A few ideas how to name the baby

At birth, the baby is important to choose a name, and it is a difficult task for any parent.

Name - this is not the only way to identify a new person, but for some reason the value of the name we think is not right. But it affects the destiny of man and nature. So you can not call a child at random, we are ready to give advice to the choice of the name did not become an overwhelming task.

Boys left to right Girls

Almost all the names are divided into male and female, universal name among them is extremely small. Therefore, the name most often determines also belonging to the floor. If you decide to name the child Zhenya, Sasha, Valya, then of course, his sexual identity does not matter. These are the names of the discharge or universal Eugene Eugene, Alexander and Alexander, Valentine or Valentine - sound equally well in any scenario.

Correct parents begin to pick a name for the baby after ultrasound diagnosis of sex, but now it can be done earlier in pregnancy with retention of high accuracy of the result. But there are still those who do not want to spoil the surprise and field prefer not to ask. For these parents the choice of the name of the magic begins at the moment of birth. Often, in this case, the child is called spontaneous: "He fit the name of Denis 'or' Do you know a nice girl can only be called Alena."

Euphonic name - an important point. Choosing a name, it is important to consider how it sounds in everyday life, not just in the official full version. The more diminutive variants, the easier it will pamper your baby. Take the name of Olga - Olenka, Olga, Olyushka, but at least the beautiful and stately name Praskovya - the diminutive version - Paracha. Sometimes it is necessary to abandon such seemingly behalf of interesting options than previously to create the complexity son or daughter. This applies to the unpronounceable names; the names, which just asks ugly or insulting nickname rhymes. It is not necessary because of their own folly to deprive the child's childhood and communicate with their peers, and after a difficult or unknown name, he may forever remain friendless.

The name must be in harmony with the name and patronymic

In our country, one of the most complex formulas naming, which includes not only the name but also the middle name. And surname indicates belonging to a particular race or family, and the name makes a person unique. Therefore, the name must be combined with both a patronymic and a surname, not only in the full version. What do you think would be very good to your son, if you gave him a combination of - Peter Petrov or selecting a name for the daughter Angelica V. Kukharenko. If people would just smile, it's so bad, often people with names difficult to come to life because of the banal hesitate to name and patronymic.

Well, if the name and surname and sound beautiful, and combine perfectly and are easy to pronounce, but it is not too banal. The easier it is to pronounce the name, the easier it is to remember his interlocutor, and therefore your child matured with time. In addition, people are often reluctant to communicate with someone, afraid to offend, if they can not pronounce his name.

Russian language is difficult, in the formation of names, too, is not so simple. There are some phonetic combinations that are difficult to pronounce and remember. It Anastasia A., Vsevolod, Dmitri S. and other similar options.

Choosing a name for a girl, it is better to stay in favor of a soft and easy-sounding name, such as Anna A., Ekaterina. If the child's last name will not directly pointing to sexual identity (Pokalyuk, Petrenko, Avsievich), how would you not want, give up the names like Zhenya, Sasha, Valera.

Sometimes, the parents went around all the pitfalls, and stumbled on the abbreviation. Look at the order in which stood the first letters of the name. Larisa Yakimovna Burlakov, as an adult woman, Larisa is not particularly overjoyed combination of the first letters in the name.


 Choosing a name of origin

Name day - well-forgotten old tradition of choosing a name. Name day or calendar - a calendar of the church, which has a complete list of the days of the memory of all the saints. That is, just look in the calendar and find out what the holy day falls on the date of birth of the child. One day is always celebrated the memory of several saints, so that even here there is plenty to choose from. And the baby, named the same name, takes on the patronage of the saint. Of course, most of the names of obsolete and should choose carefully, but you can choose another name that is close to the date of birth of the child.

Choosing a name of origin

For a long time the only way to choose the right name for the baby - was mesyatseslov, most newborns are named in honor of the saints. After the Great October Revolution of ways to select the name became more, and the authority of the church calendar fell markedly. Parents had an opportunity to name the child in its sole discretion, experimented in his own way. So to get the names, neologisms, which were something of slogans and slogans of the era. Some of them passed the test of time, but most names long forgotten how completely absurd.

Some derivatives on behalf of the leader Vladimir Lenin are euphonious - Vladlen, Wilen; Marklen or from a combination of Marx and Lenin. Female name Ninel (the opposite of "Lenin") is still popular. But Dazdraperma (Long live May Day) or by Kukutsapol "Corn - queen of the fields' affect its absurdity. Although at the time such originality was held in high esteem.

A little later came to Russia European names: Herman, Jeanne, Albert, followed by Eastern - Timur, Zarema, Zemfira. About Old Slavonic names almost forgotten. And since the 60s of the last century the names of the church calendar again became popular. Lada, Lyudmila and Vladimir and the names of the Scandinavian nations, slightly modified, began to meet more often.

The value of the name will help make the right choice. No wonder our ancestors attached great importance to the interpretation of the name. Of course, now the main criterion for selection is the harmony, but never too late to think about its meaning.

It is not always possible to choose the name of the only value, but you can select your favorite names, and leave one of them - the value of which is most suitable, according to the parents.

Choosing a name for the baby of the season

The time of year and the child's name is closely connected, it happens that the name chosen correctly, can make your child happy.

But the general principles of selecting a name for the time of year are such that winter kids should be given a soft and sonorous names to turn down the severity of the cold and frost. Spring is better to go up hard and strong names, as these children are so restless too. Summer is also better to choose the name of the more gentle as summer kids different proactive stance and persistent. Born in the fall - the most balanced and sometimes melancholy, and therefore better to choose the name of fun, mischievous and playful.

Dictionary to help the doubters

 Choosing a name according to the fashion trends

In some families decided to choose the name of the future baby together, if you fall into this category, then this option is the best fit. We need to take a directory name to get together and take turns to strike out the name that does not like. The result will be an agreed number of options that are all satisfied. From this list, select the name has the highest number of votes. Olympic system, maybe this will help educate the athlete.

Choosing a name according to the fashion trends

From time to time there comes the fashion for some one name, as a result of the same class are learning more Maksimov, Danilov and Marguerite. So, in 2010, an unprecedented boom in the Dmitriev Artem Artemov and, Ivanov and Sasha Maximov, and girls become absolute favorites of Dashi, Nastia, Anya and Elizabeth.

For a long time, you can give your children the Bible and ancient names. Arkhipov, Matthew, Akima, Luke and Emeli learn side by side with Adam Trofimov, Ustinov, Pelagia and do not cause smiles.

Alexander Malinin whether anticipated this trend, or become a trendsetter, named their twins Frol (flower) Ustinov (fair). Larsen tutions have a son named Luke, while Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan true Siberian Arhip hero.

Original name

Some parents choose a name for the calendar, others according to the fashion trends, and others - choose the most original name for the baby. The unusual name is remembered faster, but some parents are too overly creative. Again came the Olympics - in honor of the Olympic Games in Sochi, this trend has returned to Lenin, but now do not appear in hospitals and Ninel Vladlen and Vladputa (by Vladimir Putin) and Edros (from the United Russia).

In 2008, after the FIFA World Cup coach Guus Hiddink was the idol, and young parents, especially football fans, chose not very clear to the Russian ear the name of Gus. And some very desperate fans of Dima Bilan named their sons fuck, but the latest rumors rather than the truth.

Known and famous is no different ordinary people - they, too, is not alien to the desire to be original. Volochkova gave his daughter the name Ariadne, which means loving. Tina Kandelaki son's name Leonty and daughter - Melania. Chet Malikov, known aesthetes, chose the name for her daughter for a long time; Stephanie - just meets the requirements and traditions of the family - an original, elegant and tasteful.

It is not necessary to name children

In honor of their parents, grandparents and other relatives of children is best not to name, to avoid confusion and jealousy in the family. In addition, it is believed that a baby can take him the fate of a relative, so if you are seriously going to name the baby in honor of the ancestors - choose a happy family member.

Film characters, actors, theater, well-known brands - also not the best idea. Although the United States is gaining momentum names that resonate with well-known brands, products firms. Car names such incidents among the most popular - SELIC, Delica, Infiniti and Chevy, so-called girls' parents motorists.

 A few ideas how to name the baby