (they make a decision), and quite another - to pierce the ears of a child. In such a situation it is very important to find a good piercing master and to come to him not before the desired date. It is not surprising that the majority of parents, following the fashion and wanting to highlight their child with other children, often asks when it is best to contact the salon? This procedure can be done at any time, but the main thing - to know the opinion of experts, think things through and do not rush!

What is this tradition - a piercing?

The very first of those who began to pierce their body parts were primitive people. However, they did not aim to look prettier. This process was primarily religious, and social foundation. Wearing earrings is a real ritual. For example, Easter Island powerful priests inserted into lobes large wooden ring, symbolizing their greatness and status. They designated themselves as "God's voice."

In the Victorian era, wealthy ladies did the piercing in order to give the breast a more expressive form, and in the XVIII century in Europe earring in one ear and inserted the sailor crossed the equator for the first time. Decoration nose Indian in ancient times, evidence of her marriage. Even today, in this country believe that the earlobe, punctured with a needle - amulet against the evil eye and all sorts of troubles. Therefore, in India's babies are a beautician already on the 12th day.

As for the Slavs, they have begun to get involved in piercing even during the existence of Kievan Rus. The tradition spread on women and on the male population. And of the sons of Cossacks single pierced ear, thereby distinguishing it from others in battle formation: it took care of the attack that he survived and was able to extend his race. Over time, this custom has been preserved, although a little and altered.

Now piercings rather a tribute to fashion and beauty.

Is it worth doing the piercing baby?

If you decide to pierce the ears of your child, probably the first question you asked yourself - where better to do it? Experts a consensus has not yet been reached. Some people believe that to make such a procedure possible at any age. However, some medical sources advise still a certain time to wait at least three years. First, no one is immune from getting an infection (possibly infected), and secondly, with the growth of the baby punctures may be asymmetrical. However, this time delay is also not advised. According to recent studies, after a decade of increased risk of keloid scars. In turn, the psychologists believe that the earlier a child's ears appear earrings, the better, as up to 18 months children are not afraid of the procedure and quickly forget the pain inflicted. As they get older negative memories last longer.

As you can see, a clear answer to the question "When is the best? " does not exist. It is an individual decision of each parent. But we should consider the fact that if you do the piercing very early, you have to take care of themselves Ranke in the earlobe. It may be easier if the child is able to serve themselves. Therefore, from this point of view, the optimal age - 7-10 years.

 pierce a child's ears

What parents need to know

If you still have not decided when to get pierced her baby, then put your trust in the opinion of experts. According to experts, lead his daughter in a beauty salon can be in late autumn, and ideally - in the winter. The reason is simple: at this time, the risk of infection and the occurrence of infection is minimized. The beach season is already over, the child does not swim in the lake or other water bodies, where there is a large concentration of microbes. However, there is one drawback - the wearing of hats. Chances are that the child, removing or putting on a hat, touches earring and harm delicate baby lobe. It should be very careful!

So, if you have already configured, it is best to do it in a safe dedicated compartment. To find a suitable, you can consult with other parents who have already undergone this procedure. Usually the child piercings done without anesthesia, so the optional pre-let baby baby medicine, in order to reduce pain. Or buy at a pharmacy special agent of local action. Always make sure that the specialist sterile instruments used, otherwise you can bring hepatitis or other infections.

There are cases when after piercing the ears of children experience an allergic reaction (usually the metal of the earrings are made). If there lobe lesions, immediately remove the decoration. To protect the child, buy accessories made from a special type of steel used for surgical instruments, or gold (only 585). If earring meet these requirements, and the rash does not disappear, it is better give up the idea of ​​making a piercing or wait until the baby gets older.
Children are very mobile and restless, so be prepared for the fact that the child will be regularly touching the puncture site. To avoid infection, treat lobe alcohol, peroxide may be several times daily. Watch out, did not have any redness or inflammation in the ear.

Avoid wearing jewelery can not be within 20 days. However, the kids pretty hard to follow this requirement - they are hard to get used to, so all the time trying to get rid of the accessories. Be careful, otherwise the child can snatch earrings from the ears that will turn bleeding. Another children's "weakness" - bright objects. So when you're shooting accessories, remove them in inaccessible places, so that your child does not "eat" foreign objects.

How to choose jewelry?

Usually young girls pay attention to the big, flashy and bright decorations. Explain to your child that you can wear them only in exceptional cases, such as a holiday or birthday. As the first of earrings is better to choose something elegant and miniature carnation or special products for body piercing, which are inserted piercing gun. They are made of a special medstali non-allergenic and well take root in childhood ear. They are weightless, so they can not be removed.

When the lobe heal select other decorations. The classical solution are gold and silver earrings. However, their fake (gold-plated, silver-plated) not worth buying, because the coating is gradually erased, creating a favorable environment (small cracks) for the development of microbes. Beauticians are advised to choose the conventional rings, studs and the like. The main thing that was not heavy pendants and stones, as well as clinging and sharp edges. Note that as the product is fastened on the mounting density. A child should not have difficulty in removing the shackles.

Methods for ear piercing

Before you go to the beautician with a child, be sure to ask about his qualifications, reputation salon. Specialist without a certificate does not have the right to take up an ear piercing. Indeed, on the surface there is a huge number of points associated with human organs (muscles of the face, tongue, eyes and so on). Therefore, your selection very seriously!

Today, the most popular procedure with a gun. For small children is better to take with hand pressure - it is quiet and not frighten the baby. As a beautician outlined a desired location on the earlobe, he makes a puncture, and out of the machine "crashes" earring. This is the most painless and gentle way. The child did not notice, just for a while feel a burning sensation, which will be held in five minutes.

There is another method of ear piercing (mechanical) Special circular needle. However, it is quite painful and unpleasant procedure. It should choose more adults.

Sometimes parents who have not yet bought a decoration, are asked to replace it with a thread. Her need to take care of as well as for earrings - rinsed with alcohol or peroxide. It is also important to see to it that the specialist children treated with antiseptic ear as before the event and after it.

 when the child's ears pierced

Care after the procedure

Consult with an expert, how to care for the ears. The general rules apply antiseptic treatment of the puncture site. Despite the fact that many of the alcohol is used, it is better to take means, it does not contain, for example, hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine. Normally, punctures heal for about two or three months, and at this time it is not recommended to remove earrings. You should also refrain from swimming in ponds, swimming pools, not to close their ears hairstyle, gently worn headgear. If you notice the child inflammation (blush lobe, increased in size, there pus), be sure to refer to the salon, where you do the piercing. As required - to the doctor.

Do I have your ears pierced baby? And when it is best to carry out the procedure? Answers to these questions every parent finds himself. Some people feel sorry for her child, so piercing lay up until the child grows up, some do it in the first months after birth. Whatever the solution you adopt, the main thing - the right approach, qualified, earrings made of high quality material, and subsequently due process antiseptic.

 Pierced ears child, why, when and where