Teach your baby to express his feelings

Joy or sorrow, pleasure or resentment, love and dislike - the feelings and emotions experienced by the child, as strong and diverse as an adult, but he is not always able to express them properly.

Most newborn relationship with her mother is shown in the views. Baby blinks, moves his arms, opens his mouth, the mother also tells him affection, talk softly melodious song, and so on. D. The main point of communication in this period is feeding, so it is important breastfeeding contributes to the emergence of deep emotional bond between mother and child.

Even Darwin noted that the language of emotions unites countries and peoples, irrespective of their history, traditions and culture. A child by nature seeks to express himself in this language, but not always it is possible, and this issue may haunt him for years to come in the future have a negative impact on his psyche. Therefore it is very important that parents and all adults who surround him, help the child to learn to understand and express their feelings and emotions, both positive and negative. Starting with 3 months of birth, you can visit with your baby early childhood development centers. In the middle of a daze help you grow up healthy and happy!

Newborn on the ability to express what he feels is directly dependent on its survival .  Basic emotions he has two - pain and pleasure .  When a child feels any concern - hunger, cold, pain, he immediately gives to know about it cry .  Mom or someone else from adults in response to his signal to eliminate the root cause of this unpleasant sensation, and the child immediately calms .  If he does not see the desired reaction in response to its demands, its call for help is becoming more assertive .  And based on how its requirements are perceived satisfy them, or ignore, reject, or cheer, kid will build other, more complex emotional cues .  Their diversity and its ability to express their feelings grow with him .  For one and a half months the child begins to smile for the first time consciously, and to four or five - to show their displeasure exasperated cry or angry shouts piercing .

Thus, replacing the general state of excitation, peculiar to the newborn at the time of anxiety gradually come more and more concrete and lucid reaction, depending on a variety of experienced emotions .  Here, the influence of parents and other adults is of particular importance in terms of how the child evaluates his experiences, and therefore, for the development of their tendency to express or suppress .  Typically, adults tend to share his feelings on the positive - the joy, satisfaction, love, gratitude - and encouraged their symptoms, and negative - anger, envy, jealousy - that, on the contrary, met with obvious disapproval .  However, such an assessment is typical for adults, and only for them, since the child is not yet able to see your feelings from an ethical point of view, he simply expresses! This - the first test of its relations with the outside world, so how the baby was allowed to express what he feels depends on his psychological development .  In some cases, adults are not only seeking to suppress his negative emotions, but disapprove of too rapid manifestation of the positive forcing, so the child to believe that the latter is not quite acceptable .  It is an unforgivable mistake! Emotions of the child in any case should not be suppressed, ridicule or be condemned .  As a result, it may be that it will start to hide their feelings, making of a clear abuse .

These days you can find a lot of literature on the psychology of the child's upbringing in the family. Do not think that your baby is still too small. Education should begin with the first days of birth. A child needs constant attention to mothers, he has to feel her warmth, her scent, her love, but at the same time we must remember that boundless, blind love can bring up your baby from the despot. To be able to love a child - it means a lot of thinking, a lot of experience, to seek, to abandon the snare patterns, habits and prejudices. Being a parent - is to learn to love and respect yourself.

 Teach your baby to express his feelings

 Choose a car seat

Choosing a car seat in the first place, it is necessary to build on the child's age and weight. It depends on the choice of the corresponding group of car seats. It is not necessary to select a group "by eye", do not be lazy and to weigh the baby shopping. By the way, take the child with him must necessarily, because any car seat you need to "try."

Safety - the main criterion for choosing a car seat for the child. So before you carefully look closely to the model of the car seat, check the labels. It must be a symbol ECE R44 / 03, this icon indicates the conformity of products to the European safety standards. That is, you can be sure that this model of car seats successfully passed many tests and crash tests. Do not rush to buy the liked car seat, it is necessary to try to install in your car. If the selected model is not set in the family Hyundai or installation problems, it is better to choose another model or car seat another firm.
Security check seat is not limited to the icon marked with the European Standard, be sure to check the basis for the design - it must be made of metal, it greatly increases the strength of the product, and hence the safety of the baby while driving. You can arbitrarily long argued that a modern plastic - durable and reliable material, but the metal is in any case more reliable. Pay attention to the safety belts of the child seat. Desirably, the inner straps have Y-shaped, such belts can in case of accident or collision to protect the child from spinal injuries or abdominal cavity. If the baby is very small, the car seat should not be "sedentary" and "speed". It needs to be checked carefully. The back seat of your car, it does not matter, SsangYong and Daewoo Matiz, should be arranged in such a way that it move not reinforced seat and not skewed.

Actually, before you go to the store, check out the official forums or sites of cars and in advance to find out which brands of child car seats are more suited to Honda, which for BMW, and just for your model and model year. So, you will greatly facilitate the selection process.

As the car seat should be located: in the course of the vehicle or against? It is recognized that sitting a child in a child seat is best protected if it is located upstream traffic. Why is that? In this position, when a possible collision the child simply densely pressed against the back of the chair, in the opposite case - the collision of the entire burden will fall on the spine (especially cervical vertebrae), as well as the chest and abdomen.

 Choose a car seat

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 Jewelry for Children and Adolescents

Every mother dreams that her child was to be the most beautiful, the most fashionable and most happy. The first jewelry many kids acquire prior year. Most often it is a small cross and a chain of silver or gold, which put the children on the day of the christening. Such Jewelry catalog   Online stores contain huge quantities. Today, quite simply, you can find the right weaving and chain length, the appearance of the cross, without leaving home.

Also, the traditional baby gifts to the appearance of the first tooth has become a silver spoon. These table objects can be very diverse. Often at the end of a spoon sitting any little animals to entertain baby. There are options with enamel painting. Children's table Jewelry catalog   necessarily contains a serious company, because attention to children is very important. When the child grows up, the silver spoon turns into a nice souvenir that is carefully preserved throughout life.

Many moms find that girl necessarily need to wear gold earrings before years old. Some little girls pierce ears in the school age, but by the end of the school almost all the girls are already wearing gold earrings. All known Jia Karanja told that her ears pierced at the very tender age. It's nice that in our market appeared jewelery designed specifically for girls: earrings in the form of beetles, suns, cats, flowers. By becoming earrings and often have pendants, rings and even small sizes, so there is little flirt than decorate themselves.

As a teenager interested in jewelry display and boys. Jewelry catalog   Online store offers for every taste: you can find a combination of leather lace with an interesting gold or silver youth suspension, leather and silver bracelet, earrings with names or logos of popular companies. Girls and their moms will appreciate the bright abstract decoration, a combination of gold and silver with enamel. And there are decorations that serve as protection from the evil eye, so why not choose something interesting and has a practical sense.

It is not necessary to prohibit children, and especially teenagers, to adorn themselves with silver or gold. Better help choose something stylish and fun to the baby looked good. A joint purchase will help to improve relations.

 Jewelry for Children and Adolescents

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