What to look for when buying children's products

Every parent wants his child that things were not only beautiful, bright and trendy, but also high-quality and safe. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to immediately determine the quality of the item purchased. But low-quality products not only after a short time will look messy, but can harm the health of the child.

All items - clothes, shoes, hats, children's interactive toys must be certified. When buying you should pay attention to their labeling. If the purchased goods specified on the label GOST, these things can be bought without hesitation. If the label is one or nothing is specified, it is an occasion to reflect.

You should also pay attention to the fabric from which the garments or toys, for example, soft cubes for children from plush and satin .  It is desirable that it was genuine .  Good fabric is soft, but strong .  It does not emit odors, as is the case, if its production is added to increase the strength of the harmful synthetic additives .  Be sure to have to look at the seams on clothes and toys .  They must be smooth, all the details of clothing must be secured with thread in the color of things .  Sometimes too honest manufacturers manage clothes of coarse cloth, for example, jeans or soft cubes for children to sew the thin fishing line .  This is unacceptable, since a child can get hurt on the sharp end of line, if it is loose or breaks .  Very often the parents try to buy cheap stuff for children .  For children, especially teens, are growing rapidly and require constantly new fashion items .  But it is better not to try to save the health of your child and buy him only quality clothing .

When buying toys made of plastic also need to watch how carefully they are produced. High-quality children's interactive toys have smooth edges without chipping. All items are securely fastened toys. The products intended for very young children, there should be no parts made of metal.

Buy quality clothing and games for children, you can not in every store. It is advisable to go only to have a long-standing and time-tested kids' store or online toy store for children. Reliability and integrity of sellers working with well-known manufacturers. And whether manufacturers are foreign or local. The main criterion for selection of suppliers of clothing, shoes and toys have respectable shops - quality of our children's products. And shopping malls and online stores toys are always a lot of positive reviews and recommendations from grateful customers.

 What to look for when buying children's products

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 Buy children the "right" toys

Eh! I have so many toys in my childhood, I would not go out of the room (la)! Such an expression often heard from parents who grew up in a period of shortages and similar products are not bright for the children made one way. Of course, we can not say that only the quantity and quality of children's toys depends on the level of happiness, but still they are playing a very important role in a child's life. And imagine the room a modern child without a huge number of multi-colored plastic, rubber, plush, metal toys impossible.

They are available, they are necessary, so the question of whether or not to buy your child what he wants, it is not necessary. The question is the other - what often faced by modern parents - what toys to buy, so they are not turned into a bunch of unnecessary baby stuff? Let's try to find answers to this question.

  1. Choosing baby items, do not impose your opinion to your kid. For example, well, why do you want this boat? Now let's buy that car! You who choose a toy? Yourself because your child did not have a typewriter? Well, then be prepared that this machine may come to be in the far corner of a child's room, or remains unclaimed, because it just was not desirable. If you want to surprise your baby and do not want to take it with you to the store, or the right to ask that he would like to receive as a gift, "go" with it in the online shop of children's goods and note that he considers with particular interest.
  2. Buy products for children under the age of the baby. For example, the road is difficult to manage the machine on the remote control will not be appreciated by the child to five years. To your great disappointment, it can not just "survive" until the moment when the child will be interesting to play with her. And it is because the child up to five years it is difficult to cope with the complex technology, it is much more interesting to see what's inside her.
  3. Buy baby products of the highest quality. Why is that? Yes, not to blame the baby for another broken toy. The child does not really fault that the new dolls or cars fall off the details of questionable quality. What do you want? It is therefore cheap, that is not made qualitatively. In addition, low-quality toys are a direct threat to the health of the child. We are talking about toxic dyes, which are often used negligent manufacturers of children's products, and the broken parts that can injure the baby.
  4. Buy products for children according to gender of the baby. No, of course, the girl in the arsenal may be a couple of machines and a boy - a few PUPS. But in general, table hockey
    - Toys for boys, and for the house of Barbie - a purely girlish fun.
 Buy children the "right" toys - we give them a happy childhood!

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 school uniform for girls

Every parent remembers the time when he was a child and went to school. School uniforms - dresses with aprons in girls pants with jackets for boys - an indispensable attribute of the current childhood schooling parents today's students. Now that was a long time after the abolition of school uniforms, the question of its return is raised more and more frequently.

Do school uniforms in the modern system of education? Now there is no single point of view on this issue. About how should look like a form for students, opinion is also divided.

What should the school uniform for girls to school girls did not look sad and wore uniforms with pleasure? It is desirable that the girls were able to somehow diversify your school wardrobe, changing certain details of clothing. And what should be a modern school uniform for boys, that they feel it is equally comfortable in the classroom and sitting at a desk, on the break and when they want to vent their energy? And at the same time to form a boy could always look neat?

The benefits of school uniforms

In order to determine the question of whether students in general the standard form, should determine the pros and cons of returning to her wearing. Today, the question of whether to enter or not to wear a uniform to school, is fully managed by school administrators. And, as a rule, almost all teachers believe the benefits of school uniforms apparent. They say that because of the lack of a single form of suffering, even the discipline of students. Students do not feel involved in the school, do not recognize themselves as members of a team. Not by chance, even today, when there is no mandatory form of carrying the greatest demand is for one school uniform class. After all, wearing the form, kids crowded pride: "Now I am a schoolboy! "

The obvious advantage of school uniforms could be the fact that it significantly limits the ability of students to compete with each other in clothes. A stylish school uniform is able to eliminate the visual difference between children from families with different levels of wealth, and every student will feel confident.

If there will be a single form, the state will be able to subsidize its production. State subsidy would help keep prices low and affordable school uniforms have significantly reduced the cost of training in poor families. Also, if a single standard form to be taken at the national level, it would serve as a guarantee of compliance with the school dress hygiene requirements.

At the same time, everyone understands that the introduction of school uniforms should not cause the pupils, especially older ones, the feelings of protest. Children are not all the same, what they will be every day to appear before their peers. It is necessary that a beautiful school uniforms liked the disciples, and to do so it must be not only comfortable but also fashionable.

School Uniform Cons

Describing the benefits, not to mention and cons of school uniforms. And the main disadvantage in the form that it carries an element of equalization. Students who wear uniforms every day, deprived of the opportunity to express their individuality by means of clothing (in the Convention on the Rights of the Child states that every child has the right to express their individuality in any way).

The requirement to wear some form of clothing itself Seme is violence against the person. It is dangerous because it can be used by school employees to put pressure on undesirable students.

The acquisition forms can become a heavy burden for low-income families. In families with low incomes annual purchases for the school takes considerable portion of the budget, even if they only have to buy textbooks and notebooks. If you need to buy more and a set of school clothes for each child, it will be a considerable challenge for many families.

Wearing school uniform is not regulated by the state. The decision on a single form is received by the school administration and parent committee. Today, single form - the main feature of a good school. In each city and even each school can be its own form. And there was a time when the mandatory school uniform is no different variety, although changed its appearance over the years.

How did school uniforms over time?

 school uniform for boys

Gymnasium form in pre-revolutionary Russia. Uniforms in schools and gymnasiums Russian was compulsory for all students. But its origins story takes the form of school in 1834, when it was approved by the general for all civil uniforms system, including for schools and secondary schools. Form the students wore a semi-military character. Cap, coat and tunic, which had to be worn to students of different educational institutions were similar in style. They differed only in color, piping, buttons and logos. In summer, on the crown of his cap were to wear a bag. Winter, extreme cold, the students put on a hood and headphones from felt.

Casual shape, worn by high-school students, was a blue cloth tunic with silver buttons, belted black lacquer belt and black pants without edging. Complements the form of black shoes with laces. In the summer, instead of blue cloth tunic, high-school students wore bright tunic of a light fabric.

High school students were allowed to go no tunic, and similar marine tunic jackets with stand-up vorotnikom.Esli tunic jackets and some high schools were not blue and gray, the pants are always and all were just black.

Regulations on the form for schoolgirls were approved in 1896. The girls had to wear brown dress, over which he put on a black and holidays white apron. Complements the form of high-school girls straw shlyapka.Uchitelya and first officers are strictly monitored to ensure that students comply with all the rules of wearing gymnasium form.

School uniforms in the Soviet Union. In 1918, high-school recognized form of bourgeois relic of the past, and it was canceled. The old form of contempt was seen as a symbol of belonging to the upper class - on the one hand, and as a symbol of servitude and bondage complete student - on the other side. Against the background of the class struggle to the old form of hatred is understandable. But there was another reason for the refusal of the form - is poverty. Children go to school in the clothes, which were able to provide their parents.

Over time, the question arose about the need for school uniforms, and in 1948 it got the students again. In appearance it is no different from the gymnasium form - the same colors, the same accessories, the same cut. The difference was only in the fact that the girls did not have to wear straw hats.

With the 1975-1976 school year, the boys changed the fabric from which they sewed pants and jacket - now they were made of half-woolen fabric blue. Changed and tailoring jackets - they began to resemble a denim jacket with epaulettes on the shoulders and distinctive breast pocket. Sideways on the sleeve logo appears.
In the early 1980s introduced a form for high school students. Girls continued to wear the same brown dress with an apron. And only in 1984, girls have developed and introduced a suit - three blue. It consisted of a skirt with pleats in front, waistcoat and jacket with patch pockets. And in 1988 schoolgirls and Leningrad regions of Siberia and the Far North were allowed to wear winter blue trousers.

School uniforms today

Today revives the tradition of wearing a school uniform, and a single form again becomes relevant. All the best schools, lyceums and gymnasiums are returning to school are required to wear a suit. But the modern form of the student does not have anything to do with the sad and uncomfortable Soviet form.

The modern form of the student - it is a beautiful and high-quality clothes that are sewn on modern sewing technologies. When sewing the garment manufacturers of uniforms comply with all the requirements of modern fashion, and only use high-quality materials. Today, schools and gymnasiums available for such a service as school uniforms to order - experts will help to develop and implement a corporate style of the school. And if the child who is studying in the school, will like school uniform, he will be proud of their appearance. In addition, a single corporate identity - is not only a sense of pride in their appearance, but also the ability to wear clothing business style, and willingness to work as a team. In addition, children and their parents get rid of everyday problem solving: "What is now to go to school? "

Getting ready for school in advance!

 Do I need a school uniform

Though the summer has only recently begun, we must not forget that it will pass very quickly. Parents of pupils today is to think about what to buy for school. Of course, we must not forget the school supplies and navigate, how to choose a portfolio, but still the main question - how to choose a school uniform?

In the Russian market there are many manufacturers of uniforms. And you can make purchases without ever leaving home - on the Internet there are sites where you can see the catalog of readymade garments, choose and order your favorite model through an online store.

So, choose the uniforms! Let's start with the little ones, because uniforms for first-graders - this is their first contact with the exciting new world! What form is best to choose?

For girls, it would be better to instead pay it were a skirt with a jacket or a light sundress and blouses, which could be changed. For boys a better experience on the classic three-piece suit. Fabric for the suits should be chosen life without accumulating static electricity synthetic additives. For spring and autumn is more suitable form of flax and cotton, and for the winter - cashmere and wool.

It will be appreciated that the school uniform for children - not festive attire and business casual wear, which puts the student 5 times a week. Therefore, she preferred the quiet, muted tones. Bright colors will bore a child, and can cause feelings of irritation. The combination of black and white is also better to avoid contrasting colors can cause a headache. More suited for a school uniform beige and muted green.

Modern firms are developing a line of clothes for students, offering all sorts of original ideas. Thus, the firm ORBY SCHOOL not only uses to sew school uniforms natural fabrics with increased durability and does not require complex care, but also applies to the inside pocket for mobile phone special materials with protection against electromagnetic radiation. A lined - cloth with the multiplication table!

The company's products for "change" are made from natural materials, high-strength and socks that do not crease and keep their shape product. Such clothing allows students constantly look neat and tidy.

Form for school factory "Mirabelle" is characterized by the fact that all models of school clothes and traced a classic business style. Children who wear a form at school are getting used to the business style of elegance.

Designers and fashion firms SkyLake develop such models of school uniforms that are not only comfortable, but also look modern and fashionable. This takes into account peculiarities of school items and restless nature of the future owners of clothing.

Companies supplying the market a variety of clothing for schoolchildren of all ages, so many, so today it is easy to choose the uniforms for all tastes. And if your child is ready for school today, you should start with a good search of school uniforms. His state of health, mood, self-confidence and even progress in learning will largely depend on how well you will pick up uniforms, and how he would like himself in this new thing!

 Getting ready for school! School uniforms for boys and girls

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