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What did not come up to care for the baby! Utilizer diapers, changing table, baby walker, vibrokresla - it is only a small part of all that is represented on the market of goods and services for mothers and babies. At the same time, in the parent environment, there is a return to the roots - the so-called "natural parenting". Within this paradigm, many mothers prefer not to use the nipple and diapers, prolonged breastfeeding and, of course, slings.

What is sling? This is a very old device, invented by our ancestors more kids to wear. Today it has become very popular and almost replaced the bulky and uncomfortable carriages, which until recently rolled parents their kids, and even backpacks kangaroo. And there is a reason, after all slings are incredibly easy to use, much cheaper wheelchairs (they can even make the most), and the ability to open a fabulous mom!

Baby slings are a sling of straps, the length of which can be adjusted. This patchwork holder can be worn by children from birth to two years. If the backpack kangaroo child is always in a fixed position, in a sling, and he can sit and be placed reclining, and even lie. In short, the kids in baby slings make perfect natural position similar to their position on the hands of parents. Thus, they develop well without some damage to its spine.

 types of slings

The advantages of using the sling

One major advantage of the baby-sling - the ability to change the position of the child without removing the straps. After all, our kids while awake are very mobile and do not like to wait until parents are fastened buttons and tighten the straps, as is the case with a backpack-kangaroo. The baby sling can safely breastfeed, he can sleep there, play and explore the world, being in complete safety.

Slings quick and easy to put on and remove, and does not restrict movement. Doctors are of the opinion that this band is the best option of the child. Some of the types of such modern holders cause children strain the lower back, which eventually leads to disease of the spine. Slings virtually eliminate such situations. They are well supported by the neck of the child, when he was still not able to hold his head, and let the kids sit in a later age, cross-legged on - Turkish. Thus, in a sling a child may be in a position to provide uniform load on his spine. The holders of the other type (eg, backpack-kangaroo) baby feet hanging down, and more fragile spine baby is exposed to high load.

Slings - is not only a worthy replacement of the buggy, but a way to ease the hassle of home at a time when the child is still very young and requires greater attention. However, this is a wonderful way to keep close contact between mother and baby during the transition of existence. Just think: a child nine months of growing, being one with the body of the mother. And after the birth, which in itself is a stressful event for a baby, he is either lying in bed or in a wheelchair, occasionally contact with the mother during feeding. Sling also helps solve this problem by providing proximity and continued symbiotic relationship.

 what slings

Types of slings

If you decide on the acquisition and development of the sling, then you are in for a surprise. Types of slings, of which there are many, cause the young mother confusion (especially when you consider how many other things to choose for a child). Therefore, before buying is to get acquainted with their main characteristics and choose the one that is best suited to meet your exact needs.

  • May-sling - a rectangle, sewn of dense fabric with straps coming out of his corner. The straps are fastened directly below my mother at the waist so that the "back" of the sling is at the front (if you prefer a position in the abdomen) or back (if you prefer the supine position). The upper strap snapped on parent's shoulders, crossed, the output back again crossed the baby behind. Then you tie a them on your waist - and all! In appearance, the sling is strongly reminiscent of "Kangaroo", but the difference is important in maintaining physiological posture for the child. Toddler usually wear it on your back or stomach vertically, but you can adapt to wearing horizontally.
  • Slingosharf - in fact, it is a long strip of cloth from fifty to eighty centimeters in width and from three to six meters in length. Due to its simplicity slingosharf can be used to carry a child in a variety of locations: at the back, on the abdomen, on the hip and in the "cradle". There is a gradation of scarves, depending on their length. Classic slingosharf has a length of four to five meters, and when it is used the load is distributed on the two arms, which makes it quite easy to carry the child. Short articles are usually up to three meters in length, and they are tied exclusively to one shoulder. Average slingosharfy can be used for both types of transportation.
  • Sling or sling-tube pocket is a ring made from fabric, with a circumference of approximately one and a half meters and a width of about seventy centimeters. It is tailored in such a way that the child remains under the ass a little pocket, due to which the baby is deep in carrying, and his back is much better due to the fixed upper rail. They are often manufactured to order under a certain size, or they have a zipper on the back, which helps regulate the sling. It is worn over one shoulder, and the child may take different positions: "cradle" on the back or on the hip. The advantages of this are to sling it more lightweight than the sling with the rings, the impossibility of reducing tissue and absence of uncomfortable knots, like a scarf. But at the same time, it must be carefully selected based complexion mother.
  • Sling with rings - a strip of cloth constituting a length of about two meters and a maximum width - about seventy centimeters. At one end of the ring and liner are located under the shoulder, and the other - the actual end of the sling, or "tail", which is filled in a ring. Through this simple mechanism is achieved by the ability to adjust its length, and change the position of the child. The kid could be inside in a variety of positions, described above. This sling is worn only on one shoulder, and recommended to alternate. One of the main advantages of this option is that the situation of the child can quickly change (which sometimes required - for example, by shifting the sleeping child) - for this you need only weaken the fabric and get out of the sling. However, it has a significant drawback - the uneven distribution of the load only on one shoulder.

To get the most suitable baby sling, please contact the online store slings, in which a wide range of holders of such a miracle. However, this is not the only option. Currently, it has become so popular that the different types of slings are sold almost everywhere: in shops of goods for mums and kids in the children's clubs, and sometimes even in the usual outlets. Therefore, purchase it and enjoy the joys of motherhood!

 What is sling? Everything you wanted to know!

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