How to increase the immunity of the child

The birth of crumbs - is the happiest event in the life of every person. Young Mom and Dad learn new, previously unavailable to them peace. The world's first tear, and the first smile, the world of infinite happiness, care and love. This love and caring parents will carry through the years.

Most importantly, for what is always closely watched by parents is the health of the baby. And this is absolutely correct, because the foundation of health, which is laid in childhood, will largely determine the extent to be healthy adults. That is why strengthening the immune system in children and the knowledge of how to properly support the immunity of the child - one of the primary tasks of the parents, because the weakened immune system is the cause of common diseases of your crumbs and brings a lot of grief and trouble.

What is immunity?

In order to figure out how to develop a child's immune system and answer the question of how to improve, you need to understand the nature of occurrence of the immunity and its mechanism. With this information, you will be easier to choose the method of how to strengthen the immunity of your child.

Immunity is the ability of the body to fight infectious agents, who are carriers of foreign genetic information. Typically, such information carriers are viruses, bacteria and fungi. That is why it is impossible to judge the level of immunity in the number of colds, does not flow in the inflammatory process.

Immunity is divided into several subtypes:

  • Immunity is specific. Specific immunity is developed after the man suffered a - a disease such as chicken pox or rubella. Depending on what has been transferred disease, the immune system can be for life, and can only be for a certain period of time.
  • Nonspecific called innate immune system, which begins to develop in the fetus during pregnancy.

These two types of immunity, in turn, divided into:

  • The anti-microbial immunity. The effect of this immunity is aimed directly at himself causative agent for the purpose of destroying it.
  • Antitoxic immunity is struggling with toxic waste products, and the collapse of the deceased pathogen.

In addition, scientists - all of the above types of immunologists immunity still divided on two parameters:

  • Natural immunity is produced exclusively by the body after exposure to the causative agents of disease.
  • Artificial immunity is produced as a result of vaccination.

Role in the formation of immune vaccination

 how to improve the immunity of the child folk remedies

The question of how to improve a child's immunity through vaccination, we asked the doctor - immunologist with years of experience. Below we answer the doctor.
"Recently, there are constant discussions about whether to make the child vaccinated. Despite the new-fangled trends, promoting rejection of vaccination, according to the statistics of Ministry of Health, vaccinated children suffer much less.

In recent years, unfortunately, there was a trend of growth of cases of diseases such as diphtheria and polio. This can be explained by the fact that in Russia in large numbers entering the infected citizens come from epidemic-prone states.

If a child falls ill, treatment will bring more harm to the body than the vaccine. In the same case, if a child is vaccinated, he developed an artificial immune system that will protect your crumbs from dangerous diseases. "

That is why, before thinking about how to improve the baby's immune system, you first need to make all the required vaccinations.

Signs of impaired immunity

However, before you begin to vigorously raise immunity of the child, parents should be firmly confident that the child is really a weak immune system. After all, the fact that a child is sick periodically, in no way suggests that the child weakened immunity.

Moreover, it is the disease stimulate the immune system of your child. After all, during his illness the body learns to respond to pathogens (viruses and bacteria), penetrating into the body. A child who is sick with colds 3 - 4 times a year, absolutely no need for intervention in the natural development of its immune system. However, this border is very thin. And the main task of parents - to understand the time when you really need to strengthen the immune system in children. To do this, every parent should know precisely the cases in which is necessary to restore immunity in children and how to support the immunity of the child.

  • If a child is sick with catarrhal diseases such as acute respiratory disease, SARS, influenza, bronchitis, more than 5 times a year.
  • The occurrence of these diseases without the temperature - a very formidable symptom that indicates a serious violation of the immune system. In this case, the immune system is so weakened that it is not able to repel viruses and bacteria.
  • Fatigue and paleness of the child, the presence of blue circles under the eyes can also indicate a malfunction of the immune system. However, this symptom may indicate the presence of a child's various anemias and other blood disease, and therefore requires immediate doctor's advice -gematologa.
  • Pay attention to the condition of the child nodes. If your child has a weak immune system, cervical and axillary nodes, as a rule, are constantly increased. These lymph nodes are soft to the touch, it is painless.
  • Some children who have had a low immunity, there was a significant increase in the spleen.
  • It is often an allergic reaction to foods also show a decrease in immunity of the child.
  • Also for the weakened immune system is characterized by the presence of dysbiosis. Dysbacteriosis is characterized by such symptoms as loss of appetite, rumbling in the stomach, flatulence, constipation and diarrhea, which are not connected with intestinal infections, weight loss.

The first thing that should make parents, suspecting that we have to be reduced immunity among children - is to see a doctor - immunologist or your primary care pediatrician. Do not try to deal with this problem on their own: vitamins for immunity will not raise children, and drugs increases the immunity in children strong enough and serious drug treatment that can be carried out only under strict medical supervision.

Features of immunity in children of different ages are different. Below we will talk separately about all age categories of children.

Features of the immune system of babies

 how to improve the immune system of the child

Unfortunately, almost from the first day of the birth of a baby, many mothers are concerned about how to strengthen the immune system grudnichka. However, it is fundamentally incorrect view of the immune system in infants. In most cases the lifting of immunity in infants leads to a completely opposite effect.

Features of immunity in infants lie in the fact that the child is present so-called maternal immunity, due to the presence of maternal antibodies in the body, which he received during pregnancy.

This explains the fact that rubella or chickenpox almost never occur in children in the first year of life. However, colds, on the contrary, quite common. Own immunity in infants is produced during these diseases.

However, if your pipsqueak born with certain problems such as asphyxia, congenital pneumonia or bronchitis, and other, the question of how to enhance the immune infants, unfortunately, is very relevant for you. After all, kids are more powerful than their healthy peers, prone to various diseases.

In no case independently, without a prescription, do not use any drugs enhance immunity in children. The use of these drugs is unacceptable for infants.

The exact answer to the question of how to strengthen the immunity of infants, can only give your pediatrician, who is watching the baby since birth and knows all the features of his health.

However, you can give some universal advice about how to improve the immunity of infants, which will benefit all absolutely kiddies.

  • Prolonged breastfeeding ensures a significant increase immunity in children. Breastfeed your baby for as long as possible. Perhaps in the first month of breastfeeding seem to you quite heavy and uncomfortable occupation. This is due to the fact that in the first month of my mother has not yet been established and regulated by the normal process of lactation.

You may think that milk is very small, or the opposite, a baby can choke them. You should not give up in the event of the first difficulties and to transfer the baby to the artificial mixture. Very soon your body will fully meet all the needs of the baby. You will appreciate all the advantages of breastfeeding. A decline in immunity in children who are breastfed is much rarer.

  • Hardening - another way of how to develop immunity in the child .  Hardening can be started from the first day of life crumbs .  But do not go up to bigotry and make the baby naked in the cold, or bathe him in cold water .  Tempering must be reasonable and gradual .  Otherwise, the child has a weakened immune system, you are guaranteed . For hardening sufficient to carry out air baths and not overly child perekutyvat .  Once you are discharged from the hospital, you can begin to carry out the procedure of hardening .  Each time you change the diaper and swaddling the baby naked leave 5 - 10 minutes .  Pay attention to the room temperature .  It should not be less than 18 degrees .  Each day, add one minute, bringing the length of the air bath 30 minutes . Pay attention to how you dress child .  It is not necessary at a temperature of 20 coddle the child in several warm jackets, but still wear a warm hat .  Remember a simple formula: the baby put on one layer of clothing than you are wearing on .  In addition to hardening, it helps to avoid perspiration of the child and, as a consequence, its diseases .
  • The people there is a perception that the newborn baby does not have immunity, and therefore needs to create a sterile environment. As mentioned above, this view is fundamentally not true. If you are experiencing for the immune system, increasing its children absolutely need to encourage other ways. Of course, observe basic hygiene rules neobhodimo.No not fear once again to kiss your child or go out with him for a walk, and absolutely nowhere to boil baby utensils and iron children's clothes for half an hour at a time. After all, those bacteria are facing a child and are the main catalyst for the development of immunity.

Strengthens the immune system to the garden

Time passes, and now your baby has grown. When it comes time to go to kindergarten, all parents are given the same question of how to strengthen the immunity of the child to kindergarten. Surely everyone has heard stories that the child goes to kindergarten for three days, then a week sitting at home sick. And parents begin to feverishly search for ways to raise the baby immunity. It is therefore necessary to advance to the garden, to think about how to strengthen the immune system of your baby. After the restoration of immunity in children - the process is quite long and difficult.

That is why the information about how to strengthen the child's immune system is very important. However, the question of how to improve the immune system, it is necessary to approach very responsibly.

Below are the doctor's advice - immunologist about how to strengthen the child's immune system to reduce the chances of a garden and a variety of illnesses to zero.

  • Pay attention to your baby's diet. All food must contain useful vitamins for children. After all, the immunity of good will never be achieved if the body baby will not be provided with all necessary for normal functioning of the growing organism.
  • It is worth your child regularly take multivitamin complexes for children.
  • Strictly follow the mode of the day. Pre discover what mode of the day in the garden, where your child will go. Gradually accustom your crumbs to the same regime of the day. This seemingly simple advice will help stimulate the lifting of immunity in children. In addition, it eliminates the need to use drugs to enhance immunity for children who are often abused, many roditeli.Obyasnyaetsya is very, very simple. Hiking in the garden itself is a stressful situation for the psyche of the child, well, a sharp change of daily routine is a powerful stress factor for the child's body, resulting in an inevitable reduction in the protective properties of the immune system and, as a result, frequent diseases. It is to avoid such situations, it is so important to know how to strengthen the immune system before kindergarten.
  • Prepare the child for the trip to kindergarten psychologically. Teach him to the children's society, driving on the playground. Incidentally, this is also a great exercise for children's immunity, which learns to resist infections and is a good option address the issue of how to strengthen the immune system before the garden.

Restoring and strengthening the immune system after illness

 how to improve the immunity of the child

Unfortunately, after serious illnesses or surgical interventions, often there is a significant weakening of the body's defenses. And parents are wondering how to strengthen the immune system of its treasures from illness.

In this situation, your faithful ally to become a doctor - a pediatrician who treated the child at the time of illness. He knows exactly how to boost your immune system is crumbs, taking into account the transferred diseases.

But parents can use age-old knowledge on how to lift the immunity of folk remedies. Very often traditional remedies to help raise the immune system in a matter of days. Below is described in more detail how to strengthen the immunity of the child folk remedies.

The nature of the charge of the children's immunity

When looking for ways on how to strengthen the immunity of the child, parents, sooner or later there are tips on how to strengthen the immunity of the child folk remedies. Folk remedies for the immune system of children very often are much more effective pharmacological agents. Moreover, most often they are completely devoid of side effects and act on the body is much softer than the drugs to improve immunity for children.

After all, drugs for immunity for children is often a negative impact on the state and the digestive tract and urinary system. In addition, those parents who, addressing the question of how to boost immunity, decided to apply for immunity drugs intended for children, beyond the exact dosage can significantly impair the immune system of the child. It is therefore unacceptable to self-medicate with the use of such drugs.

Next, we consider how to strengthen the immunity of the child folk remedies, almost step by step:

  • First review the children's diet, otherwise all the information about how to strengthen the children's immunity folk remedies, would be absolutely useless. Exclude from the diet of a baby all foods containing preservatives and dyes. Chips, chewing gum and soft drinks nothing but harm, not bring the kid. The child should receive a healthy, wholesome food.
  • Rosehip is the answer to the question of how to strengthen and improve the immune system .  Replace all child drinks except milk, broth hips .  To make it, you need 200 grams of fresh rose hips, or 300 grams of dried berries, and 100 grams of sugar per liter of water .  Fill hips water and put on fire .  Boil for a few hours until the berries are completely seethe . Then add the sugar and boil for about two minutes more .  Pan tightly wrap a towel and leave to infuse until cool broth .  Then strain the broth, using gauze .  The child can drink the broth in an unlimited amount, but not less than 100 grams per 10 kilogram . The use of this decoction may cause slight increased urination .  This is absolutely normal process, which should not scare parents .  However, if a child suffers from kidney disease, requires prior consultation of the doctor .