Pick up the baby clothes

Despite the seeming abundance of clothing in general and children's clothing - in particular, the choice for the baby seems odёzhek is not the easiest task. Moreover, it is not so much a lack of colors and clothes from certain types of fabrics, but in the fact that most parents simply can not imagine - what materials it should be, what are the requirements, both physiological and psychological, to its styles and colors . We will understand well, what kind of clothes for the baby would be better.

It is clear that choosing clothes is not the same, what to choose diapers - but as a rule, such an approach is seen in many. It is true at the counter arguing that things are bought for a child practically "at once", due attention is paid to the quality not. The result - a baby crying - because, for example, that the clothes are either too close or it is hot. But it would be so bad. The fact that the degree to which their looks the child spends the first years of his life, affected his health and even temperament.

For example, it is well known that children are a real hormonal boiler, which boils, without ceasing, day and night. The system works metabolism in children is several times faster than that of adults. Is it any wonder that those people, who as a child wrapped up in blankets and vests suffer all kinds of skin diseases and allergies several times more likely than those whose parents were not afraid to chill their child. Thus, if you choose diapers for newborns really need one at a time, not too oblivious to the quality of the same hooks and fun pattern on the fabric, the child's best odyozhku inspected carefully.

Pay attention to the clothing fabric

For example, unacceptable in any children's clothes presence of more than 30 percent of synthetic fabrics. Not cool breathable synthetic skin to breathe and prevents the child - and in fact about 40 per cent of bodily comes in children almost to the pre-school is through the skin. Of course, you can experiment with materials, but would it be fair to this experiment, if the only measure on which, for the time being, we can navigate - a crying baby?

Select the "free" clothes

Further, you should not choose too tight-fitting clothing - and it's not that grows wee "by leaps and bounds," and that tight clothing impedes movement - and this affects not only the formation of the skeleton, but also greatly hinders the development of the psyche of the child, as the movement in the same way the brain develops, as well as a large number of bright and unusual items around.

Color clothes

Speaking about the brightness of the environment we mean not just toys. The color of clothes, whether it's diapers for infants or the first in a child's life jacket, plays a significant role in the development of the psyche. It is proved that the brighter children's clothing, the greater the ability to exert a little man already in junior high school.

So, summing up we can say that choosing diapers, first odyozhku may be focusing on the prevalence of these natural fabrics or no synthetics, brightness, color and slightly larger than needed for the child today.

 Pick up the baby clothes

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 We care about the safety of your baby

Once your baby begins to walk and move freely around the house, he kept slipping away from your "all-seeing" eye. In these moments the baby at every step lurk various dangers. Having listened to our advice, you can prevent accidental domestic injury of your restless.

  1. Electrical. In the children's room should not be a faulty electrical outlets and open. All outlets must be closed with plugs and radiators - or special panels, or any other barrier. Free access to the electric heater should be limited. Do not leave your child unattended in a room where an electrical appliance: TV, iron, computer or electric heater.
  2. Available surface. Remove all accessible surfaces with heavy and breakable objects. Do not leave on the table cutlery and utensils, especially knives and forks. As long as the child grows up better to use unbreakable dishes.
  3. Kitchen. Throughout the house the kitchen is the most traumatic place. Kids just like a magnet attracts all dangerous objects. Do not let the baby to a lighted stove when cooking food. Do not put on the table hot pots, pans and a kettle. Provide door kitchen cabinets with special latches. Move beyond the reach all containers with caustic substances. When there is no one in the kitchen adult, the door to the room must be locked, it is better to lock.
  4. Bathroom and toilet. No less safe place in the house is the bathroom. Therefore, as the door to the bathroom and toilet should be kept closed, the baby could accidentally lock themselves inside. Take away all the cosmetics and toiletries.
  5. First aid kit. In no case do not leave in a conspicuous place medicines, even those who take a daily basis.
  6. Houseplants. Do not allow a child to even touch the potted and garden plants, and especially to take them into his mouth.
  7. Domestic animals. The house where the baby, should not have any pets. Try to temporarily attach your pet in good hands until the baby grows up and does not become independent. After all, animals are very often the source of all kinds of infections, and sometimes there are so jealous.
  8. Cleaning. Dust - a source of disease-causing microbes and various allergens. Therefore, wet cleaning and cleaning of soft furniture, walls, carpets and even soft toys should be carried out daily.
 We care about the safety of your baby

 how to play with the child in 1 year


  • Toys for the child after a year
  • Is it necessary to structure the play activity adult baby?
  • Games for children from one year to two years

This is your child and spent his first year! He has changed a lot during this time, turning from a helpless lump squeaking almost independent little man. In addition to the need for food and sleep he had appeared, and others - and among the first to be called to fill the need. Kids playing, usually all the time, that does not sleep - it was through the game he knows himself and the surrounding reality. As soon learned to hold the items, he immediately begins to actively study them, and uses the baby to play everything, that he will fall: a spoon, shoe, a handkerchief, and even porridge - everything makes him a keen interest.

And now, after a year, when he begins to walk, you will increasingly have to catch up with his kid skedaddle down the street, wondering where he learned so well to use their legs. "Very active" - ​​is the best way to describe the children after one year. Kids of this age are very fond of any toys that encourage them to be active - the ball, swing, all kinds of obstacles that need to climbeth. Hands of children of the second year of life become more nimble, and now they have carried away games such as the construction of towers, pyramids picking up some objects and inserting into another.

Toddlers are very amusing experiments like "what happens if I drop this ball? "Or" what would happen if I pull the edge of the tablecloth? "The child will fold toys on the floor, one after another, watching them fly around the room, and at the same time learning how all this will react mother. Toddler is very interested in the consequences of his actions, as well as the one year he is not very well developed memory, he does not bother to repeat many times their games and experiments. Year old kiddies also like to repeat everything that adults do, so at that age you can buy him a toy with which to play, repeating the situation from everyday life.

 what to play with the child in 1 year

Toys for the child after a year

What should be the toys of the child from one to two years? Selection of toys, of course, depends on which of them might be interested in the child's age and on what games you'll teach him to play. Yes, you will need to just learn to play the kid, because he does not know how to pack it. Here are some toys help kids develop after a year:

  • Toys that will encourage the kid to walking

    This may be, for example, walking sticks, wheelchairs with attached toys that produce movement when an action and sounds. Duck, which turns the head, slaps and kicks quacks when the child pushed a cane, will cause the baby delight, and it will stomp and stomp, pushing an interesting toy. Or it could be a train with carriages which are necessary to pull the rope - the child will be interesting to watch how the snake drawn carriages to each other, and it will move to make the train go its merry. Even if it's just a string with a single machine, he still wants to walk, fumbling it behind him.

  • Sorting and inserting toys into each other, too, can take a long time baby

    He feels great pleasure, shifting blocks from one box to another, or by placing the special parts of toys in the slot-base. For example, it may be a hedgehog, which are made in the back recesses of some form - leaf, apple, pear - to contain parts of the same shape of the groove.

    Tiny, barely a year, you have to buy the game for the most basic model of igrushek.Naprimer, house, whose windows are cut different shapes - round, triangular and rectangular. Playing with your child, show him how to push the ball into the round window in the triangular box - a triangle, and so on. Baby first long will enthusiastically work on pushing the figures inside the house, and then become enthusiastically shaking the toy, enjoying the resulting "rattle". And at this time you will be able to do household chores or quietly read a newspaper.

  • All kinds of "climbing frame"

    You can buy plastic room hill on which the baby would be safe to climb up and then slide and slide down. This will help them to develop more and more new motor skills. However, this toy can be quite expensive, and your baby rather quickly lose interest or simply outgrow it. You can do yourself and some inclined surface, which would replace the finished shopping hill, only try to be close to the child to ensure his safety.

  • Any balls that will be easy to pick up, will be a hit for the baby after a year

    It can be colorful rubber balls, tennis balls, inflatable beach balls - if they are, of course, not too big - balls, made of fabric, balloons ... Just keep away from the child's small balls that could be taken into the mouth and swallow .

    Age after one year - this is the time when you should be spending time with your child, choose those games that will encourage him to walk. Balls could not be better suited for this purpose because they can come up with a variety of games that are fastened to movement skills at the year-old baby.

  • Pencils and paper

    The kid that age is enough for one or two pencils - he was more interested in the process of "painting" than its result. Put on the floor a large sheet of paper - it is better if it is a piece of a roll of wallpaper, turned up a party without a pattern. The child will be moved directly on the paper, drawing enthusiasm "kalyaki-Malaki" and at the same time without dropping pencils.

  • Other vehicles designed for kids between the ages of one to two years

    At this age, this mode of transportation is still more popular than walking. Buy your child a wheelchair-scooter - something like a bicycle, but without pedals; to move the child must proceed feet from the ground. It is desirable that such a wheelchair was provided with a special pen to adult could push the cart, when a child is tired.

    Avoid buying electrified versions of such toys. Besides the fact that you spend a lot of money, you are also depriving your baby of fun to move on their own, through their own efforts and will.

  • Toys to help simulate the action of the kitchen

    Now very popular children's mini-kitchen with a set of objects representing utensils and products. Sami plates emit various sounds that help the child during the game feel like a real chef. Do not be fooled that the child is still too young to play role-playing games - smaller kitchen utensils enable him to imitate what adults do, and that will keep his interest for many months, and his game will become more complicated.

  • And, of course, a year-old child can already read the book

    We must take them are those in which a lot of great illustrations depicting familiar objects and kid activities. Reading to your child, you will plant his love of books and new knowledge.

 what games to play with the child in 1 year

Is it necessary to structure the play activity adult baby?

Asking yourself this question, how would you ask how it will be better for the child - if he will act on direct orders, or if he would study their surroundings on your own? The answer is obvious: it is important for its development, and then, and more. As structured adult classes and separate action baby will contribute - each in its own way - its active development.

Structuring, or more simply, the direction of its activity is a great way to bring your baby to new ideas. For example, if you give a child a set of multi-colored figures of different shapes, it will be a long and fascinating to play with them. But he did not guess that figures can be sorted by color or shape - it taught him it was you. And that you are directing the child's actions, build up his skills matching and sorting objects.

However, directing the child, you must provide him with an opportunity to explore what happens when he tries different combinations .  After you give him the necessary items for games and ideas you need to kid himself thought and how he to do about this .  For example, he may decide that instead of folding molds one to the other in descending order of their size, he would prefer to fill them with water or sand and then pour water or pour the sand - this, by the way, an occupation that is literally fascinates most children .  Or he may opt out of the game with molds, preferring fuss in the sand .  Remember that young children use the games are not just for entertainment, but in order to better understand the things and events that seem to themselves at this moment the most interesting; so the kids do it better than adults may know how to play better .  You just need to watch out for his safety, and direct it to submit new ideas .

Games for children from one year to two years

In what kind of games you can play with a year-old kid? We can offer you several games for children aged one to two years, which will help you not only to take your child, but also serve as an excellent impetus for its development.

From 12 to 16 months

We depict real life

Imagine if your favorite teddy bear kid (or a doll - it does not matter) actually live, "Make" him to go to sleep, jumping around the room. Involve this toy in the daily activities of the baby: for example carbon black bear at the table when the child eats, and put on his breastplate, as well as on the baby. This all accompanied by a commentary that "makes" a toy - it will help your child better understand the meaning of words. Display and comment on not only as a bear eats, walks and goes to bed, but he laughs or sad - so your child can learn more about the feelings and emotions.

Hold and pull

If your child is afraid or not quite learned to walk, you can use this game "lure" him and encourage to do their first steps. It is better to use any moving objects - such as a bicycle or a small plastic box with wheels, which are composed of toys. While the child clings to the edge of the subject, you will begin to gently pull it toward you. Pull up until the baby does not take a step. Immediately praise him, trying to violently express their positive reaction to his little step. Soon the child, realizing that he could walk hand in support, he will push the subject, trying to walk even a few steps. So he will be able to feel more confident getting on its feet, and when he realizes that is ready to walk without support and without your help, he immediately makes his first independent steps.


By the year your child may have to clap her hands, but playing this game at first, he will be with your help. You will need to take it into their pens and do the desired motion to the beat of rhyme:

  • Okay, Okay, where it was?
  • By Grandma!
  • What is eaten?
  • Gruel!
  • What drink?
  • Mash! Kashka the oil, mash - sweetie, grandma - pious! We drank, ate, and fly - on the head got!

At the same time with "Okay, Okay," and before the words "What drink? Mash! "You handle the baby claps her hands, in words of gruel and mash - palms stroking his baby" fed "tummy, over the words" grandmother - pious! "Stroking his cheeks, and when you say" fly - on the head sat down, "then pick up his pen and put palms on the head.

Over time, the child learns to play all the movements themselves. Play this game it will be with great pleasure, and the game itself will boost his language skills and improve coordination.

Who is hiding?

Sure, your child will love the game of hide and seek. Of course, now it is the simplest form of the game. In the morning you can throw on the baby blanket after a bath - towel and so on. And start "scared" to ask, "Oh, where is my son? Where did he run away? I do not see him! "Then he pulls off with a veil, saying:" Ah, here he is! "Fortunately the kid will not borders! For extra fun, you can find under the covers of his leg and say, "Oh, what is it? A pen? Or is it the tummy? "Or you could say:" Oh, whose is the leg? Who is hiding? Perhaps this is the daddy! "

From 16 to 20 months

Tea Party Doll

This game is good to play outside on a warm sunny day. Bring a plastic tea set and water. Put dolls at the table, and to encourage the baby to fill the kettle with water and then pour it into a cup. Let it "gives to" dolls from the cups. This game will help your child develop imagination and to improve coordination and help them learn about the properties of water - for example, that it always flows down, not up.

Katie ball to me!

As we have said, the balls are very popular with children after a year. That is one of the games you can play with the ball: you both sit on the floor facing each other, legs apart. Now you can roll the ball back and forth to each other, trying to make it not rolled away to the side. This entertainment is very well developed muscles of the hands of the kid and his hand-eye coordination.

Small collector

Going for a walk, give your child with a bucket. Show him that you can add to found cones, pebbles, twigs. Just do not be surprised when he vysyplet collected and will seek a new "mining" - a year kids love to fill and to empty any container.

From 20 to 24 months

Let's dance!

Turn on the music that would be of a different character - something fun, loud and rhythmic, the child stamped her by depicting an elephant; then smoothly and slowly to the baby, repeating on you could sneak up on tiptoe, pretending misses sleeping lion, trying not to wake him. Very well-developed imagination and a sense of rhythm!


Use for this game light wooden wedges. Encourage your baby to start to create a simple model: for example, put three in a row bar or two at the bottom, and two more - on top of them to eventually get the square. Encourage him to use blocks of different shapes, so that it can be copied from the drawings accompanying such toys, a variety of shapes. Then let him build what he tells his own fantasy. This game requires special focus and concentration that form the child useful skills.

What do you hear?

Taking a walk on the street, sit side by side on the bench, ask your child to close his eyes and listen carefully. Then ask him to tell me that he had heard the wind in the branches of trees, the birds singing, a car drove past. This is a great game for your child to focus and developed their listening skills.

Catch Me If You Can!

Kids love to be chased. The goal - to catch the child, especially if your child is confident that there will also be entered into the embrace and kiss. While playing, you can depict the roaring lion or a bear stomping. You also give your child catch up with you. Such catch-up help to develop endurance - and the baby, and you!

You yourself can come up with different games, because that you know better, it would be interesting to your kid. The main thing - give him as much as possible and remember: playing, your child develops and learns.

 How to play with the child in 1 year?