Funny minute for the baby - vacation for mom

My mother is always a lot of different cases and family: laundry, cleaning, cooking. From all this, sometimes my head is spinning and you just want to relax. A baby requires constant attention. How to find the best option to take the mother and baby and a little free up time?

There are some simple but effective "recipe" of how to captivate the child's interests for him to classes and give mom a few minutes of rest. The main thing that little prankster was always in sight of my mother - and child calmer and mom.

  • You can pour into a small bowl a little water to start the toys and let the kid lets boats.
  • Pins - a multifunctional toys with which you can get up to anything: to throw, catch a doll, playing daughters and mothers as busy washing my mother.
  • Great mother's helper - a lego constructor that can captivate a long time the child an interesting building and playing with a variety of cars, dolls, airplanes. The main thing - to choose the right designer for-age child.
  • Children love to play with the ball, yuloy, pyramids. Moreover, kids can build a pyramid out of anything - from pots, boxes and other items that caught him by the arm. This of course, can hardly be compared with lego, but still very interesting.
  • The game of "Dress Up" - both entertainment and education. Kids like to wear things, especially my mother: dress, socks, boots, shirts. You can just learn parts of the body through the fingers, the left / right.
  • If the mother does not feel sorry for the toilet paper roll, then you can give it the crumbs at the mercy of - and a half-hour relaxing holiday you provided.
  • Kids really like to consider colorful and bright images - in albums, in books. Give him this pleasure. At the same time, you can learn the names of animals, or at least the sounds they make.
  • You can give a child an empty 5-liter plastic bottle and let him fill it with whatever he sees fit. Then we find there pencils, comb and paper, clothespins, designer items, and all that is possible to put. However, to get back all the contents have still mum.

This is not a complete list of all sorts of games and entertainment for children. In each family, he can be his own, personal. The main thing - to approach this with imagination and desire, given the preferences of your child.

 Funny minute for the baby - vacation for mom

 finger games for kids

Development of the baby begins from the cradle, and this period is of particular importance in the development of the personality .  At an early age, the child absorbs any information like a sponge, and his brain is very active .  But the baby weight is not excessive information .  Since it is necessary to communicate carefully and gently, because the child's brain during the early period are not yet able to take in a large amount of knowledge and all the skills kids have certainly reflex character .  The baby still can not consciously perform even simple actions .  Such meaningful movement he appeared later as a result of adult education .  Therefore, the game with the child are of great importance and help him learn about the world .  And parents will enjoy hanging out with the baby .  In terms of a child's development is very useful finger games for kids .  Easy, simple and fun they bring him a big favor by developing fine motor skills of hands and introducing it to new sensations .  It has long been recognized, and that the development of a child's hand, his thinking and speech are closely connected .  And you probably do not just pay attention to how the baby is trying to learn new things, touching it with her fingers .  In this way, he met with the concepts of "soft" and "hard", "warm" and "cold" .

Therefore, the value of games is very large finger to form a fully developed personality. Play with your child as often as possible, but not for long. This will contribute to activation you thought processes, the development of speech and imagination toddler. It was also noticed that the better developed the hand of the child and is actively working fingers, the faster it starts to say and easy to cope with the pronunciation of difficult sounds. This leads to the logical conclusion that the finger games for language development are indispensable. And this is the explanation - the formation of the cerebral cortex depends on the development of our limbs - namely, hand and fingers. And as soon as the baby gets the brush flexibility and plasticity, and he has a verbal speech.

To the question "what do you want finger games" could easily answer any specialist. These simple exercises for the fingers to help synchronize the left and right hemispheres, creating a kind of bridge between the two. The left hemisphere is responsible for verbal speech during the game, and the right - for the development of fantasy and imagination. And if the link between them is strong, the nerve impulses travel faster and faster, activating thinking and attention of the child.

Finger Games for kids - it does not know how. Their existence was known in ancient times, in different nations. In China, for example, are very popular with exercise balls, rolling them helps to improve memory, strengthen the cardiovascular system and organize the work of the digestive tract. They relieve stress, develop dexterity and hand strength. In Japan, instead of balls used walnuts, and Russian children were taught such well-known games such as "horny goat", "Forty-crow" and "Ladushki." And to date, the value of finger games are so great that they have been adopted by professionals.

By asking yourself the question what do you want finger games, we can easily answer it, watching the development of her baby. What a joy lit his eyes when he tries to repeat your movements and listening to poems. Building on its toes, the child stimulates thinking and fantasizing with you - connect imagination. Therefore, the value used for training with the baby finger games, especially great in early infancy.

Influence finger games on development of preschool children

 finger games

Such games are fun and promote mutual understanding between children and adults. Funny characters finger games are simple and understandable baby - goat and rabbit, rain and sun, spider and fly with delight children are perceived by one and a half years. They enthusiastically replicate all the movements of adults and repeat them poems. Using finger games for preschoolers teach their account, see the definition of "top-down", "left - right" and create a sense of confidence. There are games in which the fingers are bent or operate alternately and they look like little fairy tale. To master such finger games and demonstrate they can be kids ranging from 4-5 years. You can invent characters, dressing fingertips or paper caps prorisovyvaya them eyes and a smiling mouth.

Finger games offered for the kids, help the development of children's creativity, so the child must often praise, even if he did not get all the first time. Especially children like finger games with singing. This combination contributes to a more effective implementation of activities. For the little ones first used massage palms, which includes stroking, flexion-extension fingers, rubbing. It makes no more than 3-5 minutes. And the older kiddies offer "goat-wolfberry", "Forty-crow", "Ladushki." For example, one of the verses reads as follows:

"Ladushki-Okay, where were? - by Grandma.
What is eaten? - Gruel. What drink? - Mash.
We drank, ate - flew home,
At the head sat "

Kids from two years so it is best to accept the game, which is used for raising one arm. At the age of three, they perfectly master finger games for preschoolers with both hands, one hand can be a house, and the other arm, runs into him. In four years, children play such games with sequential change of scenes in them. And from 5 years and up to Finger Games for preschoolers, added various items, allowing greater use of hands and fingers of the child - balls, cubes, pyramids, houses and other toys.

For many parents, it is no longer a secret of the fact that the child's mental development and staging of his speech is very much dependent on the development of fine motor skills. Fingers - it's pretty easy decision for the kid, if you want to play in the street, in kindergarten, in school. Palchikov can use at any time - they can count turned into a rabbit, run them on the table and more. Exercises and games for children's fingers - this is a very effective tool for the development of correct speech of the child in the preschool age.

The dependence of the speech from the use of finger games

 Finger Games for preschoolers

Finger Games for the development of speech are extremely useful and at the same time of joyful communion. Such exercises, when combined with the learning of texts not only stimulate the development of speech, but also spatial thinking, imagination, attention and speed of reaction. And most importantly, that all texts are presented in poetic form, which is remembered by young children a better and easier all. The rhythm and the special construction of the words affect them magically soothe and comfort.

How much the kids enjoy the game depends on how it presents an adult. For small crumbs important gentle touch and gentle tone of his mother's voice. Kids 3-5 years better perceive facial expressions and speech intelligible adults who should know the proposed poems by heart.

Finger play, intended for the development of speech, have another remarkable quality - they promote joyful communion loved ones. During these games parents usually seated toddler in his arms, stroking him, hugging, giving a lot of positive emotions, which favorably affects its overall development. Plunged with the child in a fun and exciting world of finger games, you will learn useful and exciting activity, whose role in shaping the future identity can not be overestimated.

Recommendations for preparing for fingertip games:

  • Never touch a young child with cold hands. You can rub the palms or on a radiator to warm them under warm water.
  • Before you start a new game, introduce the baby with unknown characters, the example pictures or toys.
  • Up to one and a half years, finger games with the child spend in the form of passive gymnastics or as a demonstration.
  • During the game, use the most expressive facial expressions.
  • Try as much as possible with your fingers to touch the baby, stroking his or tickle. This will call up additional positive emotions.
  • Unlearn 2-3 game, after a while, replace them with new ones.
  • Tell stories or poems with the expression, creating a pause in the right places, talking softer or louder, depending on the scene.

Preparatory work for the school is conducted as early as preschool. Finger play in kindergarten prepare children to master the skill of writing in the future. Many teachers of elementary grades noted in children with learning difficulties to the letter, which is a complex skill, implying coordinated work of the small muscles of the hand and the entire hand. To master the letter should be defined functional maturation of the cerebral cortex. Finger play in the kindergarten help it prepare for mastering writing. Educators and parents pay due attention to the development and coordination of the hands are used for this finger games to help the child's intellectual formation as early as kindergarten, and prepare it for the mastery of writing skills in school.

The first time in first class

 finger games in kindergarten

And for the first time the baby goes to school. Younger school age - is the most important period in the life of the little man, because this is the age he had a special sensitivity to current events. At school the usual games do not disappear immediately, but gradually replaced by education and labor education. They are the new and accompany the learning process, forced to reflect and develop their abilities. Finger play for schoolchildren are now used mainly for leisure little hands when writing, drawing, etc. For example, the children read a famous poem, "We wrote, we wrote, our fingers are tired", then shake vigorously rubbing her hands and fingers.

Another exercise for primary school age:

"Friendships in our group of girls and boys,
Well, we made friends little fingers.
One two three four five -
We finished the count "

After that, the fingers are connected to the castle and relate to each other in turn. Followed by lower hands down and shake tassels.

Educational activities in elementary school is constructed so that there is an incentive to the knowledge of the world. Children every day are discovering something new and useful. But this knowledge does not come by themselves. Teacher every day, and carefully teaches children not only the opportunity to contemplate and consider not only listen but also hear. It acquaints them with what is primary and what can be transferred to the second plan, teaches conduct a meaningful analysis of the surrounding objects. But the development of motor skills and early school age plays an important role in shaping the child's abilities. Therefore, finger games for students are also required, as in kindergarten. Although the school pays developing games is not so much attention, forcing kids to hike any activity from the point of view of adults.

The transition from games to serious pursuits rather sharp and it should be filled with some transitional forms, prepare for another activity. And this is the task of parents and teachers to make this transition smooth. One such transitional forms are finger games used for students as a means of respite during classes and relaxation.

After studying the different materials can be summed up, what is needed and how to influence the development of the child's finger games. Such exercises are unique to the development of fine motor skills and speech of the child, which are linked together. When learning the small finger rhymes in games stimulate the formation of not only speech, but also creative thinking, attention, imagination, responsiveness and emotional expressiveness. So play with your baby as often as possible, thereby helping them in the development and formation of the intellectual personality.

 Finger play for children's development

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