Finger paint

In anticipation of the "male" festival on February 23, all children who are in school, and who is in the garden, are beginning to prepare colorful gifts for their brother, dads and grandparents. And only the smallest crumbs of this year are out of work. "Where he / she? More is not enough! "- Say, many mothers and they will be right. But only partly. Of course, the year-old toddler not yet make the appliqué, and brush handle them in naughty not yet hold.

However, do not forget the finger paints for children up to a year. Surely, almost every mother heard about the "miracle" - the paint designed specifically for the crumbs for which the usual children's creativity pencil or watercolor still not available due to age characteristics. A finger paints, at what age would not have started to be used, always available for all kids.

Drawing finger paints not only enjoy all the kiddies, without exception, but also brings invaluable benefits and positive impact on the intellectual development of the baby. The composition of finger paint is absolutely safe, even if your kid finds itself inquisitive finger, smeared with paint, in the mouth, it will not do absolutely no harm to his health.

Engineering drawing finger paints simple, but at the same time is very diverse. There are conventional techniques, which will be discussed later, but remember that everything depends on your imagination - try, create, and very soon you will choose for themselves the most appropriate way how to paint finger paints. So, a little about how to use finger paints:

Drawing using fingers. Typically, paints are sold in such jars, which are intended to draw the fingers. The peculiarity of these cans is as follows: finger paints for children placed in a jar with a narrow neck. In a jar, you can only dunk finger, all to the same pen will not fit.

You can just put the baby fingers to a sheet of paper, and you can try a variety of draw lines and even geometric figures. By the way, for those moms who are supporters of the early development of the baby, finger paints are indispensable assistant. You can give your child an idea of ​​the shape, color and other information.

Also, mothers should pay attention to a commercially available paint for finger paints. The peculiarity of such colorings is that all the figures in them are very large, they have small parts. These figures look after colorization very funny - the picture is in the circle. In that case you could not find colorings for finger paints, should be fine and ordinary. Just when choosing pay your attention to the fact that the figure was large enough.

Drawing with the help of palms. This technique drawing finger paints love all the kids, without exception. In addition, it is ideal for the little artists. The paint should be poured into flat plates, make sure the plastic in order to avoid breaking the plates and injuries to the baby. The baby bowl is much more convenient to dip her hands and drawing process turns into a real celebration. Usually, kids enthusiastically slapped his palm on colored sheet of paper, and sincerely rejoice left by looking at the color prints. To draw the most useful palms sheets of drawing paper.

For slightly older kids, there is another wonderful way to draw the finger paints. You can use the normal course of the sponge. With it is very convenient to paint a large surface area and traces of sponge out very smooth. To draw a suitable common economic sponge, cut to the required size.

To paint finger paints can also use ordinary brushes. For kids after a year like that will be the first drawing valuable lessons on how to paint with a brush.
Very funny drawings finger paints are obtained if used for drawing dies. They are sold together with a certain set of finger paints, and if they are included there, ozhzhete you make them yourself, cutting out all of the same economic sponge. Usually, kids are very fond of figures leave fingerprints on paper.

Another option to create drawings of finger paints - the use of stencils. You can use ready-made stencils or you can create your own by cutting the desired pattern of cardboard. Choosing a template for finger paints for children, be sure to observe the baby's age characteristics. The younger the child, the bigger the stencil should be, and should be the less detail. And with the growth of the baby can be gradually complicate the stencils.

Mixing different colors of paint. Baby finger paint when mixing give a very interesting combination of colors and texture pattern. Just do on paper are two - three pools of different colors and ask the kid to smear them, mixing with each other. You will be surprised of the results.

If your child already knows how to walk, you can use finger paints for children to draw on a vertical surface. To do this, attach a sheet of drawing paper on the wall. Usually, kids like to watch on the colored streaks left by paint.

Too many moms prefer to give the baby finger paints while swimming. Believe me, these "masterpieces" on the tile anywhere and never you can not see. Of course, such a gift on February 23 for a long time Dad will not be able to enjoy, but if you grab the camera to the bathroom, you will be able to perpetuate the work of your baby, and then proudly show guests.

Another very interesting method of how to use finger paints - body painting. Due totally harmless composition finger paints intended for painting it with your fingers, they are absolutely harmless to the skin, do not cause allergic reactions and other complications. You can safely apply different pictures on baby's skin. However, more often, kids themselves coping well with the creation of the image of "ala Indian trail to the combat." Most importantly - do not leave the dye on the skin for more than a few hours, rinse thoroughly with water.

Finger paint with your hands

 finger paints for children up to a year

Unfortunately, not everywhere there, where to buy finger paints, especially in small towns. Of course, you can find a way out of this situation: to ask someone - either from friends who live in a big city, buy and sell paints, order online, go by yourself, in the end. However, quickly come to an end - one of the main features of finger paints for children up to a year.

And then many moms who do not have the possibility of finger paints for children to buy, there is a legitimate question: is it possible to make a finger paints with their hands? In fact, it is quite feasible task for absolutely any mom - finger paints have a recipe for a simple, all the components are absolutely accessible. The following describes several ways how to do finger paints.

Making finger paints - the recipe first. For the manufacture of finger paint with their hands, you will need:

  • Half a cup of cornstarch. In that case you will not find corn starch, you can replace it with an ordinary potato.
  • 50 grams of sugar.
  • Half a teaspoon of fine salt.
  • 400 ml. Cold water.

All components mix thoroughly until a uniform consistency, put in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and continue to cook the mixture for 20 minutes, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. After this let the mixture until cool, do not forget to stir it occasionally. After the mixture was cooled down to about 37 degrees, pour the paint on the jars previously added to each jar ordinary liquid food dye that can be obtained in almost any confectionery department store.

Another great way how to do finger paints is the following recipe. For the preparation of finger paints, prepare:

  • 200 grams of flour.
  • 200 ml. Cold water
  • Half a tablespoon of any vegetable oil.
  • 4 tablespoons fine salt.

Mix all ingredients with a mixer, until smooth, without lumps. If necessary, you can add to get the desired consistency flour or water. Pour the resulting mixture for jars of baby puree. The dye can be used as a colorant for ordinary eggs by adding it in a jar in the amounts necessary to obtain the desired hue.

The main advantage of such finger paints - at what age you will not use them, you can be absolutely sure that the paint is absolutely harmless - because you know exactly what goes into the paint.

Another very interesting recipe for finger paints for kids, buy that you do not buy, and the children are very happy to draw them. As a basis for finger paints used ordinary shaving foam. It is safe to use the father's foam - all exactly who February 23 - will present a new one.

Dispense the required amount of foam in a suitable container. Remember that the foam tends to increase significantly in volume. As the dye, add the foam ordinary gouache or watercolor. These inks give a very beautiful structure, figures obtained simply magical.

However, the use of such paints is only possible if more than three years old baby and his mother are firmly confident that the colors will not appear in the mouth. Also it is impossible for a long time to leave the mixture on the skin, as you may experience allergy adult cosmetics.

Many mothers are often asked about what kind of finger paints better. This question is difficult to give an unambiguous answer: Those who prefer to use only the colors ready, and someone who does not have stores where you can buy finger paints, forced to do them yourself. Like colors and pictures are not worse than ready. It is not important what kind of finger paints better. The most important thing - it's my mother's imagination, love, and care for their baby.

If you will not regret your time, set aside all Pre trouble and spend a little time in the drawing, the baby will do the most expensive gift for dad, the cost of which is impossible to estimate with any money around the world!

 Gift for Dad - drawing finger paints

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