cats and newborn children

Once in your home appeared charming kid - a small, furry lump meowing, which firmly took place in your heart. And when the kitten grew up and became a gentle, playful kitty, repay you for taking care of love and affection, you think its a full member of the family. But it often happens that in a family in which they live, livestock, awaiting the appearance of the baby. And then the question arises - how to get along with cats and newborn babies?

For some owners of their favorite pets suddenly become, as it seems, a possible source of danger to the unborn child. Most of the animal, even trying to get rid of - to give it to someone from relatives or friends, or even thrown into the street. But a cat with newborn children can be quite easy to get along if you try and undertake simple provisional measures.

So, what to do to prepare your pet to a new family member?
First of all, you must teach your cat to some changes in the usual way of life for her. After all, with the advent of the baby all your attention will switch to it, and the cat may feel abandoned and useless. So try not to deprive the cat attention, often try to fondle her, so she did not feel the loss of contact with their favorite hosts.

Cat and baby - preparing for a meeting

Newborn baby and the cat should "meet" even before the baby brought from the hospital. After the appearance of new beings can scare the cat and bring down her confused. To start, do the following:

  • Give your cat to go in the room, you have prepared for the baby .  Let her sniff crib, children's clothes; do not let it just jump into the crib .  Gently but firmly discourage all attempts to get your pet to bed, the cat knew it - a taboo for her territory .  This is not because the cat then your weight will flatten the child so much that he runs the risk of suffocation .  This belief, though there, but it was not justified .  Of course the cat will bring warmth and comfort of a cot to lie in it delicious smelling baby milk, but the cat does not harm the child will be, even if she is jealous .  On the contrary, if the child does not like it, then it will be avoided .  Such close contact of a newborn baby and the cat is undesirable for reasons of hygiene .  After all, you probably will not want to raspashonkah and bedding accumulate baby cat hair!
  • Try to find a way to bring home from the hospital any items that come into contact with the newborn little body. Let the cat sniff them. This will help her get used to the smell of a child before it arrives in the home. Then the child will perceive it as something already familiar to you.
  • It is necessary to accustom the cat to all possible new scents that will appear in the home with the child. For example, the smell of all the hygienic means by which you will care for your baby - bath foam, body lotion, powder, etc. All these smells will stay on the skin of your baby and can make it "unrecognizable" and no stranger to the cat. Do not forget that, like any animal, the smell of the cat - one of the main sources of information.
  • The sounds also play a significant role for animal information. Cats fairly conservative, they love the familiar, the situation and do not like change. Therefore, the sudden appearance of many new sounds can frighten her and get nervous, sometimes resulting in inadequate, we think the behavior of the pet. Take note of this and try to prepare a cat and sound innovations. Shake rattle, turn over the crib child mobility. Let the cat sees these toys and gets used to the new sounds. However, it should not access these toys. Then she gradually gets used to the new sounds, but will not be superfluous to rattles interest at the time when they start to play your baby.
  • Help the cat get used to the crying baby. When a cat and a young child for the first time find themselves under one roof, try not to deprive the animal care and often communicate with him. If the child began to cry, then, calming him, talk also with your cat. Speak tenderly to her, stroke her calm. This will help her to stop being nervous every time a child would cry.
  • Communicate with cat at a time when you bathe the baby or feed him, change his diaper or dressing for a walk. Thus, you give the cat to understand that it is still part of your life, and the child is now also a part of her life.

 a newborn baby and a cat

Generally, if a child whom you expect to be the firstborn in your family, it is desirable that your cat got experience with children even before your baby is born. Invite to visit friends or relatives along with their children, or let the children play in the yard with your cat. Then, the first meeting of a cat and a young child who will bring you out of the hospital, will not be for your pet a big shock.

And another important point that you should not lose sight - always take care that the cat was cozy and quiet place where she could retire and relax from the abundance of new experiences that will fall on it with the appearance of the house of a new member families. And do not force your cat communicating with the child by force at the time when she is not located. Cat and she wants to satisfy their curiosity and explore all the innovations, but will do so only when she wants it. If you insist on communicating in the moment when she, for example, frightened child crying, then her reaction will be very negative. It is better to wait until she calms down and make sure that nothing is for her threats.

In order for the baby and the cat quietly existed side by side without compromising the health and safety of the child, will have to take a few simple measures.
Of course, one can not ignore the fact that the animal is an animal, and it can lick the child, and to touch his paw. Therefore never leave the cat alone with a toddler. In addition, in advance, before the appearance of the child, take care of the health of your cat. After all, cats can be a source of diseases that are transmitted to humans. Show your cat to the vet, make it all the necessary vaccinations, if necessary, print it worms and fleas. In fact, after the baby is born you will not have free time to do all this. A good health - not only is safety of the child, but also for the benefit of the cat, cat health because it will be easier to transfer the stress of all the innovations in the life of a family.

If you are going to castrate or sterilize your pet, it is time to do it, too, before the birth of the baby. Sterilized cat will be more obedient and affectionate, and you do not have time to look for solutions to problems related to the sexual behavior of the animal.

Teach your cat to a regular grooming claws. Too long and sharp claws, it can accidentally hurt the child. And if she gets used to the procedure before the appearance of the baby, it will not associate this procedure is with the advent of the child and would not treat her, and to the child negatively.

If the cat has any behavioral problems - such as excessive timidity or nervousness, unjustified aggression or something like that - that, too, do not delay a solution to these problems, solve them before the baby is born!

Make sure also that the cat is not bored, she will receive less attention from you. Give her more special cat toys, put her scratching post, if you can buy her a special cat game slide. In short, try to make sure that it had something to do, and she did not amuse themselves trying to play with the baby. And remember that the baby and the cat should not be a common toy!

The paradox of co-host a cat and a young child in the same house is that at first you do not expose the baby from the cat, and then you have to protect the cat from the bustling activity of the grown-up child. When a child begins to crawl, and then walk, it will try to grab the cat, it can hit or throw it into a toy. Cat feels a danger to themselves and can behave cautiously in the presence of a child. Sometimes, defensively, she may even show some aggression toward his young tormentor.

Therefore it is necessary to teach the younger the child the proper handling of pet. And while still not to leave them alone. And especially with the child can not keep an eye, because he, among other things, may find for themselves a new, very attractive "toys" - litter box or a bowl of food. Therefore advance accustom the cat to feed at certain times, removing the remaining uneaten food in 10-15 minutes after eating, and the tray is put in a position where he would have been available to the cat but not the child.

The best cat breed for children

 a cat and a small child

Of course, make sure that the coexistence of a cat and the baby was comfortable, it is necessary before the appearance of a kitten in the house. If you want to get a cat while you have a child or if you are planning to further his birth, it is necessary to ask: what are the breed best suited for children? And is there any breed suitable for children?

By choosing a kitten should be approached very seriously. Even before you decide to breed, you should know how to look like a healthy kitten and what you should pay attention in the first place.

  • Choose a kitten who behaves calmly and amiably. If the kitten is too timid, you should not take it, even if it seemed to you a very beautiful.
  • Try to stay near the kittens and watch their games. If you see that one of the cats the most active and pugnacious, you can be sure that this is - the future leader are very autonomous and independent. This kitten is not suitable for a small child.
  • As early as 2 months kitten must be agile, playful and curious. It would be ideal if he showed interest in you, and you came to himself.
  • Pay attention to the appearance of the kitten. A healthy kitten should be thick, shiny shёrstka without bald spots, even white teeth, clean ears. Knowing all this, you can think about what there is the best cat breed for children.

From what reasons should proceed when choosing a breed cats? If primarily for reasons of hygiene, it is best to take the cat shorthair breed or even hairless (bald) Species. But keep in mind that it was not a cat hair allergy in children (and many fear it possible allergies). The most common allergy is the presence of a cat in the saliva of certain proteins. But the cat licks itself of any breed, regardless of wool.

If we proceed from the fact that you want to buy affectionate, friendly, playful, but not aggressive pets, it is best to breed cats for the children will be just such a rock, whose members possess these qualities. This is what should be remembered first of all, when you think about how to choose a cat for a child.

We advise you to pay attention to the British breed of cats. This is a very smart, friendly and complaisant animals, so cats and British children fairly quickly find a common language. The main quality of this breed - a cool and calm. As true Brits, they are very intelligent. In adverse situations, cats of this breed do not show aggression, which is very valuable in dealing with young children, who can unknowingly cause the cat pain. The appearance of the cat, too, has to itself, because it is a large and beautiful breed, and the cat is very similar to a teddy bear. And this despite the fact that she is a very practical, easy care wool. All this makes it possible to assert that the British cats for kids are the best companions.

 baby and cat

British cat

There are many other species that also can recommend when buying a kitten. For example, very sociable and playful cats are considered to be Burmese or Siamese breed; you can not just forget that the cat is very jealous of these rocks, so we can not deprive them the attention that they have not seen in a child rival.

 cat breeds for kids


I get along well with children scottish fold. She never scratched, even if it is very painful - it is better to flee.

 best cat breed for children

Scottish Fold

Or Canadian Sphynx - a good choice for families with children, even the smallest. This is a very affectionate cat, absolutely devoid of aggressiveness. Very fond of children, curious and playful, easy to converge with other pets, do not hurt even rodents.

 how to choose a cat for baby


Cats Devon Rex are very sociable, naughty, love children and are happy to play with them, even at the age of "respectable ladies."

 British cats and children

Devon - Rex

The rocks are suitable for children, there is quite a lot, and think about what the cat to choose the child will have to thoroughly, based on their preferences. It should be remembered that the information about cats for the children to be as complete as possible before you make your choice. It will have to take into account many factors: your living conditions, your child's age, the character and appearance of your future pet. Best of all, if for information about cats for kids you go to the vet. After all, he will continue to help you with tips on how to grow your pet.

We hope that these tips will help you make the right choice, in the future you will learn yourself and teach your child the right to treat your beloved cat, and your pet will be your faithful friend and give you and your child a lot of joy!

 Newborn baby and a cat - a joy or a headache?

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