Developing rug tiny love

The company «Tiny love» is known for its wonderful children's products made in view of the latest discoveries in the field of child psychology and pedagogy. Recently, among the parents of the kids are very popular children's educational mats «tiny love», which are whole sets of children's toys, the child develop fine motor skills, his movement coordination, concentration and sense of touch.

Each of these rugs has its own design, its theme and the protagonist of this topic. For example, developing the mat " tiny love Africa "- A soft mat with bright attached to it arcs fun rattles, giraffes, elephants, bouncing on rezinochke, tumble parrot, a monkey legs with elastic. On the mat reinforced large mirror, and flowers on it Light and singing a soothing melody.

Developing rug tiny love animal park   - A beautiful mat with bright pictures, singing rattles in the form of various animals, birds and butterflies. Pad is equipped with a large mirror, which, if desired, can be removed.

Developing rug tiny love my garden   It includes two soft arc, which strengthened chrepashka-rattle, musical donkey, ball-rattle toy with nipples, teethers donkey. On the mat has a bright image of animals walking through the garden.

Just excellent develops mat tiny love duet . It has two playgrounds designed for children of different ages. On one side, intended for children under the age of three months, shows the ladybugs, butterflies, snail, bees. The second party, the formulation of which is aimed at children from four to ten months, is a butterfly lights up and plays a tune when you click on it. There are on this side of the squirrel and small animals playing on the playground. The kit consists of a bright rug hanging toys with teethers.

A game develops mat tiny love tropical island   high mobility of its elements. Palm tree, monkey, pineapple, flamingos, sea boat, - what is there not complete this rug! Pad is equipped with an inflatable pillow soft, which can lay the baby on his tummy and back.

All the mats are equipped with soft arcs, securely fastened to their corners. These arcs are suspended rattles, reaching for whom the baby develops new skills and trains the muscles. Each suspension is universal - it can be hung on the arc and shoot, using the usual toy. Melodies played such toys are chosen so as to develop a hearing baby and soothe his nervous system.
All developing mats are made from environmentally friendly materials, they are hypoallergenic and have a waterproof base. Each of the types of rugs designed for a specific age of the baby and is equipped with exactly those components that contribute to its development at this age. These components are integrated sound, rustling and squeaking elements that develop auditory perception of the baby.

Developing rug tiny love - it's a great way to raise the child and care for him. It greatly facilitates the work of parents in this regard and helps generating the child all the skills necessary for normal growth.

If you love crafts and know how to sew, you can do so on their own mat.

 Developing rug tiny love

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 Zvedny baby - boom

To become a mother after 30 years - has become a trend, both in the West and in Russia. Up to 30 women are building their careers, getting married, establishing a family life, someone divorces, but in no hurry to have children. But after 30 years, many stars push his career to the background and is fully immersed in the family.

Some stars are many children mummies, such as Claudia Schiffer, and someone just decided to give birth to first child 35 as Amy Adams. Some give birth naturally, while others have resorted to artificial insemination. Just given birth and pregnant celebrities to!

Claudia Schiffer   She gave birth to her third child in 39 years. My daughter was born on May 14 in London. Claudia and her husband Matthew Vaughn are very happy! His first son Kasper supermodel gave birth to a year after the wedding, in 2003, and in 2005 was born their daughter Clementine. Immediately after the birth of her second child, Claudia continued to work as a model. But with the birth of the third child super-model plans to change your lifestyle and devote herself to her husband and children.

 Zvedny baby - boom

Monica Bellucci   in 45 years it has become a mother for the second time. May 20 in Rome, she gave birth to a second daughter, who, along with her husband, actor Vincent Cassell, named Leonie. Their first daughter, the Virgin is now 5 years old. Monica became pregnant naturally and gave birth to itself, without the need for cesarean section.

Being pregnant Monica Bellucci posed for a fashion magazine.

 Zvedny baby - boom

Isla Fisher   pregnant with her second baby. At Ayla and her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen has a daughter Olive, rumors of a second pregnancy has long walked in Los Angeles, confirmed that as soon as the actress came out to walk the stomach in tight dress.

 Zvedny baby - boom

Amy Adams   35 years, became a mother for the first time, on May 15 in a clinic in Los Angeles, she gave birth to a daughter. Amy Adams and her boyfriend Darren Le Gallo, despite the birth of her daughter, are not going to get married. The very same Emmy grew up in a large family, she had six brothers and sisters.

 Zvedny baby - boom

Xenia Alferov and her husband Yegor Beroev   waiting for the birth of his second child. They already have a three year old daughter Dunia, who was born in Italy, but the sex of the second child Xenia do not know, but very dreams about a boy and his plans to give birth in Moscow. In addition to the couple has a daughter Dunya Yegor by his first wife Evdokia Civil, who is now eight years old. Xenia plans to become the mother of many children and wants to have at least two more children.

 Zvedny baby - boom

Kelly Preston and John Travolta   expected completion in the family. 47-year-old actress is waiting for the third child. The couple already have a daughter, Ella, is 10 years old and was 16-year-old son Jett, who died last year. The tragedy occurred in the Bahamas, where rested the whole family, from Jett suffered a seizure, after which he could not save.

John Travolta over his wife of nine years, he is now 56. In fact, by age, good actor in his grandfather's third child.

 Zvedny baby - boom

Tatyana Romanenko That the public knows the name of Tutta Larsen, summer waits for the second child.
A few years ago in the life of Tatiana was a tragedy, after her divorce from her husband eight months pregnant she lost her child. Tatiana became depressed, disappeared from the TV screens. To survive in the difficult time helped her mother, loved ones and doctors.

In 2005, Tatiana has given birth to her first child - a son Luke has completely changed the outlook on life of TV presenter: "I realized what I live, has received answers to all the questions that interest me at the time, I left the fuss. All the problems I had left in a past life. "

Today, Tatiana's life is a wonderful man, Valery, who has an excellent relationship with the little Luke. TV presenter is going to go on maternity leave until the birth of the baby to be born in July - when she will celebrate her 36 birthday.

 Zvedny baby - boom

 baby gift for 2 years


  • Features of age
  • General advice on gifts
  • Present for a boy
  • Gift for girls

The first child's birthday passed recently, and now on the horizon looms a second. Just like the last times, your head is filled with thoughts about the gifts, birthday but now not one but two years. As far as this age is very different from the previous one? What things more like the boys and which girls? What do kids like to play? These and other questions are the answers you will learn in this article.

Features of age

It would seem that yesterday the baby for the first time smiled, sat down, took the first step and prolopotal first word! And now he is a real little man who is going through something, feels somehow respond to what is happening to him and interprets it. With it comes a lot of new things that greatly affects the growth and development of the baby.

The first thing that catches your eye when you look at the child's two years - it's his physical activity. He is a real "energizer": jumping up and down, running back and forth, jumping - in short, is in constant motion. It is hard to imagine that in the last year, he barely made the first shazhochkami! As for his skills in the two years the child could easily build a tower of three or four blocks, and then break it cheerfully. Kid with a business view of eating with a spoon, drinking from a cup and trying very hard to start to dress themselves. His achievements in the development have become increasingly prominent, and with each new skill it becomes more mature and more confident.

Mental processes at this age are involuntary in nature, that is, the child can not manage on their own. He pays attention only to the most outstanding, bright and noticeable. In two years, the child is a very emotional, but his feelings are fickle, easily distracted, and he switched. To restore the psychological balance from the raged child is very useful is rhythmic stimulation: swinging, tapping, etc. ...

At the same time the intellectual development of the child in two years seen a significant jump in the processes of thinking. It's hard to believe, but the baby already has a basis of classification of objects, able to establish a simple connection between the phenomena, it has an idea of ​​forms. size, color and other systems. It is well understood relationships such abstract as sooner or later, more or less than this or the other. The memory of the child is at a fairly high level of development: it is able to remember where his mother hid the nipple yesterday and get it. This kid laudable: it already has a small vocabulary of which can make two or three related proposals.

The main activity of the child in the two years it becomes manipulation of objects. And so it will continue up to three years, at least. Therefore, the baby is now especially interested in all sorts of unusual items with a bunch of functions that develop creativity and imagination. That's when the foundations of the future activity of the architect, artist, designer.

Many parents are concerned about the issue, whether the child is ready for "the release of a": a children's holiday, ideas, cultural or sports events and other mass gatherings? In fact, in the two years it is highly dependent on the characteristics of the event and the child's identity. How your baby assiduous? Will noisy event? The presence of a number of people you plan to? Sometimes it's hard to guess how the child behaves in crowded areas, so parents should be prepared for all the necessary equipment and stock.

The same applies to joint games with other children. Some babies are very willing to cooperate with others, and some prefer to play alone, and he does not need anyone. This should be considered when choosing a toy for a child under two years: baby-introvert is better to give a thing for him alone, whereas sociable chubby little boy suit sets to play with.

 baby gift 2 years

General advice on gifts

Now is the time to talk directly about choosing a gift. The most important thing to note - after all the children two years better give something to evolve, because progress in this age also is moving forward by leaps and bounds, and to ignore this fact is just silly. His gift you can help your child become a little stronger, smarter and development. Oh, and do not forget about the general rules of selecting toys for your child: they should look nice, do not be aggressive and immoral parts and be made of safe materials.

It is appropriate in this case is the choice of such toys, like a mosaic. It should be big and fun to attract the attention of the baby, and that he was comfortable with it to manipulate. He is not just going to put the details in the cell, but will try to put them out of some items and figures, which is very good for the development of imagination.

An excellent gift for children of the same series will be a great puzzle to some cognitive subject, for example, "Learning the alphabet" or "Who lives on a farm? ". The advantage of this option is its comparatively low price at which you buy a lot of positive effects: the development of attention, thinking, memory, and fine motor skills of hands.

Many children like musical toys. In this case, the baby can please some new musical toy. If you are interested in rather low things, maracas - this is what you need! The child will be happy to strum and bang them, and some kids even manage to come up with their own dance. More expensive, but seems an interesting alternative to buying a child for two years xylophone. Especially attractive options from a tree with a natural sound and a bright decor. This toy will help your child better distinguish sounds and feel the rhythm.

Creation useful for children of any age, including two years. If you know that a child is nothing there, a great gift will be all kinds of sets, stimulating classes in drawing, modeling, etc .... But do not run to the nearest stationery store! Goods sold there may be harmful to the child, so the paint and other materials is better to choose a specialized children's store. A good option would be finger paints, which are beneficial not only to the creative abilities, but also on the fine motor skills.

If you want to give your child something more impressive and you have to do so is a wonderful option is a plastic slide and a trampoline. They can be installed directly in the apartment, if space allows, or at their summer cottage, good range is quite wide. Skating on a hill like almost all kids and is of great benefit to children's body: develop courage, a sense of balance, a variety of muscle groups. The same applies to the trampoline.

Awesome looks and playhouse. Yes, and it is now sold! And it can be placed in the most ordinary apartment (not in small families, of course, but one bedroom is fine). This house consists of a fabric which is stretched on the special soft frames. It can be compactly stored in a small box, and get only the games. Such a gift two year old will be very useful: you can hide in the house alone or with friends, to invent stories about him, or even to arrange their own taste.

If you absolutely nothing comes to mind, do not worry! Ironically, after the holidays, but the children usually play with any nonsense, taken to the heap, not the big and expensive gifts. Therefore, instead of much bother, you can simply dial any bag fun stuff: balls, tinsel, cars, soldiers, guns and so on. Agree to dig in a huge pile of gifts is very funny!

Present for a boy

Naturally, the gift will be different depending on the sex of the child. It would seem that it is still small, and some differences are still insignificant, but no! Anyone who has seen children in this age agree: between boys and girls is a huge difference. Future man since childhood are much more inquisitive and persistent, active and aggressive, so they need appropriate gifts.

A perfect gift for a boy two years would be a hammer. Yes, do not laugh - it was he! And to hammer brought the child benefit, it can be a part of educational games, for example, accurately score them balls into round holes. In the process will develop coordination, logic, and attention, because it is necessary not just hammering, and the effort to count and spread the balls by color.

All the guys from childhood like cars, motorcycles, trucks - in short, all that goes and publishes relevant sounds. That is why a great gift for a child under two years will be car or bike, which sits baby feet and pushes it in the desired direction. Firstly, it will be very fun and interesting, because it operates as a large vehicle and, secondly, it develops coordination and muscle strength.

Children's sports wall - that's another thing that every boy should have. And do not think that this gift is premature! On the contrary, two years - is a great age to swing, climb, play and engage in sports on it. The downside of this gift you can call it a fairly high price, but in fact the most important thing - that the child was happy and healthy, and all the other issues can be resolved. Only here we must not forget that the baby fuss this wall must necessarily take place under adult supervision in order to avoid injuries.

 gifts for children 2 years

Gift for girls

Doll - this is the first thing that comes to mind when talking about a gift for the girl two years. It should have strong features and good expression, because it can help a child will remember the parts of the body, and my mother - to show the different steps to assimilate the values ​​of verbs. However, it is worth remembering that, as a rule, have a two-year baby doll probably already have.

More expensive variation on this theme will be puppet theater - in this case, the girl will absorb the basics plot-role-playing game, and parents will be able to show her small presentation. The main hero is better to choose glove or finger puppets - they are very lively and natural, as well as eco-friendly and useful for the development of the nervous system of the child.

If the doll the child already has, you can donate any items specifically for her. For example, a small carriage in which the girl will ride his "child". Incidentally, there are a lot of toys from ordinary PUPS to complex devices such bebibornov that appearance and behavior are very similar to these babies. Such a gift will contribute to the role of addiction girl expectant mother, and this is an important stage in her psychological development.

Do not forget that you are choosing a gift for future woman. So you can give something of jewelry - natural children. But be careful, and if possible, find out the opinion of parents in this regard. Some mothers believe that to give ornaments at this age too early, because they are the attributes of an adult. Of course, the child wants to imitate them around, but is it worth it to encourage? We do not give you a ready answer to this question, but only recommend "test the waters" and not become a cause of quarrel.

Many baby really love to imitate their mothers in their daily activities, such as in cooking or cleaning. If you've noticed it for a child, then a good gift for her would utensils: a toy kitchen, pots, pots and even a toy mop! The little girl with enthusiasm to do what usually takes at home mom: cooking, cleaning, ironing or something else. So is the assimilation of social norms and parents freed time for real concern.

So the issue of choosing the gift baby for two years doable. If earlier it was really nothing to buy, but now my eyes just run away from a wealth of variety. Therefore, taking into account the characteristics of the age and character traits of kid that you choose a gift, you will get exactly what is like a child.

 Gift for a child of 2 years

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