The temperature of a child. Shoot down or not to shoot down?

Fever, which is often accompanied by children's colds, puts parents in a dead end: to shoot down or not? The research conducted by scientists from different countries, confirm that the temperature does not need to shoot down. Since it can not cause harm to the body of the child, but the detrimental effect on bacteria and viruses that cause a cold.

That is, the temperature is proof that the body is able without help cope with the disease. A means that the temperature is lowered, only prolong the course of the disease, but do not bring tangible benefits.

Antipyretic should be given if the temperature causes discomfort or other unpleasant sensations. Pediatricians advise to start to shoot down the temperature if it has reached the level of 39, 5 degrees Celsius and the children who were given antipyretic at 38, 5 degrees Celsius, began to recover much later.

 The temperature of a child. Shoot down or not to shoot down?

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 Prolonged sleep beneficial to children's health

According to experts gonkongovskih, long sleep strengthens the health of children. These studies indicate that, as the precipitating on weekends, children less likely to develop obesity. The main part of the school-age children sleeping longer on weekends than on other days of the week. And children are overweight wake up on weekends at almost the same time as on weekdays. In addition, full children are less mobile and worse than their peers with normal weight learn lessons.

In general, experts say that in the middle of the week the child's sleep should last at least eight hours a day. On Saturday and Sunday our children can sleep up to ten hours.

 Prolonged sleep beneficial to children's health

 Child development: physical and mental

Any mom tends to give your baby only the best in everything, buying the most beautiful toys, cooking the most delicious food, the most interesting reading books. However, a common problem with many young mothers that paying attention to one thing, they completely forget about all-round development of their baby, and as a consequence, in kindergarten and in school the child begin to arise some difficulties. How to avoid all this, and will take care of that pipsqueak perfectly developed, both mentally and physically?

Any development should start from an early age and do not have to think about what your baby is still quite small, and therefore do not understand - this is not the case. All of your stories and explanations will be delayed in his memory, and then it will be much easier to remember new information.

Start with a regular reading fairy tales and do not forget to sing baby songs. Arrange mini-puppet theater with a soft toy, and when the child reaches the age pick the method that best suits his current hobbies and innate inclinations, attentive fans of books and pictures - technique house, for more independent kids - Montessori, for fans of dice and sorter - a technique Zaitsev.

Equally important for your baby's books and special toys. Kids purchase booklets with soft rustling or elements, electronic alphabet older children and kindergartners will like controlled toy robots, able to move and communicate.

This will help you develop the mental abilities toddler, but what about the physical? As soon as your baby learn to walk with confidence, drive it to the playground, help to climb up and move down the mountain, to ride on the swings, play ball. When the child is a little older, it is more like active entertainment - special children's centers, with different levels, bicycles, and, of course, children's trampolines - all this will help your child develop an integrated and become independent.

The future of the baby depends on you - and it is in your power to do anything to favorite child grew up healthy and happy.

 Child development: physical and mental

 Bronchitis in children

The most common disease in young children is bronchitis. It is an acute inflammation of the bronchial mucosa caused by an infectious agent. This inflammation causes a swelling of the mucous membrane, resulting in a narrowing of the lumen diameter of the light and disturbed their permeability. Inflammation in the bronchi disturbs the normal activity of the bronchial glands, and they begin to produce a viscous secretion that bad cough. Phlegm accumulates in the airways of the child, makes breathing difficult and causes a painful cough.

Symptoms of bronchitis

Thus, bronchitis in children has the following symptoms: wheezing, excessive sputum production, or lack of it. The state of health of the child is getting worse, he has a weakness and lethargy, and body temperature rises. Often, in the beginning of bronchitis in children runny nose.

Acute bronchitis is a cough in the first days of illness. Bronchitis in children under one year often takes a pretty hard - they have a shortness of breath and frequent intrusive irritating cough type disturbed breathing. Such bronchitis is called "obstructive bronchitis."

The inner walls of the bronchi bronchitis inflamed, covered with muddy secret edematous and have a bright red color. The causes of bronchitis are viral infections, bacteria, fungi, toxins. The most common viral bronchitis. The most severe bronchitis are bacterial and fungal. There has been spread among children allergic bronchitis, - investigation of the reaction of the mucous membrane exposure to dust, pollen and other allergens.

The most favorable for the occurrence of the disease in children are factors such as damp, cold, a large crowd of people, passive smoking, infection of the nasopharynx. A particularly strong effect on the delicate mucous membrane of the child's long-term inhalation of tobacco smoke.

Acute bronchitis in children under 1 year may take place at a fairly high temperature, but more often it is only a little higher than normal temperature. Pronounced intoxication hardly observed. Complicated by the disease occur in debilitated children and children with malformations of the respiratory tract. Such diseases often provoke chronic bronchitis, which the person will suffer the rest of his life.

The most dangerous form of bronchitis - bronchiolitis. This is a very serious disease that causes sudden respiratory distress and lack of oxygen, which require immediate hospitalization of the child. Symptoms of bronchiolitis is a strong shortness of breath, swelling of the chest, blue fingers and blue circles round the lips. At the slightest manifestation of symptoms the child should immediately call "ambulance."

In young children, bronchitis sometimes runs hard and difficult to treat. In general, with proper treatment, the damaged membrane of the bronchi child fairly quickly restored, cough disappears and, for about two weeks, the child recovers completely. Of course, this treatment should designate a pediatrician, a child watching. He will be able to determine the true condition of the child, select the necessary preparations for the treatment and the type of research that you need to spend, and if necessary, prescribe antibiotics. However, certain measures for the treatment of bronchitis can be carried out independently.

Bronchitis in children. Treatment

The basic techniques for the treatment of bronchitis are caused destruction of his infection, the elimination of edema of the respiratory tract, reducing the viscosity of mucus and its removal from the respiratory tract, and reducing dry cough.

Many young parents suspected bronchitis in children, how to treat it, have a vague notion. First of all, the child's need to be protected from hypothermia and humidity and keep the fresh air. If a child were weakness and lethargy, and fever, it must be put to bed. In the event of hoarseness and cough a lot to talk with the child should not be - cause excessive talking new cough and hoarseness increase.

As for food, it is the first few days of illness should be focused on the child's appetite and be sure to include fruits, vegetables and juices. Particularly important in this period is excessive drinking. It reduces sputum density, that after this well extends and improves expectorants. Sick child can be given weak tea, juice, broth, mineral water. No drugs without a prescription can not be applied - they can cause side effects that lead to complications of the disease.

Very useful for diseases of the child bronchitis hot foot bath before going to sleep and general warm bath in which you can add herbs that have anti-inflammatory effects. These baths are carried out in the absence of heat and allergies to grass.

When bronchitis child can put mustard, which are imposed on both sides of the chest or chest and back. They are kept from three to ten minutes. Effective with bronchitis and medical banks, increases blood circulation and well-absorbable inflammation. Banks put on the chest and back, bypassing the heart area, fifteen to twenty minutes.

Medical inhalation used by a physician. For them, usually uses a special inhaler device. At home, the most convenient and effective are steam inhalation, inhalation with saline inhalation and still mineral water. They are well removed irritation of the bronchial mucosa. Inhalation can be carried out on a daily basis.

Bronchitis in children. Treatment folk remedies

Bronchitis in children folk remedies too well treated. Proven and relatively safe way to such treatment - decoctions and infusions of herbs, reduces inflammation of the mucous tract and promotes good expectoration.

  1. Perfect in this case, marshmallow root, grass Thermopsis, tea chest and rib collection of herbs. All this can be purchased at pharmacies and prepare decoctions and infusions, in accordance with the instructions attached to the package. Gathering herbs used as an expectorant, antispasmodic and antitussive. A decoction of marshmallow root for their actions is similar to the action of this medicine mukaltin made from marshmallow root, too.
  2. Very effective for the treatment of cough is black radish juice, which is used in wet and dry cough. Radish cut into cubes, sprinkle with plenty of sugar and leave to infuse at room temperature for twelve hours. The juice obtained after it is poured and give the child a spoonful every two hours.
  3. Good for treating bronchitis plantain juice and juice mother and stepmother. They are prepared from fresh leaves collected before the start of flowering plants. Plantain juice and juice mother and stepmother divorced boiled water in a ratio of 1: 1 and in the fresh form, the child is given two or three times a day for one tablespoon.
  4. Fantastic relieve cough special milk teas, made from milk, onions, garlic, figs or berries. Ten bulbs and a head of garlic pour a liter of milk, bring to a boil and cook over low heat until soften the onion and garlic. The mixture is then removed from the heat, strain, add to it the juice of mint in a ratio of 1: 1 and give the child every hour one tablespoon. Two berries figs pour a glass of milk and boil for a few minutes. Once the broth has cooled, it is given to the child after eating four times a day for a quarter cup.
  5. Another great folk remedy that is good help in the fight against acute bronchitis, - the usual vegetable oil, which is boiled in a water bath. The oil is then impregnated with a large towel and waited until the towel will be warm, wrapped the baby in it. Over towels impose a fine oilcloth and wrap up warm baby blanket.
  6. Is used to treat bronchitis and butter. Just a spoonful of honey and a teaspoon of vegetable oil is poured into an enamel bowl, put it on low heat and stir until the composition, until it becomes smooth. After the mixture cools, it lubricates the night, not rubbing, the body of the child, which, after smearing can be wrapped with gauze. These packs can be done every day until it is clear recovery.
  7. Good folk remedy for bronchitis - Interior lard. The melted fat is filtered and mixed with unsalted butter and sugar in a 1: 1 ratio. The mixture was boiled for five minutes, after which it is added to cocoa powder per three tablespoons of powder mixture to half a liter. This structure still fuming over seven minutes. Thus obtained the medication the child should take one tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach, drinking milk.
  8. Another, time-tested, folk prescription - treatment of bronchitis boiled potatoes. His cook brown, then softened and molded from the resulting mass of the two cakes. Hot (but do not burn!) Cakes wrapped in a towel and put the baby on the breast and between the shoulder blades. Then the child is well wrapped up and left as such as long as the cakes have cooled. Then wipe dry with a patient's skin and wear it home clothes. This procedure is advantageously carried out before bedtime.
  9. Obstructive bronchitis is well treated lingonberry juice. Cranberries pour boiled water and add sugar to taste. Infusion give the child two or three times a day until complete recovery.
  10. Very simple folk recipe is quite effective in the treatment of bronchitis - onion honey. A glass of sugar diluted in one liter of water and add to the syrup two medium onions, not cutting them. All this is put on low heat and cook until then, there will be half of the original volume. Then the bulbs are removed from the broth, which give the child for two days. Usually after this period there is a significant improvement in the condition of the baby.

One of the most negative effects of bronchitis - bronchial asthma in children. To cure the child in this case is rather difficult, antibiotics are usually only removed at the time of breathlessness and asthma attacks, which often occur suddenly, very dangerous. One of the methods to deal with such complications of bronchitis is the use of rye straw:

Two hundred grams of steamed straw in two liters of water is added to the resulting infusion of a teaspoon of valerian and two tablespoons of alcohol. The resulting mixture is used for inhalation, giving it a breath of child pairs a few minutes. After inhalation of straw can be applied to the kid's chest and hold for forty minutes.

Treatment of folk remedies can be carried out in parallel with the treatment prescribed by a doctor. However, it refers to the national media still with caution: some of them can cause allergic reactions in the child. In general, they are extremely powerful and are a real panacea for the treatment of bronchitis.

 Bronchitis in children

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