Birds, fish, dogs and other friends of your child

When the house is an animal that can not only be different for each of you, but also to find a common language with the child - that's real happiness.

And if you have no living creatures, then prepare yourself for the fact that your baby is one day to say that he wanted a dog, cat, canary, or someone else. Usually adults is more shocking news: Mom and Dad are not prepared in the hectic household chores to take care of and even pets. These children's request - a real test of endurance, can you deny your child or go on about it, forgetting that all responsible for the pet will fall on you.

But not so scary. If you choose the right pet, then it will not cause any trouble of any care or in education. And these tips will help to do without tears and family dramas. To achieve the result, when the child is completely alone caring for a pet is not possible, therefore, dear parents, do not comfort yourself with the thought that a child of any age without a reminder to change the litter, to walk, bathe and feed your pet. This can be achieved if an older child will move into a separate apartment, which means that the share of responsibility for the life and health of animals in the house and lies to you.

In families where the animals were used to children, such questions arise less. Children from birth begin to interact with pets, so decide when you can start to make friends with kisoy or do not have a dog. Gradually growing up, the kid takes the example of parents and learning to care for them and take responsibility for the animals in the house.

But if you have not yet settled animal or bird, the wind should be based on the age of children, taking into account the mental and physical characteristics of the child and the future four-legged or feathered friend.

From 2 to 10 years

Up to 2 years it is not necessary to make new animals in the house and keep children away from saucers, trays and litter of those available. The fact that the baby does not yet have sufficient immunity to it and not put all vaccinations, and in addition it is the age of the children get acquainted with the surrounding worlds, tasting it. Just do not focus on cat accessories or relocate them to another location to avoid tears and whims.

From 2 to 4 years

Pets and children are starting to get along well with each other. But do not leave without attention playing a couple, as a child, by virtue of its features quickly switch attention from one object to another, can be confused with soft toy Barsika sharply grasp scare and stay scratched. Well, if the animal and the baby get off fear, but each of them can cause harm to each other, that in the future will affect the character of the pet and possibly the nature of the child, having beaten the desire of any communication with animals.

From 5 to 6 years

At the age of 5-6 years, children begin to ask all dog, cat or bird, especially if the house is not all pets. Be prepared for a walk with a favorite child could not return alone, but with a stray mongrel, saying that now dog will live with you. Basically, big trouble in this, but if you have a home mongrel prospect you are not particularly happy, take care of this in advance - buying a purebred puppy. At this age, children begin to realize that there are other life forms. Love to animals as children is boundless, sometimes the animals themselves suffer from excessive passion, so explain to your child how to be friends with or Bobik Murka.

But at the same age baby may exhibit excessive cruelty without realizing it, and considering the animal one of the toys, through which it is exploring the world. Pets keenly feel the pain, as a tomboy and deliberately pull the tail or whiskers, so sometimes while hiding under the couch or under the bed. However, most of them are forgiving, and therefore, the child learns not to hurt their pets, because in five years he was able to analyze their actions on the response from the side.

7 years

At the age of 7 years, the child goes to school, where he was first introduced to the concepts of the discipline and the regime. And from that time he was already quite capable of taking on a greater share of responsibility for the animal. He did not forget to give time to eat or clean the cage, as well as to remind you that it's time to go with you to walk the pet.

If the dog is small and the conditions allow the child to let him alone, at least once a day, for both of them walk will bring more joy. So as an adult walking with animals - a mandatory activity, monotonous and boring at times, but for the child - this is another opportunity to play with a friend. But blackmail the child, telling him that buy a dog in exchange for good behavior or evaluation impossible. Firstly, after the purchase of the animal's behavior may again be deplorable, and secondly, you will give to understand that everything you can buy even a friend or a child would be treated as a puppy to an inanimate object, since it was purchased as a reward.

From 8 to 10 years

In 8-10 years, children become self-reliant so that they can be trusted with younger brothers and sisters for a while, not to mention the dog or cat. So do not be afraid that the baby will feed a dog podstrizhet jam or cat fur.

Cat and dogs, and other little animals

 pet for a child

If you do not want difficulties in caring for pets, then choose a rodent, as they are the most unassuming. Guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, mice, and other curious, peaceful, and very rarely pranks. Besides being a wild relative, they can easily be tamed. To start feeding it with the hands, and then, when the little animal itself sits on her hands, pat, but do not limit freedom. And all domestic rodents distinguish the voices, so easy to get to know you and the baby, but hidden from strangers.

Not all dogs are equally loyal, keep this in mind if a child has persuaded you to buy a puppy. Not every four-legged friend lets you pull its tail or ears, agree on long-term action games or other childish pranks. If you decide to have a child companion dog, the terrier, Irish setters, schnauzers, collies, Newfoundland, retrievers, German boxers, poodles and pugs - are best suited for this purpose. They are active, friendly and playful, in addition, easily trainable and can in an emergency to protect the child.

And that's to say, how to behave in a domestic or companion puppy taken in a shelter, it is practically impossible. But if the child and the puppy already play together, the rock becomes unimportant, because they understand and love each other. Mongrel can be a real advocate and loyal friend, and of everything else, such dogs are much less likely to get sick, and pedigree does not affect mental abilities dog.

A dog well and do not need to walk a cat .  Cats have a wide range of individual qualities, his mewing they transmit up to several hundreds of sound nuances, so each cat has a unique character, regardless of the breed .  Cat feels the mood of the whole family as a whole and each of its members individually, it will be fun and play, if at home fun and hurried to hide behind a chair, if it is pulled by the tail, or in an apartment someone to sort things out .  Who else but the cat would come softly to comfort an upset child or adult .  But to train a cat is not easy, it's not a dog, and how would you not want most of the time kitty will walk alone .  But I know where the toilet, do not jump on the table or on the keyboard you can teach even a kitten .  If the cat does not know the simple rules, then it is the fault host or hostess, and not its .  By the way, cats are not afraid to leave the house alone - they are cool enough to not spoil anything in the apartment, and the food can be left with a margin of a couple of days and change before leaving the filler in the paper tray .

Children of middle age, ranging from 8-10 years old, you can buy fish, insects and amphibians, as for them it is interesting to watch, and the child has appeared to develop attentiveness and assiduity.

If the aquarium is small, the care for fairly simple: you need to install equipment to heat water, monitor the temperature and freshness of water, periodically clean the glass magnetic scraper from the raid, the day include fishes light. And do not forget to feed and contain oxygen compressor.

To start an aquarium suitable for 30-40 liters, otherwise the child will tire of caring for fish and they are quickly bored him. The child can choose the color of the soil, vegetation, and driftwood to create the interior of the aquarium, which he likes.

With 10 years of children can give birds, usually canaries or parrots. Canary - best friend and companion for music lessons, and if your child attends a music school, the canary is one of the few birds singing happy in captivity. Canaries have a unique ability to anticipate danger, in particular, are very sensitive to methane. Previously, the miners went down into the mines with them - and if a canary fell silent, then in the air exceeded the proportion of methane, and the miners went upstairs.

Budgies quite beautiful but nervous bird. They do not tolerate long journeys tiskanya and cats. A cat can be completely indifferent to birdie, but parrots can experience stress from only one kind of predator. It is bad for the health of the birds, the parrot becomes almost impossible to tame, not to mention training.

But if you decide to have budgerigars, then remind the children, that they love to swim, but the forced cleaning, and even with soap bad for the bird. In males, the feathers on the forehead the night light, especially if the birds long day in the sun. Do not be afraid, you have not visited your home or bring the ghosts, but baby it is better to prevent in advance.

Well, when you are with your child decided what will be your friend, after the purchase be sure to visit the veterinarian to the animal deworming passed, and he put all vaccinations. In addition, all members of the family it is worth before buying an animal to visit an allergist, so you do not have to search for new owners for the cat, if someone starts to sneeze.

 Birds, fish, dogs and other friends of your child

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