A dad at work!

Dad works a lot? Or again have to leave on a business trip? Or maybe it comes to the baby on weekends, because now lives alone? All these circumstances dictate you specific rules of conduct.

Yes, my father is difficult to establish full communion with the child when he keeps coming back late at night, or flying on business .  Of course, to successfully combine career and child rearing, take a little more effort, patience and zeal, but the result is worth it .  It is known that the pope played a huge role in the upbringing of the child .  Mom - the whole world kid, cozy, warm, native, giving security, bearing the love and comfort when needed .  But what about dad? Father - is everything else: the way to maturity, it is freedom and inner strength - a huge world, which also exist! There, outside the cozy family nest .  The world of things that you need to know where you need to learn to live .  The main task of the Pope - to try to give the child the maximum of their attention on the basis of the circumstances in which he is, and you have to help him .  We must try to build trust with the crumbs, friendships that he grew confident in the fact that his dad loves .

Jobs - wolf!

Today, parents are very hard working .  But increasingly, along with a successful career, we get a number of problems related to the shortage of spare time .  It's hard to pay attention to your child and participate in his upbringing, when it is the matter of irregular working day, overtime or mission .  Statistics relentless .  But arranged Life - this is not all, or rather, is not the most important thing .  The most important purpose of money - this is freedom, but the most difficult task still lies in the fact that, having wealth, to be free of its shackles .  So try to start to analyze what you have to sacrifice for the sake of this particular work, and if you can achieve your goals by participating in this cruel marathon? Often a priority to get a job for the Pope is a "well-being of his family," but it also happens that over time, this object is lost, replaced by "a well-being", from which it is the same family, and suffer the most .  Because busy schedule creates friction in the family and cause irreparable damage to the intimate life of the couple .  Because children are not successful careerists come off the TV, do not eat, not independent and self-willed .  And finally, because millions of well-paid professionals worldwide risk undermining the health of the - for irregular working day and excessive stress at work .

The woman in the family can strongly influence the installation of a husband, his direction. In her best to help her husband to slow down, change the orientation, change the direction, that the wife can create or destroy. It is noteworthy that in the biblical parable is very much about the quarrelsome wives and personal - of grumpy husbands. Therefore, no matter how hard you had to watch the house while the father "hunted mammoths," try to do without reproach: in the end, my husband works for the benefit of children and for the sake of the family, and this can not be underestimated. You just need to help a loved understand what your family is to this very good, support her husband in his achievements, helping to ensure that this goal is not to lose on the road to your happiness.

The Pope later returned to work

 A dad at work!

What should I do? Stick to the main principles: dialogue should be as intense. What does it mean? In - First, do not turn in on themselves. More talk to her husband about what is happening in the house: a child behave today as did the first steps, where walking, than it was busy. Talk about how the kid learned cunning as he is teething, he learns to eat by herself and likes to play in the water. Share your happiness with her husband, give him all the time to feel involved in the events that happen to his kids. Make every effort to involve the Pope in the education of the crumbs, which originated in his heart proud of their child, the desire to become attached to the little man, to feel like it's nice - to be a father.

In - the second, constantly tell your child about his dad. Do not apologize to the child because the father comes late and it really feels orphan. Available explain to your child why Daddy had to work from morning till evening. But do not say something like: "He works hard to ensure that you are in no need" to lay upon the shoulders of the blame for the children's father's employment. Talking about his work, or talking with her husband, did not complain about his workload or fatigue: instead of the child began to feel sorry for dad or mom, foster respect for the work that makes a father proud of his mind, professional competence and energy. Talk about the benefit that brings Daddy, how interesting his work, tell about his success, that he does for others, but is silent about the failures.

And finally: it is necessary to do everything possible to Pope could communicate with her baby, present in his life. During breaks he can call Kid and ask him things, and not so much success as the child's mental state, his friends and life experiences. Even if the baby is silent and not able to speak, is responsible for the kid, let him hear, as they say, and it is responsible both for mother, tells the child that my father said as he pleased for him. Let your husband knows that his call - a significant event for the child. He convinces the kid that Daddy misses him and constantly thinking about it.

Leaving for work, your husband can draw a small postcards for crumbs or leave short letters, which you then can a child read .  Optionally, to report that - something important, you can write: "Hello, my sweetheart! "Or is it the sun to draw .  Yes, and you are with your child during the day can be prepared a little gift for dad - it will brighten up the waiting .  Leaving for work, you can hide for a son or daughter's little surprises, so that the child could find their casually in his pocket, a closet, under your pillow or in a children's backpack .  Then he will miss less without a dad .  Apple, chocolate, ball, bubbles "from the Pope" calls, cards and little notes - these techniques will always create the illusion of the presence of the father in a child's life .  However, be careful not to abuse the purchase of gifts and expensive toys .  It does not compensate for the lack of the pope, but can create additional problems in the relationship of father and child - still more important for the crumbs of his attention .  The day dad can sit with the baby, bathe him, read a fairy tale - a pipsqueak long and patiently waited for this moment .  When his father at home, not go to one side, wishing that they talked one on one: the child must feel that you are - one family .

What should I say? "When Dad comes home from work, he always looks in your bedroom to kiss you and tell you tomorrow, when he came back."

The Pope often goes on business trips

 A dad at work!

What should I do? In this situation it is possible to apply the same directions, which have been mentioned above. Help your child to visualize his dad: "Imagine how it goes with a baguette from the bakery ...". Advise her husband regularly at the same time to call your child, send him e-mails and postcards. Organize them communicate via the web - camera, particularly useful to arrange such "video bridges" to the children's bedtime. Together with your child put crosses on the calendar in anticipation of the day the return of the pope. This will help him to better control the situation.

Do not scare the kid strict father in his absence. And do not be jealous, when the pope returned to the child becomes a real treat. Be prepared for the fact that when he gets home, the baby is literally hangs on the Pope and will not depart from it on a step, constantly checking his presence. Father must be taken seriously to the desire of the child to stay with him, do not need to push the baby. It's okay if your husband rest and change clothes a little later, when the baby is a little sated his attention.

It is of great value in your case can play a small family traditions that you can come together .  For any characteristic of the tradition of regularity: it can be any type of event, whether it is a joint trip out of town or Saturday lunch .  Such traditions do not require special costs and do not cause problems, but provide an opportunity to feel the unity of all members of the family, the warmth and care of native people .  Good habits easily unite all members of the family, in tune and give lots of positive emotions .  Get rituals that show your love .  They can be all sorts of .  Just priurochte their parental care to a certain time - that leaves a great ritual .  For example: "On Monday, after dinner, we draw the Pope"; "We go into the woods on the same clearing at different times of the year"; "I wave the Pope from the window when he goes to work"; "Before going to bed I always tell stories," etc. .  P .  Children learn by imitating adults .  And as a result they behave as parents: if you give the child the care and love - he will want to do the same .  Here's an example of ordinary everyday rituals:

Returning from a business trip the pope. By the arrival of the Pope, we buy a big cake, and spend the whole evening together. Dad gives me brought from another city souvenirs. And after he bathes and puts me to sleep.
Weekend. Pope prepares his special pizza or bake an apple pie mother for tea and before dinner we play bingo.
The end or the beginning of the season. Every winter, Dad takes me to ice fishing. Every summer our family we go to the sea by car. In the autumn we are building in the woods and hang birdhouses and feed the ducks at a local pond.

What should I say? Five days later, the pope will come and go with me to take you out of the garden. Bend your fingers every day. When sozhmesh whole hand into a fist, it will be a day when he comes!

 A dad at work!

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