How to wean a child from pacifier

Remember how recently you bought the most beautiful and anatomically correct dummies? And now you are faced with another question - how to wean the baby sucking a pacifier? This process is very important and in any case it can not be approached with lightly. Dummy - a seemingly harmless thing, but, in fact, dummy means a lot for a child and seriously affects children's development and peace of mind.

As everyone has long known - the sucking reflex is one of the strongest and most important reflexes in the baby. Manifested sucking reflex is still in utero. Those carrying out the ultrasound examination of pregnant women can often observe how the kid sucks a finger, and at a sufficiently early stage of pregnancy. And the kid does not just. Sucking fingers stimulates the digestive system, in addition, it allows you to get the hang of sucking, which simply is vital to the child after the birth to get the mother's milk.

In addition, the process of sucking has a significant calming effect on the nervous system of the baby. Surely each of us watched how quickly calms desperately crying baby after receive pacifier. After all, after the nipple has appeared in the mouth of the baby, it immediately switches to a source of irritation to the habitual act of sucking. Dummy helps the child to relax and even sleep - so many kids clamoring for a pacifier at bedtime. The nipple is almost always perceived the baby as something very pleasant, so dependent on the pacifier is formed very, very quickly.

It is widely believed that non-nutritive sucking often leads to a curvature of the teeth and the disruption of the normal occlusion. However, doctors believe that the problem of artificially inflated and problems with the bite because sucking nipples are extremely rare. And the growth of permanent teeth pacifier at all in any way can not affect. In addition, non-nutritive sucking is often replaced by a thumb-sucking, which affects the bite is much more negative. Therefore, parents should think carefully about when to wean a child from pacifier.

In addition, if the child simply keeps a pacifier in his mouth, the risk of pathological disorders is virtually zero. But if a child sucks a pacifier extensively, you may experience problems with baby teeth - but only when it comes to children older than one year. In this case, you need to immediately contact the child's doctor and dentist with him to decide when to wean a child from pacifier. Furthermore, the dentist can also give valuable advice how to wean the baby sucking the nipple.

Too many mothers for decades commit the same mistake - pacifier dipped in sugar water, or syrup. Keep in mind that this measure will not only further enhances the child's addiction to the pacifier, but also adversely affect the condition of the teeth, causing tooth decay.

As mentioned above, when the baby to wean from the nipples, every mother should solve itself, there are a few cases when an urgent need to wean the child from the nipples:

  1. If the baby seen any problems with hearing or speech.
  2. If the baby is sucking pacifiers replaces communication with peers.
  3. If the child is more than three years.

Methods of weaning the baby from the nipple

 How to wean a child from a bottle
 So there comes a time when the child should be weaned from the bottle. Every mum has their own reasons for it, but whatever they were, my mother should be prepared for the fact that this process can take a considerable amount of time and nerves.

Do not try to find any - the universal instruction weaning a child from pacifier - just wasting your time. Every child is different, and the mother must necessarily take into account all the psychological characteristics is its crumbs. This article provides only general recommendations to help her mother find their way with what you need to start weaning the baby from the nipple.

The first issue of concern to all parents, this is at what age should begin to wean the baby from the pacifier. Child psychologists do not recommend doing this earlier than year and a half. But some kids in three years is not psychologically able to safely abandon the nipple and three years old. It is not necessary to focus on examples of friends and listening to advice from more experienced mother how to wean the baby from the nipple - their experience can help you not always. As a rule, attentive mother can quite accurately determine when a child is weaned from the bottle, watching his behavior.

Child psychologists and pediatricians are two types of techniques on how to wean the baby from the nipple - gradual and abrupt. Which method is right for your baby - it's up to you. Better solutions to try first a sharp technique, and if it does not - apply the technique gradual weaning from the pacifier.

Weaning baby from the pacifier at a slow gentle procedure less traumatic, and thus can be used at almost any age. However, always keep in mind the fact that in order for a child to fully weaned from the pacifier, you will need at least 3 - 4 months, so start the process of weaning advance.

The most important rule, which is based on the gradual technique - do not give your child a pacifier every time, as soon as he cries. Try to calm the baby any - any other way, for example, to divert his attention, take the hand or just cuddle. Perhaps the child does not calm down immediately, but do not immediately give up and give him a pacifier. Also, try to stop the baby sucking a pacifier without a special need. The nipple for the period of weaning a child should be given only in case of real emergency - if the kid is scared, feels bad and other good reasons. And immediately after the pipsqueak stop crying - distracted or fall asleep immediately take away his pacifier, so he did not notice. Try not to keep the pacifier is not only within reach, but in the field of view of children. Gradually the child learns most of the time to dispense with pacifiers.

Once the child feel the need to stop sucking pacifiers during the daytime, it is necessary to begin to wean the baby to fall asleep with the pacifier. How to wean a child from a pacifier? This is done on the same principle as the weaning day. Before going to bed, try to calm the child in other ways - rocking in her arms, stroking the back, a song.

Sudden weaning from the nipples preferably have older children who have already consciously control their actions. Many mothers just thrown a pacifier, without explaining anything to the kid, and pay no attention to his cries. However, this method is also capable of strong enough to injure the fragile child's psyche. Even a sharp weaning from pacifiers still requires some preparation on the part of parents.

First you have to limit the non-nutritive sucking out, for example, in a store or on a walk. Just do not take a pacifier, citing the baby that you forget it at home. Then do not give a pacifier during the games, watching cartoons or bathing. Their actions Reinforce explanations that kid is a big, and soon he will have to give up the pacifier completely. This will help your child gradually get used to the idea that the pacifier will soon have to say goodbye forever.

Be sure to arrange a small celebration in honor of the failure of the pacifiers. Buy a baby of any gift you he was awarded in exchange for pacifier. Select in advance the date for the holiday, but remember that little children a very different perception of time, and even "tomorrow" than they think - far away. You can come up with some - a beautiful fairy tale, for example, about the fabulous squirrel, which is very necessary for the nipple of her little squirrel. As a rule, children at this age are very responsive and willing to respond to a call for help. But the legend that pacifier stole the dog, can cause the baby not only offended, but rage.

Also, there are some guidelines that will help you make the process of weaning the baby from the pacifier less painless:

  • If you notice that the baby sucks a pacifier, in any case, not be ashamed of it, and certainly do not scold. Swearing in the education of children has never been effective, particularly in relation to young children. But praise can become your good assistant in weaning from the bottle. Kids appreciate the praise and approval of parents.
  • In no event it is impossible to weaning the baby from the pacifier occurred simultaneously with other significant events for him - a hike in kindergarten, moving, output mothers to work and so on. Most importantly, it is essential for the peace of mind of the child and his harmonious development - is stability. So do not impose on the child's mind a double burden.
  • Never attempt to wean the baby from the nipple during his illness. It will not only have a traumatic effect on the psyche of the child, but may actually worsen the health status of the child.
  • Do not delegate weaning the baby from the nipple family - dad or grandma. The child needs the support of the mother during this difficult period of life for him.
  • If you decide to wean the child from the pacifier, do not let "back up." Your actions must be consistent, soft, yet insistent. Do not make the slightest concessions, not only the child, but also themselves. After all, from - for relief itself during sleepless nights and children's hysterical mother can not stand back and give your baby a bottle. But the stricter you follow the rules set by you, the easier it will be held weaning the child from the pacifier.
  • Wean the child from the pacifier, remember that most children require a pacifier in the event that it is nothing - the distressed, very tired, or bored. Try to prevent the occurrence of similar situations. And if you avoid it did not succeed, do not leave your baby alone with your emotional discomfort - calm baby, distract him from his spiritual experiences.
  • Very often, the child starts to ask the pacifier, simply because he was bored. Therefore, deciding how to wean a child from pacifier, try to free time the child was always busy with something: games, drawing, reading a joint. Try to spend more time with your child, go for a walk. In that case, if the child is still very clamoring pacifier, try to find an alternative for - apple juice or milk through a straw.

Once you wean baby from the pacifier, the time will come when to wean a child from the bottle will also be a must. So, when to wean a child from a bottle, and mother should decide herself - she will notice that the baby is ready for it. Among pediatricians do not have a clear opinion about when and how to wean a child from a bottle. Some children are able to get by without a bottle in 10 months, and the other two years and can not without a bottle.

However, approximately 10 months, you can teach a child to the drinking spout. By the way, feeding cup - is the easiest way how to wean the child from the bottle . Buy a bright and colorful feeding cup, which is able to attract the attention of the baby. Normally, at this age, all the kids are drawn to everything new and unknown. And they will gladly drink from a feeder cup.

After some time, the cap feeder cup can be removed by turning it into a cup. The children very quickly get used to drinking from a cup and gladly parted with a bottle. If your child is stubborn, you can go on a little trick - the milk in the bottle is diluted with water, and leave the whole cup. Baby will soon notice the difference and he prefers to drink from a cup.

 How to wean a child from bottles and teats?

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