Toys that help parents in the upbringing of children

Many mothers just do not represent life without moments when your child hug, kiss him caress. It's really great - to have her baby, to enjoy his smile, the various movements. Raising a child - not an easy process and responsible. As a rule, the bulk of the concerns rests on the shoulders of the mother. According to statistics, a lot more time with the child holds it is, after all, often the father is at work, earning money for the family.

It is important to educate a child properly, give it due attention. This applies to all: to monitor diet, skip the baby, choose the correct sleep and, of course, to buy toys. Depending on the age of the child, he develops various toys. The older it is, the more difficult things for parents to buy him the game: minicomputers, intelligent toy robots, vehicles to control and more. But there should be careful: too much too pampered child unnecessarily. Otherwise, the child will be a lot of naughty.

Toys should be chosen wisely. Those who will benefit the child, who can not harm him. Best of all, if through them the child will gradually learn about the world.

Unfortunately, not always the mother (or both parents together) have a lot of free time to devote to his child of his. Sometimes in such cases, parents are asked to sit with the child or family are hiring nannies. In such cases, even education can not take place as the parents want. What to do when these situations arise?

Modern technologies allow to follow the child when the mother herself or the father are in another room, or even on the street. We are talking about such inventions as a baby monitor, and baby monitors that help parents complete control over everything that makes them the baby.

Baby monitors has more features than a baby monitor that is designed only to monitor the sound of a child with a special hidden microphone high sensitivity. Parents will always hear all the movements and the voice of his child, everything that is happening around him. Baby monitors, helps not only to hear but also to see what the kid does. The device includes a camera that can change positions, as well as a portable monitor, and to which you can watch all the actions of his little pet.

Thus, not necessarily to hire nurses (by the way, is likely to run into rough and indecent woman), constantly give their child or close relatives. Because now there are toys that can help parents in the upbringing. In the education that they want to choose for your child.

 Toys that help parents in the upbringing of children

 development of the child after a year


  • The child learns: intellectual development
  • We develop active: first steps and separate action
  • The awareness of themselves as individuals: the social development of the baby
  • Note for parents: educational games

It seemed, until recently, you were the kid at heart, not even imagining how it will look, whose features will inherit a greater extent - one or the other parent. Time after birth for every woman flies: in daily routine often newly minted mom did not even notice as autumn replaces summer, and spring - winter. Naturally, the first hard almost everyone, but some take the difficulties for granted staunchly transferring them, while others are nervous, and are going through a difficult process of adaptation. And that's OK, because the birth of a child familiar family life is turned upside down - instead of the rest of life there and established a sleepless night, feeding, bathing, crying.

However, a person gets used to everything, all the more so after three or four months my mother already feels their child understands that he (or she) wants to and because of what is naughty. The first conscious smile agukane, delicate hands and feet - all this brings joy and fills life with meaning. And now the very small crumb matured: trying to pronounce the words, understand the request, it performs a simple "order" parents. After a year the fun begins - this time of knowledge, the acquisition of certain skills of a toddler. Let's take a closer look, how is the development of the child that is to be expected and what is ready and what lessons should be with him.

The child learns: intellectual development

It should be understood that the development of each child is individual - what one can be done in twelve months, and the other will be able to learn later. So do not panic if all benefits for new parents said that the baby is a year should go, and your child is only trying to do. Be patient and just wait - all the time!

In addition, scientists long ago proved that the development of girls is much faster than that of boys. For the past are taking their first steps on the two or three months later, and if the little charmer begins to speak to two years, then the future will make it a gentleman after it - the time difference can be from 16 to 24 weeks. No wonder they say that the ladies should give way!

So the development of children - an individual process, but there are common parameters, which are repelled by doctors to determine the normal neuro-psychological and physical condition of the child. This need to know parents and to prevent possible anomalies and timely detect certain abnormalities. As they say, forewarned is forearmed!

Thus, we consider how the development of children occurs after a year, what are the features and what you should pay attention to your pipsqueak grew healthy. According to experts, the full development of a stable measure of the baby is his height. For twelve months the body of the young boy or girl is growing by about 25 centimeters, respectively, the average increase year-old child is about 75-76 centimeters. It was at this time there is a very intensive development, both physical and psychomotor actively formed conditioned reflexes.

As a rule, after eleven months, many children begin to utter monosyllabic words, every day more and more enriching your vocabulary. Typically, about one year baby takes its first tentative steps, occasionally falling, holding on to the things that are close (table, chair leg or a chair, sofa, bed, etc.). Gradually, his skills improved: soon you will notice how pipsqueak moves and runs completely independently.

At year-old child has a great desire to learn about the world: it is a joy in contact with new people, touch everything he sees, enjoys many items during the game and knows their meaning. Kid remember the names of close relatives - parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, grandparents - and responds to her. After twelve months, the desire to see and get acquainted with the surrounding reality is a strong motivation to the independent movement, so during this time should be especially careful to watch your child. Since the baby is still not strong legs can sometimes did not listen, so that frequently occur injured or disabled.

A child at the age of about one year and eight months vocabulary sometimes reaches up to one hundred words or more. As soon as he becomes acquainted with the surrounding world, he learned the skills of walking, speech, gradually there is an active development of memory - the kid easily remembers people, objects. Therefore, at this time should be with him as much as possible to communicate, to answer all his questions and explain the meaning of objects, actions, and so on.

The flexibility of thinking, intellectual and creative abilities of the child to help develop a variety of games that do not require adult diversion from everyday affairs. Play them can be anywhere: on the walk home in the kitchen, in the car or public transport, and so on. For such games do not need any additional acquisitions or cooking. They require a good imagination.

So, well-developed creative abilities of the child game called "Who am I? ". It consists in the fact that the adult, depicting sounds, gestures, facial expressions, for example, a car or a beetle, asks the child to guess who it is. If otgadka no difficulties at the kid, you can offer him, in turn, to portray someone and have to guess his riddle. Show can be anything, as long as the subject corresponded to the degree of understanding the child's age.

In fact, there are plenty of interesting, and most importantly - useful lessons that can be carried out with the baby after a year. But do not get too ahead of ourselves, consider these techniques later.

 development of the child after a year by months

We develop active: first steps and separate action

On the development of the child is influenced by many factors: the atmosphere in the family, living conditions, nutrition and more. The more time you devote your crumbs - to play with him, walk, talk, read books aloud, explain the meaning of certain things - that he will have more extensive vocabulary, a better memory. Children after a year of incredibly mobile, often staying in a good emotional state, often laugh, happy new people, responsive to any manifestation of attention, both by adults and peers.

After fourteen months of a child's development is an active subject of activity, during which he met with the world - remember the meaning and the names of objects and their properties. At this time, the baby absorbs information like a sponge, so parents must be possible to direct it and train. To do this, it is not necessary to use any special technique - do it in a playful way. For example, when the baby is a little older, you can invite him to play a game of "Find the color you want."

With the help of the children after 2, 5 years old are taught to recognize colors. To play it, you must choose a color to show it to your child and ask to find the exact same color that is around. A mental abilities in children at this age are developing a good game, "What am I doing? ". For it is necessary to depict an action that your smart kid knows - drawing, ironing, sweeping, cleaning teeth, etc. - and ask them to guess what the action is. Thus, in the course of everyday communication, games and pranks, the child gradually expanded vocabulary, digestible information about the objects and their significance.

Mental and physical development of each baby can occur in different ways: mobile and active cards to all interested, communicate with their peers, pay attention to adults. They move around a lot, everyone can see and hear everything, of course, that such a little "lighter" often start early to tell.

However, if your child has a quiet and modest character, he is reluctant to make contact with other children, and after a year still stubbornly silent, do not worry - you will hear a lot of interesting things from him, just a little later. Point it in the game, show what you can do with a particular subject. The fact that in such shy personalities quite a long time is stored in the monotony of movement and action, some parents notice that their child is constantly shifts from one toy to another palm, monotone machine rolls and the like.

At twelve months the child develops the ability to remember and repeat the actions taken by another person, and had seen earlier. It may happen that, by showing your child how to play a new machine, you will not see any reaction, pipsqueak not respond. However, after a few days it will surprise you, deftly coping with the same subject. Children after a year of all understand and remember, but some need time to reflect on everything. Child development occurs in such a way that the information about seen and heard had accumulated gradually. But, nevertheless, when he daily observes the same repetitive actions (such as mopping, ironing, washing), with time there is a desire to imitate them.

After a year and close to two years of half-baked young moms can breathe a sigh of relief - the child begins the time of independent games. Now baby needs solitude, often engaged in "their own thing", it is a long one. But this does not mean that he does not need your attention and care - from time to time refer to the crumbs, offers his help.

After about a year and nine months, many children begin to "define" their territory, consolidating the things this or that place. Therefore, if the baby was originally accustomed to the order, I had the opportunity to observe how the parents are doing the cleaning, then later with this should have no problems.

Child development - natural, but, nevertheless, difficult process, so if you want it to be descended safely, be careful and patient with your baby. Children after three years of very emotional - laughter can be replaced rapidly crying, frequent unreasonable whims and insults. In this case, the main thing - it does not get nervous, because shouting and swearing you will not get anywhere. In the event of such a situation should distract the child, switching his attention from one emotional state to another. To do this, fit jigsaw puzzles, drawing, modeling, blocks - in short, everything that your child is interested in. These classes not only help calm the baby, but also a beneficial effect on his intellectual development.

For example, different designers promote formation of the child's sense recognition objects by color, shape, subject, size, and so on. And to the kid perfectly "working" imagination, you can use the game called "On the contrary." Adult refers to a word, and invites the child to pick him Antonio - "light - dark", "wet - dry" and so on. Words must be chosen, focusing on the experiences the child, that is, to call what he understood.

To the development of thinking in the child to become more efficient, doctors recommend to engage with him, not only by special techniques, but also in the form of a game. So, good forms of thinking in children four to five years the game "Who was that? ". The child names offer some objects or phenomena, and he has to say who or what these objects or phenomena were before. For example, the rain was a cloud, was a chicken egg, shirt - cloth stool - tree. It is desirable that the question posed, there were several options.

 the proper development of the child after a year

The awareness of themselves as individuals: the social development of the baby

So, what can and what can the children after a year:

  • Approximately ten to twelve months crumb begins to make the first cautious steps and close to two already being run. However, as mentioned above, all especially individually, in addition, often the development in girls is slightly faster than their male counterparts same.
  • As they get older the kid comes to an understanding of what is needed in one way or another thing, it recognizes the shape of objects, learn to handle them.
  • Development of speech apparatus each child comes in very different ways. Some are already ten months utter the first word, while others do not speak up to a year and a half more years. If your child belongs to the second category, do not worry much, because sometimes a pipsqueak, stubbornly silent for a long time, then not only catching up but also surpass in its development, even those who started babbling at nine months.
  • After a year and 36 weeks, children gradually withdrawn every thing "his" place. They become more self-sufficient and have so much in need of parental care. The kid can play alone for a long time, and he will not be bored.

The child after a year and nine months, ten formed a sense of independence, so often a dining table turns into a battlefield. The process of studying the food, its properties, overindulgence of food on the plate has already passed: pipsqueak gradually eat more carefully, trying to hold a spoon and a cup, and the traffic awareness. However, some children invent "their" ways of communicating with food, "plyamkaya" smacking, trying to have the other side of the cutlery. In the event of such a situation, experts advise not to dwell on this: as a rule, if the parents do not show any emotions, such experiments are very quickly come to naught.

After two years of a baby occurs very active social development and adaptation:

  • As they get older the child interests me: if earlier he liked to tinker with cars or play with dolls, but now it may be interested in The orderly monotonous occupation, for example, the collection of puzzle constructor. However, the "transitional" object still has not lost its important role: favorite pacifier, toy or other object calms him in moments of sadness when he is frightened or upset.
  • Starting with the year and six months, many children are trying to help mothers and fathers, "wipe" dust, "blur", "wash" the dishes, "pat." Naturally, at first their movements uncoordinated and clumsy, but it wears off.
  • Social development is most active after two years. In two years, the child is already familiar with the rules of conduct on the street, at home and understands what can be done in these areas, and that is strictly forbidden. At this time, the children with interest and a great desire to come into contact with their peers.
  • As social development occurs kid, improving his skills and communicative dialogue. With regard to "fellow sandbox" the child after a year and eleven months, there are several possible courses of action: the game of "side", "to Give" or contemplation.

Development of the first communication skills among children from one to three years takes place on the basis of certain items - often toys. As the kids had already clearly delineates where "their" and "foreign", cases mini conflicts. For example, when one took to play some machine, and the other is also interested in it and wants to pick up a toy. In this case, parents need to remember that this is just a transition period during which you need to show the correct demeanor. However, if your child refuses to share, do not blame him too much and hang the label "greedy." After all, children only learn to communicate with each other.

In three years, the child is a kind of an age crisis: it feels like a full-fledged personality, dramatically increases the need for separate action. Kid wants himself to tie his shoes, to dress without the help of adults. It was at this time is determined by the predominant development of one hand over the other. It is therefore very important to pay attention to physical exercise with the baby to be carried out, starting from the first months. It's the base, the foundation of the future health of the crumbs. Gymnastics recommended, especially given the nature of the child. Slow-moving and uncertain interest can be a beautiful toy periodically cheering and encouraging.

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