Furniture for the smallest

The oldest piece of furniture for babies can be called the cradle. It is intended only for the little ones. Once a man learns to roll over and try to sit down, the time comes to cribs, t. To. To leave it in the cradle would be dangerous.

All the family in joyful expectation: soon the light will be another one, the smallest, but the most important samyy- family member. And do not listen to anyone who says that you should not buy things for your baby before birth. When the pipsqueak appears, he will need all your time and care, and of his "dowry" is better to think in advance. Buy for crib sets Golden Goose you can through the online store It's not just about the bottles, pacifiers, diapers, vests and rattle. It concerns the very first furniture in the baby's life.

Close to mother

The most important thing for such crumbs: mothers gentle hands, but comfortable bed. And let a single room, furnished with a special children's furniture will wait until he grows up a little bit. Let's talk about the crib. Cots are of three types: classic crib, playpen and crib (bassinet).

The cradle has come into our lives from ancient times. Even our great-great-great-grandmother hung a basket with a baby to the ceiling, to be able to rock it, without interrupting the work on the house. Modern crib made, usually in the form of wicker baskets on a stand or wooden baskets on special runners, equipped with a mechanism of motion sickness.

The small size of the baby cradles give a sense of security and comfort, as in the stomach mother. Modern compact, portable crib, and it will allow you to move it around the house, without parting with your crumbs for a second. But we should not forget that such models are only designed for newborn babies. Just a few months later, when your self-crumb starts to roll and will try to get in, leave it in the cradle would be impossible. And the turn of the crib.

Cots serve your baby up to three years. Modern beds are available on runners, with legs or castors. In some models, the kit includes all these elements and you have the ability to change them at will. Most models are available for height adjustment of the bottom of the crib. Sides and headboards are either slats or solid. If they are made of slats, remember that the distance between the bars should be no more than 2, 5-6 centimeters, otherwise the child may get injured, sticking out a pen or a leg.

Beds with bars practical than with complete walls. The child does not feel lonely, watching what is going on in the room, studying up on their own, holding the rail. When the baby grows up, the rods can be pulled out or cut down. Then the child will be able to climb out of the crib and climb back without the risk of falling is not climbing over the top. Model with solid walls and the sidewalls are less comfortable: the child is not to hold on, he does not see what is going on in the room, and the air flow is difficult.

 Furniture for the smallest

 As we taught her daughter to read

- Mom, advise what to do! Nastya refuses to go to bed without a fairy tale, and I come home from work tired, about Oleg and say nothing - it is a day too exhausting. At home I have so much to do, and I do not have time!

- Light, and you did not think to learn to read Nastya herself and just before going to bed half an hour to give her favorite book? And let it currently reads, and you're home occupies.

- Mom, you're it! She had four more are under, where she was learning to read! The school learns more. Yes, and it's a long and dreary: remember how Dad worked with me on the best method? Open syllables, closed syllables, phonemes ... No wonder half his life in high school, he teaches - how many tears were shed, and it took nerves!

We both smiled, remembering the scene: disheveled dad with a pointer in his hand and blubbered Sveta.

- But the benefit has gone - do you remember how you all the teachers in the school was praised? And then the Institute with honors graduated and are now working in a good edition. By the way, talk to Natalia, you have it is a family column, can advise something? After all, for many years certainly something better idea!

 Nastya is learning to read
 Then the conversation turned to other subjects, but my mother's words were deposited in the memory, and the following day after a meeting with the chief editor I took Natalia aside.

- Natasha, I have a serious problem. Recommend like an expert. Just do not know what to do - I said, pouring coffee mugs.

- What do Oleg spree? - Natalia alarmed.

- No, you! We have him full openwork and harmony, pah-pah. On Nastya I have not enough time in the evening, there is nothing to take her child is missing. Mother advised to teach a child to read, and it is a relief to me, and it is necessary in life. But how to do it, I'll never know. I'm not a teacher, and it is still very bug - I'm afraid not cope. Do you know any effective method?

- Well, I also created a problem! I thought that something had happened, and here the conversation for five minutes. There is a very good new method of early childhood development, called "easy to read". Invented teacher Eugene Chaplygin. Learning to read with the help of wooden blocks. We have a great article about it was.

- Natasha, so what it is new ?! These cubes hundred years in the afternoon turns, let something good advice and then leave!

- Let me finish! There is no simple cubes are used as dynamic.

At these words, I had the dynamite sticks with the letters that children play. Seeing the apparent lack of understanding written on my face, a friend explained:

- Dynamic - in the sense of turning, two cubes are connected by a special platform in such a way that the letters immediately make syllables. And the child understand that because of the word turns out letters and sounds do not need to cram. Already at the first lesson, he adds the word. But you do not make that face - the technique is excellent, in the last year in Moscow, at the exhibition of toys received a gold medal!

In the afternoon I went to the site, and looked not help - immediately place your order. The technique was simple and clear as before that had not guessed! Well, hold on, Anastasia O., very soon you will read me stories!

 As we taught her daughter to read

 Dowry for a baby

Many parents do not want to buy baby goods before the birth of the child, considering it a bad omen. But few of us know that this tradition has gone from a time when infant mortality was very high, and the parents just could not afford the dowry to a child who may be born (it is the poorer families, peasants). Fortunately, this problem does not exist, and you can safely go to the store to choose for your child everything they need.

Besides, how much fun can deliver the expectant mother shopping trip with children, toys, how positive emotions get the pregnant woman choosing baby vests, caps, looking after rattles, toys. Moreover, the modern shops there, what to see - a huge selection of cribs, strollers, walkers, jumpers, swings for children, high chairs, intex swimming pools, children's electric cars, dolls, interactive toys and much more.

It is clear that to buy everything at once - a few foolish - that spend more, but space in the apartment immediately becomes much less ... But there are things that simply must be purchased before the birth of the baby. For example, a cot, a pram. Mom, of course, can shift the responsibility for purchasing dowry baby at her husband, relatives, but it's not the fact that they will buy something that will please my mother.

And the same buggies need to choose very carefully, not only because the kid has to feel comfortable with himself in his first vehicle, but daily exercise should be fun for both. And for example, is too heavy stroller, which also does not fit into the elevator, can be a serious test for the young mother.

But as baby clothes, various items of hygiene, there mom can shift all responsibility for the purchase on their loved ones. Especially if the mother has refused to recognize the child's sex in advance. But at the same time, we must understand that the child in the hospital and needed diapers, and diapers and much more. Would you like to endure the inconvenience, nuisance kid just because of what is not taken care of the minimum set of children's items for a newborn?

It is much more practical and attractive to young parents option is equipping the room (corner) for the child in advance. Then the young mother returning from the hospital to be sure of her house waiting for everything you need for a happy and cloudless childhood of her child.

 Dowry for a baby