games for children to develop memory

Playing child. What could be more natural? Game for children - is not just entertainment, but a real life need. The game is simply necessary for the child to its full and harmonious development, the acquisition of the necessary skills - both household and social skills. In addition, the game help parents develop a creative child. For example, games for children to develop memory helps baby learn to focus, to allocate from the crowd and remember the information.

This article briefly describes the types of games as well as the importance of play in a child's life. This information will be extremely useful for those parents who are raising their first child, and yet still know little about the games. However, it may very well be that the more experienced moms and dads will be able to learn for himself that - something new.

So, all games are divided into several types - games on the development of attention and logic, outdoor games and role-playing games. First we look at the game, designed to develop memory and attention the baby.

Human memory is a very complex process that occurs in the brain. The essence of this process lies in the fact that the human brain perceives and stores certain information, and in the time necessary, remove it to the surface of consciousness. The development of memory - one of the priorities of parents. Very often you can hear complaints from parents that their child is not in school, because he had a bad memory.

However, almost none of the healthy child who does not suffer from serious neurological and psychological disorders, there is no bad memory. Simply more often in such cases, the memory is not an elementary developed. As a result, the child is unable to concentrate on his prepodnosimye information to process and organize it. As a result, the process of remembering complicated at times, becoming almost unreachable for the child.

In order to understand how does the need to develop children's memory, you need to know what in general it can be:

  • Visual memory. This type of memory is characterized in that in the mechanism of processing and storing information from the predominant human visual images. For example, people will remember how much - any information if he read it, not just hear it. People with well-developed visual memory good memory for places, people - they remain in their memories for years to come. As shown by numerous observations, much more prevalent in the visual memory of the female half of humanity.
  • Auditory memory. Auditory memory also refers to the type of image memory, and is characterized by the fact that a person with a similar type of memory is much better and faster it learns auditory images. For example, the information read out aloud to such a person is perceived, absorbed and stored much easier to read than his own. This type of memory is found in approximately 20% of all people.
  • Motor memory. One of the most interesting and yet little-studied type of memory. People with this type of memory, remarkably stored muscle movements, the amplitude of rotation, speed and distance. This type of memory is usually very well developed for professional athletes.

Determine what type of memory is dominated by the baby, it is quite difficult. More significantly it can be set approximately at 5 - 6 years later. Before that age parents should guide efforts for the development of all types of memory.

Let's start with the description of games for the youngest children

 development of the child after a year of playing

  1. The game "gestures." Begin to develop children's memory may be even up to a year. The most effective for this use a variety of gestures. You sing your song crumbs? Accompanied by their gestures. However, be sure to make sure that every song is constantly conform to the same gestures. Many children's songs just mean by an adult gestures, such as "Lived - were at Grandma" or "Ladushki." Very soon, the baby will start to learn the songs and repeat after you gestures. If the baby is on the way - any reason not begin to do your own, you need to encourage him to commit acts.
  2. The game is an imitation. Imitative behavior of the child is also crucial for its full development. That is why the games parents should encourage imitation of it. For example, all the kids just love to play hide and seek. Take a large book or a diaper, hide behind her and tell crumbs - "cuckoo". You are sure to see the crumbs on his face overjoyed. Very soon it will begin to repeat after you your action. As the child's game - role models are complicated, gradually flowing smoothly in the role play. About role-playing games will be discussed a little later.
  3. Games - Copy. For them, you need the cards depicting various animals or their rubber figurines. Please show your child what sounds are emitted by a particular animal. Once the baby starts to repeat the sounds behind you, you begin to show him how these animals move. Believe me, very soon you will begin to walk around the house a charming kitten mewing or growling tiger.

The following games are designed for older children:

  1. The game "Spot the Difference". In every house there is a thousand little things, with whom the child is constantly faced - this spoon, and pillows, cups and so on. Encourage your child to two similar subject - for example, two pillows, and offer to find the differences. Be prepared for the fact that for a long time, these differences will have to look for you, not your child. Be patient - eventually learn pipsqueak necessarily see the difference and show them to you. After the baby will learn to confidently find the differences can be a little complicate the task, among 5 - 6 items to put two completely identical. Then ask the kid to find two identical objects. Do not be discouraged if he did not get the first time.
  2. Very many parents have to go somewhere - either with the baby. And everyone knows how exhausting a long road and the mother and baby. However, watch the road, you can spend a very, very interesting. Consider passing cars outside, ask the child to find the car of a certain color - all this helps to develop memory and attention.

After pipsqueak get tired of looking out the window, my mother would come to the aid of the "magic" bag, which must be prepared in advance. For these purposes, you can use any small bag that you want to engage in such a way that there prolazit only handle a baby. Inside place beforehand stockpiled pleasant things that can please your baby. It may be small cars, dolls, gum or candy. I think every mom knows what it is like crumbs.

Role playing

If we talk about the phenomenon of child development after a year, the game does not cause too much difficulty. But the question of games older children should be approached a little more carefully. One of the most useful games are so-called role-playing games in which the child takes a role.

It seems to be a game of "daughter - mother", I love all the girls of the world, have played probably more than one century, it is simple in nature and bears no special teaching load. However, in fact, this is the first impression is deceptive and is a huge mistake.

It was in such role-playing going on social adaptation of the child, his familiarity with the way of the world, the search for one's own self. Similar games for the child simply necessary, without the child's development is far behind the development of his peers.

In addition, role-playing games after watching your son or daughter, you can learn a lot about yourself and other adults surrounding the child. Children are very precise copy adult behavior in games, and even their intonation. Perhaps after watching the conversation with her daughter a doll, you know yourself.

For a long time, child psychologists use role playing as a powerful means of psychological correction and diagnostics. If the child has any - any psychological problems, it is role-playing game will allow the specialist to determine what the child's worries. And the same role-playing game can rectify the situation.

For example, if your child does not want to go to kindergarten: cries and refuses to stay there, role-playing game in the garden will find that disturbing the baby. Maybe the child have difficulty in communicating with peers or even teachers. As discussed a little above, the children in role plays very accurately replicate all the life situations in which they find themselves.

Also, role-playing games can help parents cope with the many children's fears. Your pipsqueak afraid of the dark? Or maybe he is worried before the first hike in the garden? Beat the frightening situation of the child - the baby very soon he will laugh at your fears.

No less important role play plays in preparing the child for changes in his life or non-standard situations. For example, your child will have for the first time in my life to visit the dentist, and he experiences fear. Beat visit the dentist with a doll. In no case do not forget even about the smallest details, such as a handkerchief. Children are very observant in such trifles.

Also, with the help of role-playing games, parents can greatly raise the self-esteem of their child. Your son or daughter embarrassed to be in the company of peers, shy and indecisive? Play with it! Play a lot and often, playing all those situations in which your child tushuetsya. Let him stay active and one party and another. In 90% of these games help kids learn how to behave in different situations, gain confidence in themselves.

Games, developing the child's ability

 the role of games in education

Role playing in training can not be overstated. Education of the child during the game runs much more interesting and productive, the child is engaged in much more readily. During the game, the child is not only familiar with geometric shapes, sizes and colors, but also learns to read and count. Parents should not immediately rush out and buy the most expensive teaching aids.

Looking for a baby with numbers and letters you can use ordinary cardboard cards that are not difficult to make yourself. For their production, you will need thick cardboard, colored markers and transparent tape. Cut the cardboard into equal cards, write on it the letters and numbers. You can also glue the cardboard cubes. Top okleyte cardboard duct tape - it will give the card durability and allow the child to play with them even in the bathroom.

However, parents need to remember that learning the game in the first place should remain a game. In no case can not force the child to do that - or against his will. Such a force-training can lead to a completely opposite effect - you can fight off the desire to learn for many years.

On sale today, you can find games contribute to the development of children's creativity. Almost every children's toy store parents provided a very wide range of:

  • All sorts of designers. Designers wonderful develop logic, dexterity, creative thinking and fine motor skills. It is also in the process of gathering the children learn to take their first independent solutions. There is a huge selection of designers for kids of all ages - from the year-old crumbs and to students.
  • Cubes. Children are very fond of all kinds of cubes: plastic, wood, rag, all colors and sizes. Cubes also develop a child's creativity.
  • Coloring and colored pencils, gouache and indeed, help your child to express themselves, not limiting themselves. In addition, drawing the attention of the child is able to take a long time.

These are just some of what can be interesting and useful to your baby. The main thing to remember parents, is that parents' participation in any game is highly desirable, if not directly, at least indirectly. After all, your attention should be the kid more than anything else!

 The value of the game in the child's life

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