How to put a child without the breast

While the young mother continues breastfeeding, problems with falling asleep child, as a rule, never arises. Baby falls asleep, sucking chest - what could be more beautiful and more natural? However, the closer the time of weaning, the mother often thinks about how to put a child without a breast.

And what most moms think about it in advance, it is absolutely correct. After all, if Mom will know exactly how to put the baby to sleep without the breast, it can be prepared in advance. After all, if you are able to separate the baby from the breast dramatically, not teach him to fall asleep without the breast in advance, shouting and whims can not be avoided. After the baby is asleep all his life with the breast and for him - the only known version. If the baby deprived of this opportunity, crying is a natural reaction to a stressful situation.

Schooling of the child to fall asleep on their own, and sleep all night should be consistent and systematic. Just showing a certain perseverance, you can achieve the desired result. The following describes in detail all the steps necessary to make my mother if she wanted to gently and gradually wean your baby to fall asleep without the breast.

Your child sleeps only with breasts?

The fact that the child goes to sleep only with the breast, not the biggest problem faced by nursing mothers. Much more inconvenience delivers the fact that the baby suckles all night. This deprives the mother recreation and greatly harassed her. As a result, women become nervous and irritable.

And small children like a litmus test - they are very thin feel the emotional state of the loved ones, and mothers in particular. Feeling mother's unstable emotional state, and the child begins to act up even more and more often applied to the chest.

In this situation the mother's breast is not a food source, and is the only available means of crumbs complacency. As a result, my mother did not get enough sleep even more. In order to establish a situation, it is necessary to break this "vicious circle".

If a child is almost the whole night suckles, urgently need to find the cause of this. A very widely held misconception - if the baby is often asked to eat, so my mother enough milk. If there is a conversation about very young children, who may not receive supplementary feeding, mother needed for one day to abandon the use of diapers and count how many wet diapers per day happen. If you count 12 or more diapers, you do not have to worry about your pipsqueak is getting enough milk. If the child is older and gets extra food, lack of milk it is not exactly threatening as the day the baby is getting enough food.

When the crumb is not hungry, then why the child often asks his chest at night? If a baby is quite small, for him the act of sucking is not only addressing the need for food. It also serves to keep the emotional and physical contact crumbs and mother. While pipsqueak quite small, you have to accept the fact that the child frequently asks his chest at night. Some moms prefer dopaivat baby mix that he was asleep harder. But in most cases it does not bring any effect, but harm.

Technique breastfeeding and bottle completely different, easier to eat from a bottle, causing the baby could abandon breastfeeding. But the need to satisfy the sucking reflex still remains, and the baby starts to suck a pacifier or a finger. As a result, my mother has: loss of breastfeeding and the weakening of the mind-body connection with the crumbs.

If the year-old baby sleeps only with my mother's breast, it is caused by slightly different reasons. If the ratio of the breast newborn child caused only innate instincts and reflexes, then the baby aged and older there is already a more conscious attitude. Since the baby is already receive other food, for it ceases to be a chest in the first place just a meal. I have breast allows the baby to feel the psychological comfort, a sense of security and confidence that my mother is always there.

That is why in the event that the child is sleeping only with the breast, it may indicate problems such as the lack of mother's attention or stressful situations. Mothers should remember that the stress of the baby can be caused by quite harmless, in the opinion of adult things. A trip to the guests to the sea, or even camping in a large supermarket, the appearance of a new person in the house, moving to a new residence, a simple change of the regime of the day - all of which can be severe stressors. And at night the baby instinctively seeking protection and support my mother, putting his chest.

The same thing happens when the baby becomes a witness of adult conflicts. Do not think that the child is too young and does not understand anything. Even if adults do not go to the cry baby is very nicely captures all the nuances of intonation. This, too, will result in a negative impact on his psyche.

If for some - any reason the baby loses his mother's attention, for example, my mother had to go to work, be sure to compensate for this disadvantage by all possible means. Try all the free time to spend with the baby, and preferably alone, that your attention is not distracted by anything. Also, do not forget about such an important aspect as the physical contact, which is simply vital crumbs for full emotional development. Do not be afraid to once again to take the child in his arms, or kiss him, touch baby's impossible to spoil. But put a heavy psychological trauma easily.

If a child is experiencing any - any physical discomfort, for example, he is teething or a sore ear, it will also seek solace and relief from chest. Mom is necessary to make every effort to facilitate the physical condition of the child, as well as patience and endurance, allowing suckle as often as it wants sick child. Usually, the problem goes away by itself after the recovery of the child, unless the disease is the only cause of such behavior.

What if the child falls asleep with just suck?

 child often asks the chest night

As we have seen earlier, falling asleep with the breast before reaching one year of age - a perfectly normal and natural phenomenon. Therefore, below are tips for those who have a grown child to sleep at night with just the breast. Remember that choosing a method that is suitable for your baby, you must take into account its individual characteristics and specific situation. Below is some of the old ways of being put to sleep a child without the breast, used by more our grandmothers, but which categorically reject and condemn the modern child psychologists and pediatricians.

  • In the evening, when it comes time to go to bed, the mother should just put the baby in the crib and leave the room. Of course, the child begins to cry, but to come back to the room is strictly prohibited. 20-30 minutes later, scream, the child falls asleep. Typically, a week - another child begins to fall asleep on their own and without any - or whims.
  • However, psychologists believe that in this situation it is very high risk of nervous breakdowns as a mom and the baby. Not what mother can quietly go about their business, not paying any attention to her baby scream, scared and hurt for him a strange situation.

    Well, about the child and can not speak. One such attempt to put to sleep the crumbs on their own can create a serious problem for many years. The first thing is frightened in such a situation the kid, that's what my mother left him. As a result, you can get the crumbs that not for one second will let you out of sight, until the joint trips to the toilet. Moreover, about a single raid, even the nearest store you can also forget: as a rule, so frightened the child refuses to stay with dad or grandma. This is followed by problems with weaning - these kids carry it in a much more severe form than other kids. In that case, if the child goes to kindergarten, where you too can face the challenge of adapting, because your child for a long time completely forgotten that fateful night, a deep subconscious fear that you throw it again.

  • The second method, in fact, is a repetition of the first, but in a milder form. The child must be put to bed, but you can stay in the room, just do not take it in his hands and did not respond to his cry.
  • This method also does not bring anything good, except for the upset and hurt the baby and mother get nervous.

  • When placing the baby, give him a bottle instead of breast milk or infant formula. As a rule, during suckling baby bottle asleep. And if he woke up at night, again offered him a bottle.
  • This method, too, is far from perfect and can be applied only to those moms whose kids are already familiar with the bottle. In the same case, if the crumb does not know what it is unwise enough to teach it in a bottle to age. Agree, why do you need the extra problems with weaning from the bottle? It is much better to offer the kid a little milk or yogurt from a feeder cup.

  • But some mothers are advised to use instead of the usual bottle pacifier.
  • And it is again erroneous vision of the solution. Do not forget about the fact that the year-old child need to meet the sucking reflex is much lower than in the necessary emotional and physical contact.

Next, a board of child psychologists on how to lull a child without breasts and with minimal manifestations of whims. The most effective result is that if you begin to teach the crumbs to fall asleep without the chest for some time before the alleged weaning.

This method is ideal for those mothers who are unable or unwilling to trust the child laying dad, grandma or the babysitter. Absolutely everything mom can do itself, without resorting to outside help. The most ideal age kids for this method of going to sleep - one to two years. After all, in this age of emotional contact with his mother plays an important role. In addition, this method will help to make further process of weaning as painless as possible for the baby.

What is the main purpose of this method? Teach the crumbs that fall asleep only with the breast in the mouth calm down and fall asleep on the other. This method is suitable for day and night of sleep, as well as for those cases when the baby wakes up at night. Once again, note that this method is designed for the baby learn to fall asleep without applying to the chest, not your own. Your help is needed all exactly kid.

The first thing you should do is to choose the most suitable for your crumbs way to relax and calm down. For some children this way can be a gentle massage, for others - a pat on the back, for the third - reading books with her mother. With some babies simply to talk in the soothing style. Every mom knows that it is most effective at her baby.

Remember that you are teaching a child is to fall asleep without breastfeeding. You should not forbid him to the breast before going to bed. It is advisable not to feed him on the bed. After feeding the baby lay in her bed, while they themselves sit down together and calm the baby the most appropriate way to them.

As a rule, all exactly the kid wants to attach to the breast. The first few days you can afford it to him, but to stop the massage, read a story or a fairy tale. In no event it is impossible that these two actions took place in the same time. Once the baby has eaten, you can resume the interrupted activity. In the first stage of schooling mother's main task is to understand the baby, the breast in his mouth and interesting activities with Mom - things are mutually exclusive.

Of course, the first few days it is unlikely that the child was asleep without the breast in his mouth, but it is not the aim at this stage. Now the most important thing is to read or talk to the baby firmly established in his mind, associating with falling asleep. That is why it is not necessary to invent every day entertainment.

Once it becomes a kind of ritual before bedtime, you can try to ask for a baby while trying to divert his chest. If this does not work, do not despair - try the next night. Patience and endurance should be your top aides.

As a rule, after a week almost all the kids start to periodically fall asleep without breastfeeding. However, be prepared for the fact that the next day the kid asks his chest again. Do not worry because the most important thing for you - soft weaning. Every day the kid more and more often to fall asleep on their own.

Once a child learns to fall asleep without breastfeeding, it's time to "forget" to the chest before going to bed. Just immediately begin reading the baby, trying to distract him with desire. Most often, this time passes very quickly and almost imperceptibly.

After the baby during the week will fall asleep without breastfeeding before bedtime, you can gradually reduce the number of night breastfeeding. To begin with, limit the time of breastfeeding. If a child protests, try to distract him, for example, singing him a lullaby song. Also, do not forget to ensure that the baby was not hungry before bedtime, as a crying hungry pipsqueak unlikely to pay attention to all of your tricks.

Further, when the baby wakes up and asks usual chest, gently distract his attention, and then try to put to sleep his usual way. Of course, this will not work with the first or second time. But there also needs to exercise patience and endurance and, of course, a little perseverance. If your child insists strongly and naughty, try to offer him some milk, yogurt, juice - depending on their taste preferences. Remember that it is not necessary for this purpose to use a bottle, use a feeder cup or mug.

The most important thing - it's not rush things. If a pipsqueak fiercely resistant and very insistently demands chest, let it. After a time to renew their attempt. On average, this method takes 2 -3nedeli. As a rule, after the baby gets used to fall asleep without the breast and give up night feedings, weaning is much easier. Moreover, if the child is still sleeping with you is a good chance to teach him to sleep in his crib as a child wakes up at night much less. Many mothers, celebrate the fact that after such a night feedings by weaning their children on their own soon completely abandon breastfeeding.

Of course, the data in this material councils have general character and can not be applied to all children without exception. But we hope that this information will help to avoid unnecessary problems mom and strengthen your emotional bond with her baby. And most importantly, always remember that such a short period of childhood. It will take quite a bit of time and date of your baby becomes an adult. Perhaps it was then that you remember with a smile on all these issues?

 How to put a child to sleep without breast

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